Chapter 19 Trigger Finger

Angelus had received the letter but tossed it. He didn't want to believe Elizabeth had a new life somewhere or with someone. That was impossible and he wouldn't allow it. Angelus was no longer in New York City he had managed to move to Manhattan. It wasn't safe but it was a little better. It was him, Dru, Darla, Lindsey, Markus and Fred. Fred had been studying computer coding as Lindsey and Marcus did their best to figure out what software was used for the Witness Protection Program.

Angelus was outside on a dock taking the last drag of the cigarette and then tossed it away. As he smoked he had an idea. Angelus went back into the broken down warehouse seeing his friends and his prisoner around a table.

"Lindsey," Angelus called out and the man looked up. "Got a job for you," Lindsey stood up as Angel handed him the envelope the letter came in. "Find out where this came from."

"There's no return address, there's no stamp, and it must have been removed from its original envelope and placed in this one." Lindsey explained.

"Find out where it came from." Angelus ordered handing Lindsey the envelope and he walked away. Lindsey took the letter out seeing the pretty handwriting and it signed by Elizabeth. The paper didn't seem special, nothing on this letter indicated where it came from.

Angelus then sat next to Fred as she was reading and she looked over to him and he smiled.

"I'm trying to understand this." Fred assured him and he nodded. "Trying to get into this program will be nearly impossible." Angelus nodded again knowing this was taking too long. He needed another plan. Elizabeth was living a new life out where ever she was. He knew she had a different name and thought of names she could choose but every time he checked he came up empty handed. It was time for a new plan.

In Sunnydale the weekend was a quiet one. After that night Buffy and Angel barely spoke a word to one another all through Sunday night until they went to sleep. They slept in the same bed but far from each other. Angel was now sitting in his office and both Gunn and Spike noticed something was not right. He should be happy, he's engaged but looking at him he looked miserable. Did something happen after the dinner? They both walked into his office shutting the door and he looked up at them.

"So," Gunn started with a shrug. "How are…things?" He asked and Angel went back to his work. "Yeah," Gunn then looked down to his feet.

"Mate," Spike began and Angel looked back up at him. "Whoa something did happen." Spike could tell from the look that Angel wasn't upset but very angry. Was it a family issue like one of their parents didn't want them to marry or something? "What happened?" Angel said nothing and continued to work on a case. "Ok, don't want to talk about it that's cool. Uh we're here if you need us." Spike then gently grabbed Gunn's shoulder telling him they need to leave now.

Angel found himself down in the gun range shooting at a target. He thought about putting Angelus' face on the target but didn't. He fired off a few rounds never missing a mark as Spike came down watching his perfect aim. Spike leaned up against a table as Angel took his earplugs out and had the paper returned.

"Perfect score." Spike commented and Angel faced him.

"What are you doing here?" Angel asked and Spike folded his arms and shrugged.

"Odd that all last week and Saturday night you were glowing like freakin' rave stick and now you looked like someone killed your best friend. And all your friends are alive." Spike explained. "What the hell happen? You and your honey get in a fight?"

"It's none of your business." Angel made that very clear and Spike perked up.

"Oh, so not all is right in wonderland," Spike was getting somewhere.

"Spike, drop it." Angel warned him.

"Something to do with Angelus?" Spike asked, he wasn't going to stop and Angel should know better. "Made a threat?" Spike was concerned as Angel put his ear plugs back in and started another round. "Listen!" Spike yelled over the gun. "Whatever this is you need to suck it up! Don't get your panties in a bunch!" Angel stopped and ripped the earplugs out and literally got on top of Spike.

"I just found out that Angelus is my half brother!" Angel screamed. "For thirty years my mother kept a secret telling me that she was married to Angelus's father! Connor is my nephew, I'm related to that man." Angel then paused and Spike was wide eyed.

"You're sleeping with your ex sister-in-law, kind like a Luke and Leia thing," Spike began but then found a gun pointed at him and he raised his hands up in defense. "Put that thing down!" And Angel did. "Alright so he's your creepy half brother so what she's not with him."

"That's not the point Spike." Angel defended.

"Then what is?" Spike asked. "She's not married to him. She turned the bastard in. Connor's related to you, he's almost yours. Isn't that what you wanted? Yeah there's weird creepy factor but you love her right?" Spike asked as Angel stood there. "She's with you and if you think you're like Angelus you're not. She knows that. Maybe she was supposed to be with you ever thought about that?" Angel sighed and rubbed his face. "Look Angel, you've found someone, the woman of your freakin dreams mate. She's everything and you're not thinking about throwing that away are you?"

"I don't know, I don't," Angel sound confused and frustrated.

"You're going to leave her? Leave her and that little boy?" Spike asked. "That little boy loves you."

"What am I supposed to do Spike?" Angel asked. "Tell me if you were told you had a half brother that's a murder and you're sleeping with his ex, how would you feel?"

"She's me with not him. You don't even know Angelus. This would be different if it was Doyle but this is a man you never met. You leave her you'll never get that chance again. Not only that Angelus is out there looking she needs you." Spike then got up and left.

Buffy called in sick to school and had Connor with Joyce. She was at the ice rink lacing up her old skates. Once they were on she made her way to the empty rink and started. She was always able to take to the rink like a duck to water. This would help clear her head hopefully. She and Angel barely spoke a word since his mom dropped the biggest bomb. Buffy gained some speed and then jumped landing perfectly and continued on. As she skated Claire walked into the rink. Angel told her that Buffy loved to skate so her she was. Then Buffy did another jump and Claire clapped.

Buffy looked up seeing her and had no idea what to do. This woman might have ruined everything. Claire came to the side of the rink as Buffy skated passed her.

"Buffy, Buffy I am so sorry about Saturday." She started to apologize. "I swear I didn't know." Buffy then stopped and skated to her and crossed her arms. "I have a small idea on what you're going through. I left my husband who I thought I could trust and god I didn't think I could trust another man again. Then I met Patrick and I had to put all that aside and,"

"You may understand about the fleeing part but you didn't fall in love with your ex's brother." Buffy added.

"You know Angel and Angelus are not the same. You of all people know the difference. I'm so ashamed that I gave birth to a monster and maybe I don't know maybe if I was brave enough like you and went back then Angelus wouldn't be what he is now. So yes he's my fault I'll take that. But this, you've made Angel so happy you and Connor." Claire paused trying not to cry. "Don't let this fall apart."

"How can I? If Angelus finds me and learns about Angel and you and Doyle," Buffy paused and quickly wiped a tear away.

"I'm sorry about this." Claire then walked away knowing that this wasn't going to work so what will? She needed to talk to Angel on this matter. Maybe after the shock of it wears off then everyone can talk.

That night Connor was put to bed and now it was quiet, oh so quiet. Buffy was sitting on the couch looking at the engagement ring and then looked up to Angel as he was standing there. Buffy let out a sigh as he stood there.

"So what do we do?" She asked him and he shrugged. This was so strange for them. How do you handle something like this?

"Do you," Angel started. "Do you think about him?" He asked and Buffy looked up at him. "At all? When you're alone, when we're together?"

"God, Angel no, no I don't," Buffy jumped in. "I haven't thought about Angelus in months. Just you and Connor," She was telling the truth. "So now what?" She asked and he shrugged.

"Just have some space I guess." Was Angel's suggestion and Buffy stood up as he stood there. "I'll take the couch." Buffy held back the sobs and nodded and went upstairs by herself. Angel sat on the couch and sighed. It was awkward so, so very awkward.

The week had passed and Angelus looked happy. His little group looked happy as they looked at their new ID cards. They would be able to get into the system now because Fred was able to give them a new identity. Angelus was no longer a criminal but a man that works for the FBI. All of them now had badges and names and all worked for the FBI. So now it was time to head to Washington D.C. and finally get some answers. Fred however wouldn't make it out of New York.

The weekend was here and both Buffy and Angel didn't say much between each other. It was all so weird and what could they say? How can you get passed something like this? Claire and Joyce talked to each of them but they couldn't say much. Claire felt guilty and had to say something so she had Doyle call Angel to the pub so she can try to save something. She couldn't save Angelus but maybe she could save this son.

Angel came to the pub and when he saw his mother he almost left.

"Angel," Claire was stern and he took in a deep breath and a sigh and walked to her as they went into the office and she shut the door. Claire then sat before him and it was quite for a moment. "What are you doing?" She asked and he shrugged.

"My job," Angel answered but that wasn't the right answer.

"No, what are you doing?" She asked again. "Wallowing self-pity? Look I know what I said wasn't easy going down. And if I had known then maybe," She paused trying to slow down. "For a week now you've been avoiding Buffy I know you have. Buffy and Connor are the innocent ones in this. The chance of this happening was nearly impossible but it happened." Angel just sat there. "It's my fault, I should have gotten Angelus out or at least died trying. But Buffy is a different woman a woman Angelus never deserved." Angel looked up to her.

"Maybe things happen for a reason even things like these." Claire continued. "Buffy is perfect for you in every way. You've accepted her past completely, love her son why now will this break you?" She asked and Angel remained quiet.

"We are similar," Angel commented. "I've killed people,"

"You are nothing like him. Buffy knows that I know she knows that. You've killed for your country and for the safety of others. Angelus kills because he likes it." Claire went on trying find a reason why everything could fall apart and fix it. "Angelus is not you and you're not him. Please see that. Buffy is perfect so perfect for you don't throw something like that away because of fear. Embrace it, embrace you have something that Angelus wanted. He maybe your brother by blood but that's it." Claire finished and Angel sat there thinking.

Night was here again and the week was ending. It was the longest week ever for Buffy. Connor knew something was wrong because Angel would wake up and leave before he was even up. When Angel came back he barely did anything with Connor. Buffy sat on bathroom floor as she bathed Connor.

"Where…where daddy?" Connor asked and that broke Buffy's thoughts and she finally focused on him.

"Oh uh," Buffy had to gather her thoughts. "Work," Buffy answered.

"Daddy sick?" Connor asked and Buffy forced a smile trying to hide the fact that this week pointed to the end. Connor knew something was wrong with them.

"No, daddy's…" Buffy trailed off for a moment. "Daddy might be going away for a little bit." Buffy told her son.

"Why?" Connor asked and his eyes widen. "I go to?" He asked and Buffy fought even harder to not cry.

"No, baby," Buffy had no idea how to explain this. "Daddy just might have to leave for a little bit because he's busy and,"

"I…I no want him to go." Connor protested in the idea of Angel leaving. Buffy had no idea what to say now. Was this really happening? Was it going to end like this so quickly? In one night all her happiness was gone.

Once again Angel came home after Connor was asleep. He couldn't look at the boy not because he felt anger or animosity to him but if he looked at the little boy it made it harder. Buffy was at the kitchen table and it was time to talk. Buffy looked up as Angel took a seat.

"Heard about the street fight in L.A.," Buffy started the conversion breaking the silence. "No one was killed it was a good day for you." She tried to sound happy and maybe drive this somewhere. "We need to talk about us but," Buffy paused trying to swallow the lump in her throat. "Maybe there's nothing to talk about. We know what's happening." Angel nodded and looked up at her. "So what do we do?"

"You're not a bad mom or a person and this isn't your fault." Angel spoke up looking at her.

"Yeah, but I'm with my ex's bother. That's not right is it?" She asked. "We're going to break up aren't we?" She asked and Angel felt like throwing up just now. Buffy fought the tears but one slipped and she tried to wipe it away before Angel could notice but it was to late. Angel sat up to speak.

"Buffy," But he was cut off by his walky talky.

"Officer O'Brien, come in?" The woman asked and Angel sighed and grabbed the little radio.

"Go ahead," Angel stated.

"Suspicious activity has been reported on route ten in a gas station, requesting your presents." The woman explained.

"Nature?" Angel asked.

"Suspect looks armed." The woman answered.

"I'll be there in a minute." Angel answered and the woman went back to talking to others on the radio. Angel looked to Buffy as it was taking all her will power to not burst into a puddle of tears. Angel had no words at the moment and he stood up to take care of this suspicious activity. But then he reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder and Buffy looked up at him. He then left the kitchen and Buffy heard the front door open and close. Buffy then nuzzled her cheek where Angel had touched her. He hasn't touched her all week no hugs and barely looks at her. So she tried to steal that small touch and warmth. She then squeezed her eyes shut trying to stop the burning tears from flowing. But when she opened her eyes the tears didn't stop.

Buffy sobbed in her hands knowing when he comes back it'll be over. Angelus wasn't even here and he was ruining everything. She then looked to the engagement ring that she still wore despite what had happened. Would he ask for it back? Buffy took the ring off and looked at it. She tried to wipe the tears away but they just kept coming. And then her son upstairs who was sleeping so peacefully would suffer the most. How was she going to explain to him that Angel could no longer be his father?

Angel sat in his car for a moment before leaving looking at the house. He fought off the tears and turned his car on. Duty was calling at the moment. He backed out trying to put the thought of leaving Buffy behind. His heart felt like it was shattering into pieces as he drove and his chest hurt so bad like he was shot, worse then a bullet. He had push this away for the moment and figure it out later.

Angel drove to the gas station and saw that Gunn and Spike were on the scene. They both looked shocked that he was here but Angel needed to take a breather and do something. But he knew he would have to face Buffy and then Connor. Thinking about facing Connor and telling him that he was leaving made him sick. But at the moment he needed to focus on the task at hand. The people of the gas station had left the building as there were two men inside.

Gunn and Spike sort of filled Angel in but they really didn't know what was going on. Was this an armature robbery going wrong? Right now the two men needed to be arrested and taken in and this situation needed to be sorted out. Just as a plan was made gunfire was heard and everyone was to get back. Angel, Gunn and Spike looked to each other knowing this could go very wrong. The other cops were ready as Angel made sure he had a vest on along with his handgun and sniper rifle. Angel then advanced to the small gas station. Gunn and Spike followed him in while the rest of the cops surrounded the small building. Spike opened the door as Angel and Gun went in and on the floor was a man lying in a pool of blood.

Angel looked around and then there was gunfire. All three of them got down but the man was sending off warning shots. It was time to at least subdue the guy. Angel had his earphone in and was given the green light to take down the man if needed. Angel didn't want to take him out so it was time to talk and hopefully the man will go quietly.

"Sir," Angel began. "Listen we don't want to hurt you ok,"

"You're a cop, I hate cops!" The man yelled and Angel sighed meaning this wasn't going anywhere.

"Why did you kill your partner?" Angel asked as he was giving Gunn and Spike signals.

"I'd get the whole thing if he died!" The man yelled from across the room. "All the money would go to me!"

"You working for someone!" Angel asked as he stayed low to the ground going down the aisles. Then Angel stopped moving as the man fired his gun.

"Yeah I am!" The man answered and fired a few more rounds.

"Who's your boss!" Angel yelled as he now had a clear shot of the man. The man was tall and rather big, muscle big so to speak.

"If find her I get the biggest payout," The man explained. "Gavin said he saw her." Angel's heart started to race knowing what was happening. The man laughed and shot his gun up in the air. "I saw Elizabeth as well here. She's alive and well and the boss wants her." Angel then took aim at the man. He had the green light as his finger was on the trigger and he looked through the scope to get the best shot. He was a trained sniper and held the record for the longest shot. The man was maybe three yards away so for Angel it was shooting fish in a barrel. "Saw her and the little boy. Angelus will be happy." Even if Angel didn't have the green light he would have fired anyways. The trigger was pulled and the bullet went through the man's head.

Angel stood up as the man was on the ground and blood started to pool around him. Spike and Gunn heard the shot and knew Angel didn't miss. They also heard the conversion which was one that they weren't sure should be discussed in a report. The three men circled the dead man as Angel still pointed the gun to the man. Spike was in shock as Angel still held the gun out. Angel lowered the gun as the man was dead on the floor. Angel always made the perfect shot.

"I saw him charge at you, total self defense is what you did." Spike stated as Angel walked over to the dead man and knelt. "Guess he can't report back now." Angel said noting but Spike knew that who ever came after Buffy and Connor would have to answer to him and this would be the response they get. Angel stood up and looked to Spike and Spike went to radio this in. Angel knew he had to get back to Buffy and Connor. Sunnydale wasn't safe anymore.

Angelus smiled as he looked at the computer at his new job. He didn't get the full details because there were restrictions but he found his ticket to Elizabeth and Aiden. He was looking at the file of US Marshal Riley Finn assigned to his case which meant he was Elizabeth's Marshal. Angelus leaned back in his chair smiling; finally he could find her and his son.

And cue the Governor's Theme from The Walking Dead as Angel looks at the man and Angelus sits back in his chair smiling. Whoa what a short but rollercoaster of a chapter right? Angel and Buffy are on the verge of breaking up over the fact Angelus is Angel's half brother. You can't say that's not weird right? Sleeping with your ex's half brother is weird. But now Angelus has found someone who might know where Buffy is…not good. And what about Angel, he knows people are looking and they're coming here to Sunnydale. Will he stay with Buffy or will he take the other road and be the cop that defends her but only as a friend? What's going to happen? I don't know you tell me. More soon comments and reviews are welcomed. The chapter review in the forum is up. Thanks for reading.