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Kim Possible: Fallen Heroes



Shego watched her carefully as Kim floated with a maddeningly sedate pace toward the hovering platform.

She spotted the tiny flare of her suit's thrusters now and then as the redhead carefully adjusted her course so she was moving just where she wanted to be in relation to the control module on the top side of the massive platform near what seemed to be a miniature dome that might be the heart of the device.

"Can you still hear me, Jade," Shego asked.

"Of course, Shego. I am still here, after all."

"Good. Anyway, I was wondering, did you detect anything like lasers, or something obvious when you were scanning that thing?"

"Nothing obvious. As I said, there are still unknown variables at work here. Especially since I'm not sure how the satellite platform is defended as I couldn't actively scan it without giving our presence away."

"Right. Best guess. You think that thing has any serious armaments?"

"Anything is possible."

Shego grit her teeth.

"You know, you're as annoying as Kimmie at times."

"Does that mean you like me, too," Jade shot back.

"Aren't you supposed to be paying attention to Princess?"

"She's not there yet. I've enough processing ability to converse without issue just now."

"Wonderful. So, in other words, you don't have a clue either."

"Not one. So keep your eyes open, Light Bulb. You may have to save all of us."

She glanced at the manual laser control on the dash that Jade had activated for her, and grimaced.

"I'm telling you now, if it's a choice between Kimmie and that floating tinker toy, I'm blasting it to pieces."

"I believe she would understand."

"Yeah, you keep thinking that," Shego muttered, still unable to believe she had kissed her. Actually kissed her.

Okay, on the nose, but the darn suits were not made for things like that, and all she knew was at the moment she had needed to tell her…. Show her how she felt.

Just in case.

"I'm here," Kim's voice rasped over her transceiver even as Shego watched her roll over the edge of the platform, grab a support for one of the solar panels, and inch her way closer to the module behind that central dome.

"Slow and easy," Shego rasped herself, staring fixedly at the redhead as she crept over the surface of the platform, a small, whitish blob in the darkness around them as they moved into a denser field of wreckage.

She gaped when she saw a piece of thick steel with the NASA logo on it, and knew this debris field was likely part of what was left of the old ISN that once orbited over the planet.

"Careful, Kimmie," she called out. "We're getting into a pretty heavy debris field here."

"Don't worry. Jade's shields should keep anything from impacting her."

"I'm not worried about me, you moron," she shot back.

Kim only gave a soft chortle in reply.

"Almost there," she finally said, and put a gloved hand on the module's control panel, pushing a square she hoped was the same as any other modular control she had worked with in Wade's lab.

The faint vibrations she felt under her hand through the suit almost immediately faded, and she looked around, studying the dome, and the panels, and everything else carefully.

"I just shut down the primary functions, I think. Any troubling reactions from where you are," she called to Shego.

"Nothing. Everything still seems pretty frozen from here."

"Okay, I'm going to open it up."

Shego tensed, and watched her even more closely. She was unable to see her working, but knew something was going on because the AI's dash suddenly started glowing and flashing like a hyperactive disco ball. She watched the platform, trying not to focus solely on Kim, wanting to ensure she missed nothing as time seemed to pass in an agonizing stretch.

"Okay. I think we have it," Kim suddenly called back. "I'm going to switch the systems back…."

Shego's eyes suddenly rounded.

"Kim! Roll left now," Shego shouted as she immediately fired both front lasers at the ugly, mini-bot that had risen out of the dome, and was reaching for the redhead's helmet with two clawed appendages.

The blue beams cut into the metal guardian, cutting it into thirds that imploded, and drifted away even as Kim had rolled quickly away, almost floating off the platform before she had grabbed another of the support beams again, clinging to a solar mirror even as she stared at the small robot that was blasted virtually before her eyes.

"Don't move," Shego shouted over the com even as she blasted a second robot coming over the lip of the platform.

Even as she did, she noticed four more 'domes' from beneath the device were starting to move.

She targeted every one of them, even those yet to move, and started blasting anything that looked like the housing of a mini-warbot. She didn't stop until the only thing left were the solar mirrors, and the small control nodule atop the platform.

"Great shooting, Shego," Kim told her cheerfully as she moved back to the module. "I'm going to try to start this thing up now, and see if it works for us."

"Keep your eyes open all the same. And get ready to get off that thing if I have to blow it, too."

"Fingers crossed," Kim said in reply, and used her thrusters to move back to the module, and reached for the control panel.

She pressed the device, sealing the module's circuits once more even as she felt the vibrations of the working machinery under her glove again as she turned to see several of the nearest panels already slowly turning to alter their angles.

"I think it's working, Shego," she grinned. "I think it's working."

"Great. Now get back here, and let's go home!"

"On my way. And great job," she said again even as she pushed away from the platform, most of the debris field behind them now, and headed directly for the Roth. "Couldn't have done it without you."

Even as she moved, a flash of blue carved the darkness to her right, and another min-bot exploded.

"What'd I say, Princess. Keep your eyes open!"

"I'm back online, and in control of all systems," Jade reported just then. "Don't worry, Shego, I think you destroyed the last one. We should all be safe now," she said as the laser grid faded from the dash, and Shego glared at it.

A few minutes later, Kim clambered into the car, finally got inside, and pressurized the vehicle once more.

"Jade? Assessment?"

"If our calculations were anywhere near adequate, Kim," Jade remarked as they backed away from the platform, watching as the last of the mirrors slowly turned to angle so sunlight was now being reflected directly onto the planet once more. "Then we should be reheating the atmosphere sufficiently to warm the planet inside...two to six months."

"Won't you overheat things if you keep it going?"

"I've got a failsafe in place," Kim told her. "I put one of Drew's micro-explosives in the controlling module. Any time we need to shut it down, we can blow it remotely, and we'll be back on our own again. Which I'll do once I'm satisfied the artificial cold wave is really ended."

"Something to look forward to," Shego admitted even as Kim said, "Jade, take us home."

Shego almost yelled in relief when the car turned, and angled down toward the planet.


"We're missing something," Kim said as they stood outside the second night of their return, Jade sitting quietly near the house as the redhead stared up at the sky. A now much clearer sky than before.

The first night had been spent flying around the planet, using Jade's new blue lasers to destroy the warbots wherever they were found.

Once, they were even close enough to a band of survivors in Europe that the people spotted them, and cheered manically at the flying bug that destroyed their attackers they had been holding off with stone spears and boulders from a cliff.

"Looks like we made their day," Shego had said when they flew over the small group of men that had taken refuge in the cliffs.

That had been a full day ago.

Now, she and Shego stood under a dark, almost clear sky, staring up at the stars for the first time in a long time.

"Still no signal?"

"No. The problem is, with the few working satellites literally few and far between, we might not detect it from here anyway. I'm going to have to go up, and try a grid search. It's the only way."

Shego put a hand on her shoulder, and turned her to face her.

"You just got back."

"We just got back," Kim smiled, still remembering that first, frantic kiss born of relief, and jubilation after they had gotten back, and stripped out of their gear.

Nothing had been said since, but there had been a lot of smiles, and wistful looks as they went about their usual business of trying to build their new world.

"What is it," Kim asked when she said nothing now, just staring at her.

"Can you really care for me?"


"Think about it. We're it. Or….mostly it. Shouldn't we be finding someone to….make babies, too? Don't we have a duty to help…. Gah, you know? So how can we….? How do we…..?"

Kim smiled, and pulled her into a light embrace.

"What matters, whatever else, is how we feel," she said, and lightly kissed her without warning this time. "No matter who else is, or isn't out there, I would like to think it's still love that makes life worth living. And…. I couldn't have children anyway, so it hardly matters to me."

"You can't….?"

"One of the issues me and Ron faced back then," she admitted. "I had one too many mishap during the day. My metabolism is so screwed up that I was…. Well, I can't have children."

"Oh. I'm sorry," Shego said quietly, just holding her in turn, and enjoying the feel of her as she ignored the shadows behind those faintly lit windows where the others were inside around warm fires.

Things might be already gradually warming up, but they still had a long way to go, and the nights were still frigid. It didn't stop Kim from going outside, or Shego from following her.

"I wouldn't have changed one thing in my life even if I knew what would happen. I like to think I've made a difference. A real difference, even if GJ turned on me in the end."

"You know what's ironic? She tossed you away when she likely needed you most. I wonder if she realized that. At the end, I mean?"

"Knowing Betty? I don't doubt she went out fighting," Kim sighed.

"Probably lecturing those green dopes while she did," Shego smirked, and leaned down to kiss her again.

"Probably," she nodded. "Although, that's more Will Du's thing. Could you just imagine him quoting regs while those guys stomped over everything."

"Unfortunately," Shego grimaced.

"You know, I keep wondering. Is my family waiting? Did they volunteer? Wade? Ron?"

"Monkey-boy? From what I saw of him before the big chill, he was probably out there fighting to the last, too."

"Yeah. He really stepped up, didn't he," Kim sighed.

"Yeah," Shego murmured, and tightened her embrace. "But, you know, your folks, they might have volunteered. We could probably use them, too. I mean, your mom was a great doctor, and your dad…."

"Part of me hopes," Kim admitted. "Part of me doesn't want them waking up to….this," she said.

"Hey. We're alive. And we're still beating the odds," Shego told her. "Remember?"

"Yeah. Shego, I am glad you're here. I know I said it before, but…. I really am glad you're here."

"I'm kind of glad you're here, too, Princess," she murmured, and kissed her again.

Kim kissed back. Hard.

"So," Shego asked breathlessly when they finally parted. "When do you have to go?"

"Tomorrow. No offense, but I better take Sara again. We'll probably take off tomorrow early."

Shego stared into her eyes, refusing to release her.

"Then….tonight, you're mine, Kimmie," she murmured.

"No. I'm yours forever," Kim smiled, and let her lead her toward the shelter they shared when they both managed to be free.


It was closer to noon before Kim and Sara, the Roth loaded with provisions for however long they would take, rose into the sky once more.

Shego stood watching her go, and Kim had felt part of her torn at leaving the woman behind again after what they had finally shared.

"You could have taken her, you know," Sara pointed out as they flew away from the growing settlement that was starting to come alive as the days began to warm more and more, and the ice obviously began to melt in earnest.

"They still need a strong leader, just in case something comes up. Both our groups," Kim pointed out quietly. "And we still have to assume the Lorwardians might still have other surprises out there waiting on us. Besides, I might need you again. Like in Peru."

"But, won't that power station grid do everything now?"

"We likely still have to activate something, or we would have heard something by now. Or that's my guess," Kim told her as they rose high over the continent, and Jade began the preprogrammed grid search they had developed to start hunting for the missing signal to find those sleeping volunteers.

Kim didn't want to admit she was afraid something might have happened to them, too, which was part of why she didn't want to think about her parents, or friends being out there waiting. Or dead.

Only that was silly.

Either way, they were long dead.

Long gone.

Still, if there was a chance, and knowing Wade, better than a chance, then she had to find those people. She had to wake them up. Whoever they were.

She studied the GPS grid map, and told Jade, "All right. Let's get to work."

Jade agreed, and the car increased speed as they began to electronically map the terrain below them as they began to search for the missing signal.

They flew over Europe next, and on into the Eastern stretches of what had once been China. They then angled south to run their search over the Southern Hemisphere, the long hours turning into days as they found nothing beyond those already detected few groups of human survivors, and little else.

Thankfully, they did not find any more warbots. None active, at least, and nothing else seemed to be happening as the planet slowly heated, and even though it was only the first week, it was obvious that the ice was going to be retreating soon enough.

Then, well into the fifth day, the frequency they were hunting suddenly chirped.

It was low, faint, and very distant, but it was there.

Kim almost cheered as Jade immediately altered course, and flew due south as the signal slowly began to intensify.

"We found it," Sara laughed with her as the chirping indicator grew louder, and stronger with every second.

"There," Kim realized, noting the finally pinpointed the beacon on the GPS grid. "That's why we didn't get it. It's in Antarctica," Kim laughed as Jade's GPS now sang with the stronger than ever beacon. "They literally hid at the bottom of the world."

"The last place anyone would look," Surge agreed, and sat back in the seat, feeling more than alive despite the long, wearying hours of the long fifth day of their anxious search.

"Jade, can you contact Shego?"

"Not at this angle," Kim was told. "We'll have to wait to get back into range unless a stray satellite comes around."

"She's never going to believe this," Kim grinned as they flew down toward the icy plain, and the foothills of a jutting, ice-covered mountain where the signal originated.

"I'm not sure I do," Sara said. "I don't think that's a mountain, Kim," Sara pointed out as they neared the source of the signal that marked the end of their quest.

Even as they landed near what Jade determined was the closest point to the signal, she realized what Sara meant.

"Wow," she murmured, staring up at the huge, metallic cylinder that looked like a grande-sized version of one of her dad's Keppler rockets.

"I'm running a scan on it now, but it's hazy. They're obviously heavily shielded, but this close….I think there's a hatch three meters to our left, Kim," Jade told her.

"Let's go," Kim said, pushing the activator for her battle suit even as she opened the car's door.

"Right," Sara agreed, and activated her own suit, just in case.

The pair of them trudged through knee-deep snow, and finally reached a rocky incline that led up to the silver behemoth covered in snow and ice. Kim used a gloved fist, and brushed away enough to expose a panel with a single indent.

She pushed it, and for a moment nothing happened.

Then the air steamed around the hatch, and stale air rushed out as the hatch hissed, and parted.

"Looks like this one may be easy," Kim grinned, and stepped up into the hatch.

Sara followed, leaving the hatch open behind them just in case.

Kim turned to follow the beacon, and was led to a huge, curved control deck sealed by massive shutters over a curved viewport. She walked up to the dimly lit consoles, and looked for anything she might recognize.

"There must be some power already on," Sara realized.

"It's all on standby. With the null-field shielding it, the ship survived like Jade did without anything to bother it. We just need to start it up."

"Voice recognition," a mechanical voice intoned. "Kimberly Anne Possible. Do you desire system initiation?"

"Yes," Kim shouted. "Turn on everything!"

"All systems initializing. Primary power activated. All systems on standby," the voice reported.


"This is control matrix designate: Janus," the voice informed her.

"Okay, Janus," Kim said, watching the bridge come to life. "Where are the cryo-sleepers?"

"My hold is currently occupied by the humans under my care," the obvious AI informed her. "Observe the monitor to your right."

She looked, and so did Sara as the monitor flashed to life, and the pink-haired girl whistled softly at the image displayed there.

"There must be thousands of people in here," Sara exclaimed as they saw the camera angle change, and pan an obviously very large hold.

"Tens of thousands," Kim agreed, estimating the number by what she could make out.

"I am currently housing three hundred and fifty thousand cyro-units," Janus informed them.

"Have any….expired," Kim asked uneasily, trying to imagine that many people packed into the large ship. Trying to imagine that many people giving up their lives to risk waking up after a dangerous hibernation to an uncertain future.

"Negative," Janus informed her. "All units are active, and functioning nominally."

"Then, it's time to wake them up," Kim declared. "Where's the control to wake them up," she asked.

"The lever to your left overrides all control systems, and wakes the sleepers," Janus told her as a green light chirped near a small lever on the console.

She looked to the lever, and walked over to it, almost smiling when she saw the familiar Team Possible logo scratched into the panel, and studied it. "We've got enough power to wake them all up," she said, double-checking the indicators herself, and glanced over at Surge. "It looks like Janus' EM-shields kept them all safe, too."

"Naturally," Janus retorted dryly.

"Ready for company," Kim asked her companion without acknowledging the AI.

Sara swallowed hard. The past few weeks had been beyond weird. Now they were about to wake up people that had actually volunteered to be frozen to face an uncertain future even as aliens had been attacking their world. Only these people might know what had really happened back then. They might know what had happened to…..everyone else.

"Do it," Sara nodded.

"Here goes everything," Kim said with a wide grin, and threw the switch.

Not The End…