Chapter 17 No Diggity

A/N: Fluff chapter…at first the end isn't but then again it is. But you guys will like it. So enjoy it.

Adult night was going well. Connor was with Joyce so Angel and Buffy could go out with their friends to the Bronze and just be adults and friends. It was needed after a long week. They were all at a table talking and drinking except Cordelia. She had to have water but it was ok she was still enjoying herself and soon she wouldn't be getting out much. Willow and Cordelia noticed something though. Buffy was kind of all over Angel. It didn't help that he was in his black on black look. He's been working a lot lately and she missed him. The boys went up to get drinks and Willow leaned in.

"Buffy what's gotten into you?" Willow asked and she had a sad face.

"Angel's been working a lot and coming home tired and," She explained and Cordelia smiled and rolled her eyes. "What?" Buffy asked her seeing the look Cordelia had.

"I thought men wanted it more." Willow commented smiling.

"Well, he's been working with the LA department doing this whole revamp thing and then he plays with Connor and then he's done. I mean I'm glad he's doing the stuff out in LA. I mean his last paycheck was like whoa. But…but," Buffy squirmed a little. "Momma needs a little sugar too." Cordelia and Willow smiled. "Like tonight seeing him dressed like that I just want to rip his clothes off and just get,"

"Ok, Buffy," Cordelia stopped her. "Too much info for me. Yeah Angel is hot and we all like it but please I don't want to know what you two do." Cordelia finished.

"Wow, Buffy you are worked up about it." Willow smiled.

"Well when Oz is gone for too long aren't you. And Cordy when Doyle pulls more hours at the Pub," She was trying to make a point and both Cordelia and Willow couldn't argue with her. "See, just miss him. But Connor is gone for the night so,"

"Again," Cordelia stopped her. "Don't need details." While the girls were talking waiting for another round of drinks Angel just stared Buffy down.

"Dude, you ok?" Gunn asked and Angel broke out of his trance.

"What? Yeah, I'm good," Angel answered and Spike smirked.

"I know that look," Spike commented. "Something's on your mind." Angel ignored Spike as he grabbed his beer and Buffy's mixed drink. "Get her not trashed but you know feeling really good and tonight will be amazing." Angel ignored it and walked away. Buffy saw Angel coming closer and knew she had to contain herself until they got home. After talking the group went to dance for a little bit.

Then because Buffy and Willow were just a little tipsy they wanted to sing and it was karaoke hour so it was perfect. People come up to the stage all the time to sing some songs and they dragged Cordelia with. The guys laughed knowing this wasn't going to work but it would be fun anyways. The three girls were on stage but didn't have a song and the band behind them waited. Stage fright was settling. Buffy looked around and thought maybe she could get her New York side to come out. Maybe if she started to sing then the band would catch on along with Willow and Cordelia.

"It's going down, fade to Blackstreet. The homies got RB, collab' creations. Bump like Acne, no doubt. I put it down, never slouch. As long as my credit can vouch. A dog couldn't catch me ass out. Tell me who can stop when Dre making moves. Attracting honeys like a magnet. Giving em eargasms with my mellow accent. Still moving this flavor. With the homies Blackstreet and Teddy. The original rump shakers." Buffy then looked to her friends and everyone was quiet. Did she have them stumped? Or did they think she couldn't sing? "Shorty get down, good Lord. Baby got em up open all over town," People looked shocked at her voice. Angel was shocked he had no idea she could sing really well.

"Strictly bitchy, she don't play around," Cordelia jumped in knowing the song and if Buffy was going to sing then she will too.

"Cover much ground, got game by the pound." All three sung and Angel's jaw dropped. The guys of the group smiled. "Getting paid is a forte. Each and every day, true player way. I can't get her out of my mind I think about the girl all the time." The three sang and everyone in the Bronze liked it as the band softy came in. "I like the way you work it. No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up. I like the way you work it. No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up. I like the way you work it. No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up."

Then everyone who knew the song joined in and clapped. Angel was still standing there smiling. His girlfriend was something else.

"Oh yeah, she's from New York." Spike commented and patted Angel on the back as he was moving and clapping to the beat. Angel swayed a little as Buffy, Cordelia and Willow sung.

"Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo. Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo. Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo. No diggity. Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo." The crowds joined and Angel, Gunn, Doyle, Oz, Xander and Spike cheered for them.

"We out." The three girls finished and the laughed as they got claps and cheers. They came off the stage and Buffy walked up to Angel and he was still smiling.

"I didn't know you could sing." He said and she shrugged.

"Just a little." Buffy shrugged and Angel put his arm around her as they all headed back to their table. Plus the guys owed the girls some money. It was a bet that they couldn't sing and boy did the guys lose that bet.

The night was over and Angel and Buffy went home to quiet house with no Connor. They liked the quietness but they missed his voice. While Buffy was in the bathroom finishing a really long shower. Well with Angel in the shower with her it can last a while; Angel was rummaging through some stuff and found boxes of things. They were Buffy's old things and he smiled. The first box was all over her skating medals and there were tons. Most were gold too which made him smile. The other boxes were videos of her shows. He picked a random one and put it in.

Angel got comfortable in the bed and began to watch. He's seen one show but he wanted to see another. 'And here's a living legend, all the skaters young and old have been talking about how grateful and amazing it is to be skating on the same ice as Elizabeth Sherman.' Angel heard the announcer on the video and then a petite little blonde came out and he smiled. She looked adorable with a little bun and her leotard. 'Only 16 years of age and she has broken so many records.' Just as Angel was listening Buffy stood there watching from afar.

'Here she is the four time world time champion and five time US champion skating for her fifth world title.' Angel watched as the young girl held a pose and the music began and she was off.

"Bacchanal," A voice said and Angel looked to her and looked nervous thinking he did something wrong going through her things. But Buffy crawled into bed with him and sat and watched. "It was one of my favorites to perform." She explained as she watched herself on the screen skating. "Basically when my coach Wes and I wanted to make a show we were always like what's the craziest thing we can come up with?" Angel smiled watching the movie.

"Five time world champion and five nation champion?" Angel asked and Buffy nodded. "Wow," He couldn't wrap his head around it.

"I dominated the ice back then. This show won another gold medal. But it wasn't about the wins it was about having fun. I always had fun with a little competitive edge." Angel looked to her.

"Did you break any records?" He asked while he watched the sixteen-year-old jump in the air and twirled and landed perfectly.

"I hold the record for the most triple combinations and the highest score." Buffy answered. "And I'm the only female skater who could ever perform a quad toe loop and land it."

"That's hard to do?" Angel asked and Buffy smiled and nodded.

"I do one in this show it's what won the medal. I remember I blew everyone out of the water in this show like thirty points difference." Buffy smiled as she watched herself. Life then was so simple and happy. Angel watched as she skated on the ice with such beauty and she made it look so easy. She got claps every time she did a jump. "The end coming up was the best." So the two watched and listen. 'And here comes the part where you just have to clap to the beat." Elizabeth then jumped into a falling leaf to a stag and then did the quad toe loop. '"Oh my god! Oh my god! She does it again and the crowd is already on their feet and it's not even over. Elizabeth wins again there's no doubt!"' Angel watched as the show was over and the girl got up and was in tears as she took her bow.

'Representing the United States, Elizabeth Sherman.' The announcer said as the girl bowed and it was raining teddy bears and roses. Angel looked to the crowds seeing people hold signs for her like 'This is Elizabeth Country' or 'Welcome to the land of Elizabeth.' In the video he could here some of the crowds chant 'USA, USA,' It made him proud. Then the video went back to showing the reaction of Buffy's coach as she did the quad toe loop and Wes jumped and screamed fist pumping. Then it showed her parents' reactions and her dad jumped from his seat and cheered while her mother sat there holding her breath and then began to cry.

"There's my daddy." Buffy pointed out and she smiled. "They actually video taped my parent's reactions through the whole show and it's the funniest thing." Buffy got up to see if she could find it. She did find it and put it in. Angel and Buffy watched the video as her parents were literally doing the jumps with her and squirming in their seats. Buffy forgot how funny it was and Angel couldn't stop laughing. The clip ended and Angel looked to Buffy.

"That's awesome." He commented and Buffy smiled and got up searching the box. She then got another tape and put it in.

"I made the senior level when I was eleven and I remembered because Wes was so made that I took the senior test without him. Anyways this was my first world show as a senior and I won." Buffy explained and sat back down and they watched. "I had no business winning and I skated with the big dogs as they said and I won."

After reliving some of her glory days Angel and Buffy made love all night and with Connor not here they could and completely enjoy it and be with each other. After another round and losing count Angel was downstairs in his boxers looking for food. Sex always made him hungry. He felt a pair of arms wrap around him as Buffy looked to see if there was anything she wanted to eat. She was in one of his big shirts that was more like a dress. Angel then opened the freezer and saw ice cream and took it out. Buffy followed him to the counter as he grabbed two spoons and they dug in. They fed each other and Buffy smiled, tonight was just a good night.

Of course they missed Connor but to have a night alone was always nice and Joyce had no problem keeping her grandson. Plus Connor will tell them that grandma gave him candy. Then by accident a little bit of ice cream fell on Angel's chest. He was about to wipe it off but Buffy grabbed his hand stopping it and leaned in licking the ice cream off his chest. A warm and tingling sensation washed over Angel and he didn't want ice cream anymore. He pulled Buffy closer kissing her with passion and picked her up setting her on top of the counter. At the rate they were going they might have sex all over the house. But that's never a bad thing.

Buffy laid back on the counter and Angel climbed up on of it. Something fell over but they were too engulfed in each other to even care right now. Angel looked down at her with a playful grin and she smiled back as the thought hit them that they were going to do it on the counter top. They just hoped they won't fall over. As they started the ice cream tub fell over which caught their attention but Buffy had an idea so it wouldn't completely go to waste. She dipped her finger in it and Angel licked it off with a smile. Angel then lean in and started to whisper in her ear and she smiled. When he started to talk like that it got her all giddy and unless he stopped and kiss her then she could go crazy.

Buffy searched for his lips and they started to make love on the counter top. For both of them it was a fantasy they had for a long time but with Connor around it couldn't been done. Well it could just very quietly but you can't be quiet when doing this. Angel grabbed the edge of the counter and rocked and Buffy let him take over this time. Last time she took control. She quickly tried to add up the amount of times they had sex tonight since getting home from the Bronze they started. They came in kissing and made it as far as the couch. That was round one. Then they made it to their room and the bed look too lonely so that was round two. They worked up a sweat and showered which turned into round three, four and five; they had a long shower.

Then after the home movies they stayed in bed and went at it some more and by then Buffy lost count and now they were on the counter top making really passionate love again. It had to be like nine or ten. But why was she counting. Well if she tried to count later especially in front of her friends then she'll not only blush but get hot and bothered. Angel was addicting to say the least.

So the couple laid on the counter for a moment and they were a little sticky from the spilt ice cream.

"Might have to shower again," Buffy stated as Angel was pressed against her. "A little sticky," She added and Angel smiled. Nothing wrong with another shower. "Made a mess,"

"We'll clean it in the morning." Angel stated and then licked a little bit of ice cream off her bare shoulder. Buffy smiled and looked at him as he looked to her. He leaned in for a soft kiss and she smiled when she pulled away. Angel sat up and looked around.

"What?" Buffy asked.

"What happen to my boxers?" Angel asked and then Buffy looked around and then they both saw them and started to laugh. "How did they get in the chandelier?" Buffy shrugged and looked back at him wanting another kiss. They weren't sure how long they would be able to keep up the momentum so guess they needed to find out as they got off the counter top and headed back but grabbing the discarded clothing. Buffy laughed a little as Angel kind of hand to climb the kitchen table to get his boxers.

In New York the investigation of Angelus was at a stand still. No leads, no information, tip after tip led them to a dead end. It was like he disappeared completely. Sweets, Rick and Shane were at a roadblock. They had all secure networks for the FBI and Witness Protection under watch. They had all the case files out but nothing. Sweets suggested a fresh look was needed for this.

Buffy was home alone with Connor as usual on a Saturday as Angel was in the office for a half day. Last night at the Bronze was fun but the best part of the night was with Angel and everything they did. The feelings he made her feel, the words he whispered. He could swoon her with whispers and it was in Gaelic, which made him so much harder to resist. She once looked up some the words he said to her and she almost fell out of her chair. They were very steamy and erotic and those were just a few things. She has come to the conclusion that Angel was an animal in bed and she had no complaints. Compared to Angelus it was the best sex of her life. She said to Willow once sex with Angel equals mind completely blown.

Of course all her friends were just slightly jealous of Buffy. They all once had a crush on Angel and it was no surprise. He was handsome, strong, smart, loving everything a woman could dream of. She had to get her head out of that area otherwise time will stop and Angel will never come home. And when he does come home and she's thinking about him in that way then Connor seems to want to stay up and never sleep. Last night happened because they hadn't been able to get close in a while because of Angel's work. He was always gone and came home so exhausted. The LA office had been using him and his team since they were best. It showed at the Bronze and last night.

Buffy took a bite of her apple as Connor walked up to her and held out his arms indicating he wanted to be held. Buffy set her apple down and picked him smiling and set him on the counter top but was sure to place away from where she and Angel were last night. Of course she cleaned it but still it would be a little awkward placing Connor there.

"You ready for Angel to come home?" She asked and Connor nodded. "Where is he?"

"He workin'." Connor answered and Buffy smiled and nodded.

"You ready to tell him you were a big boy to day and used the big boy potty?" She asked and he nodded with a smile. Buffy smiled back at him and ran her hands through his hair. "You need to go down for a nap though."

"No," Connor protested looking at his mom. He needed naps but he was afraid to miss something. "No, I no nap." Buffy smiled a little but he needed one otherwise he would be tired and unruly and then have a melt down and those were bad. He doesn't have many meltdowns but when they happen it was like the world ends.

"Connor," Buffy started. "Angel will be home when you wake up." She said and it was true on Saturday's when he wakes up Angel is either home or home shortly after. "Let's go nap,"

"No, mommy," He started to cry which meant he needed to sleep. He wears himself that a nap was always needed. Buffy sighed and somehow to get him to take one without the tantrum, terrible twos were setting in.

"Five more minutes." Buffy offered and he nodded. Now how to pass by five minutes. She had an idea. For a month or so now she's been teaching Connor his name and how to spell it. It was the teacher side of her. At first Connor looked at her like she was crazy but after a while he started. He knew how to count to ten with no help but still need some help with his name. "What's you're name?" Buffy asked Connor and he smiled.

"Connor." He answered and Buffy smiled.

"Can you spell it?" She asked and he nodded.

"C…o…n…" He paused and Buffy waited as he thought about it. "N…o…r."

"Good job," Buffy praised him and he smiled. "What's your middle name?" She asked and he thought about it for a minute.

"Michael." Connor answered again with a smile.

"Can you spell it?" She asked, his middle name was harder to spell and he got some of it right.

"M…" He started and Buffy nodded. "I…k…"

"C," Buffy corrected and Connor nodded and tried to think what came next. "H…a…" Buffy helped him.

"E…l," Connor finished and Buffy smiled again as he was slowly getting that one.

"What's your last name?" She asked.

"O'Brien." Connor answered and Buffy's heart dropped, he didn't say Summers. Buffy then looked at him as he smiled at her.

"It's O'Brien?" She asked him and he nodded. "Why is it O'Brien and not Summers?" She asked him. "You're not a Summers?" He shook his head no. "Then what are you?"

"I Connor," He answered pointing to himself and Buffy giggled and kissed his head.

"I know you're Connor but your last name isn't Summers?" She asked and he looked to her and smiled. "Why is your last name O'Brien?" She asked.

"Cause…cause Angel my daddy," Connor answered and Buffy didn't know what to think, say, feel. How should she feel? Connor has no idea who is real father is and Angel has been in his life since he was six months old. As far back as Connor's memory can go Angel was always around.

"I thought Angel was your buddy?" Buffy asked and he nodded.

"He daddy too." Connor answered. "You my mommy and he…he my daddy." Buffy wanted to cry, he just called Angel daddy. Buffy reached for him and hugged him. Was Connor too little and young to understand to know what a dad was? He knew what a mom was. Buffy pulled away and smiled.

"You want Angel to be your daddy?" She asked and he nodded and it was a yes nod knowing what he wanted.

Buffy came downstairs thinking about what Connor wanted. He needed a father and Angel fit right into it. Angel accepted the job and now Connor was calling him daddy. She went to the kitchen to grab some water with Angel on her mind when the doorbell rang. She headed over to it and opened the door and her heart dropped.

"It's ok," Rick said as Shane was next to him. "No one knows. Angelus isn't here." He assured her and Buffy took a deep breath. "We actually need your help." Buffy nodded and allowed them inside.

"I gave my statement a long time ago." Buffy started as she head back to get her water and they followed.

"I know but this isn't about statements its about catching him." Shane explained and Buffy looked at them.

"How?" Buffy asked not sure if she was liking this.

Angel pulled up to his house and walked inside but heard talking and walked to the dining room and saw Rick and Shane.

"Come in Angel, it's your place." Rick said as Angel seemed hesitant to walk in. "It's ok, nothing new." Rick assured him and Angel came in and walked over to Buffy as she sat in her chair.

"Please tell me Angelus got hit by a freight train and put out of his misery?" Angel asked as he wrapped his arms around Buffy's shoulders holding her. That would have been nice and they could call it a day.

"No such luck," Shane answered as Angel held Buffy for a moment and talked quietly to her.

"Connor's still asleep but they want to talk tonight so another night at grandma's?" Buffy asked and Angel nodded. Angel kissed her cheek and stood up and headed towards the stairs and then Buffy turned around in her chair. "Angel," Angel turned to her. "The bank called and the application went through also Monday during your lunch break you can make a trip out to the dry cleaners."

"Sounds like fun can't wait." Angel deadpanned and Buffy gave him a small smile.

"Tired?" She asked and he nodded as he head upstairs taking his jacket off. Buffy turned back around in her chair and faced Rick and Shane.

"Application?" Shane asked and Buffy nodded while sipping her water.

"The house is now under Angel's name and until Angelus is caught or has a "fatal accident" it'll stay under his name only." Buffy answered and both Rick and Shane had smile at the accident part.

"Unless you change a certain part of your name." Rick hinted and Buffy looked up. Just then Angel came downstairs with a sleepy boy in his arms. Buffy smiled seeing Connor and he looked to the two men.

"You remember mommy's friends right? Rick and Shane?" Buffy asked and Connor studied them and the look on his face said yes but he wasn't sure. "Say hi," Connor did a small wave and Rick and Shane smiled. "Oh, you should tell them how old you are now."

"I two," Connor said and they both smiled. They've known Connor since he was born and to see him at the age of two was so nice.

"What else has happened?" Buffy asked.

"I a big boy." Connor said and Buffy had to explain what that meant.

"Potty training." She said and Rick and Shane smiled bigger. Angel held Connor close and was tempted to go back upstairs with him and go to sleep. Sometimes they napped together and Connor would sleep on Angel's chest and they would sleep so peacefully. Connor would have to go to Joyce's again because they didn't want him around talking about Angelus even if he didn't understand.

Joyce nearly had a panic attack seeing Rick and Shane but Buffy explained everything and took Connor for the night. Connor didn't go without protest though. Like his mom he missed his buddy. Angel didn't have to go anywhere tomorrow so he promised Connor a day out to the park. Once Connor was gone Sweets came over with boxes of stuff while Angel and Rick went out to get dinner.

Sweets had a white bored set up and the boxes were case files and not all were Angelus. They were past crimes of the mob itself. Also on the table was Chinese food and lots of it. Angel was flipping through some case files just glancing as Sweets began to write on the whiteboard.

"Ok, so this investigation is at a halt and I think of it as writing a paper. Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes. Angel you're new on the case and with your reputation you might give us some help. Buffy, some of these old cases are things you haven't seen so it might help to build on what you know." Sweets explained what they were going to do. "It's time to start at square one so a little history lesson on this mob."

Angel knew a little about the mob and Buffy as well. But to know where to go sometimes you need to look at where you came from.

"So around the 1800s in New York City you had the rise of two major crime families," Sweets began. "The Callaghan and O'Reillys hated each other and people got in the cross fire. Now in the mid nineteen hundreds Marie Callaghan and Keegan O'Reilly fell in love which brought the families together. With the family finally teaming up it became the most profitable mafia." Sweets took a moment as he wrote some stuff. "Now in the earlier seventies the new leader of the mob appeared, Arthur O'Reilly but his way of ruling was different. Yes crime still happened but he kept the crime very low and nearly under the radar. His belief was in order for the mob stay afloat they must change with the times. So to do that he revamped the whole system."

Buffy didn't know Angelus' father tried to change everything. The crime and killing didn't stop but it decreased while an increase in money happened. She's never met Angelus' father, he died when he was seventeen long before she even met Angelus.

"Arthur became what was known as a peace keeper and an honorable man by mob standards." Sweets wrote some stuff down while pinning pictures up on the board. "It was a peace time for all intensive purposes and it made the cops work even harder to pin them. Because they were so low key on how they handle things the cops actually stopped for some time with the crime family and focused more on the other crimes."

"So Arthur made the mob better?" Rick asked sounding confused.

"Less killings and more under the table trades which increased profits and ties to major corporations. Now there were dealings gone bad, brutal deaths but compared to earlier times and now it barely registrates on the radar." Sweets answered. "Arthur made sure the mob changed with the times and his untimely passing didn't help. He had a wife named Muireann but she left him after finding out about the mob life. It's said at the time she fled she had a five-year-old son Angelus. She tries to flee with him but Arthur managed to keep him."

"Where is this Muireann now?" Buffy asked it seems that they had some stuff in common.

"We don't know, like you Buffy she changed her name and has disappeared. She's out there somewhere but by now after a good thirty years she might never be found. She left not because she saw a murder but was in fear and confessed like you she knew the mob leader. But there was not enough to tie Arthur to the mob, it's dealings and the murders so they had to let him go." Sweets finished.

"So we go from a peace keeping mob by their standards to now." Angel stated looking into Angelus' file. He didn't like looking at the man, something about him threw him.

"Angelus is about as worse as they come," Sweets then sat down with a sigh. "I've torn apart his records to see how he thinks. He grew in the crime family but it was for all intensive purposes in a peacetime. Angelus had run ins with the law all his life, was a trouble kid and a compulsive liar. I try to tie with the fact that his mom left him not on purpose but still left him. It's why he rapes women, he's got mother issues. He learned at young age about lying so he has years of experience." Sweets finished as Angel passed him Angelus' file.

"So how does the trouble kid become the leader?" Rick asked.

"Makes sense," Angel spoke up. "The whiney little emo kid that has issues takes over." Sweets nodded in agreement.

"Angelus grew up in the mob life early, he didn't discover it when he was older he knew very early on what it was. Now as a psychologist there are theories about human nature and how the environment shapes you," Sweets looked to them. "But I do believe some people are just born bad and Angelus is one like Jeffrey Dahmer, the BTK Dennis Rader, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Son of Sam David Berkowitz." Sweets listed some of the top killers. "Angelus kills because he likes it and he gets money."

"Angelus was never supposed to be the leader." Angel stated from what Buffy has told him and Sweets nodded.

"No, when Arthur died he clearly stated in his will that his son is not to be the leader, that no one vote for him." Sweets told them. "Angelus begged to differ and had anyone who was up to be the leader had them killed so only he was left. He took over very much like a dictator and ruled and the killings not only started back up but some were horrific." Sweets stopped to take a breather as Buffy sat there thinking.

"Jesus," Shane commented and set his rice down. "And he's smart too." Sweets nodded.

"IQ is off the charts which makes difficult. He killed but he was very methodical about it." Sweets added. "We had barely enough information on him but just enough to keep looking. Angelus knew how to have two lives. The charming pretty boy life and the life of a mob boss. Those lives didn't cross in the public eye and it looked like he was about to get away with everything."

"Until a woman came in." Rick said and looked to Buffy.

"Buffy you were a driving force to his downfall and not just because you turned him but because you were the one thing he was willing to give up the mob life for." Sweets explained.

"Why? How?" Buffy asked.

"Something about your innocence and what values you had it made him rethink. He confessed to me early on that he was thinking about leaving the mob and moving away with you. You sparked the good nature in him and I don't know maybe if you hadn't caught him he would have that life and chose you and Connor instead." Buffy sat there thinking if that did happen then would she still be married to Angelus. "He was his own downfall Buffy. Pride comes before the fall. He well he got comfortable and started to slack and with you around he slacked some more which lead to his demise."

Buffy nodded as Angel looked to her. Would she want a life with Angelus? Of course she did love him once but when he cheated, he betrayed that trust and once trust is lost very rarely will it be accepted again.

"At some point Buffy if you and Angelus had remained together you would have found out. It's not a secret he could keep from you." Sweets assured her. "He had a love for you and wanted you out of that life but it didn't happen. You kept him honest and honesty is not his best quality." She was Angelus' downfall, his Achilles' heel. "His determination to find isn't him trying to kill you it's him hoping that you will take him back. He talks about killing you to give some drive that fits his personality. But deep down I don't think he could kill you. And if he did he would live with this guilt that would destroy him even more so now because you're the mother of his child."

"So Connor is the reason why I'll live?" Buffy asked.

"No, you're the reason why you'll live," Sweets explained. "You are something to him something he always wanted and will keep safe. It's like you are that innocent and caring person has never had and wants to keep."

"You want to use her as bait." Angel stated understanding where this was going. "Put her in danger to catch Angelus."

"I don't like that." Rick agreed with Angel. "Yeah she maybe something he loves but I've see people love someone and if they can't have them they kill them."

"Sweets I want to catch him too but we can't ask to put Buffy in the line of fire and there's no way we Connor mixed up in this." Shane backed both of them up and Sweets looked a little confuse. It was a good idea, let Angelus find her and then catch him. "We're cops Sweets, we've seen wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends be used to lure their partner in and doesn't always end well. If Angelus is as smart as you say he'll know or figure it out and find another way around the trap." Angel nodded agreeing with Shane.

"Then how can we catch him?" Sweets asked. "He's disappeared, we've got surveillance up but it won't last forever as the months pass. I can't think of another way."

"He's trying hack the system with Fred," Buffy started. "How long will that take?" She looked to Rick and Shane. Angel shrugged thinking about the system he wanted to gain access too.

"Depends what Fred knows as far as computer codes, how they want to hack in, maybe plant a virus or other types of harmful software. But getting into those programs it's not easy." Angel answered.

"Depending on what software the FBI and Witness Protection uses there's lines of coding and you have go through the coding to figure out what you want to do or be able to read the coding to find exactly what you're looking for." Rick added and Buffy nodded.

"How many lines of coding are there?" Buffy asked.

"Depends on the program and software used but at least two million." Shane answered and Buffy nodded.

"Two million," Buffy repeated which meant it could take a while.

"Maybe he'll just come right up and knock." Rick said as he leaned closer to the table.

"That or we got him demoralized." Shane added.

"It'll take him sometime," Angel jumped in. "Right now just focus on tracking him through the system."

"New York is paying for this and if no leads are true and it's quiet he might be forgotten until it's too late." Sweets argued and they understood what he wanted to do but it was too dangerous right now. "We might lose him." Then Buffy thought about something.

"Those killers you mentioned," She started and they looked at her. "They're proud of what they do and they boast and show off their work. Like BTK he wrote letters to the press taunting them. Angelus is very prideful and wants our attention. He likes it," Angel smiled a little understanding what she trying to aim for.

"Stop giving him attention." Rick added and nodded. "He'll try to buy it back he can't stand being ignored."

"He'll step back in the light and possibly make a move and maybe a mistake. Small one but one you can use." Angel continued on with the idea.

"He's watching us knowing we're trying, we start to pull back and resume our daily lives he won't like it." Shane started to formulate a plan.

"The only problem is he could lash out, kill someone." Sweets reminded them and Angel shook his head no.

"He won't do that, not right away too risky he'll do something else. He'll threaten first." Angel explained.

"We purposely make sure he knows we're backing off and let him think he's going to be put on the back burner. He makes a move to get out attention." Rick stated the plan. "It might work."

"There's another thing we can do because anger doesn't always make you think straight," Sweets was starting to lean towards that plan. "Buffy you have a new life here, new man. You can use that to help. Either you're with him or not, he might slip up."

"How do I do that?" Buffy asked.

"Angelus wrote letters to you all the time, maybe you can write him one." Sweets suggested.

Rick, Shane and Sweets left with new plans in mind to hope lure Angelus out and catch him. Buffy wasn't completely sold on the plan because it meant she might have a to make a little bit contact with him. Angel and Buffy sat back down at the table and sighed meaning it was a long night.

"Great, I get to write him a letter." Buffy stated but wasn't thrilled about it. "I don't want to drag you in this."

"Too late," Angel said but it was a mean tone it was a it's ok tone.

"Just tell him I'm with someone?" Buffy asked.

"Send him a picture too so he can see it, it'll make him angrier." Angel added Buffy didn't like that idea. Although there was one thing she could do and it would really make Angelus mad and it occurred today.

"There is one thing that'll send him over the edge more so than a picture." Buffy began and Angel looked to her. "Connor," She pauses thinking how to say this. "Connor has been learning how to spell his name, getting good at it too. But today when I asked what his last name was he answered O'Brien." Angel's eyes widen a little. "He says it's O'Brien because his daddy's last name is O'Brien." Buffy finished and Angel said nothing for a moment.

"He said that I'm his dad?" Angel asked and Buffy nodded. Angel thought about it for a moment and small smile tugged. "He thinks I'm his dad?"

"You've been around all his life for the most part." Buffy answered but before she could say anything more Angel leaned in for a kiss and she kissed him back. They pulled away and he looked to her.

"We'll get through this." Angel assured her and she nodded. Buffy reached out and hugged him and he pulled her into his lap and they sat there like that for a long time thinking. There were many things to think about.

Sunday around mid morning Connor came home and was pushing around a kid's lawn mower in the living room. Connor had been home for ten minutes and toys were everywhere like he's been home all weekend. Buffy summed up the meeting to her mother and Joyce wasn't sold on the plans. But the plans were not set in stone yet. Joyce left and Buffy watched Connor for a moment at he ran around the house switching from toy to toy. Angel was out at the moment in his office talking to Rick before he flew back to New York.

While waiting Connor would tell Buffy what he did at grandma's and then the two went out front to play. Buffy brought out Connor's little tricycle and he started to ride around it in the driveway. It should burn him out before naptime. Connor went inside briefly to get his cup as Angel came home and he had a great idea and Buffy smiled. Connor came back out and saw Angel's car so he knew his buddy was home and started to look around for him.

Angel was hiding and wanted to scar him. Connor searched looking for him and Buffy smiled and then Angel popped out and Connor screamed with laughter as Angel picked him up and Connor giggled. Angel then tossed Connor in the air a little bit and he was all smiles. Buffy got up coming over to them and Connor did his best to hug both of them. Angel then started to tickle Connor and he howled with laughter and then smiled at Angel and reached out and hugged him. Angel and Buffy headed inside to spend the rest of the afternoon together as a family.

So a little steamy in the beginning, which I'm sure you loved. That's why it's there and then Buffy, Cordelia and Willow singing yes that's from Pitch Perfect, don't judge me. Anyways lots occurred in the chapter such as Angel and Buffy getting really close, Connor now sees Angel as his father and they're going to try and lure Angelus out of hiding. Wonder how that will go especially if Buffy sends a letter telling him that his son calls someone else his father.

But yeah very steamy in the beginning. After typing it up I realized I was very jealous of Buffy. I want my own Angel and pretty sure some of you guys do too. Where's that cloning technology? We should all be able to have a clone of Angel or Booth or both ;). Anyways new direction. Drama is on the way. Later I'll post more about this chapter in the forum but from what you've read it's pretty easy to understand.

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