Wendy's P.O.V.
I didn't exactly know what would happen when I came out of my room.
Last night Finn and I were caught kissing on the ground by his father, and the worst thing about it is that moments before I kissed Finn, I found out that my future husband was gay!
After I quietly ran out of my room I ran to the kitchen because I was starving from sitting in bed all night, worried about what Finn and I did last night. I knew that Elora would probably find out and send Finn away or he will leave again.
Tove, (my fiancé) took me to go over the day's schedule and all of the last minute wedding appointments we had together, not knowing that I knew his and Finn's secret.
During the day walking from one meeting room to the next, I would pass Finn in the hallways but I haven't spoken to him since last night.
I felt bad that I was in love with someone that wasn't my future husband.
Elora told me that marriage wasn't about love but what is right for my people.
I knew that it was wrong to say that I don't want to marry Tove so I didn't. I don't know if it was because I am secretly intimidated by her or because I know she is dying.
I didn't want to hurt her because she has become weak and frail.