"Master Bruce?" Alfred questioned, waking up Bruce Wayne.

"Yes, Alfred?" Wayne replied drowsily. He sat up in his bed and the sheet fell from his chest as he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand.

"I'm afraid Joker…."

"Enough said. Dammit! Can't he go a couple of weeks without breaking out of Arkham?"

Wayne sprung out of bed, brushed past Alfred, and reached his library. Shelves and shelves full of books of all kind. Wayne trudged to the grand piano in the room. He played a three-note tune and the shelves slid. Wayne put one hand on the pole and heaved the rest of his body onto the pole.

Once he landed, he was fully suited as the Caped Crusader. He slammed his fist down on a button nearby which raised the Batmobile. He jumped down the steps and sprinted to the black car. He pivoted over the door into the driver's seat. He pulled it into gear and sped out of the Batcave.

"Computer, locate villain: The Joker." Batman spoke to the Batmobile. After a few seconds the GPS screen inside the cockpit circled in on a certain point in Gotham. "The toy factory? Sure it is his MO but…" Batman asked himself, confused.

After Batman arrived he saw several GCPD cars parked outside with many deputies using their doors as cover, waiting to get a sign of Joker's face so they can blow that grin off of him.

"Commissioner Gordon." Batman said as he hopped out of the Batmobile and walked to Gordon.

"Just in time, Batman!" He exclaimed as his mustache and glasses moved as he spoke to the Dark Knight. "Joker up to his usual shenanigans."


"Five. We tried negotiating-no luck. He won't let anything in or out."

"Did he account for me?" Batman said, the sentence a little threatening because of his monotone voice.

Gordon looked at the factory, then back to Batman but he was gone. Batman flew through the air to the ceiling of the toy factory.

If I remember correctly, this factory had a skylight. Batman thought to himself.

Once he made it to the ceiling, his grappling hook automatically set itself back inside the Caped Crusader's utility belt. He made his way to where he thought the skylight was. And he was correct, there was a skylight.

He looked through the glass, seeing Joker having five people at gun point. Batman scanned for Joker's thugs but didn't see any.

The Dark Knight smashed through the glass and kicked the revolver out of Joker's gloved hand and landed on his feet.

"It's…. over…." Batman breathed. Barely able to breathe much less speak.

"Whoa! Quicker reaction to the gas than I thought, Batsy!" Joker laughed hysterically after, "See, I had Freeze make Joker gas invisible! And a vaccine for me so you, Bats, wouldn't wonder why I wasn't wearing a gas mask!"

Batman dropped to one knee.

"But this time, my laughing gas has an unexpected side effect…" Joker smiled in Batman's face, lingering on the last three words of his sentence to add affect, as Batman lost consciousness.