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Here you guys go, chapter two.

"Death most resembles a prophet who is without honor in his own land or a poet who is a stranger among his people." -Khalil Gibran

Jane had suggested to wait. To see what he would do.

Who was I to refuse?

The brute went on to completely massacre the Cullen family. It astonished me, how he could so easily rip them apart as if their skin was paper, as if their bones were wicker, as if they themselves were rag dolls. Not even Felix was so impossibly…stalwart - in the most negative ways imaginable. Jane, however, instructed us to wait. And so we did.

There was only the four of us: Jane, Felix, Demitri and I, on this mission. Our grouping was almost protocol when it came to send-offs like this one. "Search and Destroy," Caius called it.

We had been following them since they left their home, taking note of how dark their eyes were and the path they took into the forest. We stayed a healthy distance back, though it did not seem as if it were needed. What was Alice doing, I wondered? Could she not see us?

Either way, she did not signal for them to stop and did not notice us behind her.

I was ready to reveal myself the moment the monster took a hold of Esme and tore her to shreds, leaving her head in two parts and her arms in many more. Fingers strewn across the dirt. Cold stone flesh within the leaves. This was past murder; this was pure brutality. It sent the others into blind rage, only making them easier to take apart. Did they not realize that the moment they lost control was the moment true death would grip their hearts of venom?

Not only unbeating; in pieces.

A mere thirty seconds later, nothing from them was intact. Except, that is, for the future-seeker and the child. The pixie was the only one able to keep her head and run while she could. I admired her for a moment, then realized that such a thought was silly: the brute would close in on her soon enough and take what he wanted. Which seemed to be destruction, of all things.

"What sort of hatred is able to cause this obliteration?" I asked my sister, as Felix and Demitri set fire to the remaining pieces of the Cullens. For good measure, of course. We paid no mind to the sudden sickly smell penetrating the air.

"I am not very sure, brother. We had better stop him, however, before he annihilates this town completely."


Alice was gone, I noted, though not before one of the shape-shifters attempted to bring down the brute. What a sorry way to go; there was fur even high up in the trees. Demitri would tend to that for now, however; Felix joined myself and my sister to take down the abomination.

Jane's eyes were set on him now and I grinned with the knowing that there was nowhere for him to run now. It only slowed him down a fraction, to my surprise, and I sent my own power after him. Several seconds later, he was blind and without touch: something that only made him even more angry. Felix remedied that, however, and we had no need for a trial. It was plain to see that this creature was beyond reasoning and any form of calm communication.

Before the guard was able to take him down and rip him limb from limb, his mouth wrapped around the small, pale girl's shoulder. I heard her cry out as well as her shoulder blade and collarbone crack.

The final flame was lit after that. We tossed his vibrating body parts into the fire, where they would burn before finding their matching pieces. Our mission was now extended by the complication of the half-breed, because strangely enough, she was not dead. No, she was merely thrashing around as if she were an enraged mountain lion. Her growls supported my humorous theory, but Jane interrupted it. I pouted slightly.

"Shall we execute this one too, brother?"

I looked down at her, studying her movements for a moment. They were slowing down even as her heartbeat increased, certainly much faster than I had heard during our first encounter. Back then, I could hear it: almost faster than the thrum of a hummingbird's wings. Now, if I did not know any better, I'd think that it would explode at any second.

"No, Jane, watch," Felix commanded, pointing at Renesmee.

I watched as well, joined by Demitri once his job was done.

The girl clenched her fists, growling with her teeth clenched until her jaw was sure to break. The fire was working it's way through her system now. This was relatively normal, however, and I did not see what Felix was making a point of until a few seconds later.

My vision blurred, and an all-consuming heat that was almost too familiar to me crowded my senses.

"What is this?" I grunted, swatting at the flames gathering around me. Jane took my arms after a moment, snapping me back to reality, and I realized that they were fake: the flames. An illusion.

"Aro would get a kick out of this," Demitri responded, and Felix cracked a smile. I frowned, as I felt extremely uncomfortable being around this girl. This girl, who could create an illusion so vivid. This girl, who could so easily send someone into pain without even trying. Jane seemed uneasy also, and I could figure why.

"Let's take her back," Felix suggested. "And if Aro has no need for her, it looks like the Cullens will be no more."

"The Cullens will be no more the moment Aro adds her to his collection," I corrected.

"Caius will be joyed."

"Not that we've brought her back. She will have to prove her usefulness if she wishes to stay," Jane said curtly, and I raised an eyebrow. Was that a tone of acrimony I heard?

Without much of a wait, Jane picked Renesmee up and laid her over her shoulder. We followed as she took off for Italy.

It was a riot, at first.

Caius was angered out of his mind that we had brought the half-breed in his presence, even as she was clearly forming into a full vampire. He almost had all of us beheaded without a moment's hesitation, but Aro was able to pause his instruction. After taking all four of our viewpoints into mind with his ability, his eyes finally rested on the shivering girl in Felix's arms. He had taken her once Jane was bored of being the carrier.

Aro looked intrigued, beyond a doubt in his mind that this girl had amazing potential. Of course, he knew that we knew that Jane's position was now questioned by her sudden arrival; Aro never settled for second best. If his thoughts were more oriented towards Renesmee, she would take Jane's place at the top of the defense guard. And Jane? There'd be no need for her anymore.

I could see it very subtly in my sister's eyes, that she was scared. From the very beginning, the Volturi was all she knew- all we both knew.

"Jane, my beauty," Aro smiled and placed both of his palms on her cheeks. "There is no need for you to worry. Your place will always be here."

"Go file your report," Caius commanded, his mouth still turned downward, as if he had smelled something horribly disgusting.

She did so without saying another word.

"Alec, Felix, take our new guest to her room. Bring her to me when she is…functioning. Your missions will be set on hold until then."

"What was this threat, Aro? Another army?" Caius asked, all other vampires except Marcus gone. Marcus, however, was paying them no mind anyway.

"No, it seems…a new creature," Aro spoke with a hint of sadness.


"Red eyes, cold skin, but no mind whatsoever. As if someone has pulled the plug from his brain to his body," the dark-haired vampire laughed at the image he suggested.

"Perhaps we should keep a tighter watch. See if another one of these creatures are born."

"Yes, yes," as Aro nodded, he also turned away and walked into the hallway following their workroom. He was on his way to another workroom on the bottom floor. One of which was his own and his own only…

It was on the seventh day that there was a change.

Significantly longer than a regular turn, and without a doubt much more painful. I could only imagine how the flame felt now, though I kept my distance in case she decided to "show me" again. The little brat couldn't keep her mind to herself anymore, and I was mostly the victim of these constant attacks. It was true that Jane had (once or twice) used her gift on me, but this fire was much worse than Jane's.

Yes, her position was in great danger.

It was on this seventh day that she finally moved again, the tips of her fingers becoming claws and her breathing becoming slightly more laborious. She let out a growl much lower than the one we all heard seven days ago, when she began to turn, though her jaw was clenched in the same way. It was almost mesmerizing, the way she was in so much pain and held so much aggression. Growling at the pain, refusing to be crushed by it. Fighting.

Such was the sign of a strong spirit. I gave a faint admiration for her determination.

Only half an hour later, the hard fluttering of her heart slowed and trembled, as if it were stuttering, before giving it's final cough. This was it. Her fire had burned.

She opened her eyes and flung herself away from myself and Felix, so-obviously frightened by our appearance. Her eyes were bright red, just as any newborn, and her figure a bit different than when she was a half-breed. Her hair was also brighter, and her face slightly elongated. More mature.

There was a look of fright that was almost funny to me, though I didn't let it show. Felix did, however, and his chuckle sent her eyes darting to him. I saw her tense up, and I raised a hand to him: a signal for him to stop. At his silence, she relaxed almost unnoticeably, and I held out my other hand to her. She stared at it, then at my eyes, then back to my hand, and she stood. Her movements were very hesitant, and I could see that she wasn't very sure of herself.

The same sight, the same sounds. I was seeing but not thinking. I could hear but could not speak. As she stared at me with the brightest ruby eyes I had seen in a long time, my feelings were not mine. They were hers, I knew for sure, and an unexplainable, anxious curiosity filled my mind. A subtle word ran across my mind like mist; I could barely contain it, yet oddly enough, it was clear like a bell.


Her attention was turned towards me, and very slowly, she reached her palm out to touch mine.

Upon contact, the strange thoughts and feelings ceased, though the friction of her hand and mine caused a current of chills to run up my arm and down my back. Not a power, I noted, only a reaction from the sensitive skin of my palm. I could feel Felix's eyes burn a hole in my back as I walked away with Renesmee in tow; he must not have liked the way of indifference she acted towards him, but it wasn't as if I choose to be the object of her annoying attention.

If he had a true problem to voice, he kept silent about it, so I didn't concern myself with wonder at the reason of his glare.

Aro was waiting in his workroom, with Caius and Marcus looking as they always did; Marcus with a great boredom and Caius with a haughty indifference. Aro, however, had a very animated look on his face. The sight of little Renesmee having been turned into one of us obviously set his anticipation rate through the ceiling.

She stared back at him with a newly amazed face. I could feel her again.

"Happy…to see me…?"

She turned to me, as if to confirm her assumption, and I nodded at her excited expression. With a smile, she turned back to Aro and took a step forward, holding up her hand to his face.

Renesmee connected with his cheek and he let her, his eyes going blank and a familiar sigh leaving him. Whatever he saw made him seemingly happy, and when she took her hand back, his gaze was one of wonder. She gazed up at him with the same wonder, and I realized that she was doing what she had been doing to me for the past seven days. Direct contact must have held a more vibrant effect.

"My dear, you are so mysterious. So many possibilities…May I?" he asked, glancing at her hand. She held it out and nodded.

Letting out a breath, he shut his eyes and began to concentrate. This confused me, as Aro never has had to concentrate to hear someone's thoughts before. After a moment, however, his eyebrows rose and I knew he had gotten through. Was she a shield too, like her mother…? Was it possible to have two gifts?

"What a strange happening," he glanced down at Renesmee with somber eyes. I didn't understand. Surely, he would not be showing remorse for the loss of her coven?

"Friends," several other guards as well as Marcus and Caius turned their attention to Aro. "It seems as though our new member has met an eccentric beginning."

"What is wrong with her, Aro?" Caius asked quickly. It sounded harsh, but after so many years, it was easy to see that he was curious as well.

"Her only memory is of her pain before waking. She does not know who she is, or from whence she came. She does not know the extent of her powers, or much of anything else."

Renesmee looked quite saddened to hear this being spoken.

"It is up to us to help her find her place within our ranks."

"Then she is staying?" I asked, my thoughts going to Jane.

"Yes. Unless, of course, you'd like to leave?" Aro made a grand gesture toward to hallway in which she could leave. Without looking back at it, she shook her head politely.

"Welcome, dear, to the Volturi."

The moment Aro finished his sentence, the door to the hallway opened, and a rather short, plump woman came through with an envelope in her hand. From my stance, I could see that the envelope was not written on, though there was a slight translucence where the paper did not fill it completely. Something was inside.

At the woman's entrance, Renesmee whipped her head around and took in the sight of the woman, her lips curling over her teeth and a growl streaming from her chest. Her limbs were trembling, and I could tell that she did not know what to do. Seeing Aro nod to me, I sped to the door and closed it, locking it so that nothing could get in.

Or out.

"It seems that you've come at an unfortunate time, dearest Lisa…"

The woman's screams were very short-lived.

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