I sighed as I walked up the steps to the Higurashi Shrine. I didn't want to be here. Not at all. However, since they were my only relatives outside of the ones I'd previously lived with, I had no choice. Not even my magical guardian could stop the ministry from sending me here. So instead, here I was, walking up a huge set of stair, in Japan, where I didn't know the language very well. I stood on the top, huffing for a minute.

My name is, or rather was, Harry Potter. I'm now going by Hari Higurashi. I'm fifteen, and I just lost my only father figure. The British Ministry of Magic decided I should be sent to my squib side. I didn't really stand out from behind, my short height didn't make me pop. I had black hair, so it wasn't until you faced me you could tell I was a foreigner. Bright emerald green eyes, and sickly pale skin. Two of those were thanks to the Dursleys. My magic had stunted my growth because I was afraid I'd out grow my bedroom, or rather the broom closet under the stairs. I could count all my bones because they hardly fed me, and I was just barely getting the weight back.

I made my way to the house slowly. My eyes taking in the huge area. I could see a shrine off to the side, and a huge tree in the middle. I finally got to the house, where I knocked. It didn't take long for a woman to answer the door. I figured this was my dad's cousin's wife, Aiko.

"Aiko-Obasan?" My voice was shaky as I used the term I wasn't used to for aunt. She gave me a surprised look and I held out papers for her. "Is Ojisan here? The ministry told me he was informed of my arrival."

"Hari-san, correct?" She asked softly, motioning me inside. "It's nice to meet you. We thought you would be here fourteen years ago."

"I was sent to mama's side." I replied softly, not meeting her eyes. "They were deemed inadequate in caring for any child, let alone a magical one." She reached out, and I automatically flinched away.

"Okay, come, the bedroom has been prepared for you. I'm sure you'll like it here, Hari-san." I gave her a guilty look, "think nothing of it, dear. You are family, and will be treated as such. Would this lovely thing like to be let out?" She motioned to Hedwig, who hooted in response.

"Yeah, I should let her out." I back tracked to the door. "Go hunting girl. I'll see you later, yeah?" She flew off. "Her name's Hedwig, and my best friend."

"Well, she's a beautiful creature. Come, lets get you settled. Feel free to use as much magic as you wish. We have a barrier around the shrine that keeps everything here a secret. Just don't use magic around my children. They have no idea that it's real." I agree, and we went up the stairs to my room. It was white with a bed, desk, dresser, and closet. She left me to unpack, and decorate.

I instantly pulled out a box from my expanded suitcase. In that box was three different colors of paint. I quickly spelled the brushes to paint the walls as I moved the furniture to the side. The walls were a deep emerald, the dresser and desk were painted silver, the closet doors and the trimming on the walls, door, and window were painted black. Then I cast an instant drying charm on the wet paint so I could put up posters and drawings. By the time it was finished, I couldn't believe I was going to be able to keep it.

"Hari-san, lunch is ready!" I stood, going downstairs. I paused in the doorway. There was three others in the room. Ojisan was obviously one of them. The second was a girl around my age with black waist length hair, brown eyes, and creamy skin. She was wearing a red priestess outfit, while her grandfather wore a blue one. A boy with white hair, wearing a red Kimono sat beside her. He had golden eyes, and pale skin. My eyes were glued to his ears. Dog ears.

"What are you? I mean, obviously you are part dog, but not a werewolf or something like that." I questioned, eyeing him. He huffed.

"I'm a hanyou." I frowned, trying to place the word.

"A half demon, Hari-kun." Ojisan said, flipping through the paper. I saw a picture of Sirius and flinched. "Hari-kun?"

"Can...can I see that? I want to read what they said about Padfoot." The man, confused, handed me the paper. My eyes welled up as I read it.


Last week, during an attempt at killing Harry Potter, Sirius Black was killed by a hero. We have no idea as to who killed him, but they shall forever be in our thanks. An eye witnesses had this to say:

"Potter has enough to go through with the Dark Lord back, then worrying about Black."

"I never did like Black. Then when he betrayed the Potters that was the last straw. Now he's gone after poor Harry too."

"Sirius Black is a menace, and I can sleep better now that he's dead."

We have not had a chance to speak to Mr. Potter on this matter as of yet. But rest assure we will find out his opinion on the matter.

-Rita Skeeter

I felt my tears fall as I stood from the table, stumbling away. A blur of red and white grabbed me. I shook him off, panic rising.

"Don't touch me! Leave me alone!" I felt my magic lash out as I ran up to my room. I was on me bed sobbing for hours. When I finally could leave my bed, I had a screaming headache, and my eyes throbbed. I only went to the bathroom to wash up, and then went back to my room.

The house was quiet, but I could hear the family talking in the kitchen in hushed voices. It would take awhile but I knew that they would understand. I needed space, and I needed time. It would take me a few weeks before I could speak to anyone. It didn't matter that I had appointments left and right with a mind-healer. That I had to speak sometime soon, or I'd lash out harder. I just didn't know how, thanks to the Dursleys. I didn't know kind hands, only hatred.

"Hari-san, do you want a plate?" I felt sick at the thought of food.

"No thanks, Aiko-obasan. I'm not hungry." She sighed, leaving the hall. I pulled out some paper and a pen to write to Hermione, fill her in on what was going on.

Dear Hermione and Ron
How are things going? I hope they are well.
Things are okay here in Tokyo, but I miss
England. My words are so shaky here. I
miss you guys too. I want my friends the
most. I read about Sirius and I felt so sick
he was my only father figure who didn't
hurt me. Now he's gone and people are
still saying he was evil and tried to kill me.
The family here is great. They're a lot more
caring then the Dursleys. I need you to look
something up for me. Hanyou and half-
demons. Also priestesses. That would be
great. I'm heading to bed now. My head
hurts like crazy.
Love you guys,

"Hedwig, can you take this to the Burrow?" I asked my owl from my window. She flew up, nipping my ear as she landed. "I know. I'll see you in a few days, yeah?" Once she was out of sight, I went to bed.