BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Yup, only you guys thought it was over, but here is one more little surprise for you all for being such awesome fans: THE SECRET BOSS FIGHT!

"Phil, slow down, what do you mean someone has invaded Mount Olympus?" Sora asked as he drove the gummi ship. Originally, the keyblade master was heading for the Radiant Garden, but then he got a call from Phil panicking saying that some guy invaded the gods living place.

"Sora, please, please, please! You need to get over here now!" Phil panicked through the communicator.

"Why don't you just get Herc to help? Remember he's a true hero, and besides, they are gods, they can handle the guy themselves."

"Herc is out of town with Meg so he can't do it!" Phil continued, "And do you really think the gods have time to stop an intruder? They are kind of running the world here!"

Sora took one hand off the wheel and face palmed himself. "Fine, I'll be there in five minutes."

"Quicker!" Phil yelled as he hung up.

Sora actually made it to the Olympus Coliseum a lot faster than he thought he would. He parked the gummi ship in the Underworld and quickly made his way to the coliseum, where he saw Phil pacing nervously in front by the doors.

As soon as the satyr saw him, he jumped and ran towards the keyblader. "Sora! Thank the gods you are here!"

Sora rolled his eyes. "Are the gods alright?" Sora asked as Phil nodded.

"They are all in the lobby safe and sound; do not ask how I managed to fit all twelve of them in there," Phil continued, "Please! You just need to get over to Mount Olympus ASAP!"

"Phil, do you really think I know how to get there?" Sora asked.

"Oh, that's right, follow me," Phil said as he began to walk towards the score boards where all the names would be posted if you won the games. Sora was pleased to see that he and Noctis were at the top of that list, but he was confused as to why Phil was walking over here. Sora then looked down at Phil, seeing that there was a brick sticking out. The satyr then brought his hand out and pressed the brick, and the two boards opened up to reveal a passage way with blinding light releasing from it and golden stairs that lead up.

Glancing at the goat man briefly before his departure, Sora jumped up onto the stairs and began to walk up into the clouds. When he finally made it to the top, there was a large golden gate with a lightning bolt on it, which was left open carelessly. When he made it on the inside of the gates, they closed behind him, which caught the keyblader off guard.

When Sora looked out in front of him, he saw a huge wide open area with nothing in it, except for a single person with his back facing the keyblader. All Sora could tell from this angle was that he had long black hair and he was wearing a green cape.

But before Sora could get any closer to the intruder, he stopped him. "So, those pathetic 'gods' decided to send someone after all."

On an instinct, Sora summoned his keyblade. "Took enough of my time, but I ask, why did they send a mortal to fight me?" The man continued.

"Who are you?" Sora asked, keeping a firm grip on his keyblade.

To respond, the person turned around, revealing his clothing made of heavy leather and gold plates. The man glanced down at Sora's keyblade and smiled, "Of course, they send a keyblader to attempt forcing me to leave this world. I am afraid they are going to have to do more than that," he squinted, "I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with glorious purpose."

Sora suddenly remembered something that made him gape. "Loki? Wait, you're Thor's brother." He said.

"Oh, so you have met him," Loki spoke, "It seems everyone has, he was always favored by you Midgardians, despite the fact that he is the reason storms wreak havoc on your lands."

"No, I haven't met him, Tony Stark told me about him, how he and," Sora paused, shocked he remembered this much, "The Avengers defeated you."

"So Stark told you about me," Loki laughed, "He always was one for speaking, which is why I was never fond of him."

"He's a good man," Sora spat, "Now why don't you stop talking and just leave here already?"

Loki laughed, "I'm afraid that isn't going to be happening." The god of mischief then looked at the land around him, spreading out his hands. "After my attempt to destroy Midgard, the Allfather decided to banish me from Asgard," he laughed, "However it only proves he is the fool I always took him for."

Sora was completely lost in Loki's rambling but listened anyway. "I need a new place to call my own, and this world is just what I am looking for." Loki continued, "I am hopeful that the Chitauri will feel the same way, then maybe they will forgive the failure at Midgard."

"Start making some sense!" Sora yelled, holding his keyblade firmly in his battle stance. "I don't know who these Chitauri are, but I am not going to let you use this world to commit crimes on the worlds!"

(Max Cameron – The Rapture) Loki grinned at Sora before bringing his head back to crack his neck. Then, in the flash of an eye, a golden staff with silver blades with a strange glowing blue object in the center appeared in his hand. Then, pointing it Sora with a deep glare in his shocking green eyes, said, "We will just see about that mortal. You may have a keyblade, but you do not have the strength to defeat me!"

And once he said those words, Loki charged at Sora, running up to him so fast that the keyblader did not know how to react. The god of mischief jumped into the air when he was not too far away from Sora, bringing his staff up in his hand, trying to impale Sora in midair. The keyblade managed to move out of the way in time however, and he quickly prepared for the next attack the god had to throw at him. Instead of trying to jump towards him again, Loki turned his body slightly to the left and fired some kind of blast at Sora from his scepter. The keyblader managed to back flip to another direction to avoid this, but he could practically feel the attack just barely miss the points that the tip of his hair formed. When Sora landed back on the ground on two feet and was steady, he turned his head slightly to the right only to meet a blast of blizzard that sent him flying backwards.

As he went backwards from the attack, Sora managed to do an aerial recovery and stop himself from hitting the ground hard, which he silently thanked Cosmos for. He then looked over to where he thought Loki would be standing, and saw that the god of mischief was still standing there, completely still. Growling lightly, Sora quickly ran over to the god and swiped his keyblade right at him. Sora was not expecting the keyblade to swipe right through the god, and he suddenly vanished in the air. The teen did not know what had just happened until he suddenly felt something kick him dead center in the back, sending him tumbling forward. Tony and Bruce had mentioned more than once that Loki tended to use holograms of himself to trick them on more than one occasion, he knew he should have been expecting this.

Before Sora could even try to stand back up, he felt the halt of some kind of weapon get pushed down on his head, and he didn't even need to look up to know what the weapon was or who it belonged to. "Kneel," the god of mischief hissed, making sure not to hold back on the amount of pressure that he was pressing on the teen's head. Sora, for a brief moment, cursed between his teeth before he moved his eyes up slightly to see exactly where Loki was standing above him. Then, hoping that the god would not make any sudden movement's that would throw his plan off, Sora quickly brought his keyblade forward and sliced his keyblade at the ankles of the god. Loki had managed to see the attempted attack coming, unfortunately, and jumped above the keyblade, avoiding the attack. But thankfully, unknowing to him, that was just what Sora wanted. When Loki jumped above the keyblade, he stopped putting pressure down on Sora's head through his staff, and allowed Sora to escape. Then, once Loki had looked down to see Sora was no longer on the ground where he once was, Sora brought his keyblade forward and fired a light attack right at Loki, sending the god backwards.

"Not today!" Sora exclaimed, breathing in a sigh of relief that he successfully got a hit on Loki, but he knew that the battle was not over. As soon as Loki got back up, he ran towards Sora again, his scepter out in front of him firing many magic attacks right at the keyblader, which he managed to avoid. When Loki made it over to Sora, he rose his staff, hoping to hit the teenager, but Sora brought his keyblade up to block the attack last second, causing the two forces to meet face to face. The two continued to push on each other's weapons with no progress being made between the two, before Sora finally decided to jump back, seeing as that battle went nowhere. Right when he landed back on the ground, Loki fired another magic attack towards the keyblader, but Sora thankfully managed to put up a reflect shield to stop the attack. This caused the magic attack to hit the reflect shield and bounce off, back towards Loki, who was not prepared for the magic, and it sent him stumbling back.

Loki yelled out in frustration when the magic attack hit him before he ran back towards Sora again, prepared for an attack like that again. However, Sora was also prepared when Loki jumped towards Sora again, and the keyblader sent a light attack towards Loki. Loki brought up his scepter at the last minute to counter the attack, but the light still sent Loki back and landing on the ground in front of Sora. The teen saw this as a perfect opportunity to attack Loki, but right as he was about to attack the god, Loki's staff doubled in size, and was now almost taller than he was. Loki then stuck the halt of the staff into the ground and used it to spin himself around towards Sora, and he successfully managed to kick the teen with his feet, sending him flying backwards.

When Sora recovered from this attack and stood back up on his feet, he looked over to the god of mischief, whose staff had returned to normal size, but was still alive with power. Sora prepared himself as soon as he saw Loki come toward him again, and this time he wasn't completely surprised when he saw several holograms of Loki come out of the original, hiding the real god of mischief in plan slight. As Sora looked around the copies of Loki, trying to find the real one, he acted as quickly as he could and used his most powerful fire attack, which successfully hit all of the copies and caused them to vanish, revealing the real Loki, who was also hit by the fire attack. When Loki finally found the strength to stand back up, Sora had managed to run up to him and get a combo attack on the god, making him grunt out in pain before Sora topped the combo off with a light attack, sending the god backwards once again.

Now, obviously frustrated with Sora, the god stood back up, looked at Sora, and paused. "Allow me to demonstrate what you are truly dealing with," Loki spoke as he looked down at the ground for a brief moment. It covered his body so fast that if Sora blinked he would have missed it, but suddenly the god's skin turned a dark shade of blue, and several scars appeared on his face and other parts of his body that where visible to the eye. The god of mischief then looked up to Sora, revealing that his eyes changed to a dangerous blood red, before Loki began to use some kind of ice attack to lift himself up into the air. When he was high above the ground Sora stood on, Loki raised his hands into the air, and Sora did not know what he was doing until he felt the ground around him get very cold very fast. Sora looked down just in time for him to see huge boulders of ice come out of the ground, hitting the keyblader dead on. Sora tried to dodge the attacks, but this proved to be one of Loki's most powerful magic moves since no matter where he moved, the ice would still hit him hard. This attack occurred for several more moments before Loki lowered back down to the ground, making his blue skin and his powerful attack vanish as well.

Sora managed to keep himself up on one knee after the attack, breathing heavily as he gripped onto his keyblade tighter. No matter how many times Sora successfully got an attack on him, Loki would just not go down, and he knew that was not good.

When Sora finally found the strength to get back up on two feet, he felt someone grab onto his wrist that he used to fight with his keyblade. Sora grunted as he looked into Loki's green eyes that were so alive with mischief the keyblader could literally feel it staring into him. "I admit, those 'gods' weren't as foolish as I believed them to be," Loki laughed, "They sent someone with heart."

The god of mischief then took his staff and pointed it towards Sora's chest and said, "A perfect addition for my new army."

Sora tried to move out of the way, not knowing what Loki was trying to accomplish, but the god of mischief would not let him do so. Sora only watched as the glowing blue stone that was in the center of the two blades glow brighter as it got closer to his chest. Sora continued to watch as Loki tapped the tip of his staff at his chest…

And nothing happened.

Once this had occurred, Sora looked to the god of mischief, who squinted his eyes in confusion. The keyblader noticed Loki trying to keep calm when he tapped his staff against Sora's chest again, slightly harder, but once again, nothing happened.

"What is the meaning of this?" Loki asked himself out loud, tapping the staff against Sora's chest again only to have nothing else happen. "I—I don't understand, you should be under my control! The only one that has ever defied this power was—"

Loki cut himself off and grabbed Sora by the collar of his shirt. "What kind of contraption is inside you?" He asked, "What is preventing my scepter from taking over your mind?"

Sora looked down at the god's slim hands before he looked back up to see him face to face. "I don't have any 'contraption' inside me, maybe your staff is just not strong enough to take over my heart," he retorted.

In anger, Loki threw Sora to the ground, leaving the keyblader to let out a small cough. "You are not to speak such words to me! I am a god you dull mortal," Loki pointed his staff at Sora as he laid tired on the ground, "I will not allow you to—"

Before Loki could say anything else, thunder boomed around them and the sky immediately turned pitch black, the bolts of lightning that went off in the sky being the only thing that provided light. Sora and Loki both looked up at the same time just as the rain and light hail began to fall onto them. This is when Sora looked to the god of mischief, who had the slightest look of worry in his green eyes.

"Damn," Loki cursed lightly before he stopped pointing his scepter at Sora and looked to the sky, watching it cautiously.

But no one, not even Sora, noticed the quick flash of red fly towards them until it hit Loki dead on, sending the god flying towards the other side of the area.

The keyblader could only gape and slowly stand back up as he looked at the two figures, one of them being Loki, before him. The other figure was someone Sora did not recognize, but noticed that there was something similar about the two the moment he saw them. The other person, who was facing Loki not too far away from him, had blonde hair went slightly past his shoulders and he had a short blonde beard that matched. His outfit was what was similar to Loki though, he had a long red cape that moved in the wind the storm created, an impressive, silver, chest plate and he wore dark blue clothing as well.

"LOKI!" He yelled as he brought out his hand, which held what appeared to be a heavy, mallet with a brown handle that summoned lightning to him on command.

As Loki rose to his full stance with the mysterious lightning summoner standing in front of him, he only laughed. "Oh Odinson, what a pleasure seeing you here," he said sarcastically.

Odinson. It all made sense to Sora now. This guy with the hammer, this was Thor, the Avenger, Thunder god, Point Break, and all the other pointless names Tony came up for him.

"Enough of your meaningless games Loki!" Thor snapped, pointing his hammer at the other god with a glare on his face.

"But what fun is it without them?" Loki grinned, showing a smile that could kill.

"You escaped your prison in Asgard, I was told by Father to bring you back home," Thor continued, ignoring Loki's last remark.

Loki laughed again. "Oh so the Allfather wants me to return back to that torturous realm," Loki continued to say, "I am afraid I am not going to return so easily, you are going to have to drag me if you wish for me to return."

Thor glared at the god of mischief. "So be it," Thor spoke through his teeth.

And before Sora knew it, Thor and Loki were charging at one another, both of them showing no sign in stopping. When the two began to get closer to one another, they jumped into the air, now jumping towards one another, and their weapons collided, making a mixture of lightning and snow come out from the collision. The two didn't even seem to notice or care about the elements formed in the collision, and only continued to try and get an attack on one another as they stayed fighting, suspended in the air. Eventually, Loki managed to push Thor back down to the ground, making the god just barely land on his feet calmly. Thor then looked to the god of mischief, who landed back on the ground gracefully, and he brought his hand forward, asking Thor for more. The thunder that boomed around them at this moment proved just how angry Thor was, and just how much trouble Loki had really gotten himself into.

Thor, wiping off his shoulders from the dust that had happened to make its way to it, the shot his hand holding his hammer up into the air, summoning a huge horde of lightning that echoed in the land around them. The god of thunder then pointed his hammer at Loki, commanding the lightning to go towards the god of mischief, which it obeyed. Before the lightning could hit him however, Loki shot some kind of magic attack right at the lightning, causing two forces to colloid in between the two gods, exploding once they connected. Once the explosion calmed down and all that was remaining of it was smoke, Loki jumped towards Thor through the smoke, trying to get a sneak attack on him. However, Thor managed to bring his hammer up to block the attack, and then push Loki back several feet, away from where Thor was standing.

Before Loki could make any more sneaky movements, Thor charged at Loki, trying to attack him before Loki could attack. However, right when Thor made it over to Loki, the god of mischief suddenly multiplied, and several holograms of Loki appeared, keeping the real Loki hidden. Thor growled as he began to yell out Loki's name, telling him to come out of hiding and to stop being a coward, but the god of mischief refused to show himself. Right when Thor was about to summon as much lightning as he could to make Loki come out of hiding, he felt a sudden presence behind him, and knew at that moment Loki was attempting to attack him from behind. Acting quickly, Thor turned around and threw his hammer as hard as he could behind him, thankfully hitting Loki dead on and sending the god of mischief flying backwards at a high speed. When he landed back on the ground, Thor's hammer had landed on top of Loki, right on the god's chest, and when Loki tried to move the hammer, it would not budge.

As Loki yelled out, cursing Thor, cursing this Allfather, cursing everything, Thor walked up to him, looking down at his brother with the slightest bit of sympathy in his eyes. But that look quickly vanished, and the god of thunder suddenly yelled out, "Heimdall, open the Bifrost and bring Loki back to Asgard."

Before Sora even knew it, he saw a bright light come down from the sky, surrounding Loki as he continued to yell out Thor's name. And when the light finally faded, the only thing that was there was a strange pattern on the ground and Thor's hammer, sitting in the place where Loki once was. (End the Rapture)

Thor let in a deep breath before he summoned his hammer back to him and turned around to begin to walk towards Sora. The keyblader did not even know what to say when the god of thunder was standing right in front of him, and could only gape at his appearance.

"I deeply apologize for… My brother," the god of thunder began.

When he spoke, Sora finally snapped back into reality. "It's alright," was all Sora could say.

"Fear not mortal, he will seek justice on Asgard, the Warriors Three should be waiting at the Bifrost for Loki's arrival," Thor explained, "They should be taking him back to his cell right now." He paused, "But again, I apologize for the chaos Loki caused."

"There is really no need to apologize Thor, I understand fine," Sora replied.

Thor looked at the mortal with a puzzled glance. "How did you learn of my name?" He asked confused.

"Oh, I know a few of your friends, Tony and Bruce," Sora continued to say.

Thor chuckled at the keyblader. "My friends, it has been quite some time since we last spoke words to one another, perhaps I shall visit them in a short amount of time," the god said out loud.

"Wait," Sora stopped him, "Before you go, can I ask you something?"

Thor nodded in response.

Sora took in a breath. "When Loki tapped his scepter to my chest, he said I would become 'the perfect member of his army' but nothing happened, what did he mean?"

Thor looked at Sora even more puzzled then before. "Nothing happened to you when the Chitauri scepter touched your chest?"

"Nothing," Sora said simply, "Why, what was it supposed to do?"

Thro looked away for a moment. "It should have taken over your mind," he stopped for a moment before continuing, "You would have had no control over yourself, you would have been under Loki's command."

"Well why didn't I go under his command?" Sora asked.

Thor placed his fingers to his chin in thought. "I am afraid I do not know the answer," Thor replied sadly, "However, if I find the answers you seek, I shall find you and tell you them."

Sora nodded before saying, "Thanks."

Almost suddenly, Thor turned around, facing the land behind him, before he looked back at Sora. "I must take my leave now," he said, "The Nine Realms are in need of my service."

"Alright then," Sora replied, "Thanks again for taking care of Loki."

And as he made his leave, Thor stopped and turned to nod while smiling at Sora, before he twirled his hammer around his wrist at unpredictable speeds and flew off into the sky, gone.

Sora looked to the place Thor once stood in question, their visit certainly provided more questions than answers, but he just brushed it off and left, only wanting to return home.

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