Ok, so this is the second part of Phantom love affair. I own nothing but the plot and OC's that'll come in later parts. We aren't at the mature part yet, we will get there eventually!

Dash dragged Danny out of the house and towards the street. Fright Knight was right on their tail. Danny glanced behind him as Dash still tugged his arm sprinting across the street as Danny fumbled to gain his balance. 'Damn it, if only he left me there I'd have been able to go ghost and got rid of that stupid knight by now' Danny thought. Dash was freaking out, he had a distressed look on his face as he ran as fast as he could, but dragging Danny was slowing him down. Suddenly an idea struck him, Dash turned around grabbed Danny from behind the knees and under his shoulders picking him up bridal style. Danny squeaked un-expectantly as he grabbed onto the larger boy's neck to steady himself. Dash's speed picked up as Fright Knight began shooting blasts their way, Dash yelled in fright as he dodged them and started running faster. Danny groaned as he turned to glare at the ghost causing the problem 'Why do I always get stuck in these situations?! For the love of-'

"Dash! Head to my parents' house!" Danny yelled into the jock's ear, if he couldn't go ghost and fight he's have to get Dash into the house and put the shield up. Dash abruptly turned around heading to Fenton works. Danny watched as the Knight turned around blasting at them once again, Danny thought fast putting up a mini shield behind Dash so we wouldn't see, not that he was paying attention anyway, the jock was too busy running for his life with Danny in his arms. The knight growled in frustration as he sped up, but Dash just so happened to trip on some rubble that had gotten stirred from the blast, the jock made sure he turned on his side so Danny wouldn't get hurt. Danny jumped up as Dash looked confused and started blasting with the gun (he had packed for emergencies such as this) the Fright Knight before turning around to help Dash up. The Knight crashed into an expertly place billboard sign when turning to attack once more, giving Danny the time to pull Dash up and run towards Fenton works. Dash followed behind, Fenton works just in view. Dash and Danny dove inside, Danny easily rolling back up into a standing position, heading to the fridge to activate the ghost shield. Once activated the Fright Knight had just got up, looking over and seeing a familiar green shield he went back to where ever he came from.

Danny sighed in relief sitting down at the table letting his head fall down onto the table with a loud bang. Dash just got up and headed over to the kitchen, seeing Danny sitting down Dash decided to follow his lead and sit down across from him awkwardly. Dash scratched the back of his head absent mindedly. Danny looked up and rolled his eyes before slamming his head on the table again.

"Uh, so. What was that about Fenton?" Dash asked as he leaned his head on one hand, resting on his elbow. Danny lifted his head up slightly just to groan audibly, of course he would ask about it, Danny just couldn't get a break. Dash gave him an unamused look. "So?" Dash continued, Danny just sighed.

"Well I don't know, it's a ghost! What am I an expert on how they think or something?!" Danny threw his hands in the air. He was frustrated, if Dash hadn't have been there he could've caught Fright Knight and got him to answer his questions on why he attacked so suddenly but no, Dash just had to grab him and drag him to his house. Dash didn't buy it, he knew Danny knew something. Danny sighed; Dash may not be as stupid as he looks sometimes. Danny just sighed exasperatedly. "Look Dash, my parents are professional ghost hunters, having ghosts come after me is something I deal with daily" Danny waved his hand hoping to change the conversation.

"I don't buy it. He said 'Ghost Child'" Dash quoted as he used air quotes, staring at Danny accusingly. Danny smacked his head with the palm of his hand. "What do you take me for Fenton? An idiot?" Dash crossed his arms over his chest. Danny had to bight his tongue, he almost said 'duh' to the jocks question.

"Well as I said, my parents are ghost hunters, it's not that weird that he called me 'Ghost Child'" Danny replied crossing his arms over his chest as well, defiant to the bigger teen's questions. Dash just rolled his eyes then narrowed them accusingly. Danny just looked away trying to ignore his presence. 'Like I could ever ignore him' Danny thought.

"Spill it Fenton, there is something else going on around here. You had a gun in your bag; if you were just a ghost hunter's kid you wouldn't have a gun unless you hunted them too!" Dash accused as he pointed a finger at the halfa. Danny visibly stiffened 'Just what does he know? Did he see me?' Danny thought confused. Dash saw Danny get stiff, 'So he is hiding something' Dash thought, as he stared at the obviously freaking out teen.

"Look Dash-", Dash's eyes widened as he had a flash back of him and Phantom getting shrunk from Danny's dad shooting the Fenton Crammer at them, how Phantom had gone through what he thought was costume changes, now looking back he saw they were the same clothes Danny had always worn, hell even half of his hair had turned black. How didn't he realize this sooner?! He held his hand up cutting off the rest of what Danny was going to say. Danny stopped startled as Dash looked at him seriously. Dash pointed his finger at Danny.

"You're Phantom aren't you?" Dash said bluntly. Danny's eyes widened trying to think of some excuse, but he couldn't come up with one. "It was so obvious, Phantom, Fenton they are almost the same!" Dash explained, as he looked into Danny's fear stricken eyes. "Dude, you look pale." Danny gulped as he slowly got out of his seat and quickly turned as he tried to run away to the basement. Dash beat him standing in his way, grabbing his arm to prevent any further escape attempts. Dash didn't expect Danny's arm going intangible as he ran away down stairs. Dash looked at his hand then the basement door, then his hand again, and then he ran downstairs after his hero.

Once Danny was downstairs he headed to open the ghost portal to run and hide but Dash was on his heels, grabbing him and pushing him against a desk, putting his hand on either side of him, trapping him from escape. Danny looked fearfully into Dash's dark blue/purple eyes. All Danny wanted to do was run away and hide. If anyone found out he'd be put in some lab experimented on, or worse autopsied, Danny shuddered at the thought. Dash was confused, why was Danny, the Ghost boy, Danny Phantom, so afraid. He had all these abilities, powers that no one else had, he was a hero, and here he was cowering under Dash's stare like some helpless child. Dash reached up to brush a stray strand of hair of out Danny's face, Danny flinched away. Dash frowned at his actions, seeing Danny cower like that, it tugged at his heart. Unconsciously he pulled the terrified boy into his arms hugging him tightly hoping to give him some sort of comfort, he's so cold, why is he so cold? Dash thought. Danny was surprised to say the least, he didn't know what to do, was Dash trying to comfort him or was he trying to make fall into a false sense of trust. Danny leaned into the hug; Dash wasn't smart enough to plan out something that elaborate. Dash felt Danny lean into the hug, he smiled warm heartedly bringing the boy closer into his broad chest.

"Dash?" Danny whispered, Dash almost didn't catch it. But Dash had heard he looked down at the boy in his arms indicating for him to continue. "Y-you wouldn't tell anyone. W-would you Dash?" Danny looked up at the jock pleadingly, his clear blue eyes shone with fear. Dash's heart melted at the sight, Danny's eyes were wide and brimming with tears, his hair covering one of his eyes. He looked so small so fragile. Dash smiled down at the boy shaking his head, assuring the boy, that no he wouldn't tell anyone. Danny smiled sadly leaning back into the comforting embrace.

"So, Fe-Danny. Its ok if I call you Danny right?" Dash asked, Danny nodded hesitantly, blushing as he buried his face into the jock's shirt unconsciously seeking the comfort the jock was now giving him. Dash blushed slightly at the action. 'Dash is hugging me, wait DASH is hugging me?' Dash pulled away coughing slightly, Danny sat up on the tabled as Dash pulled a chair over and sat down looking at Danny. "So how come you don't want me to tell anyone that you're Phantom?" Dash asked, Danny's face visibly fell.

"When all people want to do is hunt you down so they can destroy or tear you apart 'molecule by molecule', you tend to want to keep it a secret. Dad always talks about catching the ghost kid and tearing him apart to study him. What can I do? Go up to my parents and say 'Hey mom, dad, guess what? I'm the ghost you've always been hunting!' Yeah right! They'd shoot me! Not to mention the GiW they're always trying to take me in, they even told me they wanted to do 'lots and lots of painful experiments' on me!" Danny looked down at the floor. Dash frowned, scooting closer so he could put his hand on Danny's knee. Danny looked up and saw Dash smiling at him, this caused Danny to smile as well. "I've gotta tell Sam, Tucker and Jazz that you know" Danny hopped off the table and headed upstairs to send a mass text message telling them. Dash followed him, they all knew too?

Danny texted them all saying 'Dash found out, he's not going to tell anyone' Once the message was sent Dash arrived at the top of the stairs, once again sitting at the table.

"So, you mind telling me how?" Dash asked, genuinely curious. Danny indulged him, going over the accident, the first few days of struggling with his new found powers.

"It was right after my birthday in late September, my parents had built the portal downstairs and when they tried it, it didn't work." Danny sighed as he remembered the day clearly. "Sam and Tucker had come over and convinced me to take a look inside, I wanted to help, see if I could fix it for them, I had done it before on other stuff they had messed up, but they never knew about it." Danny looked down at his hands before continuing. "I put on a suit, thinking it would be for safety, hell of a lot of good it did in the end" his said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "I was looking around and everything seemed right but it was dark so it was kinda hard to tell at some points, I tripped over a wire that they had thrown loosely in there and when I put my hand up to balance myself I pressed the 'on' button. I can't believe my parents put the damn thing on the inside of the portal" Danny chuckled for a moment. "It turned on with me still inside and I was electrocuted, it was painful too like I was being ripped apart and being put back together again only with a few extra parts. I don't know all the details about it but it turned me into this" the halfa gestured to himself. "This half human half ghost hybrid thing." Danny smiled at the jock. "I'm sort of glad it happened in a way. But I remember the first few weeks were hell for me, I couldn't control a thing, the intangibility was the worst, I sunk threw floors and my pants kept falling down because of it." Danny chuckled dryly at the memory. Dash remembered Danny's pants always falling down; he never would have guessed it was because he couldn't control his intangibility. Dash began asking questions about his adventures, his fights, what it was like, for the most part Danny answered him, he left out all the things that Dash wouldn't have remembered, like Freak Show and Dan, and other fights that where just in the Ghost Zone. All too soon did Jazz, Tucker and Sam bust in accusing Dash of ill intentions. The girls were yelling and screaming at him as Tucker just shook his head, Danny kept banging his head on the table, annoyed. Soon the yelling stopped, both girls glaring at the jock as Danny sat with his head banging on the table with Tucker watching him slightly amused.

"Can I talk now?" Dash asked. Everyone looked his way, even Danny had stopped banging his head on the table. "I'm not gonna tell anyone. I admit I wasn't the nicest guy in the past" Everyone but Danny scoffed at that. "But I actually like Danny, so why the hell would I endanger him like that?" Dash glared back at the trio glaring at him. Danny blushed brightly, he didn't know how to take Dash's comment, his family and friends knew he was gay, but dash sure as hell didn't. Jazz began to laugh, Tucker smiled amused and Sam, well Sam glared at Dash. Dash was confused did he say something wrong, he saw Danny's blushing face and blushed slightly himself. He didn't think they'd read into what he said that much. Its not like he didn't like Danny that way, he did. But he didn't want anyone to find that out, not yet at least.