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"Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see." -Helen Keller

The air had shifted. Every so slightly, I saw my family face the door, Uncle Jasper's teeth bared and Aunt Alice's vision seemingly clouded. Perhaps there was something I was missing; nothing seemed wrong to me.

It then occurred to me that I could see no birds flying through the trees, smell no squirrels or even the elk that had found their home in my backyard. Not even Jacob moved, save for the subtle trembling in his arm that I soothed with my palm.

He looked at me, and in his eyes I could see an anxious and curious angst that had definitely not been there ten minutes ago. Why, ten minutes ago, we were arguing about whose turn it was to make the popcorn. It was all fun and games. Until our door opened, however, which was when all hell broke loose.


"We'll find him-"

"Everything will be alright-"

Among the commotion and yelling, Jacob put his arm in front of me and pushed me away from them. Confused, he shook his head, and I blinked. He wouldn't tell me what was happening. Why? I moved my palm from his arm to his cheek, animating my question. Still, he shook his head and pulled my palm away from him.

Approximately half a minute later, Uncle Jasper ran outside with Aunt Rosalie, leaving the seven of us - Granddad Carlisle, Grandma Esme, Aunt Alice, Jacob, Mom and Dad, and Me - alone in the following silence.

Dad whispered something to Mom that I didn't catch, and she turned to me after another silent moment.

"Renesmee-" I cringed. Whenever they used my full name, our situation was never good. "Uncle Em went missing. Rose and Jasper went to search for him."

"Will he be alright?" I asked, my eyebrows furrowing. Mom looked away, but Dad gave me a smile.

"I'm sure they'll find him soon enough. For now, though, we'll keep our hopes up."

He could probably tell that I wasn't feeling his comfort, patting my head and placing a kiss against my forehead. Always at such a different temperature, but strangely comforting. It was what I had lived with for so many years, after all! Jacob was the only one, other than his pack, who could match my heat. Humans would be the next closest thing, but it seemed that even after over 50 years, my family wouldn't have me around many humans.

Charlie and Sue were exceptions to this. I was sad to let them go.

Ever since then, I had not been around any other humans. My own thoughts were that, if I were around them more, I would get used to the smell and eventually shrug it off. That was how Granddad Carlisle did it, anyway, why couldn't I?

Some 20 years after I had voiced that question, they finally let in that it was the brute fear that had been instilled in them. It wasn't my fault if I made a mistake, but there were higher powers that would expose me and find ways around my carefulness. Dim memories of them in a snowy field allowed me to accept this as truth. I could almost put a name, almost match a face. All my family had told me, however, was one word. It was enough to keep me alert:


Alice snapped me out of my thoughts and into the present.

"I can't see."

"What? But-"

"Edward, do not do this again. I can't see."

"Is it just them that you can't see? Can you see us?"

"Something's blocking it."

"Jacob, can you step outside for a mom-"

"No," Alice interrupted Dad. "It's not Jacob. It's not Renesmee. It's not the pack."

"Then what?"

"I don't know," she snarled.

"Edward, you know better than to hound your sister about this," Esme scolded. For once, her honey voice didn't seem so nurturing. She was worrying too, I could tell. Uncle Jasper would always tip me off about emotions, giving hints and observations about his gift. I couldn't feel it like he could, but he had taught me how to read the lines, the creases, the subtle changes that one would make in their face when feeling something.

A chill of dread overtook me, and I had the sudden urge to cry. Uncle Jasper would be back God knows when, and Aunt Rose was in just as much trouble. She had been there since my birth, and never once let anything bad touch me for long. I respected her, needed her; when was she coming back?

When was Uncle Emmett coming back?

Jacob touched my shoulder, and I leaned into his side. He was always so warm: not only in temperature, but in comfort and safety too. My best friend, my constant against this world that always fought and changed and conquered and lost.

I cried that night, unheard by anyone else in the safety of my Dad's old bedroom.

The next day, none of the three had returned, making my mood set in "grim." I wanted to mourn, to cry out to the sky why something had taken my family from me, why fate couldn't leave us alone for a few centuries. My family was made of stone and venom. Why then, had some unseen force taken nearly half within one night? It wasn't fair!

"Hey kid, you sleep okay?" Jacob asked, and one glare sent him walking the other way. I wasn't in the mood to talk, to act as if nothing happened and as if everything would be fine. Nothing would be fine.

"You're overreacting, Nessie," my Dad tried to say, but I cut him off and brought myself down on the sofa of the main house. I couldn't sleep in our cottage, not when it seemed so far from what little part of my family remained. "Why are you so hopeless? Keep your chin up," he tilted my chin upwards for good measure, "And Uncle Jazz and Aunt Rose will be back before you know it."

I went along with it, so as to keep him from spending too much time trying to convince a lost cause. I was already feeling their pull gone. That familiar little sense of them I had in my mind since I took my first breath. Gone.

The rest of the pack came by, Sam's group included. Jacob must have seemed worried, but when I looked at Sam's face, my head tilted and I took a few steps in his direction. He was…confused? Strange. No look of knowledge about the disappearance whatsoever.

"We've come to ask why Jacob's behavior turned south," he said politely but sternly. Just like always, set into his features was also an inlay of determination. He wouldn't leave until he got answers, I could tell. For some reason, it made me feel slightly more hopeful.

Then I remembered that vampires weren't fragile, and my gaze shifted to the floor.

Granddad Carlisle glanced at Jake with an even expression, very slightly surprised that Jake had even seemed to care. "Perhaps I could be wrong, but a few members of our family have gone missing since last night. I didn't know that Jacob was concerning himself with it, however-"

"Can't you see that it's hurting her?" Jake asked, slightly ticked and pointing at me. "What bothers her bothers me." Sam ignored him, though, and continued to ask his questions.

"Missing? Impossible."

"Vampires have weak points too, Sam."

That put everyone into silence, and not even I dared to breathe. Darting my vision from Sam back to my Granddad, my heartbeat quickened and I could hold my breath no longer.

"We haven't sensed any danger. Nothing in town, nothing on the Rez. Tell us where they went hunting, we'll check out the area and-"

"I could never ask you to do that."

"This threat poses against every human here as well."

"That's not true. The only ones who have gone missing so far were Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett. For all we know, this predator could simply be killing vampires."

"Why? What kind of reasoning would that prove?"

"I couldn't tell you," Granddad shrugged. "We don't even know what kind of creature this is, stealing those like us."

"We'll make our rounds just to be sure that there is no threat out here," Sam turned to leave, giving Granddad no room to argue.

After Sam's proclamation of investigation, we did not see him again. Jacob said that he was around, though, but did not come back to speak with us at his finding of nil (as his reasoning was not to come back without evidence). It made me even more uneasy, especially at day four, when I saw Grandma and Granddad's blackened eyes. They were stayed to keep safe, I knew, but how long could they last? I had seen Dad go for weeks, and mother for one week more than him at the most, but it had been quite a while after the two had hunted. Most of everyone was hungry.

Except Jacob and I. We could live off of human food, after all, so maybe we were the only ones that were better off.

One week went by. No calls. No evidence. Concerning my family, we were all drained and tired of staying inside for so long. However, we were all tuned into the local news, where we heard of a large gang being completely obliterated in Seattle. I was shocked into silence as the reporter claimed that all of the bodies had gaping wounds and every last drop of blood was gone from their bodies. Dad was furious, as was Alice. Everyone was on edge. Even me, my teeth bared and the hair on my neck and arms standing upright. I was no full vampire, but that animalistic part of my came out at that moment. I was ready to burn, to crash and break every bone in the body of that who was responsible.

That despicable, good-for-nothing waste of venom. Of skin, of thought, of eternal life-

"Renesmee, calm down."

It was only then that I realized my growling at the television, which had turned to a commercial. I blinked and leaned back, still not feeling entirely…human.

"This is doing good for none of us. Besides this gang, a group of children was massacred at the school down in Port Island. Another group of teenagers was murdered here in Forks. Any group of humans could be next, and this could definitely prompt a visit from the Volturi."

Mom held me closer.

"We have to hunt soon. This isn't healthy. To cower in fear? We're the monsters," Dad murmured and I stared at him. I wanted to say something that would be otherwise, but my mood a moment ago would beg to differ.

"We'll go together, then. All of us," Mom said bravely.

That night, we would set out for the last time.

I was panting, running, trying to get away from the rampaging monster following not too far behind. Mom and Dad were gone now, and I blinked through to tears to see Jake catching up to me. I shook my head vigorously, willing him to go off in the other direction before the monster following me would notice him, but instead, he leaped on it's shoulder and snapped at it's head.

His red eyes, pale skin: I knew he was a vampire. Something was off, however. Something incredibly animalistic and out-of-control that I didn't understand. Mom wasn't like this. Aunt Rose, Uncle Em, Granddad and Grandma. The creature chasing me obviously had no self-awareness. No self-control.

Alice lept beside me and pulled me onto her back, though I fought to stay where I was. Jacob was fighting against that thing. My Jacob, my best friend, my constant. And there he went, with a growl. Alice spared me the sight, taking off as fast as she could. I wouldn't not stop the following cry from ripping it's way out of my throat, sending a signal of mourning to the sky.

It was just Alice now. Alice and I. Running from death.

For once, I wished for the Volturi's presence. They would be able to stop this thing. I asked Alice with my palm, placing it against her cheek when they would arrive. Impatience and depression clouded most of my thoughts, however, so it took her a moment to sense the inquiry.

"Soon. We have to hold on until then. Promise me, Renesmee, that you'll run! Don't stay for me, if I get caught up in this. Save yourself. Promise me!"

It was difficult to say at first, but I spit it out as best I could. My limbs trembled as I did so, "I promise!"

At that moment, I felt something rock-hard smash against my side. Granddad Carlisle taught me about anatomy, about injuries. What he could. I could feel my two top ribs cracking completely, and I howled in pain. Alice got the worst of the swipe, however, taking it against her breast and her upper arm. I could almost hear her bones crack against the howl of the monster behind us.

It's punch sent me flying against a nearby tree.

My spine was still intact, which enabled me to stand and look around for where Alice had to be. She couldn't have gone far, could she? What if she left me behind?

No, Aunt Alice wouldn't do that.

43 degrees to the left, I saw her struggling against a hulking body looming above her. I wouldn't wait for the next part- instead, I sprinted in the very opposite direction. She'd put up a fight until she was dead, I knew for sure. However, it seemed that she didn't last very long. I could already smell the beast trail me from behind, gaining speed with every second. I pushed on while my broken ribs slowed me down.

At a large clearing, I felt an intense pierce in my shoulder that quickly spread to the rest of my body, and then the pressure was gone. In spite of this, a new sensation filled my body, like a fire pit inside of me. It grew in temperature until I let out a sharp yelp, which grew into a scream. My vision blurred. Hearing dulled. Touch faded. Nothing but the fire and I.

Is this what venom feels like? I asked myself, receiving no answer. Panic overtook my mind.

Jacob said that venom was poison to him. What if I was the same way? What if this venom was what killed me? My end will have not been met by my limbs being torn from my body or my body sucked free of all of my blood. No, I will have instead been met by a single bite.

Through the fire, I could feel that my collarbone had collapsed. I struggled to let in any air.

After a while, my thoughts could only be focused on the fire, as it burned and charred it's way through every cell in my body. It increased in temperature with every minute that passed, proving me wrong when I thought that it could not get any hotter. Another sensation came to mind after I was beginning to go mad: the feeling of ice on my arms and legs, as if I were being carried. It was sweet and blissful, but too short-lived. At the second it left, the fire overtook me completely.

Everything turned to black.

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