Chapter 1

I'm sitting in my hotel room working, being in an unusually foul mood seeing as I have heard nothing from the delectable Miss Steele. I'm starting to wonder whether I will actually hear anything from her tonight. I fucking hate waiting, I fucking hate the idea of having to go back to Seattle and forget about Miss Steele. I don't think I will be able to forget about her.

This is really starting to piss me off and I'm contemplating calling her myself when my phone rings yet again.


"Er … Mr. Grey? It's Anastasia Steele" Finally Miss Steele.

"Miss Steele. How nice to hear from you" I say in my much seductive voice. Taylor has joined me from the adjoining room with my schedule and is fucking glaring at me like I'm an alien.

"Um – we'd like to go ahead with the photo shoot for the article – tomorrow, if that's okay. Where would be convenient for you, sir?" Fucking yes, I love that word out of that mouth. I can already imagine the delectable Miss Steele shackled to my bed in my playroom – oh what I could do to you Miss Steele.

"I'm staying at the Heathman in Portland. Shall we say nine thirty tomorrow morning?"

"Okay, we'll see you there" Anastasia sounds fucking breathy and like she's forgetting to breathe. Yeah baby, I have that effect.

"I look forward to it, Miss Steele." Hell yes I'm looking forward to it.

Suddenly I am in a much better mood, but I also have a hard on from imagining Anastasia in my playroom. Taylor has managed to stop glaring at me and has assumed his professional demeanour.

"Taylor, I'm going to the gym." I need to work of some the excess energy.

When I get back from the gym, I continue working. I have some things I need to get out of the way and I can't sleep anyway. When I don't have my piano to sooth me, I find it even more difficult to sleep. I work until late and finally manage to sleep a few hours before Taylor and I go on our daily 6 am run. Even though it is a means to burning off all my excess energy it is nice to run somewhere other than Seattle.

When I've had my breakfast and showered to reception informs me that the delectable Miss Steele and Miss Kavanagh are ready for me in one of the other suites.

I make my way to the suite, looking very much forward to seeing Anastasia.

I walk into the suite with Taylor behind, I can sense he is rather amused by the fact that I am about to endure a photo shoot with amateurs. Anastasia looks like she's forgotten to both breathe and speak. Here goes Grey, let's make Miss Steele aware just how charming you can be. Fuck yes.

"Miss Steele, we meet again." I extend my hand to Anastasia who blinks rapidly and her breathing becomes shallow. The moment your fingers touch there is this electrical spark between us and my cock twitches in response. Fuck, what the fuck is that. What am I, fourteen. She blushes as only she can and quickly introduces the tenacious Miss Kavanagh. Ice queen more like it. Then Anastasia turns to introduce the photographer and grins at him like a fool. Fuck, what is this. Are they together? Did Welch overlook something? I'll fucking have his balls if she is dating this fucker and he didn't find that out.

"Mr. Rodriguez. Where would you like me?" I ask threatening, Mr. Rodriguez is well aware that I am not backing down. Fuck no.

Miss Kavanagh directs me to a chair against the wall and I sit and wait. Some fucker blinds me with the lights and the photographer boy is getting ready. Serves you right Grey, for letting fucking amateurs take photos of you.

I sit posing to the photographer boy's instructions and try to catch Anastasias eye. I only catch her eye twice, she is so fucking shy. You don't have a hope in hell Grey. She blushes furiously each time I catch her eye and I have no fucking idea what she is thinking, whether she has just as erotic thoughts as I have. No fucking way will she ever go along with what you have in mind, Grey.

The fucking amateur photo shoots continues for another half an hour and finally the photographer exclaims that he has enough photos.

To Anastasias big surprise I ask her to walk with me. I need to ask her for coffee, I need to know if there is any way in hell she will go along with what I have planned.

She's nervously fidgeting when I ask her if she would like to join me for coffee. Then her answer takes me completely by surprise:

"I have to drive everyone home" What the fuck – no way is she turning me down. This can easily be solved.

"Taylor" I call, I then arrange for Taylor to take everyone back to campus so Anastasia can join me. Then she looks at me frowning and says that he really doesn't have to drive them home. Fuck, is she turning me down, again! But then she comes up with her own solution, she'll switch cars with Miss Kavanagh and then we can go for that coffee.

She is gone quite some time, I suspect Miss Kavanagh is giving her the best girlfriend lecture. When she emerges from the suite she stops in her tracks just looking at me and flushes furiously. To ease the embarrassment, on her part that is, I motion for her to walk ahead to the elevators so that I can look at her delectable ass.

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