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Kim Possible: Fallen Heroes

By LJ58


Kim woke with a lethargic yawn.

She immediately realized she was surrounded by nine men and women standing around staring at her cyro-tube even as she shoved it open.

They were not, however, the people she expected. True, she recognized some of them, but five were complete strangers. And they all wore the same thin, white jumpsuit of someone who had just woke from the same conditions she had just then.

She took the white jumpsuit from Shego's hand she offered her with a faint smirk, silent, but mockingly staring at her, and Kim realized only that green-skinned woman had the six men facing the other direction as Amy and the lanky teen girl with pink hair Kim didn't know studied her with disdain.

"She don't look like much," the girl huffed.

"Trust me, Pinky," Shego snipped as Kim pulled on the utilitarian garment. "She's the only reason any of us are probably still alive. Right, Princess?"

Kim smiled thinly. "Probably, since most of the current cryogenics experts still thought you had to freeze someone solid to be deemed genuine hibernation. So, how did we all wake up on cue here?"

"On cue? Princess, we've been coming out two and three at a time every so often since yesterday. I was one of the first. Drew popped up next, and I was all for leaving you on ice. Until we realized something….disturbing."

"Yeah? What's that," she asked as she pulled on the garment that wasn't much, but better than standing there naked in front of all of them.

"We probably can't escape without you," Shego told her with a grim earnestness.

"Escape?" She pulled up the zipper, and pulled on the static-free booties to protect her bare feet from the cold deck. "Wait, where are the guards?"

"Before we start anything…..awkwardly belligerent, Kimberly Anne, perhaps you should come and take a look at this," Dr. Drakken told her as he gestured to a nearby computer panel without turning to face her as yet.

She frowned at him, thinking he was being uncommonly cooperative and civil, but Shego just glared like always. "I'm decent guys. Thanks for the courtesy," she said, and then walked past Drakken and looked down at the computer panel that was covered with recently disturbed dust.

"Wow. Someone forgot to pay the housecleaners," she quipped.

"Laugh it up, Princess," Shego huffed. "But first take a closer look."

Kim frowned as she studied the computer. "This can't be right," she rasped as she studied the readouts on the console. "This…. It can't be right."

"I'm afraid so, sweetie," Amy Hall told her kindly, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I expected five years. My failsafe was five years. Not….."

"Five hundred," a huge, bald black giant that would soon introduce himself as Brute told her. "Five hundred and sixteen years, to be precise. And there were well over a thousand of us in here. Only we're the only nine that woke up. Or ever will," he added somberly.

"That can't be right," she protested. "What about the…..?"

"You don't want to see," Drew cut her off as she turned to one of the nearest unopened cryo-beds covered by a spare jumpsuit. "Trust me," he told her, blocking her view. "You don't."

She swallowed hard. "And no guards?"

"No nothing," a lean, twenty-something male she knew was code-named Blok for his ability to turn his flesh into living stone, and absorb any force thrown against him. How they caught him was a mystery, as he was obviously taken after she had been ambushed. "We woke up here, and couldn't get the doors open, or the computer to do more than give us the time. No one has shown up, and we can't get any response from banging on the doors."

"Greenie here said you could help, tough," the pink-haired teen said, earning a sharp look from Shego.

Kim only nodded, and after regaining her composure, she walked over to an auxiliary system she dusted off.

"I get it. I see now. No wonder," she said. "Power levels are almost tapped. It's a wonder we survived, let alone have any air left in here. The drain of a thousand cryo-beds must have….."

She turned to the nearest covered tube, and paled as she looked down a corridor made of dark beds.

"So, all those had….people? Are they all….?"

"They won't be waking up, Kimberly Anne," Drew told her gently.

"This isn't what I intended."

"Never mind that. How do we get out of this deathtrap?"

She turned to eye Shego, and then looked around, her green eyes gleaming thoughtfully.

"Can you still generate bio-plasma?"

"You mean this," she smirked characteristically, holding up one hand in a very obscene gesture that glowed with a dark green aura.

"Perfect," Kim nodded, saying nothing of the gesture. "Come here," she said, and knelt to pull off a panel beneath the auxiliary system. "See that blue box? Right, that's it," she nodded when Shego joined her, pointing out the small junction between several large electrical cables.

"First, I need you to slice that end of the main cable free."

Shego used a glowing claw to deftly cut the cable free, and Kim nodded. "Okay, give me a sec," she said, and quickly stripped a few of the interior wires on the sharp edge of the open panel, and then rewired them before she stepped back.

"Now, try to send as much energy as you can through the cable."

"And that does what?"

"Trust me, Shego. I'm in this with you," she said quietly, still absorbing the fact her five year failsafe had somehow turned into five centuries. What had happened out there? Where were all the guards and personnel that should have been watching, and maintaining this place?

"I believe we should cooperate, Shego," Drew told her quietly as the others just stared silently at them as Kim worked under the console.

"Look, Dr. Dimwit. You might have woke up with a new, and sweeter personality, but I've got a five hundred year old hangover you wouldn't believe. So I don't care what you believe," she growled as her hand flared brightly again, and the computer panels all began to glow brightly as gauges and lights flickered, and more systems came back online as the auxiliary panel began to hum loudly.

"Keep it up, Shego," Kim cheered. "You're doing it. A few more ergs, and you should recharge all the auxiliary systems we need."

"Hooray for me," she muttered, and channeled more of her power into the cable. "But I'm still holding out for one damn good explanation."

"We all are, Shego," Drew pointed out reasonably.

"Indeed," Amy smiled. "And I'm sure Kimberly will help us find out what is going on. She is, after all, the person that helped design all this nifty stuff."

"Nifty stuff," Surge, the pink-haired girl muttered. "We got turned into popsicles because of her. And I hate popsicles."

"Stow it, Pinky," Shego growled at her. "For now, we cooperate. Once we're free and clear, then we can take Princess apart for screwing us all over royally."

"I would say she paid already, considering she was subjected to the same punishment visited upon all of us," the seven foot Brute remarked blandly.

"Oh, goody, and now we hear from the nerd corner."

The big man stared at her, and only shook his head.

"I'm just pointing out….."

"Enough," a lean, Arab with a thin goatee hissed. "You may babble all you wish once we are free. For now, let the infidel bitch free us of this infernal prison, and then you may argue all you like."

"The resident meanie has a point," Amy smiled.

"All right, Shego," Kim told her as she continued to study the readings on the dusty panel. "I think that should be enough. Let me just check the environmental controls….."

"If they work, we are free, and I am leaving," the Arab snapped.

"Wait," Kim shouted as the man pulled open a hatch that now had a glowing, green panel that let him open the electronic lock.

Even as he stepped through, a laser literally cored his skull, burning a hole through his brow to the back of his head. The man fell back, staring vacantly at the ceiling, already dead.

"Doy," Shego gasped. "I hate lasers."

"I tried to tell him," Kim grimaced, "That the reboot probably also reactivated the auto defenses."

"Then how do we get out of this mausoleum," Shego asked as she stared down the long corridor that led to another door at the far end.

"By listening to me," Kim told her sharply as she turned to face all of them. "Now. Everyone paying attention?"

"Absolutely," the pink-haired Surge agreed, nodding fervently as another man Kim didn't know carefully pulled the dead man back into the prison chamber, and settled him in one of the empty cryo-beds before covering it up.

"All right. Blok," she turned to the young man she remembered from before her nap. "You're the best hope we have of getting out of here. You transform, get to the controls on the far end inside the guards' monitoring post, and switch off the interior defenses so we can all follow you."

"I can do that. But I don't know squat about computers, Red," he called her.

"See this panel," she pointed out as she ignored Shego's groan from beside her.


"There should be one just like it on the far end after you get down the hall. On the left side there should be three large buttons. One red. One green. One blue. Press the blue button. Make sure it stays down, too."

"Okay, then what?"

"Then we make sure the defenses are down, and we'll join you."

"You know, I could just take over the whole system," Surge told her.

"You can do that," Kim asked the strange girl.

"Oh, no. Pinky overloads tech and electrical systems, and makes them short out. Usually in spectacularly violent fashion. They probably locked her up because her idea of fun was creating blackouts," Shego warned. "She worked for me and Dr. D. once. Trust me, once was enough."

"Well, we don't want to risk shutting down what is left of the life support with everything else," Kim admitted uneasily, "So we'd better stick with Blok," she said, nodding at the young man.

"I got it, Red," he said, and turned to eye the corridor. "I just hope they didn't find anything that can stop me since we've been sleeping," he said, and Surge gaped as his entire body turned a solid, black granite-textured façade.

He turned, winked at Kim, and stepped outside the hatch.

Multiple lasers started blasting, but they only chipped tiny fragments from his fantastically dense body, and he kept going without slowing down.

"Way to go, big guy," Surge shouted.

"Green button," Kim shouted, seeing him hesitate when he reached the far hatch.

"I thought you said blue," he shouted back in complaint as he stared at the panel without a blue button.

"Only when you get inside. The green button opens the door. The blue shuts down the defenses."

"Right. Green. Then, blue," he echoed with fixed determination.

"Is he that dense all the time?"

Shego and Kim turned to study the young, pink-haired teen.

"He is made out of living stone," Kim reminded her.

"Riiiight," the pink-haired teen nodded as if in complete understanding.

"So, how did they get you, Princess," Shego asked casually as they watched Blok disappear into the next chamber beyond the corridor.

Kim turned to study the woman in the less than flattering white jumpsuit, and tried not to smile as she eyed her while remembering other times.

"Stabbed in the back. Figuratively, and literally," she told her honestly after a moment.

"I know the feeling," Shego told her with a sidelong glance.

"Well, for what it's worth. I am kind of glad you're all right. And, well, that you're here. We couldn't get too far without you just now."

"Hooray for me," Shego huffed irritably, not seeing Kim's expression as she turned away from that biting comment.

"Ladies. Let's remember we're all here together now," Drew suggested.

"What did they do to him," Shego groaned.

"Some minds are more susceptible to outside influences," Kim told her without looking back at her again. "Remember, he has had five centuries to absorb whatever was in his sublims," Kim posited.

"Okay, so how come you and I seem pretty normal?"

"Natural charm," Kim suggested blandly as she looked back at Shego now, managing a smile.

"Yeah, right," Surge sniggered at Kim.

"Okay, and her," Shego asked.

Kim looked around as a thought occurred to her. She went over to the main computer, assessed part of the coding, and almost laughed.

"They shortcutted the programming codes I developed. They only used one frequency. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it was limited."

"Limited," Surge asked.

"Yes," Kim nodded. "By gender. They actually overlooked gender application in the specific codes I discovered. The sublim frequencies they programmed only work effectively on males."

"Then what about the bearded dimwit," Surge huffed, glancing toward the dead man now back in a sleep bed.

"Well, there are always exceptions," Kim suggested.

Shego laughed at that. "So, if you wanted, you could control actually the world? Wow, Kimmie, you're a real evil genius after all."

Kim glared, and then turned back to the passage as Blok, once more in his innocuous human shape, reappeared to shout their way.

"I think I got it, Red," he called.

Kim found an old cup left from someone's long ago visit, and tossed it out into the corridor. Nothing happened.

"Say, Drew. Go make sure the right button was pushed. Would you," Shego asked sweetly.

"Of course, Shego," the blue-skinned felon smiled, and stepped into the corridor without hesitating.

"Shego," Kim gasped, but didn't hide her own cringe when she watched Drew step into the hall, and keep going.

"Okay, time to go," Shego grinned, and led the way behind him.

"That was mean, Shego," Kim hissed at her, still surprised by her tactic. She had always thought she had some kind of feeling for Drew.

"Yeah, but it was funny. And smart. Trust me. Dr. D has always had the uncanny ability to absorb pain and injury, and keep going. Or didn't you ever notice?"

"Well, now that you mention it….."

"Okay, what do we do now," Shego asked when the five men stood around staring toward Kim when they reached the guard station at the far end.

"I think you've got a harem," Amy tittered from beside her.

Kim's expression was beyond eloquent.

Shego just burst into laughter at the comment.

"Okay, let's see how well they followed the rest of my designs," she said, looking around the lit up guard station. "Right. Here we are," she pointed, indicating a small chamber at the far end of the larger room where the cryo-tubes were located.

"How come it doesn't show any more rooms," Drew asked. "Surely this place must be bigger than a few storerooms?"

"Because there are no other rooms. Not here. See this," she pointed to a space on a faint mapping grid. "This is the prison. Two miles southwest from our location is the main moon base according to this chart. We have to get over there to find a way off the moon."

"Uh, Kimmie? How do we get across two miles of open vacuum?"

She forced a smile at Shego, not wanting to admit she was more than concerned herself. Especially with the atmosphere already looking iffy in the small chamber with them up, and moving around once more, and no apparent fresh oxygen being produced by poorly maintained generators.

"There should be space suits somewhere around here. Or an emergency transport. Something."

"In here," one of the men she didn't know called from a storage locker as the men immediately went to snooping around. "Looks like spacesuits in here."

"Hey, there's a bunch of numbered boxes in here," another man pointed out as he came out of what was apparently a supply closet of some kind.

"Numbered boxes," Kim asked.

She left the monitoring post and went into the room, and smiled as she looked around. "Our things, I'm betting," she told Shego. "Do you know the number on your cryo-bed?"

"Bed? You called that thing a…..?"

"Do you?"

"001-A," Shego growled at her impatient scowl.

"Here," she said, and pulled out a box. She opened it for Shego, and inside were a green and black jumpsuit, boots, and gloves. Even her old equipment belt was included.

"Well, don't tell me that old bat was being sentimental?"

"I rather doubt it," Kim told her somberly, and went to find her own number. She pulled out a box that had only a small, slender silver band inside. No other clothing at all.

"Aaahhhhh, too bad, Kimmie. You get stuck with the fashion disaster."

"Actually, I may have found some help. I hope."

"Help," Shego scoffed as she stripped off the jumpsuit to pull on her own distinctive costume. "We've been napping five centuries, and you think that little doodad is going to…..?"

Kim slid the band on, tapped a sliding switch, and then opened the sliding face of the device that chirped softly, and glowed with life in a faint golden shimmer radiating from the innocuous face. "Spankin'," she grinned, and pressed a certain toggle twice.

"So, what does that do? Reset our lives, or what," the green-skinned woman sneered as zipped up her costume, ignoring the others that were pulling on more casual clothing, too, after finding their own things.

"It tells me my car is still online, and the AI just woke up. Jade will come up here and get us if necessary."


"The AI running my car."

"I remember that car," Blok nodded. "It flies."

"Yes. And it should be able to reach us, too."

"Uh, Kimmie, I doubt it's been fueled up in all this time," Shego couldn't help but laugh. "Not to mention wear and tear on parts has to be murder after all this time."

"Shego, I left my car inside a magnetic envelope for security. And it's powered by plutonium. It doesn't need gas."

"Fascinating," Brute remarked as he rejoined her now wearing a snug, gray bodysuit with a rainbow patch on her left sleeve. The mark of his old gang. "You must be using a fusion generator, and implementing a recycling….."

"Gah! Just tell me how that little car of yours helps us," she asked as Kim helped the others find their boxes, and get dressed in their own clothing. What little there was of it in Surge's case. Her costume was little more than a bikini with a short skirt attached to the bottom. There was even less to the top.

"What? It's stylish," she huffed as Kim gaped at her.

"Need I say more," Shego demanded as she glanced to Kim after having pulled her own costume on.

Kim said nothing as she headed back for the monitor station.

"Okay, so what now," Shego asked as Kim eyed the map a final time, and headed for the storage room to pull out the spacesuits.

They had already scavenged the other supply boxes, but found nothing that really aided them, or would fit Kim, so they went to the airlock, and began inspecting the spacesuits they had found.

"No transport," Kim said glumly, but these suits look like they survived pretty well. We scavenge extra tanks for air, and we should be okay to walk to the main base. Right now, it's our only hope. Because the atmosphere in this place is not going to last long."

"We trust you, Kimberly Anne," Drew assured her.

"Indeed," Brute nodded.

"You've got us this far," Blok agreed.

"Okay. Lets check everyone's suit before we go out. Make sure it's working," she said as she climbed into a heavy environment suit and began sealing it around her.

I've got some extra tanks from these other suits," Shego told her. "I don't see any others, though."

"Probably another security measure," Kim nodded. "Fortunately, we have enough suits for everyone with a few spare tanks. Just remember to breathe evenly, and take it slow," she advised as they suited up, and prepared to leave. "The air has to last us the full two miles."

"I wonder what did happen to the guards. I mean, if they aren't here, does that mean the base may be…..abandoned," Surge murmured.

"I don't know any more than you," Kim admitted as she glanced to a grim-faced Shego. "But right now this plan is our only hope, so let's just focus on getting to the base. One step at a time."

"Okay, Red," Blok nodded, though Shego felt Kim had not really answered that question. She had, in fact, pretty much ducked it. She understood completely.

"Okay, let's try this," Kim said, and pulled her helmet down, locking it in place. She opened a valve, and smelled the stale, but breathable air fill the suit. "I'm good," she said after a moment during which she tested the suit's integrity.


"It's working," she added after pulling her own helmet on, and starting the air.


"I'm good," he nodded.


"It's Surge. And I'm breathing, aren't I?"

"Uh, okay. Dr. Drakken?"

"I really do prefer Drew, Kimberly Anne," he told her quietly. "And I believe the suit is working."

"So's mine," Brute told her gruffly, "But this thing is really tight. I hope the seams hold."

"Just don't try stretching," Shego sniggered at the big man.

"I'm cool," the hitherto silent Nolan Roberts, apparently called Hawk told her, though she didn't know why.

"Oh, the air tickles my nose," Amy exclaimed.

Shego rolled her eyes at the woman's antics.

"What about you, stick-boy," Shego asked the last quiet member of their group.

"I'm Henry Sanders, but they called me Janus," the slender man told her. "And I'm fine."

"Never heard of you," Shego huffed, then looked back to Kim. "Okay, we did roll call. Can we go now?"

"Everyone grab a spare tank," Kim reminded them as she picked up a tank for herself. "Don't forget. Stay calm, breathe evenly, and we should be fine."

"We're following you," Drew nodded, apparently the spokesman for the men for whatever reason. Even the bigger Brute seemed to be deferring to him, who in turned deferred to Kim. It was all very surreal to her just then. But not half so surreal as stepping out on the gray, empty expanse before them after she pulled open the hatch.


"Shego, talking will only waste air," she rasped through the suit's transceiver, trying to cover her own anxiety as she stared around them.

"Okay, okay. But….look right, fearless leader, and tell me what's wrong with that picture?"

Kim looked off to one side in that direction indicated, and froze.

"Oh my God," she rasped, staring at the planet that looked nothing like the home that she remembered. And she had been in space a few times, so she knew how it should have looked.

Over two thirds of the planet that looked maddeningly close was wreathed in ice. A thick, white blanket that covered most of the continents, and a good part of the oceans.

"Guess the global warming nerds were right," Shego murmured as they started walking again.

Kim said nothing as she just continued to stare.

Five hundred plus years was bad enough. Waking up and finding your home was now a glorified snowball was even worse. She ran every possible scenario through her mind as they walked through the gray wasteland, the sound of her own breathing deafening in her ears as she tried and failed to comprehend what had happened.

"Kim," Shego asked, sounding uncharacteristically somber just then. "Do you think….anyone is left….?"

She couldn't quite see the woman since their suits were not made for peripheral vision. She could hear the concern in her words, though. As Ron had once told her, and she had long since guessed, Shego wasn't so much bad, as willful. She still had a very decent heart under her tough façade.

"Yeah," she said after a moment. "I can't see even an ice age taking out the entire human race," she told the older woman. "I'm sure someone is still there. We just have to get back, and find them."

They walked on in silence again for what felt like hours, and then Blok suddenly asked, "Does anyone believe in UFOs?" "Unfortunately," Shego began.

"What is it," Kim asked, trying to look around, then saw his thickly gloved hand pointing.

She almost laughed.

"It's Jade! She made it," she all but shouted as the small, purple coupe that should have been scrapped centuries ago appeared over the horizon, and flew in low to land beside her.

"How is this even possible," Surge exclaimed.

"Check the name, Sara," she grinned, unable to help making that old boast as she approached the door. "Jade, do you hear me?"

"….have your frequency now, Kimberly," the AI replied. "Where have you been? My internal chronometer still has my logic circuits overloading."

"Yours and mine. Did you detect any life on your way here?"

"I was in Japan, or what was left of it. Nothing was in that region," the living computer told her. "But I left in a hurry to find you, so I didn't exactly pause to scan the rest of the region."

"Uh, what now," Shego asked. "Because miracle car, or not, Princess, I don't think that thing can carry all of us."

"No, but it can get me to the base faster than walking. You guys keep headed in the right direction," Kim told them as she climbed into the car that adjusted her seat automatically to compensate for her bulky suit. "I'll go see if I can find something to use, and come back and carry all of you over."

"What if you run into trouble," Drew asked her quietly. "Shouldn't you have some backup?"

"I'll be fine. Trust me. Jade is more than a match for anything that might be out here."

"You hope," Shego told her. "Just don't pause to sightsee," she quipped as Kim let the AI handle the driving, and the thrusters lifted the car up off the moon's surface, and quickly sped away.

"She….won't leave us, will she," Surge asked quietly as she watched the car speed away.

"Oh, no," Drew told her as they all started walking again. "One thing you can count on, and that is Kimberly Anne Possible will always do what's right."

"Isn't she the one that froze us," Shego reminded him bitterly.

"True, but she is helping us now, isn't she?"

"You've turned into a regular fan boy, haven't you," Shego grunted in disgust.

"People," Brute cut in. "Remember what Kim said? Talking uses more air, and we don't know exactly how long we have, or how long it will take Miss Possible to return."

Shego wisely said nothing as they all fell silent, and resumed their walk..

To Be Continued…