Author's note: Happy Holidays! Thought, in the spirit of the season, I'd start the story with a holiday theme! :3 Do enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Are you sure this is going to work?"

Donny pushed the huge goggles farther up his head and sighed, running a hand down his face. "Faye..."

"I, know, I know...We've had this conversation about 20 times now, but still..."

Donatello sighed and gave the tall girl a hug. Her skin was scaly but smooth, her big fogged over eyes large and hopeful. He took note of the way her gills flared - she needed to get back in the water soon. He stroked a strand of her long, fire engine red hair in his rough hands. He knew of no one else who could get away with blue skin and red hair and still pull it off.

Then again, he didn't exactly know another genetically modified aquatic female, either.

He let a sigh and a smile escape his lips. "I'll finish up here. You go get in the bath."

Faye furrowed her eyebrows and looked somewhere at his chest. "I'm fine."

"You're gills are flaring. You need water. Go." Donny slide his goggles back down his face, ending the conversation. Faye kissed him on the cheek before standing to her feet.

"You sure?"


Somewhere in the background Donny heard the door creak open and shut again. Alone. He was alone now. The feeling was starting to seem unfamiliar to him since he and his brother's had found the four test subject teenage girls in the sewers about a year ago. Each one had fallen for one of the girls and, though they had their fights, they all were living a pretty good life.

The purple clad turtle smiled down at his work. He was about to make everyone's dreams come true.

Or so he thought.

Mikey ran around the lair, dusting every reachable area with a thin layer of green and red glitter. He smiled as he snuck up on a sleeping Raph and sprinkled the decorations on his brother's bald head and snapped a big white beard on his chin, earning him a giggle from Rory. The raven haired girl turned back to her work of hanging garlan on the walls with a smile. Faye busied herself in the kitchen, spreading the smell of freshly baked cookies, peppermint white chocolate and other such holiday sweets to cover the scent of the damp, dusty sewer. No one quite understood how it was that someone who was blind could cook as well as the tall aquatic girl, but she seemed to have quite the knack for it. Leo and Val 'discussing' just where the perfect spot was for the tall, bushy tree that Val had not so legally cut down earlier that day from New York's Central park, which had earned her a long lecture from the blue clad turtle before the two disappeared into a dark closet somewhere. Sometime between the two fights between the love birds, Ari had vanished letting only Raphael know where it was she was going. When Mikey asked where the bird girl had gone, the only reply he got from his older, now sleeping, brother was a simple, "Out flying."

Donny stepped out of his lab and cracked his back. He hadn't seen the outside of his science cave in over a week now, not that it was exactly a record. Before Faye he was known for locking himself up there for months on end. But the light blue skinned girl had changed him. A lot of him. And he was still deciding if he liked that...

"The tree is going here, so we can sit around it when unwrapping presents. I got it. I decide where it goes." Val ripped the tree trunk from Leo's palms and started to drag it into the living room.

"Um first of, you stole the tree when I was on my way to actually legally buying one. So I don't think that point counts. And secondly, if we put in the living room we won't have enough room to walk around the darn thing. Have you seen the size of this thing? Every time someone would get up an ornament would break! If we could even get any on in the first place..."

Val dropped the tree and grinned. "I'll show you what I'm getting on..."

"Aaannnnd I'm awake! Ari not back yet?" Raph sat up on the couch from his nap and yawned. Rory nearly fell off her ladder from laughing so hard at the bearded turtle. It took him a moment to realize the alien fur on his face, but when he did his face turned about the color of his mask. "Mikey!"

"Uhh he's not here at the moment dude! Leave a message at the be-eep!" Raphael flew over the side of the couch at his brother and in no time had the youngest turtle in a headlock.

"I'm gonna kill ya, ya- ya-"

"Hey, Ari's back!" Faye stood in the kitchen doorway with a grin on her face, her eyes looking somewhere over the wet winged girl's head. Raph let go of his little brother and ran over to meet his girlfriend.

"Hey, ya got what ya needed?" He hugged the tall girl who almost towered over him and gave her a short but passionate kiss. Her fair cheeks reddened as she lifted an armful of plastic bags to eye level.

"Yea. All here. Want to help me wrap it?" Raphael's amber eyes danced at the sight of the young girl, his skin seeming to almost glow from just being near to her. She giggled as he swept her off her feet and carried her ,princess style , to the training den.

"Sure, why not?"

"Have fun!" Val shouted. "And don't forget to wrap your legs around a piece of that-"

"The tree is going here, and that's final." Leo butted in, interrupting the sentence before it went too far.

"Over my skinned body!" Val growled, her fur standing up on her back.

Mikey shrugged at Rory and went back to his glitter spreading. Before too long the decorations were all up, the cookies were baked, the tree was up in the living room and the presents were neatly wrapped and placed in piles under it. The couples took a moment to admire their work before heading to bed, each going to their own rooms for the night. No one slept a wink. But then again, who does on Christmas Eve?