Title: Where's Spot?

Author: S J Smith

Rating: K+

Summary: Sheldon asks Penny for help. Oops.

Disclaimer: Just playing paper dolls, here.

Notes: For The Rain Crow.

Penny blinked. "You mind running that by me again, Tex?"

Sheldon blinked back, giving her the impression of a lizard. An angry lizard. "I object to that."

"Object to what?" Penny leaned her shoulder into the door frame. "Me asking you a question? Because, seriously, Sheldon, if that's your answer - "

"No! I mean, the nickname 'Tex'! Just because I'm from Texas doesn't mean I want to be reminded of it." Shuddering, Sheldon made a disgusted face.

"Okay, so…?" Penny spread her hands. "Still no closer to knowing exactly what you're talking about, here."

"Oh, for the love of," Sheldon rolled his eyes. "I specifically asked for your assistance in locating a children's book, namely, one entitled, Where's Spot, though I personally could care less about where Spot is, since I assume wherever that puppy is, there is likely to be a puddle, or more."

Blinking again throughout Sheldon's monologue, Penny sighed when he was done. "Got it. Kid's book. I don't suppose you thought to check, oh, I don't know, Amazon?"

His face lit up. "I hadn't thought of that! Surely Amazon would have a children's book, wouldn't it? And I wouldn't need your less-than-stellar assistance!" He hurried off. "Amazon! Of course."

Scowling after him as he closed the door to his apartment, Penny shouted, "You're welcome!" With a growl, she pushed her door to, brandishing her fist and muttering, "I can show you where to find spot, Sheldon – it's gonna be right across your face one of these days."

- end -