It's been a little over two years since Allen was born and if none of this ever happened to Danny he would be starting his last year of high school in a few days. But those things did happen and Danny had finished his high school academics years ago and now he was a graduate with a degree in aerospace technology. He had skipped so many required classed because of his parents' ghost hunting and his meddling with their inventions, along with Vlad's own academic program it barely took two years to graduate. Danny hadn't gotten a steady job, and he never really needed one, helping Vlad out every now and again paid wonderfully, and now that he had a toddler to take care of Vlad spoiled them both. No, Danny didn't work but he did save every penny he earned for Allen, Vlad often stated Danny would inherit everything he has, and Danny accepted but he wasn't getting it for free. He helped his mentor and often fixed things, he wanted to earn it the way everyone else earns a living and Vlad applauded the effort but with Allen getting older it became harder. Allen had kept his violet colored eyes and his hair was tamable like his grandmother's and his aunt's. Danny's own hair had grown a little longer than shoulder length and he often kept it in a low ponytail so Allen wouldn't grab and pull at it, his hair was still messy as ever though, that was something that would never change. Danny had grown a bit. But he was still shorter then Vlad, he even gained more muscle yet he still looked thin. The years had been good to him and his son.

The two year old was currently running around the mansion with Danny chasing him. The toddler laughed loudly as his father played with him. Danny smirking turned invisible and snuck up on his son picking the boy up and swinging him around. Allen squealed in joy as he was tossed around. Allen hadn't developed many ghost powers, he could sense them and could put up a shield as well as turn intangible and fly (so far all he could do now was float and this was rarely seeing as he had no control), but nothing else. The boy had more human to ghost genes in him according to Vlad. Many times Danny had caught him crying because his arm had gone intangible and he couldn't grab onto his toys, all was fine though, he had gained some control over that bit there and with and special device hooked up to his crib/bed he couldn't fall through the floor if he lost control while sleeping. Today Danny had nothing to do and he was happy spending it by playing with his son.

"Daddy!" Allen giggled, Danny reappeared and stopped swinging him around, putting the boy on his hip as he smiled.

"Yes Allen?" the toddler giggled again and hugged his dad around his neck. Smiling Danny hugged the boy back enjoying the moment.

In another room Vlad was in his office on the phone, it was on speaker; Jazz was calling him. This wasn't a rare occurrence, for the first year Danny was away she'd call everyday harassing him, demanding he bring Danny back. But after a long chat with her brother she realized he was indeed safer with the older man. Once Danny had left Amity, their parent's inventions started exploding like they used to when they were younger, and Jazz didn't want Danny near that at all, especially with his ghost powers. Now the girl called every few days to check up on them. But today seemed different, she wasn't her usual self, she sounded tired and distressed.

"How have you been Jazz?" Vlad asked, he heard the now college sophomore sigh.

"I'm just tired, college and everything here just gets so tiring. I can't go to Yale like I want because Sam, Tucker and Dash need my help here with ghosts and my parents can't really catch a ghost either. It's hard, I didn't know what Danny went through until he left, I'm surprised he hadn't left sooner." Vlad frowned as he turned around his chair gazing out of the window.

"Yes well you only deal with the small ones there child. The big ones always find Danny here. Be thankful for that. New more powerful ghosts sometimes turn up here looking to fight him. Last week there was one who could take away powers with just a touch and Danny had to destroy it, it was killing humans and was making quite a name for itself so Danny had no choice. He cried for an hour after that." Vlad said, he could hear the sharp intake of breath on the other line. Vlad remembered that day, he had foolishly thought that Daniel wouldn't need to help him in his fight, but he was wrong. The ghost managed to escape Vlad leaving him with only the basics and badly injured to boot. And while Daniel was fixing him up the ghost had gone on a rampage destroying buildings killing the people inside. Danny had to take it down, it was hard for the young halfa, he could only use long range attacks and coaxing the ghost away from the city had earned him several gashes in the process. Daniel had used his Ghostly Wail and tore the ghost to pieces. The poor boy watched as the ghost faded from this plane, forced to move onto the next.

"H-how has Danny been? And that child, the one he found and adopted?" Vlad and Danny had told Jazz about Allen, but what they told her wasn't the truth, they had told her when Fright Knight and Vortex teamed up on Danny he was thrown into an ally way and found the infant and then took him in as his own, all records indicated such thanks to a certain Ghost Writer.

"Daniel is fine and Allen couldn't be happier." Vlad said. Silence was heard then a lot of shuffling, then a hushed whisper.

"We need Danny back, Vlad" Her voice was pained and broken. Vlad narrowed his eyes.

"You want Daniel to come back? Where his parents could find out about him? You want him to put his son in danger by going back there?! Do you realize how selfish that sounds Jazmine?" Vlad said, his voice stern as he stared at the speaker.

"He left without saying goodbye! That was selfish too! Look we all miss him and nothing has been the same since he left! The town, it looks so down, so grey when he left. There hasn't been any major ghost attacks here he would be safe! Please, I miss my baby brother." she pleaded, her voice was shaking and the gray haired man could hear her obvious distress. Vlad groaned and rubbed his forehead where a headache was now forming.

"Until everyone in the Ghost Zone hears of it, then what? Danny Phantom returning just when your brother does? Your father may be an idiot but Maddie will surely think something is up with that!" he said loudly, obviously stressed with conversation.

Vlad didn't know it but Danny was outside his door, Allen had just fallen asleep for his nap and the halfa had heard it all. Biting his bottom lip he continued to listen to his sister and caretaker talk.

"I can't handle this anymore! Sam's not the same anymore she's darker then ever, last week me and Tucker found her drunk and high. We had to take her to the hospital. And Tucker's grades are falling, he's falling asleep in class because Sam can't patrol at night anymore and he picks up the slack! Dash is depressed and is taking it out on the field. Do you know how many people he's hurt so far? 23 people Vlad! And that was just scrimmages and practice! He fights ghosts and every time he does he looks up at the sky like he's waiting for Danny to come and help! Mom misses him, I've caught her standing in the hall way more then once just staring at the door to his room! We need him back."

"Do you even know what happened there? Why he left? I took him away from there not only to protect him from his parents but the ghost who attacked him before we left! Jazmine-" Vlad was cut off as Danny walked into the room, he was frowning as he made his way the desk.

"Jazz?" he asked, his voice was ruff, he obviously head their conversation and was distressed by it, Vlad could tell that he was afraid of gong back, but here he was ready to talk to his sister, and this worried Vlad.

"D-Danny?" she replied, Danny smiled sadly.

"Is all of what you said true?" there was a pause and a sigh.

"I-I'm sorry Danny! I didn't mean for you to hear-" Danny cut her off.

"Is it true?" he asked, his voice stern. Another pause.

"Yes... It is." Jazz's voice was quiet. "I'm so sorry Danny" Danny shook his head frowning as he looked up at Vlad. The man nodded knowing what Danny would say next, not liking it one bit.

"Jazz, I'm coming home." Vlad's eyes widened in shock as he abruptly hung up the phone. Sighing Danny looked at Vlad, the older halfa was angry, that much was obvious.

"Daniel, you have to be kidding!" Danny shook his head as Vlad walked up to him. Vlad had his hands clasped behind his back, Danny sighed, he knew that look Vlad was giving him, it was the look he always gave him when he was either in trouble or he was going to lecture him.

"Vlad, you heard her, they can't take the stress of it all! I never thought that they wouldn't be able to handle it" Danny said sadly, Vlad sighed and placed a hand on his shoulder comfortingly.

"Daniel, I know this is hard for you. But I don't think you going there would be what's best for you, or Allen." Danny bit his bottom lip as he frowned and squeezed his eyes shut.

"But I have to." Danny whispered before looking back up at Vlad. "I need to do this, I need to face my fears." Vlad sighed once more and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Daniel you know as well as I do that if you use your powers there you could get caught! What good would it do for Allen if anyone learned your secret?" Danny's eyes flashed green as he glared at Vlad, several thing in the room getting thrown around from Danny's ghostly aura. Vlad groaned audibly when some things broke upon impact with the ground. He hated it when Daniel lost control like that, always such a mess afterwards.

"You think I don't know that?!" Danny growled before realizing he needed to calm down. Taking a few deep calming breaths, his glowing eyes fading back to their usual cerulean blue. "I won't be going as Phantom though, I'd be going as Fenton." Vlad sighed, he wasn't going to win this conversation. "And it's not like we have to go right now anyway." Danny added.

"Okay fine." Vlad agreed reluctantly. "We'll have to think of a cover for us suddenly appearing." Danny nodded. "We'll also have to keep Allen away from Jack and Maddie."

"I have to problem with that Vlad, you know better than anyone I'd do anything to keep him safe." Vlad sighed and sat back down in his chair and went about looking through a few documents before looking back up at Danny.

"We'd have to leave sometime after Christmas Daniel. We have too much going on to even think about leaving before then." Danny nodded and sighed.

"That's fine with me. It's only to give them a break." Danny replied before adding, "We should close the Fenton portal while we're there." Vlad nodded and sighed.

"I suppose your right. But it will take a while before we can make something to close it effectively." Danny looked out the large window behind Vlad and sighed. That last thing he wanted to do was go back to Amity, but he had to. Jazz, Tucker, Sam, even Dash were suffering greatly. He'd give them a break, help them get their grades up then leave. That's all he could do, all he was willing to. After all Allen would always come first.