Princess Peach Has Bad Gas

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Didn't expect me to write something with Princess Peach farting again, did ya? Pretty surprising, yes? Yeah. Well, earlier today, I was randomly searching, and I noticed that Princess Peach Gassy was a result... in no part thanks to me. So, to add yet another result to all the Princess Peach farting results out there, here's a new story about her cutting the cheese. True, there's no point in doing it since I already have that infamous one, but hey, you can turn even an old situation into something new with a little persuasion. And that's all I have to say on the matter. Though I would love if this got dramatically read, I mean, the guy who dramatically read that Amy Rose farting thing did a booping job. yeah, that's enough jibber jabber. Enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: Peach belongs to Nintendo, and everything else... belongs to everything.

Princess Peach Toadstool was bored. She was in her castle, being bored of having a good life being the ruler of a kingdom of mushrooms. And whenever Mario came over, there was always an event. Being kidnapped, go kart racing, playing tennis, participating in fighting tournaments... and hosting parties. But, whenever these things wouldn't get her excited, Peach resorted to her favorite hobby... being gassy. She would always try to burp and fart as loud as possible to make her presence known, with the stink that follows being part of her pride. Often, Peach would have farting contests with Daisy, who was also as gassy. But alas, as morning transcended to day, Peach would soon realize that she would be gassier than usual... and not the good kind.

"Ooh, how I love the morning," Peach commented as she stretched, wearing her pink pajamas as she quickly changed into her normal pink, poofy dress. "It's so shiny and bright, but more importantly, it lets me let loose what I held in all night!" She placed both of her hands on her butt, farting loudly as rotten green gas emitted right out of the back of her pink dress, the tuba like sound echoing all throughout her bedroom. Peach giggled with glee as she squeezed her butt cheeks, letting out a cute little poot as her dress poofed up. "Oh yeah, a nice smelly fart is just what I need to highlight my day!"

Toad came running in, panting as he tried catching his breath. "Pr... princess!" Being used to Peach's gas, he ignored the awful, sulfur like smell. "Mario's running a bit late. He says to go with Luigi to the Moo Moo Meadows!"

Peach frowned as she folded her arms. "Oh, I gotta go hang out with cows?" She groaned as she puffed her cheeks. "That's no fun... well, I better eat right now so I don't have to feel bored." She grabbed some rotten old mushrooms that recently rotted, munching down on them so she could be able to fart to keep herself entertained. Princess Peach's stomach growled, though it was more of digestion problems as Peach would soon discover, the gas she would pass being worse than expected...