Another RotG fic so soon? Yup! Just came up with this idea too.

The Winter Dorm

A tall young man stood before a large building, looking at it with forest green eyes, his grayish blue hair with darker blue streaks fluttering in the cool autumn breeze. His name was E. Aster Bunnymund and the building that stood before him was a collage dorm. It was move in day, a day he dreaded.

He sighed, tugging at the strap that held a small messenger bag on his shoulder and stepping forward toward the building, carrying two small suitcases in his hands. He didn't own much as he lived alone with very little personal possessions. But that has not bothered him in a long time.

Aster looked up at the words inscribed into the dorm building, Winter Dorm. There were four dorms at this collage, each named after a season. He wished he had been assigned to the Spring Dorm where his friends were placed, but no, luck appeared not on his side.

As he walked through the halls lined with doors, each with a golden number on it, a number repeated in his head. 68, 68, 68. Where the bloody hell is it? Oh! There it is!

He opened the door marked '68' and instantly saw that his roommate had arrived before him, if the clothes thrown about half the room was any indication. Aster let out another heavy sigh, before stepping into the dorm room, closing the door behind him.

Aster looked around and couldn't spot his roommate, but heard the shower in the connecting bathroom running. Ignoring the mess on half of the room, he turned to the clean side of the room and began to pull out his belongings, carefully putting them away. He was so wrapped up in what he was doing that he didn't hear the shower shut off or the bathroom door open and close behind him.

But he did hear a voice exclaim, "Whoa, you're tall!"

He let out a huff of air, of course his height is the first thing people noticed; he was over six feet tall after all. Aster turned around and stared at the young man that had to be his roommate.

A tall, not as tall as him, lanky male with snowy white hair and pale blue eyes, dressed in only a towel stood before him. A bright smile decorated his roommate's face as he stared up at Aster. Aster raised an eyebrow at the other's state of dress.

"Hello, you must be my roommate! The name's Frost, Jackson Overland Frost, but most people call Jack," the white haired boy said, his smile widening as he looked over Aster.

"E. Aster Bunnymund," Aster replied simply.

"Bunnymund? That's an interesting name, though you look more like a kangaroo than a bunny to me," Jack said, a mischievous light shinning in his pale blue eyes. "But I have one question! What does the E. stand for?"

Aster was used to people making fun of his last name, but never had anyone called him a kangaroo before. "A what?" he asked, anger flaring in his voice. "I look nothing like a kangaroo!"

Jack's laughter filled the air at his anger. When he calmed down he asked, "Seriously, what's the E. stand for?"

"Like I'm going to tell you, Frostbite," Aster growled, the nickname rolling off his tongue like he had said it all his life.

"Frostbite? That's good one!" Jack exclaimed with laughter.

The tall young man ground his teeth in anger. Man this kid was getting on his nerves. He turned back to his side of the room, stuffing the last of his items into a drawer. "I'm going out. When I come back, you better be dressed," Aster growled as he twisted toward the door, trying to ignore his new roommate.

"What? Is the kangaroo embarrassed by a little nudity?" Jack asked with another bout of laughter.

Aster hoped the slam of the dorm door was a sufficient answer.

Not sure where I'm going with this, but yeah… What is with me and nakedness? And what is with me and human!Bunny?

Did you catch the Blizzard of '68 reference in their room number?

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