As I ran away from the doors to find somewhere, anywhere to be sick, but there was nowhere I could go.

My next best thing was a pot plant that housed beautiful red and white roses.

I felt bad, everyone had put so much thought into decorating the castle so perfectly for the wedding, and I was just going to vomit all over their hard work and preparation.

As Finn rushes to my aid I quickly jump up and clean myself up.

I have no idea why I was sick; maybe it was all of the emotions.

It was another half an hour before the wedding started again.

As the music started to play for the second time and I emerge out of the doors, I had no idea how to feel.

I was excited, nervous and frightened about what would happen after I am married and crown queen.

As the ceremony started all I could think about was Finn.

How bad he would feel. And having to stand there and watch me marry someone that we both know was wrong.