Dash was in the living room with Allen playing with his stuffed animals. Dash gave each of the toys a different voice and Allen was giggling wildly as they put on a play together. Danny watched from the hall his cell phone in his hand as he called Jazz. It's been about two weeks since his visit with Clockwork and with only two months before Allen's birthday, Danny was now three months along in his pregnancy. Danny was calling Jazz now to invite her over to help them celebrate his third birthday.

"Hello?" Danny heard from the speaker on his phone. Smiling he turned away from Dash and Allen and walked into the kitchen so he and Jazz could talk.

"Hi Jazz, how are you?" Danny asked.

"I'm great Danny, no ghosts here at all, it's amazing how just permanently closing the portal here made it so quiet. I'm getting everything together to transfer next semester to Yale. How are you and Allen?" Danny smiled for a moment.

"We're great Jazz. Any way Jazz I was calling to see if you could come over for Allen's birthday in June?" Danny heard some rustling from Jazz's end.

"I'd love too Danny. When is it?"

"It's the fifth. Vlad'll pay for the plane ticket here and back. I'm planning on calling Tucker and Sam too to invite them as well. Dash is going to invite Kwan, I don't think he'll invite anyone else though." Danny replied.

"That sounds great Danny. We'll all have to plan out the details later when everyone can talk."

"Yeah, and Jazz?"

"Yes Danny?"

"Um well you know how I had Allen?" Danny asked his eyes shifting around nervously. He had to tell Jazz about the baby that's coming soon. He just didn't want her to be disappointed in him, but then again how was he supposed to know that it could have happened more than once?

"Yeah Danny? I don't get what you're trying to say little brother" Jazz said, her voice revealing her concern and curiosity.

"Jazz, I saw Clockwork a few weeks ago because I was feeling sick and" Danny paused a moment, Jazz didn't say anything yet which was s good sign, he hoped. "Jazz, Dash and I are going to have another baby in October, Allen is going to have a little sibling soon" total silence was the only reply Danny got until he heard a racket from his phone, it sounded like something heavy had hit the floor with a loud 'thump'. "Jazz? Jazz are you okay?" more silence met his ears before he heard his sister groan and shuffle around. "Jazz?" Danny gulped oh man was she going to chew him out now.

"Danny? Did I just hear right? Are you-?" she left the sentence unfinished and Danny bit his lower lip in nervousness.

"Um, yeah Jazz I am." He whispered his eyes darting around the room. Danny heard Jazz take a deep breath to calm herself down.

"Danny" the teen winced at her tone of voice. "You are only 17 and you are having another baby?" Danny swallowed thickly.

"Yes Jazz, but it's not like I'm in school anymore! I have a college degree too!" Danny tried to reason. He heard his sister sigh she was no doubt pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration.

"Danny that's not the point. Dash just graduated and is starting college in the fall. This will put a lot of stress on the both of you. I'm just worried about you is all! How has Allen taken the news?" Danny smiled at that and remembered the boy's excitement.

"He was ecstatic about it Jazz, still is. He keeps talking about all the things he could teach the baby" Danny placed his hand over his stomach were he knew the baby was growing safely. "He likes to talk to it every night before bed too. Dash is happy about it too." Danny said softly.

"Well, I can't say I'm not excited either Danny. This time I can buy stuff for the baby!" Danny laughed at his sister's change in mood.

"Yeah, you can! We have Allen's old crib still and don't tell Vlad or Dash but I think the baby is going to be a boy again." Danny say fondly.

"How do you know Danny? It could be a girl you know." Jazz said defiantly. Danny laughed.

"I don't know how to explain it to you Jazz. But it feels almost the same when I had Allen. Something to do with their energy I think. If I wanted I could go to Frost Bite and get it checked, he'd be able to tell for sure. I'm going to see him soon anyway." Danny thought out loud.

"Well there are a lot of studies that have proven that some mothers can tell the sex of their babies before they're born." Jazz speculated. Danny laughed and shook his head.

"Well yeah, I guess it could be compared to that." This time he heard his sister laugh in reply.

"Yeah well I better be going I have class in about 5 minutes. It was nice talking to you baby brother"

"Okay Jazz. I'll talk to you later. Bye" Danny chuckled as he hung up the phone and looked at the time. Tucker and Sam would be on lunch break right now. Smiling to himself he called his friends up, it didn't take long for Tucker to answer.

"Danny?" at hearing Tucker's voice Danny smiled.

"Hey Tuck, what's up?" Danny asked, Tucker took a moment to answer.

"Waiting for Sam at our usual spot outside. She got called into the office earlier." Danny frowned.

"Oh well, I was calling to ask if you were doing anything June fifth?" Danny asked and waited for his friend to respond.

"Not that I can think of; why?"

"It's Allen's birthday, I wanted you, Sam and Jazz to be here with us to help celebrate." There was sporadic shuffling on Tuckers end.

"Sure that sound awesome dude! I'll be sure to be there." Danny smiled at the phone.

"Thanks Tuck, I'm sure Allen will love having you there. Do you think you could tell Sam and let me know what she says? I don't want to call her if she's busy"

"No problem man. Hey I'll talk to you later alright?" Danny chuckled.

"Sure, later" Danny hung up the phone smiling. He could always tell Tucker and Sam about the baby when they got here. When Danny walked out of the kitchen he didn't expect to be tackled by his son. Allen giggled when Danny caught him and looked down at him surprised. Allen only giggled and snuggled into Danny's chest.

"Daddy its lunch time!" Allen informed him. Just then Danny saw Dash walking up to them with a smile on his face.

"So it is" Danny smiled and ruffled Allen's hair. Dash put his hand on Danny's shoulder and walked past them to go to the fridge.

"I told Allen I'd make him a grilled ecto-cheese sandwich. You want one?" Dash asked turning his head to look at Danny.

"Sure why not" Danny chuckled as he took Allen over to the table and sat him down. "Need any help?" Danny asked.

"No I've got it" Dash said as he turned on the stove. Smiling Danny walked over to the fridge and poured Allen a glass of grape juice and grabbed a ginger ale for himself. Walking back over he handed the glass to Allen who was already reaching for the drink. As Dash began to cook he turned slightly to Danny. "How did the talk with Jazz and your friends go?" Danny smiled as he sat down next to Allen watching him take small sips of his juice.

"It went good, I couldn't talk to Sam though she was busy. But both Tucker and Sam said they could make it over. I also told Jazz about the baby" Danny rubbed his stomach and shook his head, he sure did act like a mother even though he was supposed to be a dad. I guess I am the mother technically, but I'm also a father at the same time. He thought.

"How did that go?" Dash asked turning back to the stove.

"It went well, she was worried about us but was excited none the less." Danny responded as he looked back at Allen and smiled at him. Allen smiled back at Danny and giggled. "You two have fun playing with your toys Allen?" Allen nodded his head at Danny.

"Uh huh! Dad made lots of funny voices and we made Cujo fly everywhere!" Allen gushed. Danny chuckled just as Dash put the food on the table for them. Smiling Danny leaned over to kiss his cheek in thanks only to get Dash's lips pressed his own for a short while before he too sat down with his plane ectoplasm free grilled cheese.

"I'm glad you two had fun" Danny said as he took a bite out of his sandwich. Allen was too busy eating to reply and so was Dash. The three enjoyed their meal and when done Danny moved to clean Allen up and take him down from his chair. Once on the ground Danny leaned down on his knee to level himself with the toddler. "Hey Allen what do you say Dash and I take you to the ghost zone in the Spector Speeder tomorrow?" Danny asked. Allen's eyes brightened, he had wanted to see the ghost zone for a while now.

"Really?" Danny nodded his head, and with that Allen went running off squealing. Danny laughed as Dash walked up behind him and wrapped and arm around Danny's hips watching the excited boy run in circles.

"You really want to take him there?" Dash asked, Danny looked up at the jock and smiled.

"He has to go sometime and he'll be safe with you in the Speeder. Anyway we're just going to tell a few ghosts about the party and take a quick stop to the Far Frozen to see Frost Bite" Danny leaned against Dash's chest as he watched his son's excitement.

"Okay, then I guess. But who are you going to tell don't you fight most ghosts?" Dash asked confused, he thought most ghosts disliked Danny for constantly putting them back into the ghost zone.

"Yeah, but there are others like Pandora, Frost Bite, Clockwork, Johnny and Dora who don't cause real trouble for me. Johnny likes to mess around with me when he and Kitty get in a fight and Dora has only attacked once when I accidently stole her necklace." Danny paused and smiled up at Dash. "Plus ever since I left Amity I've gotten to know them better, Ember is a good friend now along with Young Blood even though he loves to pull pranks on adults. As you know Ella, my cousin is also half ghost to so we have to tell her about it if we can find her. And maybe Dan" Danny whispered the last part as he turned back to Allen. Dash blinked a few times at the mention of Danny's evil alternate self.

"Why Dan?" Dash asked and he looked down at Danny confused. Danny sighed before answering.

"Because I want him to be a part of Allen's life too you know. He's not me Dash but he is family in a weird way, he deserves this chance to have a family again." Danny explained, Dash shook his head and sighed as he too continued to watch Allen play around in the hall way. The boy now was moving some of his toys from the living room into the hall looking quite pleased with himself.

"Okay but if he tries to start anything I'm kicking his ass" Danny chuckled, as of late Dash had joined Danny in his training sessions working hard to get stronger enable to protect both Danny and Allen better if he ever needed to. Vlad had also begun training him in his weapons and other things, he wanted Danny and Allen to be protected so creating a special program for the jock was his way of helping.

"No argument here, I can beat him anytime but I do think it would be pretty funny to watch you fight him." Danny admitted, Dash chuckled and turned Danny in his arms so their chests were touching. Danny looked up into Dash's shining light Violet eyes and blushed slightly, Dash only smirked and leaned forward capturing Danny's lips with his own. Moaning lightly in the back of his throat Danny leaned into Dash's kiss. The two kissed gently for a few moments before Allen's squealing caught their attention and pulled apart. When they looked up and saw Allen floating above them his hands curling into fists and brought over his chin in excitement before he thrust his arms out and hugged them both around their necks. The two teens laughed at Allen's childish antics and hugged him back lovingly. When Allen pulled away he giggled and floated to the ground before running back to his toys. Smiling Danny kissed Dash's cheek and handed him the phone knowing Dash would want to talk to Kwan before leaving to go scoop up his son into his arms and carrying him into he living room to play. Dash smirked before he headed back into the kitchen to tell his Asian friend the great news.