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Now, of course I want to make this story as close to a game (if it were ever made into one) as possible, so it needs an opening cut scene. I picture it showing the events of the Reconnect Series with LAD, KH3TKW, ASAS, and Divinity. FOr an opening song I pictured Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine (v Featured below v) since it is a darker story. I do hae a different closing song though, but that will be featured later.

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"Light and darkness are two sides of the same coin; without darkness, there is no light. The Keyblade wielders' great war over Kingdom Hearts was fought by defenders of the light, servants of darkness, those who sought to reconcile the two, and those motivated by nothing more than lust for power."

~Xehanort Report 4

(Seven Devils – Florence + The Machine) The familiar silver haired young man was standing alone in the barren land, his keyblade armor on with his keyblade, way to dawn, resting on his shoulder. He told himself he would never come back to this land after the battle of all worlds he had here not too long ago, but he did not have a choice but to come back. As he stood there, all he could think about were those events, since they would not leave his mind.

As the man thought about the events that have happened here, he looked down at the dusty ground, not being able to look up and see the ruins in front of him. But shortly after he looked down, he heard something out in front of him. He looked up to see another man in armor, standing out a few yards in front of him kneeling down and resting his hands on his keyblade, kingdom key, which was in the ground. The sight of the armor made the silver haired man eyes widen, seeing that the armor was just like his old friend's armor.

"Sora…?" The man said, not sure if it was really his friend since he appeared so different. Just then the man that was believed to be Sora placed his hands on the handle of the keyblade and began to rise, using the keyblade to lift himself up. He then looked out at the silver haired man and held his keyblade out by his side, staring at the man across the area. The silver haired man only looked at his old friend in horror as he felt the darkness rise around the area and his friend.

"Riku, my old friend, this is your end..." Sora said as he then ran at his old friend, Riku, with his keyblade raised. Riku just barely dodged the attack, not wanting to hurt Sora, but he had no choice but to when Sora came back around, trying to swing at him head on. The armor quickly recovered though, and tried to hit Riku once again, this time Riku blocked the powerful blow, barely being able to do so since Sora was so strong. As soon as Riku realized he could not counter his old friend, he jumped back; making the Sora's keyblade hit the ground that caused a shock wave.

"Sora! Please don't do this! What about me, what about Kai—" Riku was cut off since Sora then himself at Riku once again, this time hitting the young man and causing him to fly backwards. The attack caused Riku to fly into a plateau, hit the ground landing on his back and making his helmet fly off his head and leaving a crack on armor on his back. Sora then began to walk up to Riku, who was struggling to stand.

"You don't concern me anymore; you are not my friend..." Sora stated. He then slowly made its way over to Riku, holding its keyblade firmly. As soon as it made it over to Riku, he pushed Riku back down on his back and then took his keyblade and pointed it straight at Riku's chest, and was about to bring it down on him. "You are my enemy..."

Just as Sora was about to bring it's keyblade down on his chest, Riku used his own keyblade to block it, and then fired a blast of light at him. The blast made Sora fly backwards, giving him time to stand and get ready for Sora to come back at him. Just as he predicted, Sora came back at Riku fast, trying to hit him with his keyblade once more. Riku successfully blocked all of the attacks Sora tried to hit him with but was unprepared for what he did next; it fired a huge blast of purple and black darkness at him, making him fly back. Riku landed right on his back and had the wind knocked out of him for a few moments, not being able to breath or move. It was clear Riku was no match for his old friend.

"Sora... What has the darkness done to you? Please remember!" Riku exclaimed, but Sora wasn't listening. Sora then once again walked up to Riku, placing his foot on his chest, to make sure he could not get up or use his keyblade again, with his keyblade ready to impale it. Sora looked down at Riku, snickering evilly under his breath.

"It was clear you were no match for me, and now it is time for you to die..." Sora spoke as Riku looked at his helmet, trying to find those blue eyes that where hiding under it, but were nowhere to be found. Riku knew then at that moment that the darkness had taken his friend. (End Seven Devils)

Several Weeks Earlier…

He sat on that tree, looking up at the stars, the many worlds, that were looking down on him. His spiky brown hair blew so gently in the wind, his blue eyes only fixed on those stars. Next to him was a young woman, now seventeen, the same age as the young man she was sitting next to. She had long red hair, which was halfway down her back; and she also sharing blue eyes that where looking up at the sky. Her head was resting on the young man's shoulder, which he did not mind since they were both so in love with one another.

This was something they normally loved to do with each other, just look up at the stars, looking at all the worlds they have made so many friends and enemies at. They normally did this every night with another friend of theirs, one that shared the same power as them with the long silver hair running down his back, but he returned back to his home on the main island. The three of them had been doing this ever since they returned home for the first time in a while after fighting the battle of their lives.

The young woman then looked up at the man. "Sora," she spoke, catching the man's attention once she spoke his name. "How long has it been, you know, since we got home?" She asked.

Sora looked down at her, since her head was on his shoulder. "I think a year, why?" Sora replied to her. Even they all knew it had been that long, none of them believed it. It seemed like just yesterday they were fighting the battle of their lives, regaining old friends, losing ones we loved, only to be saved in the final battle of light and darkness…

"I don't know; it's just… been awhile." She said, holding her breath.

"Been awhile? Since what Kairi?" Sora asked her, looking into her deep blue eyes as she looked right into his.

"Since we have seen any kind of darkness," Kairi said, "Don't you think it is a little odd that we haven't been seeing any heartless or nobodies? It's just like they vanished."

Sora only looked out to the sea once more. "Well I think when we ended Xehanort and his replicas that they all took most of the darkness with them." Sora said in reply to her.

"I know that, but don't you remember what Mickey said? 'The world is made of light and darkness; you can't have one without the other'? Why haven't we been seeing any darkness lately?" Kairi asked.

"I don't know, I really am not worrying about it that much, I am looking at it more as a blessing." Sora said which only caused Kairi to snicker and look out back at the ocean. "But I have to admit, without the darkness, I would have never met all of the other friends I have outside this world, as a matter of fact, I really can't imagine my life without them."

"How do you think they all are?" Kairi asked her boyfriend. None of them had really seen any of their friends from the outside world in over a year. They used to normally write to each other but since everyone was so busy, that basically stopped. The only one that has been keeping in touch with someone from the outside world was Riku, who was trying to have a 'long distance relationship' with Xion, but really they haven't even been talking all that much anymore.

"Well last time I talked to Ventus he said him, Aqua, Terra, and Eraqus where fine, they were just trying to rebuild the Land of Departure." Sora said, "And Riku said last time he talked to Xion that her, Roxas, Namine, and Lea have been doing fine."

"But what about all everyone else?" Kairi said, "There are still so many other friends we have from other worlds: Avner, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, the Restoration committee, everyone from Edge, I would like to know how they are doing."

"I wish I knew," Sora said, looking out at the ocean once more, "I think it has been too long since we last saw them personally. But they have all been busy Kairi."

"Well no matter what, we should go and visit sometime," Kairi said, "Do you think we can do that?"

Sora then smiled. "Anything for you." He said as he then jumped off the tree. "It's getting late, we should head back to the main island."

Sora then held out his hand to Kairi as she smiled and took it as he helped her down. They then walked hand in hand towards their boats so they could go home.

"Where am I?" The figure asked himself. He hadn't had a clue who he was, but here he was, and as far as he knew, he was alive.

The figure then rapidly blinked his eyes until they were fully open, and it then realized it was on the ground. He then placed his hands on the ground and pushed himself up into a standing position, looking at the world around him. He had been here before, but he just could not put his finger on where it was exactly.

The figure then looked around before he felt a sudden presence behind him. This presence was all too familiar to him. "You're here too?" The figure spoke, not turning to face the presence behind him.

"Well who else would it be?" The figure behind the first spoke in a deep tone. "You should more that more than anyone."

The first figure then turned to see that it was who he expected it to be. He did not know who this person was, since his memory was still cloudy, but he knew that he knew this person. For some reason, he had a sense of hatred towards the figure, and he couldn't tell why. "Well, I knew you had to be, since you were the only one I remember from my memories."

"You're memories have been taken from you too? Am I the only one who still has my memories?" The darker figure asked as the other figure only shrugged. "Well if I am the only one you remember, do you know who I am or what my name is?"

His name, the figure knew his name, it was on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't remember. "I don't know anything about you beside that I have known you before." The figure said. He couldn't say to the darker figure that for some reason he hated him, especially if his mind was just playing with him and he actually liked this person. "Would you mind telling me your name?" The figure asked.

"I am afraid I will have to ask if you remember my name on your own, it will come back to you eventually along with your other memories. But until you remember everything, you may refer to me as… The Dark One." The dark figure said.

The figure only snickered at the Dark One's name. "Well then Mr. Oh So Dark One, how would you suppose I regain my memories?" The figure asked.

The Dark One said nothing at first. But then the figure looked behind the dark one and saw several other figures appear from behind him, which made the figure's blood run cold. "Don't worry, all of you will be able to regain your memories in time, you just need to follow my sets of instructions." The Dark One said.

"Well then what would the first part of these instructions be?" A figure behind the Dark One asked. The Dark One only snickered and turned to face that figure.

"Simple, you first must obtain an item called a keyblade."


The Conclusion to the Reconnect Saga…

The Adventure that will change everything…

Kingdom Hearts IV: Out of the Dark

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