Hello guys! I ended Chapter 3 at an awkward part, so to start Chapter 4 it is going to be an awkward first paragraph, sentence, or such-my greatest apologies. Also, sorry for the delay.

Batman still hung upside down with one of Ivy's vines wrapped around his ankle.

"Can you let me down?" Batman asked.

"Now sweetie, why would I do that?" Ivy responded. "Anyways, why did you come visit sweet ol' Red?" Ivy said lustfully.

Batman took a moment to think of how to word 'Oh, you see, Joker is actually on your side and tries to kill me but he made a gas to swap lives with me. Can you help me?' Yeah, made perfect sense.

He opened in mouth but suddenly lights flooded the greenhouse. Gas bombs crashed through the roofs and sprayed its smoke-colored gas everywhere. Ivy tried to rise herself out of the greenhouse by her plants but the gas had some sort of effect on her and her plants.

The vine around Batman's ankle shrunk away and Batman thumped against the floor. Harley started crying and mumbling something about not going to Arkham. Batman sprinted and wrapped his left arm around Harley's waist. He grabbed his trustful Batclaw and grappled out of the greenhouse.

"REEEEEEED!" Harley cried as they rose out of the greenhouse.

Batman lay on the bed in his room. Harley was balling as loud as she possible could-possibly a bit louder.

Batman sighed and got up and slumped over to where Harley was.

"Boss, you gotta do sumthin'!" A thug said with his hands pressed against his ears.

Batman nodded and walked in. Harley sucked on her thumb in between cries. Batman reluctantly sat next to her and held her close.

"I'm sorry about Red." Batman said.

She stopped balling and looked at him with her deep sky blue eyes. "Did you do it on purpose?"

"Harley, of course not. I really didn't mean for her to get arrested. I'm so sorry Harley." Batman squeezed her close holding her for a second or two.

Snores came from her mouth.

"Still obnoxious but better than wailing." Batman sighed.

He walked out of Harley's multi-colored room.

"Anyone know where Freeze is?" Batman asked out loud.

The TV suddenly blared with the news.

"Breaking News: Dr. Freeze is robbing Gotham Bank! All police units are on call! Roads near the bank have been closed! Many hostages inside the bank!"

"Guessing he is there?" A thug smiled.

Batman leaped , grappled, and swung from building to building

Batman stared from a gargoyle at the entrance of the bank. Abruptly, he felt a gun muzzle at the back of his brain stem.

"Hello Batsy!" Said a little too familiar voice….