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Part 3

Caroline found him in the Lockwood cellar, splattered in blood holding an equally blood covered sword. The blood or the bodies she had passed hadn't even fazed her until this moment, all that she had been focused on since waking up with a broken neck was finding Klaus safe and sound. And now she had, he was alive though she wasn't sure if he was exactly sound. The look of despair and disappointment on his face spoke volumes to her on his mental state at the moment.

She wasn't sure how things had gone so badly so quickly. One minute they had been leaving the Grill after admiring the painting he had submitted to the auction, drinking champagne and talking, putting in a public appearance at the Winter Wonderland party and the next moment, the new couple had come face to face with Tyler and Hayley. There had been a few choice words between Klaus and her ex before he and his 'friend' departed, leaving Caroline and Klaus to themselves. The run in had ruined the holiday mood she had been in and Klaus offered to take her back to his mansion, to lift her spirits.

Caroline had quickly agreed, thinking that she'd rather spend time naked with Klaus then spend another second at the party. However, before they could leave, April Young had appeared suddenly and asked her for her help with something inside the Grill. After assuring Klaus she would be as quick as possible, she had left with the human girl. It wasn't until April led her into the backroom of the restaurant that Caroline's instincts had picked up that they weren't alone. By that time it was too late, Hayley was behind her and everything had gone dark.

When she awoke, Stefan had been next to her, checking to see if she was okay. Evidently Tyler and the other hybrids had decided to desiccate Klaus that day and had compelled April to get her out of the way. Stefan only found out when he had seen Klaus dragging Hayley away from the party, a look of fury that he had never seen on the hybrid's face. Stefan had confronted him to find out what was going on and Klaus had told him that Hayley was delivering a message from Tyler. She told Klaus that they had kidnapped Caroline and had plans to bite her if he didn't meet them. Of course Klaus had believed her and was forcing her to take him to the meeting place.

Stefan tried to stop Klaus, wanting to help Caroline but he had been no match for the Original Hybrid and he was gone before Stefan could argue anymore, taking Hayley with him. He was about to follow when he saw Tyler on the other end of the town square, looking for someone. Stefan had confronted the teen and found out the real plan. Caroline was safely tucked away at the Grill and Tyler was supposed meet a witch friend of Hayley's who was going to perform a desiccation spell on Klaus, but the witch hadn't showed, leaving him looking for Hayley.

The story was barely out of her friend's mouth before Caroline flashed out the door and went to find him. She had already figured out what was really going on, at least the basics. That stupid she-wolf had betrayed the hybrids for some reason, and had sent Tyler on a wild goose chase to meet with a witch that Caroline was pretty sure didn't exist. And while the threat of him being desiccated was nonexistent that didn't mean he wasn't in danger. Klaus was the most powerful creature on Earth but there was always the possibility of the hybrids overtaking him by numbers.

The minute Caroline reached the woods surrounding the Lockwood cellar; she could smell the blood, lots of blood and as she continued she was met with the sight of a dozen bodies. They were Klaus' hybrids or at least eleven of them had been. Lying on the ground with an empty hole in her chest was Hayley and she knew that Klaus had killed the messenger. The thought that her own death had not been part of Hayley's plan popped into her head but she quickly forgot it when she heard a scream coming from the cellar. She had raced forward, causing blood to splash on her white dress and shoes, towards the sound and that's when she had found him. Standing in the middle of the cellar, the body of a female hybrid behind him, still dressed in the suit from earlier looking completely lost.

"Klaus?" She called as she tentatively stepped towards him. Caroline wasn't sure if it was the smartest thing to approach him at the moment but she needed to make sure he was okay.

"Caroline?" His sorrowful eyes snapped up at her call, relief flooding his face when he saw her before they turned accusatory. "Did you know? Were you a part of this?'

"What? No!" Caroline exclaimed. "How could you think I would do that after last night?"

"You've played the distraction before love."

"Well I didn't this time!" She shouted. "Do you think if I was this time that I would be standing here? I'm here because I had to make sure that you were okay you jackass."

She knew that Klaus had issues with trusting people but it still hurt a bit that he thought she had been a part of the plan to immobilize him. Though if she was honest with herself, Caroline knew she deserved his doubt.

Klaus stared at her for a moment before he dropped the sword and in two long strides made his way to her, pulling her close while looking her over. "Are you okay? Did they bite you?'

"No, I'm fine. Hayley snapped my neck to get me out of the way."

His eyes glowed slightly amber as he looked at her. "It is a shame I already relieved her of her heart or I would make sure her death was much slower."

Caroline realized then how worried he had been about her. "I'm more worried about you."

"I'm fine."

Caroline hadn't been talking just physically, but emotionally as well. Klaus had just wiped out all of his hybrids; well all of them except for Tyler, and that had to have an effect on him. For over a thousand years, he had been doing everything possible to break his curse and then make hybrids, more of his own kind, a second family that would always be there for him. She knew that he had seen their unsiring as a betrayal and had probably been planning retribution but she didn't think he planned for it to end like this. Now they were all gone, killed by his own hand that had to do something to a person even Klaus. She had seen it clearly, when she first laid eyes on him.

Caroline ran her hand over his cheek softly, her hand sticky from the blood there before it dropped to his hands. She tugged on them as she started to pull him towards the entry. "Come on."

Together they walked through the woods, Klaus not even realizing where they were going until they reached his front door but he didn't stop Caroline as she lead him through the door and up the stairs to his room. She didn't stop until they were in the bathroom of his ensuite. He watched as she did something on her phone before setting it aside and turned towards him.

After texting Stefan what had happened, Caroline discarded her phone and focused on the hybrid behind her. The bathroom smelled of the blood he wore, and she was almost positive she could detect a different scent for each of the kills he had made that night. Her vampire side reveled in the smell and she could feel her fangs wanting to come out in hunger but she ignored it to concentrate on her task. "We need to get you out of these clothes."

Before he could attempt to argue with her, she slipped her hands under his suit coat and pushed it off of him before attacking the buttons of his shirt. Once he was completely naked in front of her, she turned and turned on the water in the shower. When she got it set to the right temperature, she quickly kicked off her stained heels before shrugging out of her sweater. He kept his eyes on her the entire time, watching her strip off her own bloody clothes, his eyes glowing in need as she bared more and more flesh to him.

Caroline grabbed his hand and pulled him with her as she walked backwards into the shower. The water felt soothing against her skin and she directed the shower heads towards them before pushing him slightly into the spray. The water turned red as soon as it hit Klaus', running down his body and disappearing down the drain but she could still smell it.

After a brief look around, she grabbed the bar of soap and started to run in over in her hands to work up a lather then approached him with her soapy hands. She moved them over him gently, running the soap over his chest, abs, shoulders, and arms. Her heart started beating faster as her eyes moved over his body, looking at him and feeling his soft skin and hard muscles. She moved him back into the shower spray, letting his hair get wet under the water before she reached for the shampoo. She poured some into the palm of her hand, and then started to apply it to his hair. Klaus' eyes closed as he felt her fingers massaging the shampoo into his scalp and hair.

Her fingers traveled through his soapy curls before she moved him back into the water again, letting the water run over him, taking the soap with it. He gave a soft moan, and she smiled. When he moved back to her, and opened his eyes, desire ran through them.

Klaus moved his head from the water, as he leaned forward to kiss her. She groaned as his tongue moved into her mouth, and she brought her arms wrapped around his neck, trying to bring him closer to her. Her skin felt like it was on fire where his hands moved over her. Her own hands traveled down his back, moved to his ass and pulled him closer to her.

She felt him hardening between their bodies and she moved her hips against his. When she did again, he growled into her ear before she found herself suddenly picked her up, turned and back up against the shower tile in response. She squeaked in surprise at the move as her hands clawed at his shoulders in an attempt to hold onto him, but the water made his back and arms slippery which caused her to slip slightly. Her slip caused her to grind against him again, pulling a growl from him, before he pushed himself inside of her hard.

Caroline withered and bucked up against him as he began to move. She could feel him in her, stretched and full. She was pinned, his hips and chest pressed her against the wall as his cock impaled her body. His arms came up under her knees so that his hands could cup the back of her shoulders against the wall, allowing him to plow straight into her body, over and over again. It wasn't soft. It wasn't gentle. It was animalistic; primal and brutal, it's what he needs. It's what she needs.

The spray of the shower washed over their sides, only getting between them when he moved his hips away from her only to have their wet skin pressed back together as he moved back inside of her again. Klaus was hard and desperate between her legs, causing Caroline to feel wild and powerful. She lifted her hips to meet his, and the feeling of him burned hot and sweet through her veins as she began to cum. When she screamed out as she peaked, he lost control and erupted in a mind shattering release of pleasure.

Neither of them moved after coming down from their high except for Klaus placing soft open mouth kisses on along her shoulder. "Did I hurt you?"

"No." Caroline shook her head before adding. "You did anything but hurt me."

Klaus nodded before lowering his head to rest against her chest. She squeezed her arms around him tightly, trying to comfort him. "I know that earlier when you…did what you did that you thought you lost your last chance to have someone at your side but you're wrong."

He pulled back then and looked at her curiously but she just smiled. "You have me."