After over a year and a half of no update, finally an update and I am sorry to say that it's probably not the update you were hoping for. Over the year and a half+, I've suffered from writer's block, along with personal and health problems.

Anyways, onto the real reason for this update, I am DISCONTINUING this story, The Winter Dorm. So there won't be any more updates for this story. I am truly sorry to all of you who loved this and wished for me to continue, but I've lost a lot of interest in RotG and in writing this story. My other RotG stories, Teenage Days and How to Train Your Guardian, I have yet to decide what I'm doing with them.

But there is some good news, if you want to call it good news. I am putting The Winter Dorm UP FOR ADOPTION. Yes, if you loved this story so much that you wish to continue it, rewrite it, or whatever, you can! Now I will have the same rules for adopting this as any other story idea I have up for adoption. You must Private Message me or leave a review that you are interested in adopting this (if you leave a review asking to adopt, I'd prefer it if you leave it with your account so I know who is adopting). When you post, you must give me credit for the original story/idea. And finally, there is no limit to how many adopt this, as long as you don't copy each other.

And here is the last bit I had written for this story, it's not that good.

Jack sat in class, absently doodling in his notebook and not really paying attention to what was being taught. It had been about two weeks since classes first began, the day Aster told him of his past with Professor Pitchiner. Ever since then, he hardly saw his roommate.

Aster had stopped going to all classes and seemed to be spending most of his time somewhere other than the dorm. Jack would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to hear Aster coming in the dorm, but Aster was always gone by the time morning came. Jack had asked North, Tooth, and Sandy if they knew where Aster was, but they didn't know either and were equally as worried for their friend as Jack was.