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Chapter 4

"Does this skirt make me look fat?"

"What do you mean?" Donny smacked Leo's shoulders and raised his eye ridges. Leo furrowed his eye ridges and shrugged. "No. I mean no. Not fat at all."

"You sure?" Val turned to look at her butt in the mirror and tilted her head to the side.

"Yes, Val, I'm sure. Honey, we got to go we're gonna be late."

"Leo calm down. We got plenty of time." Raphael patted his brother on the shoulder and gave him a cheeky half smile.

"Raph, do I look ok?" Ari pushed back her bleach blond hair and smiled up at her boyfriend with a pink glossy lips. Her eyes stood out behind the thin layer of blue eyeshadow that was spread over her eyelids. Raphael grinned and wrapped his arms around the girl.

"Ya look amazing, with 'nd without tha makeup."

Ari blushed and hugged the teen. In the background Faye shoved an armful of materials into a white backpack patterned with cherries. Rory walked up beside her and handed her a brown paper bag which got promptly got shoved into the backpack with everything else. Rory chewed on her fingernail, eyes darting between the teens rushing about around her.

"Um, guys?" She whispered. Mikey came out of his room in a pair of tan colored shorts and a loose orange button up. He grabbed the jug of milk off the table top and started to drink out of it, earning him a smack and a glare from Master Splinter. Rory cleared her throat and looked around again.

"Guys?" Leo stood like a statue as Val adjusted his deep blue tie and dusted off his deep colored jeans. Raphael slipped on a black jacket over his red shirt and kissed Ari on the forehead. She giggled and smacked the teen when she caught him looking down her white dress. Raphael laughed and helped the girl slip on her jean jacket.

"Um hello?" Rory looked at each of the teens and raised her voice. Donny looked over his shoulder before stuffing a sort of electrical device in his deep purple backpack. Splinter smacked away Michelangelo's hand from the milk jug and shook his head. Rory looked ar each of her friends before closing her eyes in frustration.

"GUYS." Everyone held the heads and turned to look at Rory. The raven haired girl braced herself against the kitchen cabinet and massage her forehead. Micky was by her side in just moments, holding her up and cradling her head.

"Jeez dudette, you ok? That was quite the loud, uh, message, you just sent. What's up?"

Rory rubbed her head. "First off, Advil. Telepathy isn't as easy as it woud seem." Donny handed her a bottle of medication which she promptly opened. "Secondly...are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, going to high school? Really? What do we hope to accomplish here?" The room went suddenly quiet.

"To learn?" Donatello spoke up first.

"To party?" Micky countered.

"To win?" Leo shrugged. The girl's looked between each other and mumbled to themselves. Val ignored the conversation completely and continued preening herself. The room went quiet for a beat or two before Raphael rubbed his neck and spoke up.

"So we can live a real life? Think about it. This is our chance to be normal. To live like we aren't freaks. Like we're jus' normal teens. Don't cha' want that?"Rory sighed and slowly shook her head.

"Yea...yea. Let's go to school."

A bell rang; deep throated and full, with an authority not recognized by any of the mutant teens. Students bustled about to classes around the group, bumping past them with large, full backpacks and conceited glares. Scents of mixed perfumes and colonges mixed to create almost gaseous toxin. The sound of swearing soon echoed in the hallway, turning Ari's cheeks a bright red. She clung to Raphael's arm like a security blanket as she gazed around the halls with wide eyes full of fear. Raphael quickly escorted her away, noting the hungry looks several of the boys around them were giving her. Faye fumbled for Donny's hand looking overwhelmed. Donny leaned to whisper in her ear.

"Don't worry. I talked to the counselor and we have all our classes together. I'm with you the entire way." He intertwined his arm with hers and walked down the opposite direction of Raphael and Ari, disappearing into what looked like a science class. In the background someone knocked into Leo and pushed him into Val, making her drop her books. A teen with long shaggy hair and a Varsity football shirt laughed and bent down next to Val.

"I'm sorry sweetie, did I give you a lil' boo boo?" In a matter of seconds Val was on her feet and had the man pinned to a locker. Her eyes burned holes through the man. She bite the corner of her lip till it started to bleed, just barely holding herself back.

"I don't know who you think you are, asshole..."

"Val." Leo put a hand on his girlfriend's shoulder and pulled her gently away. "Let's get to class." He muttered. Val dusted herself off, threw the jock her middle finger and followed Leo to her class. Rory furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Mikey, who looked right at home already with a group of young women.

"We should go to class to, hon." She murmured, pulling on the orange haired teen. Mikey laughed.

"Sorry dudettes, duty calls!" All the girls giggled and waved goodbye to the teen, earning him a nasty glare from Rory. He stopped in his tracks and furrowed his eyebrows.

"What's up babe?" Rory rolled her eyes and let out a long sigh before smiling bitterly.

"Nothing. See you at lunch." Before Mikey could say another word she turned on her heel and marched away into a classroom. Mikey scratched the top of his head before shrugging and heading away to his class as well.