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Summary: It's been almost six months and Nick and Charlotte have never been happier. However, when someone is out for revenge, Charlotte's life is in danger once again. Can these two survive like they did before or will it crumble under the pressure?

Pairing: Nick/Charlotte (OC)

Disclaimer: I don't own Grimm, NBC does and I only own Charlotte and the characters that weren't mentioned in the series.

Chapter 1

The alarm blared as Charlotte slammed it shut. She groaned and rolled over to feel an empty spot. She opened up her eyes and saw the unmade messy side of her empty.

Nick's probably up already, she thought to herself.

It's been almost six months since she and Nick met and got together. In between then and now, things changed. She was at first; slowly starting to get used to these changes; new boyfriend, overcoming what happened with Carla at the old house etc. It wasn't something that happened like this every day but it was something that sure did happen. She and Nick were doing great. Sure they've had their ups and downs what couple hasn't? Especially, since he's a Grimm after all. She couldn't help but worry most of the time when he goes out to fight the creatures.

"Someone's awake," she heard his voice.

Charlotte looked over and saw Nick dressed in his clothes for the day as he was carrying two mugs filled with coffee.

"Thanks," she said, getting her cup. "I thought you left already."

"Not yet I got awhile," he said, sitting close next to her. "Did you sleep fine?"

"Yeah," she replied as she sipped on her coffee.

"Are you working late tonight?" he asked.

"Depends," she replied.

"On what?" Nick asked as he pulled Charlotte closer to him.

"It depends on what story I have to write if there is one happening otherwise I'll just jumble up something," she replied.

"I thought reporters you know, report stuff," he said.

"That may be true but it's something that we either get assigned or have to go on site for it to happen," she said.

"So you won't be home tonight?"

"I will are you?" she asked.

"Depends on the whether or not we get any cases but I should be," he said.

"Good maybe we can go out and do dinner," Charlotte said.

"Or we could just skip that and go to dessert," Nick said, raising his eyebrows before his lips met hers.

"Hmm, tempting," she said as she returned the kiss. "I got to shower soon."

"You don't smell," Nick said as he drew closer to her.

"Seriously I do. Plus, it's not fun when you still have nighttime smell," she said.

Charlotte slowly got out of bed and started to make her way towards the bathroom with an evil smirk on her face. She loved how she somehow manages to tease him from time to time. She took off her pajamas and headed into the shower. The hot water relaxed her muscles as she cleaned herself up for the day.

She got out of the shower and dried up before slipping on a grey long sleeved shirt and a pair of black jeans with a pair of brown boots. She tossed her hair in a bun before she grabbed her bag and headed downstairs.

"I hate the cold," she mumbled as she pulled on the sleeves of her sweater to warm her hands.

"It's not that bad," Nick said.

"Please, it's the end of September, it's not this cold," Charlotte said.

"Just wait until the winter," he said.

"Oh joy," she said sarcastically with a sly grin. "I got to go."

"I'll see you later then," he said.

"Yep," she said as they kissed each other as she walked out the door.

As she was walking towards her truck, she couldn't help but imagine where she would be if Nick wasn't with her the past few months. When she got to her truck, she looked around to see if anything was out of place. There were days that she felt like she was being watched again and never took notice but nothing had happened to her recently.

She only took one last look around and shrugged whatever feeling she had off before heading into the truck and driving to work.

"So how are things with you and Nick?" Dylan asked as they got coffee from the break room.

"Things are good," she replied.

"Have you guys…"


"Well, you know…" he said, trailing off his sentence.

"Um, if you're thinking what I'm thinking then no. Besides, why would I tell you that anyways?" she asked as she left the break room.

"Come on hon, it's not like I'll tell anyone," he said.

"What about you and that girl you met the other night?" she asked.

"Please she's old news, besides I'm keeping myself available," he replied.

"For how long?" she asked with a smirk.

"Oh don't tempt me," he grumbled.

She held back a laugh as she went to check her work email. She saw mainly was old emails and some were junk and she continued to scroll until an email popped up.

"Did you get something about a banquet?" she asked.

"Yep it's the newspaper's annual awards banquet and so did everyone else," Dylan replied.

"You plan on going?"

"I don't know, depends if I can find a date for the next two weeks; you?" Dylan asked.

"I don't know I mean I could try and drag Nick along not that I've ever been to any of his stuff that goes on at his job," she replied.

"I don't see why not. Hey, have you spoken to Alex recently?"

"Nope, it's been almost a few weeks since we talked," she replied. "I mean I get she's busy trying to get everything together with the wedding and all."

In all truth, the last time they spoke was almost a month ago. Sure there was a few texts sent during the day but there wasn't an actual get together since her engagement party for Alex and Jay. They were planning on getting married next summer and she was happily to accept her role as a bridesmaid with Alex's sister as the maid of honor.

"Besides, it's not like I'm doing anything important in the bridal party. I just show up for the shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, dress fittings and the wedding itself," she said. "I'm just the bridesmaid."

"Oh come on Char, you'll have your moment when you get married," Dylan said.

Charlotte only shrugged. She opened up a word document on her computer and started to type away on her article. She was in the middle of it when Dylan snapped her concentration.

"We got to go," he said, grabbing his camera.


"News broke about some robbery downtown," he replied.

Charlotte jumped up out of her seat as she grabbed her jacket and notepad. She followed Dylan to his car as they took off towards the scene of the crime and possibly seeing Nick there did make her happy that she was doing a little dance inside but she knew that things were fine. Not perfect, just fine.

For now.

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