Category: Gen, AU
Main Characters: Peter, Caspian, Edmund, Jadis the White Witch.
Setting: During the White Witch scene of the movie Prince Caspian
Rating: T
Warnings: Light gore, war, light character torture.

So, this is my first ever Chronicles of Narnia story! It is a "What if Caspian had released the White Witch" story, because that is actually what I wanted to happen when I watched that scene (best scene in the movie I believe) So this is my take on what could have happened.

I just want to say that this story is dedicated to NarniaGirl97. I mentioned the idea and she said she would so read it, so this is for her. :) I'd also like to thank croclover95 for betaing this story for me. You both rock! :) :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Narnia or anything you recognize.

Then There Were Two

Chapter 1: An Enemy Returns

This was wrong. He knew it was wrong. All the stories, all the legends, he had heard as a child said the White Witch was evil, a monster in disguise. So why did he just stand there? Why did he stare into her eyes, bloody hand extended? Why did he not move?

"Then I am yours, my king." Her voices so smooth as silk.

All he wanted-his uncle's throne and death-was at his fingertips. And more the creature had said. Was he seeing things or had her hand become flesh and blood? What was he doing? This isn't what I wanted!

Caspian struggled to break away, but the Witch's eyes held him like a snake to its prey. His fight slowly melted away as she smiled and reached her hand out toward him. A sudden jolt sent him stumbling backwards, causing his hand to drop. Caspian blinked as he caught his balance and stood behind the figure who had stepped in front of him.

Peter had been off to the side, battling the bird creature. For such a strange creature, she moved quickly, managing to claw him across the wrist, drawing blood. "Come, come on!" Peter heard the familiar voice from behind him as he swung at the creature, sending it crashing back into a stone pillar. Spinning, he saw Caspian with his bloody hand outstretched toward the White Witch. Rushing forward, Peter shoved Caspian behind him.

"Get away from him!" Peter ordered, holding his sword up toward the Witch while keeping Caspian behind him.

For a moment, an angry frown crossed the Witch's face. Her hand drew back into the ice until just her fingers were protruding. As she glared down at the two boys, the frown disappeared, replaced with a sickly sweet smile. Peter swallowed nervously, taking an unconscious step back until he was side by side with Caspian. The smile still on her face, the Witch looked down at the two boys, staring both in the eyes.

"Peter, dear, I've missed you." She said, icy sweetness dripping from her lips. "Come, just one drop. You know you can't do this alone."

Peter knew she was lying. He wasn't alone; he had Susan, Edmund, Lucy, and the whole of Narnia. But as he looked into her eyes, his mind began to grow cloudy and doubt echoed. The Witch was evil, out for his death and the death of his siblings. Why was he just standing in place when he should be running her through, destroying her once and for all? He moved to do just that, but a flicker of light caught the Witch's eyes and he looked up at her and something went out of him. Her eyes seemed to smile down at him, speaking nothing but truth and friendship. They held him and the more he looked into her eyes the more he relaxed until the fight, the struggle, went out of him completely. His sword dropped to his side.

"Take my hands, boys." The excitement in her voice was plain as she reached for them, her arm nearly completely out of the ice. "Just one drop and I'm yours."

For a moment it seemed as if the boys would break away, but then they each stepped forward. Still staring into her eyes, they held their hands-each covered in blood-out to meet the Witch's hands. They were just inches away, their feet still within the circle.

Edmund, having been left to defeat the werewolf and to finish of the bird creature, turned just in time to see his brother and friend approaching the White Witch. His heart seemed to clench as he realized what they were about to do. He took off running, but he knew he would never reach them in time.

"No!" The scream tore through his throat as their hands touched the White Witch's.

A cruel smile spread across the Witch's face as the boy's blood met her hand. The ice around her seemed to crack then, with a flashing white light, the ice broke, shattering into millions of little shards. As the ice flew, everyone was forced to duck, hiding their heads with their hands.

The ice seemed to fall for hours but was really just seconds. When the pieces stopped raining down on them, Edmund warily removed his hands. His breath caught in his throat as he saw the White Witch standing before them, flesh and blood once more. In her hand was her ice wand and her dress, once the purest white, now was mingled with a deep crimson red and, with a start, he realized it was the blood of his brother and friend. With shaking hands, he brought his sword around, prepared for whatever the Witch had planned.

Caspian and Peter seemed to be shaken from their trance-like state. Their eyes were wide with fear and shame as the realization of what they had done washed over them. They stood directly before the Witch who smiled down at them, the sweetness gone and replaced with a look of triumph and hatred. The two boys stumbled backwards, Peter bringing his sword back up and Caspian reaching for his.

"Now, now, boys, none of that now." the Witch's voice dripped in false caring. She waved her wand lazily and the swords clattered to the floor. "After all, it was the two of you who saved me."

The two took a step backwards, nervousness and shame clearly etched across their faces. Out of the corner of his eye, Edmund saw Trumpkin pushing Lucy behind him, protecting her. Taking a deep breath, the young king stepped forward, between Lucy and the Witch.

"Ed, no!" Peter hissed, noticing his brother stepping forward. "Get back!"

Edmund ignored him and stepped forward until he was standing protectively between them and the Witch. Peter and Caspian each glanced at each other, feeling the weight of what they had just done pressing down on them. How could they have been so stupid? What had come over them? Neither were quite sure, but the numb, peaceful feeling of standing before the ice queen remained and their shame grew.

The Witch met Edmund's eyes and a smile grew on her face, though her eyes remained cold as the ice she had been encased in. Though fear coursed through him, Edmund forced himself to remain strong and not give in to his shaking knees.

"Why Edmund," she purred, turning toward him. "How long it has been."

"Not long enough." Edmund replied curtly, holding his sword out.

"Don't be that way, Edmund." The smile seemed to fade. "After all, we have so much...history."

"And that's all it is. History." Edmund snapped.

"Be that as it may," The Witch agreed, her smile fading to a glare. "Your brother and I are not history. And, Caspian I believe it is?"

"Leave them alone, Witch!" Edmund barked, stepping forward, sword extended.

"Ah, but I couldn't even if I wanted to." The Witch replied arrogantly. "After all, it was their blood that brought me back and by giving me their blood they have pledged themselves to me for all eternity."

"No!" The shout came from Lucy as she jumped to her feet, dagger in hand. "You can't!"

"Oh, but I can." Her eyes flamed as she looked over at the little girl.

Caspian, the Witch's words ringing in his ears, glanced down at the ground to where his sword lay abandoned just a few feet away. He looked over at Peter who was looking at his sword as well. The two met each other's eyes and Peter solemnly nodded. As one, they raced forward, grabbing their swords and coming up on either side of Edmund, who looked between the two and struggled to hide the smirk on her face. The Witch, despite having three swords pointed at her, was smiling.

"Oh bravo, boys, bravo." She said sarcastically. "Whatever will I do now?"

She held her wand out, smirk on her face. Edmund's eyes widened as, in a flash of light, shackles appeared on Peter and Caspian's arms and legs, forcing both boys to once more drop their swords. The two stumbled under the sudden weight and Peter's face grew flush with anger.

"You won't get away with this!" he shouted, shackles rattling as he stumbled forward.

"Oh but I already have." She said with a laugh. "I have learned many things in my years of exile, Peter dear. Not even Aslan could save you now. So long as your blood is mine, you are mine."

"Let them go, Witch." Edmund's voice was low and dangerous as he stepped protectively in front of Peter and Caspian. "Or else."

"What are you going to do to me, Edmund?" Jadis laughed. "I have come back from the dead and hold your dearest brother and friend captive. I hold the power of the ancients while you are simply a little boy playing king."

"I'm not a little boy." Edmund practically growled. "And I'm not playing!"

He gave her no time for words as he sprung forward, swinging his sword. She expected this however, and easily countered with her wand. A smug smirk crossed her face as she shoved him back. Edmund reacted quickly, bringing his sword up and around as he stumbled backwards. Jadis didn't see it coming until the blade had crossed her arm, creating a red mark of blood.

To his surprise, she didn't let out a cry of pain. Instead, a smile crossed her lips and she laughed. Edmund's eyes widened in horror as the blood seemed to disappear from her arm and the slash healed until it was as if she had never been cut. Confusion crossed his face until he heard two cries of pain from behind him.

Spinning, he realized the true extent of what they had done. On both Peter's and Caspian's arms appeared a single bleeding cut in the exact shape and spot as Edmund had just delivered to the Witch. Laughter spilled from her lips and Edmund turned to face her once more, sword raised high though he knew he couldn't use it. Not when Peter and Caspian would receive the brunt of his attack.

"It would seem, young king," Jadis laughed. "That you are at a disadvantage. I can hurt you..." As if to prove her point, she reached out with her wand and scraped the side of Edmund's face with the spear. Blood instantly began trickling from the cut, and Edmund wrenched back to avoid any falling on her. "But you can not hurt me without hurting Peter or Caspian."

Edmund stayed silent, mind racing as he tried to find a way around this problem. But he could find none for what she said was true. The Witch smiled and laughed, a cold, harsh, laugh.

"Though I would love to stay and chat," she said. "We have places to be."

She brought her wand up and, with muttered words, wind swept around her, bypassed Edmund, and swept around Peter and Caspian. The last the young king saw of his brother and friend was their panicked looks. And then they were gone in a whirlwind of ice and snow, captives of the White Witch.