Hello there! this is my first story about Fairy Tail and I really hope you guys like! Also English is my second language so have me some patience... this is not a story but more like recordings of what the characters from Fairy Tail think about Fanfiction! lol I think it will be fun... and if you want an specific character you just need to tell in either in a message or a review ok :D This story is not to bash pairings or characters, I'll be also putting things that I like from fanfiction and Fairy Tail that are very weird, so don't take it seriously. I don't want to offend anyone :)) this is just for fun.

I edited this chapter because I noticed a lot of mistakes

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Hello there I'm Lucy and well the reason why I'm doing this is because Cana was telling me about this website she found where people actually write stories about Fairy Tail and since you know I'm writing a novel too I wanted to check it out and when I found out what you guys were writing… Omg! I almost had a heart attack!

Now I see that I was paired with a lot of guys from Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, and Sabertooth. I will start by listing some who are beyond my own imagination...

First we have Gajeel, now why would you try to pair me with him?! you know how we met up and how he tried KILLING ME! But that was the past, now he is one of us, and I would have you guys now that he does not calls me Bunny Girl as often as you guys make it look. Anyways he is a good guy especially to Levy * starts to wink and says in a whisper* I think they like each other but they don't want to say anything ha!

Levy: Did you say something Lu-chan?!

Lucy: *starts to laugh nervously* N…Nothing... you know me what could I say about you my dear friend!...

Anyway I have also been pair up with Laxus*a little blush* Ok I don't get this…. But to be honest we never had anything going on as in nothing, nada... so why do you guys keep writing about me and him?! I don't know and by the way he is older than me by like a lot and I am not that into older guys.

Then we have Gray *blushes* I can understand this one a LITTLE bit because he is a really good friend and he's in our team and he takes care of me but I promise you there is nothing going on with him…we are JUST FRIENDS! Ok *says louder so Juvia can hear* Me and Gray are just Friends! Only because Gemini told me that Gray thought I was cute and might be a little interested in me doesn't mean anything, please don't go and imagine me with him having a crazy and forbidden relationship... *says nervously* you know that could get me in a lot of trouble with a certain water mage.

Loke *blushes*... Well we have a close friendship because he is my friend and one of my Celestial Spirits but nothing else. He is someone I can really count on but you know how he is... Loke likes every female there is so don't take anything seriously from him. *says in a whisper* Ladies who are reading this.. if a guy with spiky orange hair and blue sunglasses happens to sweet talk to you... Don't pay him attention...

Loke: *says with a very sad face* Lucy why do you have to say that...you are hurting my feelings; you know you're the only one for me... besides what are the ladies going to think of moi if you say those negative comments...

Lucy: Told you guys... anyways moving on...

Now we have Sting and Rogue from Sabertooth... what can I say about them... Oh I don't know, maybe is because I have never talk to either of them, so I don't know how they are but my question is Why am I pair with them? if we don't have any means of communication what so ever...

Finally we have... ummm... N...Natsu *blushes* Ummm…ummmm wow seeing you guys write about me and him is well… You guys have a lot of imagination! *starts to daydream about herself and Natsu getting married* HAAAAAA! What am I doing?! Anyways yeah I think he only sees me as a friend so that's not happening….*starts to daydream again… slaps herself* Get it together Lucy! And well there is Lisanna to think about and he is too dumb to notice anything and… you get the point right! But he is the best…Natsu is strong, and loving *smiles to herself*

*Natsu enters the Guild and goes to where Lucy is*

Natsu: *puts an arm around Lucy's shoulder* Hey Lucy what are you doing? come on let's go on a job!

*snaps from daydream*

Lucy: HAA...N-Natsu!

I have to go now… but that is all I wanted to say I don't think this website is all bad you know, I guess it's pretty interesting …bye bye now this was Lucy talking.