Jane isn't ready for a relationship and that he can understand. In spite of what he now knows she feels for him, he understands that her heart needs to recover from the colossal blow Owen dealt it. Anyone would need time, but what he hadn't factored in was the continued distance Jane seemed to prefer. How could she ever get over Owen if she didn't try? She should know this. She was the person that encouraged him to let go of Deb, which after some time he finally did.

He promised he'd be waiting. Although he knew it might take her a while he didn't calculate a month. Maybe he did, but not a month with little to no contact with Jane whatsoever. They weren't doing lunch together or the occasional dinner as they'd done in the past before her and Owen. She didn't offer to help him on his cases and when he asked her for her expertise, she would decline with hollow words of praise directed towards him and his ability to litigate. He missed her. He misses her. He hates himself for ever succumbing to her advances because now the memory of her in his arms, her lips touching his haunts his nights and stalks his days.

Unlike the two weeks following their make out session he does see her just not much of her. Her workload has evened itself out a bit. She's still juggling an insane amount of cases, but not enough to keep her out of the office. What good is that doing him? Jane only greets him with guarded eyes in the morning and bids him an absentminded farewell at the end of her day. He hasn't been able to catch her for any length of time to allow him to check on her wellbeing, see how she's holding up, or not holding up, which could very well be the case. No matter, he is resolved to find out today.

He is camped out in his office waiting. His work has been finished for over an hour, but he sits waiting for Jane to return back from her current court case. Once, she does he's seizing the opportunity to corner her in her office. No, he doesn't intend to attempt to force her into opening up to him about what's going on with her or to make her confront the feelings she has for him. However, he does want to talk to her. Just talk. About anything. Ask her about her day, tell her about his. He just wants to talk to her. Because he's getting tired of talking to Terri to get updates on Jane. He's never really liked talking to Parker, but he's given that a go since he knows more about Jane than he does. He's even suffered Kim's narcissism. Don't get him wrong, he loves Kim; they dated for a while, of course he does, but she tends toward conversations of which she is the center. There is only so much of that he could tolerate. He's even had drinks with the firm's benefactor, Luke. Awkward. Very awkward. The one person he's wanted to see wanted to talk to hasn't been available. Therefore, he's switching his methods. Instead of waiting for her to come to him, fearing it may not happen in the nearest future, he is going to her.

The time marks three hours past the end of his work day when he sees her exiting the elevator. He hasn't seen her hair like this in a while, but thinks she should wear her hair with big bouncy curls more often. It just makes him want to run his fingers through what he knows is some of the softest hair he's ever touched. Unlike most days, her face isn't covered in makeup. If it is, it is the most natural look he's seen on her. She looks beautiful.

When she's halfway to her office she stops at Terri's desk. They talk for a little. Her face alights with the smile he has missed for so long, but his heart hurts when he looks at her eyes noticing it doesn't reach them. Terri hands her a couple of files and as soon as she's off to her office all remnants of her smiling face disappears. As they have been for the longest time now her blinds are closed, but that doesn't deter him.

He raps his knuckles on her door opening before she answers. "Hey Jane, I haven't…seen…" The words die on his lips. Jane is crying or she was. Her eyes are fire engine red and she's frantically swiping her eyes.

"Oh-Grayson, Hey." She chuckles smiling bright up at him.

"Uh, hey, Jane."

She shrugs off his redundant greeting. "How is it going? It's been a while, huh? I've been swamped. How about you?"

The smile she's wearing hurts his face. She should know she doesn't have to put on a fake face for him. "No, much of the same really. How are you, Jane?"

"I'm fine. Tired, but I'm – I'm doing great." She couldn't fight through the hitching of her voice.

He is keenly aware of the tears sparkling in her eyes. What's wrong? "When I came in you were crying, Jane, you're not okay. What's the matter?"

"Nothing, really, I just – something got in my eye," she forces out a nervous laugh, "I wasn't crying."

"I thought we were at a better place than this," he says softly, "I thought you knew you could talk to me." His woeful expression belies the mild anger in his voice.

He takes a seat on the couch by the window in her office. He doesn't glance in her direction neither does the woman sitting behind the desk glance in his. He's not leaving. It's not a cognitive decision; he just knows his limbs are locked. He's not moving.

When she joins him on the couch he doesn't turn to face her. After a few minutes, he feels her place her head on his shoulder. Shampoo and her overwhelming freesia aroma snakes into his nose. He's nearly lost in her scent when she pulls him back with the sound of her heavy laden voice.

"I saw him today."

He doesn't speak, but wraps his arm around her snuggling her to his side. He wants her to feel comfortable with him. He needs her to get past whatever it is that is keeping her from him.

Before long, tears are flowing from her eyes, and he can hear her sniffling.

"He looked unhappy. Not himself. I – he called me into his chambers during the jury deliberations. I thought it may have had something to do with the case…he cornered me. Beguiled me. Had I known maybe…but he gave me no choice." She moves close to him moving her head closer to his neck. He can fell her whispers feather across his skin. "I couldn't refute." Lifting her head, Jane looks at his face begging him to look back at her; he finally does after some time. "He apologized. Said he wanted to get back together." He pulls on every ounce of lawyer within him to keep his face expressionless. Did she go back to him? If she did, why is she so upset? "When I turned him down he accused me of never being in love with him and that I'd probably cheated on him with you. I would never. Not – that I don't – but…"

Tears are pouring from her eyes. He can see the frustration and hurt warring within her. "I understand. He should know you would never do that."

Jane gives him a teary smile and lays her head back on his shoulder. His heart lifts. He has his girl in his arms. She is finally talking to him, and she's not trying to get rid of him. Maybe after today they can work on building a relationship. Any kind of relationship because he hates not being around her, not talking to her, and he loathes not being able to touch her.

"Have you had dinner?"

She doesn't stir. "No."

"Do you want to go out for dinner, you pick?"

She shakes her head. "I'm not hungry." She pulls away from him catching his eye. "Can we just stay like this for a while?" She doesn't say why, but he can see the need radiating towards him. She needs him, and for now he's okay with that because eventually she'll want him.

Let the waiting begin.