Chapter 5

lets pretend spencer has a tv in her room...

She climbed on top of the bed and grabbed the remote. Toby had decided to take a shower by himself, since Spencer was too scared to do it again after Melissa found out. She turned on the TV. She tried to focus on watching it, but all she could think about was how sexy Toby looked in the shower. He would have water droplets running down his chest... And he was one of those guys that looked like a model when they were naked.

She licked her lips as she stared at the TV screen blankly. She could always go knock on the door and have him let her in, right? She could join him if she wanted to. He wouldn't mind. But she knew she couldn't. Wren was probably patrolling just to make sure that she wasn't doing anything with Toby, and Melissa might walk in at any second.

Then, she felt hands grab her shoulders. The hands were obviously the manly hands of her muscular and extremely attractive boyfriend, so she smiled. She was surprised, since he turned the water off only like a minute ago, so it was weird how he changed into his clothes so quickly. She turned around so she could give him a kiss...

And she saw him in nothing but a baby blue towel wrapped around his waist.

She was quite satisfied with the view.

"You're a fucking tease," she said, shaking her head while chuckling. "I won't fall for your dumb tricks."

He brushed his lips against her cheek.

"Tricks? There are no tricks," he whispered as he tried to pull her closer. "Please kiss me."

"Oh, so you didn't have enough fun embarrassing me in front of Melissa and Wren?" Spencer retorted.

"Who cares what Melissa and Wren think?" Toby said. "Just come here, girlfriend."

"Maybe if you drop that towel..." Spencer joked.

He raised his eyebrows and ran a hand through his sandy-colored wet hair. He smiled at her.

"We can arrange for that to happen, if you want," he seductively whispered as he climbed on the bed and cupped her cheeks.

"Arrange, huh? So what time are you free today, Mr. Cavanaugh?" She flirted as she inched closer to him.

"I have a a very busy schedule with a beautiful young woman named Spencer, but I think right now seems pretty good." He said flirtatiously, and moved even closer, so their noses were practically touching. "How does right now sound to you, Spence?"

"Right now sounds pretty good," she said, nodding and smiling before she closed the distance between their lips and kissed him. He happily kissed her back.

She started tugging at the baby blue towel, wanting it to fall off.

"You said right now, Mr. Cavanaugh," she whispered as she pulled back from their kiss.

"I know, but we should make this fair, right?" He suggestively said, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, I see how it is," she said, nodding. "Okay, alright, alright. Have your pick."

"Really?" He brightly smiled, and allowed his hands to start pulling her (which was really his) top over her head.

"That's more like it," he commented. "You're beautiful. You know that?"

She felt so flattered by his words. It was different when Toby called her beautiful. When Wren called her beautiful, it barely meant anything to her. But when Toby called her that, her stomach got butterflies, and it felt like she could see sparks flying in the air. She loved everything about him... From his blue eyes to his seductive and sexy low voice. He was also probably one of the sweetest guys in the world. She felt like she could be confident and shameless around him.

"Come here, you..." She quietly said as she pulled him back in for more kisses.

His hands cupped her cheeks as he kissed her, and she ran her hands down his muscular and chiseled chest which she worshipped so much. His abs were just another one of his amazing features. While he did have many great features in his appearance, it was his personality that charmed her the most. He was sweet, but seductive. It was the perfect combination that could melt any girl in seconds. Spencer felt lucky to be his girl. Not all girls were lucky enough to get guys like him.

"We heard your parents were out of town, so we wanted to part-ay!" Hanna Marin exclaimed as she rushed into Spencer's bedroom. Hanna was followed by Aria and Emily.

The brunette quickly pulled away from her boyfriend. She grabbed the blue shirt with an anchor and slid it over her head in seconds. But it was too late, her friends had already seen her making out with her shirtless boyfriend who was only wearing a towel, while she was in her bra.

"Sorry to interrupt," Emily nearly choked.

Spencer sighed and asked them, "Who let you guys in, anyways?"

"Your sister," Emily responded.

Just then, Melissa showed up in the doorway.

"Spence, sorry I forgot to tell you, but your friends called! They're coming over." Melissa said, smiling.

"Wow Melissa, thanks," the brunette sarcastically said.

Melissa just walked away.

"Nice abs, Toby." Hanna said, giggling.

Toby blushed and turned to face Spencer, "Well, fuck," he said, and hurried back into the bathroom.

"Are you having fun?" Hanna asked, giggling.

Spencer blushed again.

"Like you haven't done worse," Spencer rolled her eyes and propped herself down on her bed.

"Yeah, it's normal for Caleb and I to go to the extreme! But you're Spencer! I never would have imagined a scene like that, with you in it," Hanna said.

"Thanks?" Spencer sarcastically said. "You scared him off, anyways. What did you want?"

"Melissa told us that your parents are out," Aria said. "We wanted to hang, but clearly you've already got your own company."

Spencer sighed.

"Let it go! Toby's always busy working, and now was our chance to spend some time together," she explained. "He's been spending the night. It's kind of weird, with Wren around, but I don't mind. I've got Toby."

"So you have time for Toby and not for us?" Emily joked.

"Wow, and I thought you were the quiet one, Em," Spencer rolled her eyes.

Toby walked out of the bathroom, dressed in a pair of basketball shorts and a casual t-shirt. He joined Spencer on the bed and kissed her cheek.

"I liked you better before you got dressed," Hanna joked.

"Hanna, not funny!" Spencer scolded, and leaned up against her boyfriend's chest.

"We're the cock blocks of the year," Aria laughed. "And since when did Spence have a better love life than me?"

"Ever since I started dating Toby," she sweetly said, and pulled herself onto his lap.