Princess Peach sighed of annoyance as she was in the Moo Moo Meadows, watching the three cows moving about with their business as she and Toad were waiting for Mario to show up. Peach farted loudly, with Toad eying Peach oddly as Peach patted her butt, giggling as she let out a cute little poot.

"Princess, is there any time when you're not gassy?" Toad asked curiously as she wrapped his arms around the back of his head.

Peach shrugged as she tooted again, replying, "Well, Bowser doesn't let me let loose when he kidnaps me. He says he doesn't want the castle to smell like crap." She scoffed as she rolled her eyes, folding her arms. "Please. My farts would help make that hell pit of his more tolerable."

Toad felt creeped out as Peach farted again, her dress poofing up as Mario and Luigi finally showed up in their own colored standard karts.

"Sorry we took so long, princess!" Mario greeted as he got out of his kart, approaching Peach but stopping as he smelled the air, gagging as he covered his nose. "Peeyew! What's-a that horrible smell?"

Peach turned to Mario, giggling as she farted again, her trombone like gas echoing throughout the meadows. "Oh, that's just my big butt, silly willy!"

Luigi started forming tears in his eyes as he fell to the dirt paved ground, Peach's flatulence being too strong for him. "Mamma mia... I thought Daisy had bad gas, but this is..." He fainted, his left leg twitching.

Mario and Toad gave each other frightful glances as Peach giggled while clapping her hands, continuing to break wind.