Chapter 3

I've decided to stay in Portland for the remainder of the week. I know Anastasia's last exam is on Friday, so I will have to wait until then to try to make things up with her. Fucking wait – again. I know her exams are really important to her, so I do not want to disturb her while she is studying. Since I am already here I've agreed with Ros that I'll be looking into some business opportunities. I cannot leave work behind, since we have several business deals in various states of negotiation, so I will have to keep a close eye on this and it's not exactly like I have anything better to do. I can't talk to Anastasia yet, so I am raking my brain to try to figure out how to handle the situation.

I think Taylor is in about as foul a mood as I am. I know he and Gail have something going on, so I'm guessing he misses her and is fucking tired of me not being able to make up my mind. I'm starting to miss my piano, which is usually the thing that can calm me down after my fucking horrific nightmares. So instead of playing the piano, I run and I run a lot, fast and long trips. Taylor keeps up, no problem. But I'm really trying to dispel some of my excess energy and I'm guessing Taylor feels the same.

One evening after having worked since early morning I decide to go down to the gym to try and get a handle on all my thoughts and my foul mood. I'm pretty sure I almost made Andrea cry when I just talked to her, which has never happened before. You need to get a fucking grip Grey, just get Miss Steele out of your mind and go back to Seattle and get a nice new sub. Except I know that I can't. Yes, I need to get her out of my system, but I have to somehow get her to talk to me before I can forget about her. I keep dreaming about her fantastic blue eyes, that amazingly soft skin against me and her sweet sweet scent.

When I'm pounding away on the treadmill I can't help thinking back to all my previous submissives and wondering why it is that I'm so attracted to Anastasia. All my submissives have had brown hair, been petite and have pale skin, just like Anastasia. I do love to watch their skin pink up under the cane. I remember after things ended with Elena, that I felt I never wanted a sub with blonde hair, it's the long brown hair that really turns me on, that I can braid it and wind it around my wrist when I fuck them hard from behind. Then what is it about Anastasia that has me so attracted? She looks like all the others.

I'm trying to figure out how to tell Anastasia what I want from her and I remember when Elena first introduced me to the scene, it wasn't exactly gently.

I'd been shifting rubble from the Lincolns backyard all day and was sweaty and dirty and utterly tired in my muscles. Elena and some other of my parents friends were supposed to come over for dinner at our house, so my mom and Elena had agreed that I could take a shower at the Lincoln house and then I would drive over with Elena for the dinner. When there was a little over an hour left before we should leave, Elena came out to me in the backyard an asked me to go and take a shower. I didn't understand why, since there was over an hour left. But when I protested she just said "You'll learn never to disobey me and you'll feel the consequences." I was utterly bewildered when I walked into the house to shower, but soon forgot that when I got under the hot waves of the water, washing off all the dirt and massaging my aching muscles. All of a sudden I heard something in the bathroom, but couldn't really see anything because of all the steam. I decided to cut my shower short and get out, so I grabbed for the towel I'd hung next to the shower door, but it wasn't there. I opened the shower door and peeked out and I could not in a million years have prepared for the sight that met me. Elena was standing in the bathroom with my towel in her hands, dressed in a very short leather dress, stockings, high heeled leather boots and was holding a whip in the other hand. My cock immediately sprang to attention at that sight. After the kiss she gave me the first day I'd been hoping for something else, but nothing had happened, until that moment. She told me to dry myself and then follow her without a word. I quickly dried myself off and then followed her into a room I'd never seen anything like before. There were whips, canes, paddles, riding crops and some other implements I had no idea what was on the wall. Shackles and carabiners in the ceiling, a big bed and some sort of bench. She told me to kneel beside the bed and at first I was very hesitant, I didn't know what she was going to do to me and the thought of her touching me filled me with dread. But when she flicked the whip through the air as a warning I decided to do as she told. I was as horny as ever and really curious as to what would happen. She told me to look down and not look up or speak unless she wished me to. Then with no warning she whipped my back hard and I cried out, but since I wasn't allowed to do that, she whipped me even harder again and told me that I was a bad boy. She continued to whip me 15 more times and then said that was my punishment for being disobedient. But since I'd pleased her so much today, by showing off my well trained body when working, she wanted me to have a reward too. She told me to lie down on the bed, which I did without hesitating this time. She crawled on top of me and cuffed my hands to the headboard and started to touch my achingly hard cock – since it was the first time I'd ever experienced that I couldn't help but gasp at her rough touch. When I'd just gotten used to the touch she bend down and started playing with her tongue on my head and then licked me all the way down the length and gently cupped my balls. Then she took me in her mouth and started sucking me hard while holding my hips and boring her nails into my skin. The feeling was out of this world and before I knew it I was coming in her mouth and she just swallowed it. I was in complete awe and wondered what would happen next. Apparently it wasn't satisfactory that I had come so soon, so she wanted to punish me, but seeing as we were due at my parent's house she only had time to fuck me, so the punishment would wait till the day after. I still had an erection but somewhat tamed, but Elena soon made sure that didn't last. She crawled on top of me and slowly sank herself on my hard cock – I could not lie still, the feeling of her wet pussy enclosing my aching cock was fantastic. She started to ride me hard and was soon lost herself in an orgasmic trance, which made me tip over the edge too. She collapsed next to me on the bed, almost like she knew I didn't like to be touched – maybe my mom told her.

Shortly after Elena told me to get of the bed and get dressed so we wouldn't be late for my parent's dinner party.

I can't introduce Anastasia to it that roughly, she'll run screaming before I even get a chance to tell her what it's all about. She's too innocent to have it introduced that way, I'll have to show her my playroom and just explain what it is I want from her and expect from her and hope to god that she will agree to it. She'll probably run screaming the moment you open the door to your playroom Grey.

Even though I've been working out like a maniac for 2 hours, my mood is even worse than it was before I went to the gym. I can't stand this waiting around and I have half a mind to just drive over to Anastasia's apartment, just to see her. What the fuck is wrong with me, why can't I just leave her alone.

As I make my way up from the gym I decide that I should send Anastasia a gift, to apologize for the "no kissing" episode and also give her a warning. When I get up to my suite I yell some more at Taylor who at this point is just scowling at me when I yell at him. He is well aware of the source of my foul mood and is probably wondering why I've ditched my usual MO for getting a sub and pursuing the delectable Miss Steele as much as I am. Quite frankly, I'm rather wondering myself why the fuck she is so irresistible to me.

I've never reacted this way before with a sub, it's always just been the sex and if the sub has made any indication it was more to her, she was out. I've never given this much thought to getting a sub, I've always had experienced subs through an online service that offers anonymity, although I'm known in the environment as a highly experienced and skilled Dom.

I decide to try to find a suitable gift for Anastasia that she can have on Friday when her exams are over. I've learned that her last exams will be an essay on the works of Thomas Hardy, so I figure that some of his works will be a good gift. I come up with Tess of D'Urbervilles as the perfect gift. I've found some first editions in mint condition and decide to buy them for Anastasia.

Wednesday evening my ever irritating and nosy big brother rings me, he thinks it's been to long since he's heard from me and wants to get together Friday night for drinks so we can catch up. Relieved, since I'm not really in the mood for him, I tell him that I'm in Portland so we'll have to do it another time. He just replies that he'll fly down, then we can go hiking in the weekend and then fly back together on Sunday. I reluctantly agree and tell him that I'm staying at the Heathman and I'll arrange for a room for him.

Friday morning I tell Taylor to deliver the first edition Thomas Hardy books to Anastasia's doorstep so they are there when she gets home from her exam. Taylor stays behind to make sure she gets the books when she arrives home and tells me she's gotten them and took them inside.

I haven't heard anything from Anastasia when Elliot arrives, so I'm in a foul mood when he gets here and he starts questioning me about what the hell I'm doing in Portland and if a business deal has gone sour since my mood is so foul. I'm suspecting though, that he thinks I'm here because I've gotten someone special in my life. If only he knew how true that is. The even unspoken question from my family looms over us as he tries to pry deeper to my intentions of being in here. They all think I'm gay, celibate but gay, since I've never brought a girl home. They have no idea of my depraved lifestyle, why the fuck would I tell them about that. They wouldn't want to have anything to do with me if they knew just how fucked up I am. My phone rings several times throughout the night, as always the inevitable business calls. My little bro is used to the interruption so he just continues with his after dinner drinks. My relationship with Elliot has become easier over the years; when I first started out with my business our relationship was rather strained. I didn't talk to my parents for a long time, because my dad got so pissed about me leaving Harvard that he yelled at me and I didn't return home before Mia one day stood on my doorstep crying her eyes out because they all missed me so much.

But now we can talk freely with the easy brotherhood banter between us. He can never know the real me though, that is something I work very hard to keep hidden from my family, so I just play along with the whole teasing about me being gay.

My phone rings yet again but this time I'm surprised to see it's Anastasia calling. Yeah yeah, I've saved her number on my cell. Instantly my spirits lifts a little and Elliot is looking very surprised at my greeting when I answer the phone, sounding both confused and seductive. He's never heard me take a private call before other that from Mia or my mom.


"Why did you send me the books?" What the fuck, has she been drinking, she sounds really odd.

"Anastasia, are you okay? You sound strange."

"I'm not the strange one, you are." What the fuck!

"Anastasia, have you been drinking?"

"What's it to you?" I can feel my anger surge just beneath the surface. I am really mad at her for putting herself at risk by going somewhere to get drunk.

"I'm . . . curious. Where are you?" I really need to know where she is so I can go to her and get her safely home.

"In a bar" For fucks sake

"Which bar?"

"A bar in Portland." For fucks sake will you just tell me where you are so I can pick you up.

"How are you getting home?"

"I'll find a way."

"Which bar are you in?" Just fucking tell me.

"Why did you send me the books, Christian?" Oh for fucks sake, will she just stop with the books.

"Anastasia, where are you? Tell me now" At this point Elliot has a very puzzled expression regarding me intently. He can sense my worry for this girl I'm talking to, but he is as always eagerly curious to know what is going on here.

"You're so . . . domineering." Anastasia is now giggling drunkenly at the other end. Oh yeah baby, you have no idea.

"Ana, so help me, where the fuck are you." Now I'm barely holding on to my anger and I need to get to her. God knows in what state she's in. I definitely need to get to her before some other fucker lays his fucking paws on her.

"I'm in Portland . . . 's a long way from Seattle." What the fuck. Oh yeah Grey, she doesn't know that you've stayed behind just because of her.

"Where in Portland?"

"Good night, Christian"

"Ana!" Then she hangs up on me, she fucking hangs up on me. No, no, no, I have to get to her. Fury is boiling through me, Elliot is looking at me with a quizzical look.

"What was that about little bro? And more importantly, who was that?"

I just hold up my finger while dialing on my phone, I need to find Anastasia now.

"Welch, I need you to track Miss Steele's cell right now"

"Sir, just hold on a minute"

I'm impatiently waiting for the tracking to locate her, already getting to my feet gathering up my car keys and wallet from the counter we were sitting at. Elliot is standing up too, looking every bit as confused as I could expect him to. Finally Welch gives me her location, luckily not far from the Heathman. I start walking in long strides towards the exit and the car, Elliot following behind asking a lot of questions.

"Hey little bro, where are we going?"

"I'm going to pick up Anastasia, she's drunk and needs to get home"

"Who is she anyway?" Oh for fucks sake, just leave it Elliot.

"Just a friend" I brush it off.

"That's bullshit little bro. Is she your girlfriend? I've never heard you talk like that to anyone"

"Fuck off Elliot"

"Just curious, none of us have ever seen or heard you with a girl, and here you are in full on protection mode."

"Look Elliot, I really don't want to talk about it, just get in the fucking car so I can pick up Anastasia." At this point he knows better than to keep questioning me and just gets in the car and doesn't say another thing.

We get to the bar which is filled with drunken graduates celebrating their freedom. I try to find Anastasia, but cannot see her anywhere. I spot the tenacious Miss Kavanagh on her way to the dance floor with some poor fucker who can't take his eyes of her ass. I don't waste any time with pleasantries.

"Where's Anastasia?"

"What the hell! What are you doing here?" Is she fucking stupid?

"Where is she?"

"Why the hell did you send the books Christian, she's been in a complete rollercoaster emotionally" What the fuck is she talking about, would you just stop with the fucking books. I just need to know where the fuck she is. I just give her my CEO no-nonsense stare and she reluctantly wavers a little.

"She went outside to get some air, José went to check on her" That fucker.

I turn around to Elliot who is blatantly staring at Miss Kavanagh and tell him to stay here in case Anastasia comes back inside. Luckily he doesn't look to upset to stay near Miss Kavanagh who has just spotted him behind me. I walk quickly outside and try to find Anastasia. It's not long before I can hear her distressed voice.

"No, José, stop – no." That fucker, he better get his filthy paws off her.

"Please, Ana, cariño."

"José, no." I get over to where they are standing; the fucker José has his arms around Anastasia, one hand in her hair to hold her in place. A fresh rush of fury lances through me. I'm gonna fucking kill the fucker.

"I think the lady said no." I say quietly, but with as much malice as I can put into the words.