A week passed before I knew it. Kagome was glaring at me as I sat at my desk, paper and pen in my hand. I gave her a pleading look that made her growl. I gave in, and started to write.

Dear Hermione, and Ron,
How are you guys? Sorry it's been so long
stuff has happened. Bellabitch came around.
I was sent five hundred years into the past.
I met a bunch of demons, and made a ton
of new friends. Only, no matter who I made
friends with, I want to come home. I'll see
you guys soon, okay? Oh, one last thing. I
bet you'll get a kick of out it, Ron.
There was this one person I got to know
really well. His name is Micah. He's a fox
demon that was caught up in Bellabitch's
curse with me. He was distant at first, but
he warmed up. I also have his contact
information I have talked to him everyday
since we parted. I can't go more then
twelve hours without speaking to him, but
it's better then when I first left him. I had
to call him every hour on the hour! We've
met up once since then, because he was
getting ready to head back home. When I
first met him, he said his last name was
Rivers, but I found out that that was his
middle name. I can't stop loving him,
His real last name is Weasley.

I sighed, glaring at Kagome as I folded the letter up to deliver tonight. She smiled.

"Hey Hari-kun, are you doing anything today?" Ayumi asked with a blush. I nodded, watching her deflate.

"I have to do a few things today. I have someone waiting on me to call along with going to my doctor today."

"Doctor? Are you sick?" I shook my head.

"In the head, maybe. Not sick literally. I have to see him at least twice a week. Three if I feel like I'm regressing."

"You're depressed?" Gasped Eri.

"Suicidal." I corrected, "and anorexic." The bell rang to signal lunch was over. "See you later, girls." Whispers were following me into my next half of the school day. I looked only at my work and the teacher. It was near the end of the day, one of the kids approached me. I looked at him, ready to bolt.

"Is it true you're Harry Potter?" I stiffened as even the teacher looked at me in shock.

"So what if I am?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Why are you pretending to be a Higurashi?" I glared.

"Pretending? PRETENDING! You little bastard! I am a Higurashi through my grandmother!" I stood, grabbing my books. "Sensei, I'm leaving before I blow up the school."

"Yes, yes. Hitachi-san, detention!" I all but ran to my house. I quickly let Kagome know through text that I went home early. Then I called Micah.


"Hello..." I tried to start without crying. It failed. Big time.

"Hari?" I hummed in acknowledgement. "What happened?"

"They said I was pretending to be a Higurashi!" I sniffled, wiping my eyes.

"Hari, do I need to come back and beat sense into them?" I managed a weak laugh.

"No. I was actually thinking of seeing if I could go back to Hogwarts." The yōkai was quiet.

"I'm coming with you." I felt my stomach drop.


"Hari, please let me come with you. It's been killer on me since I left." I bit my lip.

"No fighting with anyone?"

"Unless they deserve to be punched." I chuckled softly as Kagome called up the stairs. "I'll meet you in the Leaky Cauldron okay? A week from now."

"Okay." About five days later, everything was set. My friends I'd made at school were sad to see me leaving. I just smiled, and accepted their good-byes as I left the last time. When I got home, Hedwig was there. "Hey girl." I took the letter.

does that mean you're coming home? We
can't wait to see you again. Ron is being
lazy, so I'm writing from the both of us. I
hope you've kept with your studies. I can't
wait to hear how different Japan is from
England. Did I ever tell you that we almost
to Tokyo instead of Paris? Anyways, it's
great you've made friends. I'm sorry that
that woman went after you. I'm happy you
are okay now.
As for Micah? Lets just say, Ron still has a
hard time wrapping his mind around what
you told us. Ginny over heard me speaking
and won't come out of the girl's dormitory.
She still hasn't let her crush go. However, I
am glad you found someone that you like
more then family, even if he sounds a bit
like Malfoy in the attitude department.
I can't wait to hear from you again,
love, your

I chuckled, finishing with my packing and then penning a quick letter to Dumbledore.

Professor Dumbledore,
I hope this letter finds you in good health. I

enjoyed my time in Japan, but I'm afraid
that trouble finds me no matter where I go.
As you probably know, Bellatrix LeStrange
found me and cursed me with the time spell.
I, along with a Kitsune, were sent back five
hundred years. It took me a few weeks to
get back home, but, here I am. I am coming
back to Hogwarts. I miss England, and my
family understands. They have already
signed all the documents. I just need my
list in two days, okay? I'll be in London
by then. I will also be bringing a bodyguard.
Tell Hermione that it is who she thinks it is.
See you all soon,
Harry J. Potter

I sighed, giving Hedwig the letter. "I promise, after the return letter, you can relax. You're such a good owl." I cooed at her. She cooed back before leaving. I went down the stairs to see Inuyasha sitting there with a pout. "Kagome still out with her friends?"

"Heh." I snorted, moving to start making dinner. "You cook?" I nodded as I chopped up the onions and meat. Normally, people would use beef, but I used lamb. Inuyasha was salivating by the time I got everything into the oven. "Be a good boy, and I'll let you have some." He glared at me. "That doesn't scare me. I went against Voldemort, who looks like a snake, and Severus Snape. You don't come close. In fact, you look like a kicked puppy!" I giggled as that made him even more mad.

"Hari-chan, be nice to Inuyasha." Kagome said, coming in the kitchen. Her hair was wet, telling me it was raining. "Shepherd's Pie?"

"Yeah. Oba-san said that she would be out late shopping. Something about a feast?" Kagome shifted uneasily.

"It was Eri's idea. She invited everyone that you have ever had a decent conversation with, including kids from you afternoon classes. She doesn't know they are wizards, though."

The next day, we had the party. I grumbled the whole time, thanking people who came and then pouting. By the end of it, I was really tired and ready to leave once and for all. Unfortunately it was only midnight in Japan and three for Scotland. I yawned, but forced myself to stay awake. By the time I left for the airport, I was exhausted but I carried on. Tom greeted me cheerfully. As soon as I was settled, I was ready for bed. It was nine o'clock at night after all. Too bad it wasn't to be.

"Oi! Hari, open up!" I glowered as I opened the door, wand at the ready.

"Who was the first person we met?"

"Koga, of the Eastern wolf tribe. I lowered my wand, motioning him in. "You look dead on your feet." I grumbled to myself as I fell on the bed beside him. "Forcing yourself to stay awake to last the time change?" I nodded, yawning.

"And I didn't plan on sleeping until we got to Hogwarts. I figured you wouldn't be here until tomorrow morning." He chuckled, laying beside me.

"Get some sleep, Hari."

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