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Chapter 4

Dream Sequence

She was running down a hallway looking around to find a way out. A door was at the end and she ran towards it. When her hand touched the door knob, she felt her body pulled down the hallway and she started to get out of its grip but no avail.

End of dream sequence

Charlotte sat up, gasping for air. She looked over slightly and luckily Nick was still asleep. She looked towards the clock which read 2:34am. Charlotte leaned back on to her pillow as she calmed down. She suddenly had the urge to get out of bed to use the bathroom.

Her hand reached for her zip up hoodie as she quietly got out of bed and left their room. She made it and flicked the lights on. One look in the mirror and she knew she hasn't gotten a lot of sleep.

The bags under her eyes were visible; she looked exhausted since she hasn't been able to sleep since the day her dad called. Her hair was in a massive heap on the top of her head in a messy bun as she was wearing the zip up hoodie, a grey long sleeve shirt and dark blue and green flannel pajama pants. She knew that this was affecting her a lot but she didn't want Nick to know. It was the last thing on his mind since he's worrying about the case.

Sighing, she shut off the light and went back to bed. She lay there for a few seconds before she felt arms wrapping around her body as she relaxed for the night.

"Are you feeling alright?" Nick asked her the next morning when she was standing by the sink eating breakfast.

"Yeah sorry I was having some trouble sleeping," she replied as she ate a cereal bar.

"I know since I heard you get out of bed last night," he said.

Charlotte went quiet for a minute before she sipped on her coffee. "I um, just needed to use the bathroom that's all," she lied.

He nodded his head. Nick wasn't an idiot. He knew something was up with her but she didn't want to say anything. He wanted to try and force whatever she's hiding out of her.

"Got any plans?" he asked.

"I do need to go into town to pick up stuff for that banquet in a few weeks I think. Alex is coming along before she heads into work tonight. You're still coming to that banquet, right?"

"Of course," he said.

She smiled as she placed her mug in the sink. "I'll see you later on?" she said.

Nick nodded as she kissed him on the lips hard. He was surprised at her action but he returned the kiss as well. She pulled away and stared deeply into his eyes.

"Just be careful okay?" she asked. She remembered the other night when he got almost seriously hurt that she threatened him to take him to the hospital unless he tried to be more careful when fighting off the creatures.

"Always am," he said.

She nodded as they pulled away from each other. After Nick left, she let out a long sigh as she showered for the day then got dressed in a long sleeved blue shirt and dark grey sweatpants and snow boots. She grabbed her bag and left the house.

"Everything alright?" Hank asked as they were at the station.

"Yeah it's just Charlotte was acting a little weird this morning," Nick said.


"I don't know something's off," he replied.

"You don't think it had anything to do with…" Before Hank could finish his sentence, Wu came up towards them.

"You're never going to believe what we found. Turns out that after much digging around, this robbery was planned to make it happen," he said.

"So it was intended," Nick said.

"Yes but that still doesn't answer the main question," Wu said. "Why do it and what was the purpose?"

"Have you heard back from the victim?" Hank asked.

"Nope still in the hospital recovering but he'll say he's going to talk to us when he can," he replied. "In the meantime there is someone who knows about what happened and we brought her in."

Both men nodded as they headed off to the interrogation room as Nick texted Monroe quickly hoping if he found anything on the Wesen.

"So what do you think?" Charlotte asked as she spun around in a deep purple dress.

"That looks better," Alex replied.

"And the others didn't?"

"Well the last one was pretty, the other two forget it," Alex said, scrunching her face.

Charlotte laughed as she went back into the fitting room. After she changed, she put the other two dresses back while she took the blue and purple dresses with her to buy.

"You're definitely coming for the dress fitting right?"

"Of course I wouldn't miss it," Charlotte replied.

"Good sorry if it sounds I'm being obnoxious but I just want the bridal party dresses done and hopefully over with," she said.

"You're still thinking about your dress?" Charlotte asked.

"I am but the problem is I either keep changing my mind or someone doesn't like it I don't know," she replied.

"You'll find something," Charlotte told her.

"I hope so," she said.

After she paid for the dresses, the girls left the store and headed down the sidewalk to do some window shopping. They talked about everything as they looked in the windows in some stores. It felt like ages since the girls hung out. Charlotte looked over her shoulder and saw nothing out of the ordinary. She shrugged as they made their way towards Alex's car.

"I think Nick's going to die when he see you in one of those dresses," Alex said as they were driving.

"You think?"

"I know so honey," she said. "Things are going good with you two aren't they?"

"Yeah they are," Charlotte replied as she looked out the window.

"Have you two well, you know…"

"If you mean have sex then no," she replied, reaching for her phone to look up something quickly. She found it and sent it to Nick. She was recently doing more research on the Balam and found something but forgot

"Really? I would've thought you guys done it by now," she said.

"Alex, not every relationship has to be sex all the time, when we're ready we're ready," she said.

"I understand," she said.

Charlotte smiled as she put her phone on her lap. She continued to talk to Alex when the car stopped short, sending her phone flying on to the floor.

"Sorry I didn't see the red light," Alex said.

"It's okay," Charlotte said as her foot tried to reach for her phone.

She sighed heavily as she unbuckled her seatbelt and went to grab the phone. When she got back up from grabbing her phone, she heard her phone go off indicating that Nick texted her. Just when she put her phone in her pocket, both girls didn't hear a car screeching loudly next to them.

All Charlotte remembered was hearing the screech and an impact. She felt the car going around in a circle before her she felt her body fly out of the car and on to the street. The last thing she saw was a car driving away, hearing someone crying out her name, someone calling 911 and her world went black.

"How do we know if he was telling the truth?" Hank asked.

"I don't know he sounded like he did," Nick replied.

"But there's got to be some reason why that robbery was planned," he said.

Nick could only shrug before Renard approaching them. "Have we got anything so far?" he asked.

"Well the witness told us that the robbery was planned, whether or not it was intended is still a mystery," Nick told him.

"Also we're still waiting on blood samples to come back," Hank said.

Before Renard could say anything, Hank's phone started to ring. He looked down and saw Alex was the one calling him. He excused himself to answer it.

"Hi Alex," Hank said as he walked away from the men. "Yeah he's here, whoa slow down repeat that again more slowly."

"I wonder what that could be all about," Nick said.

"I don't know but if you know anything else, just give a heads up," Renard told Nick.

"Yeah I will," Nick said, looking at his retreating form. He turned towards Hank who had gotten off the phone.

"What happened?" he asked.

Hank looked at his friend with a grim look on his face. He hated being in the position to tell him what happened to his girl or any news for that matter.

"Nick," Hank said, sighing. "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…"

"What is it?" Nick asked, anxiously.

"There was a car accident. Another car came towards the girls, hit them and it drove off. Alex's fine but I'm sorry Nick. Charlotte's hurt bad. She's on her way to the hospital. Alex called hysterical she's at the hospital also," Hank said.

Nick's breath hitched. There was no way this was happening.

"D-Did she tell you which hospital she's at?" he asked.

"Portland General," he replied. "I can tell the Captain you need to go."

Nick could only muster a nod as he grabbed his jacket and ran out of the station towards the hospital. He hoped and prayed that Charlotte would be okay.

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