I did something weird... I started writing Light in the Dark, but then had an even better idea. That idea was this story. So anyone who reads my story Light in the Dark, I'm sorry, but I've put it on hold. I will pick it back up again at some point, but my heart is in this now.

It has been four years since the disappearance of Starfire. The Titans were no longer teens, Cyborg, the oldest, being twenty-one and the other four being twenty. Starfire and Robin had been together for two years, and while they had some ups and downs, they were happy and in love with each other. Beast Boy and Raven also began dating the year after Starfire and Robin. They were happy too, in their own way. Cyborg had been dating Bumblebee here and there, and was just about to make things official with her. But then during their final battle as the Titans, everything changed.

The battle took place in at the abandoned oil rig just off the coast of Jump City. The rig was high up on a pier overlooking the ocean. The Titans traced Slade there after he had threatened to blow up Titans Tower. Having stopped Slade from doing so, Robin busied himself with trying to prevent Slade from escaping again, leaving the other four to destroy the Slade robots. While trying to protect Beast Boy who was becoming surrounded, Starfire shot a massive star bolt at a number of robot henchman. What Starfire didn't know, however, was that she accidentally aimed her star bolt at spilt oil. This launched a series of explosions along a portion of the rig and pier. Luckily, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg were on the other side of the pier. Robin was traveling by speedboat after Slade who fled the scene. But Starfire had been hovering too close to that side of the pier. As she quickly tried to fly away, she was hit by several large pieces of shrapnel, one hitting her sharply in the right side of her head. She began to lose consciousness, and by the time the others even realized she was hit in the explosion, she was already underwater.

What the Titans didn't know was that a bounty hunter was sent from Tamaran to find and capture Starfire. The day before the battle, Galfore had contacted Starfire to tell her of Prince Karras who had overthrown the current Tamaranean government as well as Galfore, the current Grand Ruler. He was able to tell her of the search for her before he was put in prison for treason.

Starfire sunk farther into the ocean and the Titans, minus Robin, scrambled to find her. Beasty Boy turned into a number of sea creatures searching the water as Raven tried to find her with her telepathically. Cyborg frantically tried to contact Robin, but received no answer from the dying girl's lover. Despite the Titans efforts, Tamaran found her first. She was rescued from the water and then snuck away onto a small spaceship so that her team would not find her and go after her.

The Titans, unable to find Starfire in the sea, were forced into facing their worst fear. An hour went by, and they knew that even if they did find her in the water, they would not find her alive. Soon after the three Titans stopped their search, Robin arrived back on the oil rig pier. Raven took him aside to tell him what had happened. And after losing Slade, this was just too much. Robin actually broke down in Raven's arms. While the mask soaked up his tears, the convulsing sobs made it known that he was experiencing utter heartbreak. Robin just kept repeating, "But I love her…but I love her…" in between his cries.

And now just four years after the alleged death of Starfire, the Titans are no longer a team. Raven and Beast Boy continued, as they guided each other through the loss of not only their beloved friend, but also their team. They are still living together in Jump City where Raven works as a doctor. Cyborg, who saw Starfire as his baby sister, was plagued with a depression after the loss of her. She was always the light that made him feel accepted among normal people. He ended his connection with Bumblebee, as well as everyone else. No one knows where he is today.

Robin went back to Gotham city. At twenty years of age, he decided to attend college in the field of criminal justice. In honor of Starfire, who even after his loss, he is still completely and utterly in love with, he adopted a new alias. He now balances school, heroism as Nightwing, and the sadness for his loss in his everyday life. Now he is graduated from the University of Gotham and is living in Bludhaven working as a junior detective by day and Nightwing by night.

And where is Starfire? After being taken from Earth by the Tamaranean bounty hunter, she was brought back to the palace in Tamaran, now being ruled by King Karras. She stayed in a coma for over a year. After being hit in the right side of her brain, she experienced severe memory loss. She remembers nothing of her life on Earth, including her friends and her boyfriend. When she awoke, they were able to convince her that she was put into a coma after being injured while the Gordanian's tried to take her away from Tamaran. She was told that her parents were killed on the same day she was put into a coma, and that the whereabouts of her brother and sister are unknown. Everything about the Citadel and the Psion's has been left out, and she remembers none of it. She doesn't remember being a slave or the experiments she underwent in which she gained her powers. King Karras, now her betrothed, and his advisors were able to train her into being cold and heartless; a strong Tamaranean warrior. She is not the Starfire that she was with the Titans. She has even lost her faith in her k'norfka. She remembers Galfore, but as she still has her trust in Tamaran, she believed that he was right to be put in prison for treason.

Now Galfore is old and dying. He requested that Starfire go and see him one last time. She complies, feeling a soft spot for him. She is escorted by guards down to the dungeon for special prisoners where Galfore is being held. She orders her guards to leave her and Galfore alone.

"Koriand'r, my little bumgorf. How I have missed you." He stands up from the floor of his cell to move over to the cell bars where Starfire is just outside of. Starfire feels her heart swell at the sight of him. She believes that she has missed him too. But he has wronged Tamaran, she thinks to herself.

"Hello, Galfore," she says coldly.

"Koriand'r, you have changed so much. Do you not remember how I loved you?"

"Love is rutha, weak."

Galfore shakes his head. "No, Princess, you were different. You loved with all of your heart, even after what happened to you."

She becomes confused. "What…what are you talking about? The comatose stage I was put into?"

"No, what happened before then. When you were sent away to the Gordanian's. Please, Princess, remember!" Remember. It rings through her head. It feels as though something is trying to break through a wall in her mind. Memories? But of what?

"I-I do not-"

"You were given up by your father for a peace treaty. And then when you escaped, Komand'r sent you to the Citadel. And the Psion's… don't you remember what they did to you?" Komand'r… but no one knows where she is, she thinks to herself. She sees a vision of a young girl screaming, being dragged away from her mother and father. A young girl that resembles herself.

"Koriand'r we do not have much time before they come back down here. Please remember. Remember your time on Earth. Remember the friends you made." Footsteps are heard running down the stairs. Shouting in Tamaranean, guards with swords charging toward Galfore. "Princess! Find the Titans! Find them, for they are your family now. But remember me as well!" Starfire is pulled back away from the prison cell and taken back up that stairs. Screams are heard as Galfore is killed.

As she is dragged away, bits of memories come back to her. She remembers the creature that defiled her body in the Citadel. She remembers a ferris wheel at a fair with a spiky-haired teenage boy. She can feel energy spreading through her body, a feeling she cannot describe. She is taken to the great hall where her fiancé King Karras sits at his throne. But she doesn't even see him. All she sees is the film reel of the life she can hardly remember playing through her head. This is not where I belong, she thinks. Robin, where is Robin? Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy… why am I here?

And after all these years, she feels the righteous fury throughout her. Green orbs of light burst from her hands in all directions. Beams from her eyes light the room. She can almost remember the person she once was. And while she cannot remember everything, it is enough to know that Tamaran is no longer her home.

She destroys everything in her path. One can say she has gone mad, but truly she is just trying to escape from another prison that she has been sent to. And just like with the Gordanian's and the Citadel and the Psion's, she will declare her freedom.

She is the only Tamaranean in the palace that possesses the powers that she does, and none of them stand a chance. With anger and loathing in her heart, she breaks free from the confinement of the palace and the pursuit of the royal guard and exit's the Tamaranean atmosphere. She doesn't know where on Earth to go or how to get there. All she knows is that she needs to find the Teen Titans.