Chapter 27 Over the Rainbow

A/N: It's the last chapter. I know it's sad but it was a great story to type for you guys. I'll do all my thank yous at the end. So enjoy Over the Rainbow.

The past is the past but to know where to go you sometimes have to look back. Angelus was given a funeral that only five people attended a priest, Claire, Buffy, Doyle and Angel. Out of respect Angel donned his full Marine uniform and made sure his brother had a proper Catholic funeral. Buffy laid flowers for him hoping he was at peace. Claire silently asked for forgiveness to her son she left behind. No one will ever know what life he could have had if he wasn't raised by his father. But you can't live like that guessing what could have been. You had to look at what was in front of you. Buffy and Angel had each other and Connor in front of them.

That ordeal that began ten years ago was now all but a dream and memory. Today though was going to be a long and busy day. Buffy came down the stairs half asleep but the sooner she got started the easier this was going to be. She walked in the kitchen and saw the partners in crime already awake.

"Connor, why are you awake this early?" Buffy yawned and Connor shrugged. Angel handed Buffy her cup of coffee and she gladly took it. "It's summer shouldn't you sleep until noon?" Angel smiled at the comment as he went ahead and got Connor breakfast before the upstairs flood gates open.

"Are the others up?" Angel asked and Buffy shook her head no. "I'll try to leave before they see me." Buffy agreed as Angel grabbed his holsters and put them on his shoulders and was ready except his jacket. He wasn't wearing normal suit and tie just his S.W.A.T t-shirt and jacket. He kissed Connor as his son ate and Connor waved to him and then Buffy walked him out as the sun was barely over the horizon.

By eight in the morning the house was a full one as Cordelia came over with her kids and today would be the final day of packing for a two week trip to Lake Arrowhead. Angel, Buffy and their five kids, Doyle and Cordelia and their three kids, Joyce and Giles and Claire were all going to the summerhouse up in Lake Arrowhead. During those two weeks it was Fourth of July so they would see fireworks and Lake Arrowhead knew how to put on a show.

Tomorrow morning they would leave for the summerhouse and do nothing but fish and swim for two weeks. Angel was so excited; he's been excited since last year's trip. But that meant packing two weeks worth of clothes for fifteen people let alone toys and food and anything else you can cram in. Buffy has been packing for a week now slowly because she also was bringing dishes and silverware Cordelia as well. It felt like they were moving come to think of it.

Angel had a half-day at work and Cordelia came over to help Buffy with the last bit of packing. Also Cordelia and Doyle along with the kids would stay over night here because after Angel got done with work he was picking up a trailer so everyone's things could fit and they can take what was needed. Then they would follow each other to Lake Arrowhead and meet Claire, Joyce and Giles there later on.

Right now the house was at capacity and full of screaming kids as Buffy and Cordelia were finishing up packing and making the final meals. Of course they would cook more up at Lake Arrowhead but these were quick things to heat up because there were going to be days where the last thing they wanted to do was make food. Right now it was two adults against eight kids so this should be fun.

Outside in the backyard all the kids were playing. It was summer time and sunny out so the kids should wear themselves out, have lunch, nap and then Cordelia and Buffy could get more done. Connor was now ten years old. He knew who his real father was but he also knew who his real dad is. At this point in time it didn't do anything to Connor and Angel treated him a son in fact Angel could not see him anything less than a son. In reality Connor was Angel's nephew but they were father and son and unless you knew the story all you saw was father and son duo.

Connor knew who Angelus was, what kind of man he was, what he did and what he planned to do. He knew what Angel did to his father. But because he was so young and only saw Angel as his father it didn't devastate him, it didn't hurt him. Also because Angel and Buffy were open about it to him and would always talk about it Connor never had to guess or wonder.

In fact Buffy was going to go with Connor to New York before the summer was over and take him to his birth father's grave. Connor was the one who wanted to do it and he had Angel and Buffy's full support. But he never called Angelus dad he called him Angelus. Angel was called dad and that's all he knew and it wasn't going to change.

Connor was the oldest of the eight brothers, sisters and cousins. Connor also had two more brothers Patrick named after his granddad and Eli. Patrick is seven and Eli is five. Then there were the two little girls Isabella who is three and Dawn who is year and a half. All in all Angel and Buffy have been busy for the last eight years. They married that summer after Angelus' death and found out just a month before the wedding they were having baby who is now Patrick.

Liam was eight and he is Cordelia and Doyle's oldest son. Connor and Liam were more like brothers than cousins. Then you had Nora who was five like Eli and then the baby boy Francis who was just two months older than Isabella. You would think Francis and Isabella got along like Nora and Eli but they didn't. Francis was orderly and controlling while Isabella was a wild woman. You can't control the wild woman.

Connor was very much like Angel and would rather be with his father if given the chance. Of course he loved his mom but there was just this bond there between Angel and Connor. Patrick was a professor; he liked to study things and was smarter than his years. Eli was sneaky and a whiner. He would whine and whine but when he was happy he had the best smile.

Isabella was just loud and wild. She's game to try anything and she is by far the loudest of them all. It was like she was screaming into a microphone that was next to your ear. She was loud and happy but when she melts down its over. She also had Angel's heart the moment she was born and that man would do anything for her. She was tiny, tinier than most three year olds so she looks deceiving but she can play with the boys and hold her own.

Then you had baby Dawn who was a princess through and through. She was mommy's girl; Buffy and Dawn had a bond similar to that of Connor and Angel. She also knew how to work her father the way she needs to and can get away with murder easily. She was cute and she knew it. It takes all kinds but Angel and Buffy made an interesting assortment of kids.

Right now the kids were outside in the sprinklers playing while Cordelia packed up more things and Buffy was getting makeshift beds ready for a nap later. Connor, Patrick and Liam wouldn't nap on cue but depending what they were doing like shooting each other water guns they very well could sleep this afternoon. The rest of them would sleep most likely. While Buffy and Cordelia worked franticly like mad people Connor came into the kitchen.

Any other day Connor hugging Buffy while being soak and wet wasn't ideal, Buffy didn't care today. Connor just wrapped his arms around his mom's waist and held on as she walked all over the place. Buffy bent over and kissed and held him just for a moment and then he took off to go back to the water fight. He does that all the time, just gives Buffy random hugs and then keeps going. She never refused a hug from Connor.

Lunchtime came and went and Buffy and Cordelia corralled most of the kids upstairs for a nap. Some wanted to stay awake others were about ready to fall asleep once they hit the pillows. But a situation was about to happen.

"What's going on?" Buffy asked looking up the stairs. When all the cousins were together disaster can strike at any moment. Nothing is safe and what you hold dear you should hide. These eight were always together especially in the summer. Nora and Eli were in the same class this past year and were always asked if they were brother and sister. But put all eight together and things get wild.

"We lookin'," Isabella answered and Buffy nodded.

"Oh really? Would it be something that I would approve of?" Buffy asked and Cordelia came over as something was going down.

"Come, come look. Come and see what the boys did." Isabella insisted and that meant trouble. Buffy took a deep breath and headed upstairs bracing herself. These kids can descend on something and strip it down and destroy it. Buffy went to Isabella's room where Nora, Isabella and Dawn were sleeping for the night. Dawn held up something to Buffy and she took it and looked at it.

"This is a door knob," Buffy stated and looked to the three girls. "Who did it?"

"That, that was Dawn," Isabella was quick to throw people under the bus.

"Not uh," Dawn protested knowing what was going on as Buffy looked around the room at the dressers seeing where this belongs. Cordelia was trying to round everyone else up to either sleep or play quietly.

"That was a boy!" Nora added and that was the thing with when all eight were together. They blame each other and in the end no one gets caught. It was going to be interesting to see what happens when they get older can you say lots of practical jokes and setting fire to things? The O'Brien cousins were going to run this town all right.

"Where did it come from?" Buffy asked and Cordelia came in and looked to her daughter.

"Nora, did you do this?" Cordelia asked and she shook her head no.

"That was a boy!" Isabella jumped in.

"Get your night nights on ok, I'm exhausted." Buffy left the room and Cordelia went to get the girls down for a little bit. Buffy walked down the hall to find the one who took the dresser knob off a dresser. The house had a total of five bedrooms. You had Angel and Buffy's, Connor had his own room, Patrick and Eli had a room and the girls had a room leaving a spare room.

Today Connor and Liam would be in Connor's room. Patrick, Eli and Francis would be together and then three girls. Buffy went into Patrick and Eli's room where they were running around with Francis. "Where did this come from?" Buffy asked the boys well the younger boys. Connor heard the commotion and he and Liam came over to see who was in trouble.

Getting in trouble was as normal as blinking when you put them together and to have five boys running around you were asking for it. But to look on the bright side there was no such thing as a dull moment.

"He, he did it," Francis pointed to Eli.

"No, no," Eli was quick. "It was nobody,"

"It was somebody because it's in my hand." Buffy reminded them. "Where did it come from?" She asked and they looked at her and she sighed knowing she wasn't going to get anything out of them. Getting the straight story was like pulling teeth, not going to happen.

"From, from Connor's room," Eli spoke up. "No body did it." Buffy gave up and walked away and went into Connor's room looking to see if anything was missing.

"Are you ok mom?" Connor asked and she nodded. "Can I help?"

"No baby, you stay up here and just relax ok." Buffy then hugged him. She still couldn't believe he was ten. Buffy kissed his head and Connor walked to his TV and turned on his game system and Liam was going to join. Patrick will probably join them in a little bit. "Can I count on you to keep everyone up here?" Buffy asked and he gave her a salute, meaning yes. She smiled at him knowing he will. Cordelia and Buffy left the upstairs knowing some of the kids will run around but soon will pass out.

Within an hour the house was quiet as the two girls were cooking and giggling. They joked how Angel and Doyle could never do this handle eight kids they would go crazy. It looked like some of the older kids were sleeping too, which was good. They wear themselves over the summer and they need down time once in a while.

Cordelia came back into the kitchen as Buffy was putting away more dishes for the trip and going over her mental checklist.

"All are still asleep, Nora is out, Liam is out, Connor and Patrick are playing video games quietly and Eli is on the floor in the hall asleep…" Cordelia informed Buffy and Buffy smiled. They had some of the more interesting children.

"Didn't make it back to the bedroom?" Buffy asked and Cordelia shrugged.

"Guess not." And then Cordelia went to make some brownies for tomorrow's snack on the way to Lake Arrowhead. "Not about to wake him up either."

"Don't," Buffy agreed let sleeping dogs lie in this case. "Nora's sleeping?" And Cordelia nodded. She was getting over the napping phase like the older boys.

"She'll doze off and wake up these days." Cordelia explained as she was done with the batter. "When she wakes up she'll be either pleasant or really awful." Buffy smiled and then they heard a voice.

"Mommy!" It was girl's voice and it sounded very upset.

"That means she's going to be awful." Cordelia sighed and he daughter came in. "Hi sweetie, do you want to help aunt Buffy and me?" She asked.

"You didn't wake me up," Nora whined and Buffy smiled as Cordelia was in trouble.

"I came to get you and you were sleeping dear," Cordelia knew she shouldn't get into this because no matter what she said Nora would be upset. Nora was passionate in life and if she wanted something she'll get it until the death of you.

"You didn't wake me up you said you would." Nora sounded very upset over this.

"No, I said I would come and get you and you were sleeping." Cordelia corrected her and Nora started to whine. "Nora stop, now do you want to help?" Nora wanted to play cooking show with her mom and aunt and they started without her, which she was unhappy about. Nora then came over to the counter as Cordelia grabbed the beaters and put them on a plate. "Here, lick the beaters that's how you can help." Hopefully chocolate does the trick. Nora grabbed the plate and went to the table. "Thank you mommy," Cordelia waited.

"I'm not mommy," Nora insisted and Cordelia sighed.

"Thank you mommy," She repeated.

"Thank you mommy." Nora then went to licking the beaters and Cordelia looked to Buffy who was smiling and trying not to laugh. Cordelia rolled her eyes as they went to finish up and get dinner ready.

Another hour passed and the floodgates opened as all the kids were downstairs running around the house. Buffy and Cordelia forgot it was ever even quiet as they started on the project. Then the front door opened.

"Uncle Doyle!" Patrick yelled as he came in getting attacked by eight kids. He pushed his way through hugging each of them and then Isabella was crying and he picked her up.

"What's wrong darling?" He asked. Connor and Isabella were secretly his favorites out of Angel's five kids. Of course he loved them all but these two were just out there and completely like Angel and Buffy. Connor was Angel's clone the perfect copy and Isabella was much like Buffy knowing how to drive Angel the way she needed him and Connor too. Both Connor and Isabella had a special bond out of the siblings. Connor was the first person Isabella smiled at.

"Daddy, I want daddy," Isabella said, its been a long week and she was ready to have her dad home.

"He'll be home soon ok princess." Doyle assured her and she nodded and hugged him. He passed her off to Connor and she clung onto him. Seven other kids were climbing on top of him wanting attention. How could not like this, eight people wanting to hug you.

"Doyle, we need to get the fishing stuff." Connor said and Doyle nodded.

"After dinner when pops is here for now see if your mom and aunt need help." Doyle sent Connor to help, which they needed it. Then out the window Isabella saw her father.

"Daddy! Daddy!" She screamed like she hadn't seen him in three years. Everyone gets excited to see daddy.

"Daddy!" Dawn cried.

"Dad's home." Connor said to his mom as he was setting the table.

"Uncle Angel is here." Liam came in.

"I don't know but I think your husband is home." Cordelia said sarcastically with a smile to Buffy. Angel then walked and like Doyle got attacked by eight kids. Connor was always the first to greet Angel and he knew that was never going to changed and he loved it. Isabella pushed her way in literally yanking him to the ground to her level and then held on to him like her life depended on it. Connor wrapped his arms around his dad's waist not wanting to give him up either. Doyle and Angel made their way to the kitchen as kids hung onto them.

Angel put Isabella down for a moment and he wanted to hug Buffy. He could never hug her enough and the hugs were never long enough. He wrapped his arms round her and held her close. He was whispering something to her which was today at work wasn't a good one and he'll need her tonight. He pulled away and she kissed him. Angel took his jacket it off and Connor took it and put it on. The jacket engulfed him and that's how big his father was and he wanted to be just like him.

Angel went upstairs to change and as he left his room kids were everywhere. It was that crazy hour of the day whether all eight cousins were together or he just had his five children here. They were bat crazy, hungry and he was tired. Angel headed to the garage with Connor and Doyle. It was time to back in the trailer something Angel hated and both Connor and Doyle would need to help. Connor got into the front seat with his dad and the backing in started.

"Oh Angel, what are doing?" Doyle asked as he tried to redirect his brother. Angel tried again but the trailer always jack knifed just as it was going up the driveway. He hated this but at least Connor was with him.

Night was here and finally the house was quiet. Angel was in the bathroom as Buffy came over to him and he looked up at her. The anniversary was coming up soon. They got married on June 30th and they were going to be married for eight years now and have been together for ten. They were married on the beach though a simple beach wedding right at sunset and it was perfect. Angel came out of the bathroom and pulled Buffy in for a kiss and she smiled.

"Should we add another?" He asked and she laughed.

"You want six? Five isn't enough?" She had a smile and Angel shrugged. "You want another one?" Angel wasn't sure if they did have another child he would be happy he was already happy with five. She gave him five perfect children. He just wanted her in the end. Angel took her hand that had her rings on it and kissed the rings. He too had a matching claddagh ring and in both their rings were engravings that said 'Mo Ghrá Agus An Saol Go Deo' which means 'My love and life forever.' And after that engraving in Buffy's ring had Angel's initials and the wedding date and Angel's ring had Buffy's initials and the wedding date.

Buffy could have gone back to the name Elizabeth but chose not too. Elizabeth was Angelus' wife and that was her old life. Her new life was with Angel and he knew her as Buffy. That old life was gone but not forgotten. They barely talk about it because there was nothing to say. There was no hate towards each other for it because they had no control over it. They had control now well right now they were losing control as they fell to the bed and kissed endlessly.

During the day it was for their kids, be with their kids but at night it was their time. It was their time to talk, to feel, to be together. Sometimes they would talk and laugh until they fell asleep. Other nights like this one they made love until they fell asleep. Angelus was a nightmare but if she didn't face the nightmare she would have never had found her dream who was with her now. This was her life now and she wouldn't change anything about the past to get to here. She would never forget Angelus he was a part of her because she gave him Connor but she can forgive him.

Angel slipped inside and was at peace with his wife. He could remember first meeting her just next door and he was in love. He didn't believe in love at first sight until he met Buffy and Connor. He fell in love with them both at first sight. He fought for them and nearly gave up his life to have them so he'll never take them for granted ever.

The day started early the next morning. Angel was up at five with Doyle to pack the trailer. The longer the kids slept the more they got done. Then Connor came out seeing his dad and uncle packing.

"Dad, can I help?" Connor asked.

"Yes, here grab those and start putting them in." Angel said and Connor was ready and helped. He liked being with Angel and Doyle. Buffy came downstairs very zombie like and she came into the garage seeing the boys already working. Connor came up to her and hugged her as she watched them half asleep.

"Why does it feel like we're moving?" Buffy asked as Angel came into the garage. Then Buffy felt something touch her face she turned towards it and it was two sided duct tape with dead flies on it. She screamed and got behind Angel like something was going to kill her. "It was by my face!" She informed her husband and Angel smiled along with Connor. Connor started to hit it. "Oh, that's so gross!" Angel laughed and she playfully smacked his arm as he picked up another container to pack. Doyle saw all that unfold and smiled. Angel and Buffy made a great couple.

"Mom, they're dead." Connor informed his mom.

"That's nasty, I'm going to get coffee." She then went inside as Angel was still laughing. He loved his Buffy to death and she had all these cute corks that made her perfect. But before letting her go inside he went after her and grabbed her and kissed her from behind. He'd like to continue what they were doing last night but their son and brother were out here so he left it to kiss and small slap on the butt before she went in.

"Gross," Connor muttered as he walked away with a small container.

"You'll like girls one day lad," Doyle said to him.

"I'll believe that when I see it." Connor added putting the container into the trailer. Doyle smiled at his nephew who was wearing Angel's S.W.A.T baseball cap. Connor always brought in Angel in for career day at school to show him off and Angel always showed up in his S.W.A.T uniform knowing the kids enjoyed it. Connor was proud of his dad and always was swiping his things to be like him.

Within an hour everyone was up and breakfast was going to be cereal, easy to serve, easy to clean and Buffy wanted to get rid of the milk so it worked out perfectly. The trailer was packed and hooked to the SUV. Doyle and Cordelia had they're van with some extra things, all the cars were fueled up and all they had to do was leave.

After the kids were dressed they all piled outside and were sorted into the cars. Angel and Doyle talked where they would take rest stops. They could easily drive to Lake Arrowhead nonstop but with eight kids forget it. It was going to take the full three hours to get there.

"Check list?" Angel asked as Buffy came out.

"I have to pee! I have to pee!' Isabella screamed but she didn't have to, she already did she just doesn't like to be in her car seat.

"Clothes, beach stuff, food, dishes, snacks, diapers, blankets, chewies, toys, bikes, pillows," Buffy went through the list and Angel nodded. "Oh and the kids."

"Right can't forget them," Angel looked into the full SUV smiling at them. It was going to be a loud car ride but Angel loved it. "Ready guys?" They all screamed at the same time and Buffy smiled. "We should get those head pieces helicopter pilots wear so we can hear and talk to each other in the car." Buffy had that look like yes. The kids were all loud on car rides and Angel and Buffy could barely hear themselves half the time. Angel then walked up to Buffy wrapping his arms around her and smiled and leaned in for a kiss. She smiled up at him ready not only for the vacation but their wedding anniversary, they were in what was called the Bronze year and the flowers were lilacs.

When they hit ten years they were going to re-due their wedding and vows but this time around they were just going to renew their vows. But still eight years together was something big. The family arrived at the O'Brien family summer home. It was an interesting home built into a hill and had a lakeside view with a dock and a boat and a pool. The house when you pull up you actually walk into the hill and that's the first level.

The first level had a den and a flight of stairs going into the basement and another flight going up to the second floor, which sat on the hill. The second level had the kitchen, dinning room, breakfast room and another den area. The third floor had a living room and the master bedroom. Then the last level had the rest of the rooms and two more bathrooms. The house had a total of seven bedrooms and four bathrooms. It was a huge place and out side on each level had a wrap around deck with stairs connecting to each deck. Basically the adults put the kids outside and they run up and down the decks all day.

It was time to unpack and have two weeks of nothing but fun. The kids took off running and there was plenty of room for them to do so. They opened up all the doors to let the summer air in and you can hear the lake water. The grandparents would be here after the kids had their naps and down time. Buffy and Angel loved this place and wished they could live here for good. They rented the place out to others but the day they retire is the day they live here. Claire and Joyce were actually going to live here in a couple of years and then once Angel, Buffy, Cordelia and Doyle retire they'll live here too.

The special day was here for Angel and Buffy. It was a renewal of vows out on the boat on the lake. Buffy was wearing a simple white summer dress with some flowers in her hair. Angel wore his Marine uniform for this as he's done since they got married. There was a priest to bless them as Buffy came out with her kids walking with her and Angel smiled. It hit him five kids in ten years it likes every two years they had a kid and Dawn was a year and a half so if they were doing that they were due for another one soon.

Buffy joined up with Angel at the front of the boat as everyone was gathered around. Buffy handed off the bouquet of lilacs to Connor and took Angel's hands into hers. He was nervous to renew his vows and seeing her in white even though it was just a simple summer dress he was falling in love again.

"We are gathered here today to renew the vows of these two people. They are renewing their vows to show not only to them that they are committed to one another but to their five beautiful children." The priest started and said a few more words and it was time renew and re-exchanged their vows they said on their wedding day. Angel then started holding Buffy's hands.

"Buffy, when I first met you, you told me to be quiet," He started and she smiled and everyone smiled. "But I knew there something about you something special. I look at you and I swear I fall in love all over again. I can't see myself without you, you're the other half I've searched for and can't be without. I look into your eyes and that's all that matters to me. I just want to keep you safe. I promise to always love you, to respect you, to listen and to be there when there is no one else." Angel fought the tears but they were out of happiness. It was now Buffy's turn and she was nervous like she was getting married to him for the first time.

"Angel," She started smiling. "When I look into the future all I ever see is you and all I ever want is you. I found someone that cares and I never want that to go away. I want to love you no matter what happens, no matter how hard it gets or painful it is. I don't want to walk in front of you because I may not lead. I don't want to walk behind you for I may not be able to follow. I want to walk beside you and be next to you. I want to walk with you on this journey whatever it is. I want to be your best friend and be there for you when you need it the most. I love you my Angel." She was in tears by now and Angel smiled.

They were walking side by side on this. After eight years of marriage and ten years together they still had that spark that light. All of their kids came over presenting their rings. The boys had their mother's ring and gave it to their father. The girls had their father's ring and gave it to their mother. Angel and Buffy put the rings back on each other and smiled.

"You may kiss your wife." The priest said and Angel cupped both of Buffy's cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss. Everyone clapped and the their children came in to hug them. Connor hugged his mom and then went to his father. Of course he knew who his real father was but this was his real dad. They hugged their five children that were created out of love from them. They weren't the perfect family but they were a family. They were in this together.

It was the Forth of July and all of them were on the highest deck of the house watching the fireworks go off. The kids loved it seeing the colors in the night sky. Buffy was wrapped in Angel's arms with Connor sitting between them. The other four kids were scattered around somewhere clapping and cheering. It was perfect, their lives were perfect, they had everything they needed and that was just each other. Angel saved her life in everyway one can save a life and she still owed a debt to him.

The summerhouse was quiet with Buffy and Angel in bed staring at each other. You can't see into the future. You can think about it and dream. But what happens when your dreams come true? Guess you need to have new dreams. They had their whole lives ahead of them something to live for. They had children and before you know it they'll have grandchildren and if the fates allowed then great grandchildren. But they were each other's life and that was enough to live for.

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high
And the dreams that you dream of once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dream of, dreams really do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star, wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dare to, oh why, oh why can't I?

Well I see trees of green and red roses too,
I'll watch them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Well I see skies of blue and clouds of white and the brightness of day
I like the dark and I think to myself, what a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky are also on the faces of people passing by
I see friends shaking hands saying,
How do you do?
They're really saying, I a..." I love you

I hear babies cry and I watch them grow,
They'll learn much more than we'll know
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Someday I'll wish upon a star, wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high
And the dreams that you dare to, oh why, oh why can't I?

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