Back with a new story, yay! So... This is a new genre I'm writing for and it doesn't revolve around romance so much *le gasp!* This is a Mental Patient-ish AU. Human names are used and as with my other stories, yaoi couples. Don't like gay pairings, don't read. Or do, because the plot is interesting enough to overlook the pairings... No? Well, like I said before, there will be romance, but not so much.

As a warning, this is a rated M story for the following reasons: excessive cursing, blood, gore, gang-rape (that's right, I said it, RAPE), murder, slight insane!yandere! Italy, suicide, another yandere character who will remain anon for now, creepy occurrences, multiple endings and character deaths.

Fun right? Also, as a fair warning for those who are extremely over-protective of children, get out now, because children are not safe in this fic. Think of it like an episode of Law and Order: Special Unit Victims... If you get that reference, then you know what will happened to them. There will be lots of fucked up shit in this fic, so I'm telling you all as a warning, if you get uneasy reading about gang-rape and children being hurt in any way, shape, or form, this is not the fic for you. I really don't know why I decided to write a fic like this, especially for Italy, but my mind is fucked so yeah... For those brave souls willing to ready this through the end, please send in comments on what you think of this fic so far and any suggestions on how to make it better. I'm sure I may be over-exaggerating on this whole fucked up shit but who knows, I mean, I know many people who wouldn't want to read about gang-rapes and children being murdered. I feel as though I should warn people before reading this and having them send me hate messages about how I'm a sick person and stuff... Please don't kill me ;_;

Without further ado, please enjoy, those who will read this fail of a story.

Title: Blue Eyes

Summary: After a traumatic event, Feliciano Vargas' mental state is broken and he is sent to a mental institute in hopes of getting better. Once there, a journalist comes to visit him with a strange interest in his case. Can Feliciano regain his sanity with the help of this journalist and put an end to the sadistic monster who destroyed their lives?

Chapter 1

Day 1

Patient: Feliciano Vargas

Date: XX-XX-20XX

Time: 15:06:58 pm

Every where his amber eyes turned to, all he saw was white. The pure white walls stretched out from the spotless white tiled floor to the stainless white ceiling. He could barely make out the thin outline of the door that led out beyond the little white room. Even if he wanted to leave that place, there was no door handle, and it terrified him. There was no escape. The bright fluorescent white light blinded him as he stared up at the ceiling, yet he didn't look away. He depended on that light. It kept the nightmares away. He begged them to keep the lights on –the doctors, nurses, his brother- but no one ever listened. Who would listen if they marked you as mentally unstable?

Lovino Vargas sighed deeply, and numbly stared at the computer screen. The man in white with him gravely explained his brother's condition, but he didn't understand, or rather, he couldn't and didn't want to. How was one to react if someone told him that his little brother was dangerously insane?

"Mr. Vargas, I understand this is not what you wanted to hear— "

"No, you don't understand! That's my little brother, he's all I got left ever since…" he choked on a sob and bit his lip. On screen, his brother continued to stare at the light dully, mouth gaped open. Not him, Lovino thought, God, not Feli…

"…Feliciano needs to stay here longer. He needs to be monitored at all times so we can further understand the severity of the damage done to his mental state. We'll continue treating him here and we will keep you updated on his condition," the man informed, placing a gentle hand on Lovino's shoulder. Lovino hardly felt it, just another weight on his shoulders. "He can get through this… with time and the right treatment," the man assured kindly.

"...C-Can I talk to him before I leave?" Lovino asked. The man nodded and opened the door for him. "It'll have to be quick, but we do have visiting days if you're interested," he replied. Lovino said nothing and quietly followed the man down the hall to his brother.

For an asylum, the halls were brightly lit and warmly cosy. The sun shone brightly through the fogged windows, illuminating the polished floors and clean walls with a soft glow. The light appeared to bounce off of the man's white clothes, causing him to glow ominously as well.

"Now, before we can properly diagnose your brother, we need to know if there is something that isn't on the file. Say, drug addiction or past attempts at suicide..."

"My brother isn't that fucked up, you know," Lovino snapped. "That's not what I meant," the man said quickly, "I meant if there is something we should know about Feliciano we don't know yet and perhaps it's been kept a secret or not taken in consideration, anything off at all." Lovino grumbled, and after a moment, answered, "My brother hasn't done any drugs or attempted suicide. He's a strong kid for a usual wimp... Just... keep anyone... with blue eyes away... far away." The man nodded, mentally noting his warning. "Good to know."

After walking in silence for a minute, Lovino mustered up the courage to speak again. "Doctor..." Lovino began before the man interrupted.

"Oh, my apologies, Mr. Vargas, I'm not your brother's doctor. I'm the head nurse in charge of Feliciano. Your brother's doctor is out of town at the moment," the man sheepishly corrected. Lovino blinked, feeling his irritation levels spike up.

"So... What the hell is so important that this doctor couldn't come and tell me about my brother himself?" he gritted, trying hard to maintain the little patience he could muster.

"I'm not sure, truth be told. Dr. Jones does that time to time without so much as an excuse. A bit of a bloody git when he does because then I have to explain to the patient's family everything, including why he is not present," the man responded sympathetically, "Be assured though, Mr. Vargas. I personally see through every patient's treatment and medication, so I will do my best to guarantee Feliciano's recovery. From a medical standpoint, his case is interesting... I will be keeping a close eye on him." Lovino grunted but said nothing.

They drew nearer to Feliciano's room. In their eyes, the halls were lit and pure snow white, warm. Yet as they stepped closer, the light began to fade away as the assuring warmth cooled and left the halls feeling empty and cold. The pure white walls became speckled by scarlet blood, turning into large stains as they stepped further down the hall. The chilling distorted laughter resonated from the walls, filling the hall completely. Feliciano knew they were coming. He knew those with the accursed eyes were near, wanting to drag him back to his hellish nightmares. It was dark now, the walls and tiles soiled deep red. Louder and louder the laughter grew, and tighter and tighter his chest tightened. He whimpered and pushed his back as far as possible against the wall, hoping he'd get sucked into it. He shut his eyes painfully, clenching his head with his fist. "Go away, go away, go away, go away, go away..." he chanted feverishly.






Feliciano's eyes snapped open and slowly glanced to the door. Lovino rushed over to him and kneeled in front of him, grasping his frail shoulder. He stiffed at the sudden contact and he sat there frozen. "Feliciano, it's Lovino... Hey, bastard... Are you ok?" Lovino asked cautiously. It took time to process, but finally Feliciano relaxed into his brother's grip. He weakly smiled at his older brother.

"L-Lovino... I'm fine now... Say, can we go home now? I want to take a siesta..."

Lovino shook his head sadly. "Why are you shaking your head, Lovi? Haha, you're being weird... Let's go home now, yeah? Haha, let's go home." Lovino swallowed hard and bit his lip before answering.

"No. You're not fine, Feli... You... haven't been fine, not since... You need to stay here, ok?"

Feliciano blinked slowly, breathe hitching. "W-why? I-I'm fine...! HAHA, see? I'm fine now..." the sweet face Lovino had taken for granted was gone now and was twisted with despair, "No... You wouldn't leave me AGAIN... NO, you can't make me stay here! Take me with you! Don't LEAVE me again!"

"You need to stay here Feliciano," Lovino said firmly, "Mr... uh..." He glanced back at the man, just realizing they hadn't been properly introduced.

"Kirkland. Arthur Kirkland," the man said and edged closer to the brothers. "R-Right... Mr. Kirkland is going to help take care of you ok? You can trust him," Lovino continued. Arthur kneeled to be at eye level with Feliciano and cleared his throat. It startled him as if he hadn't noticed the other man standing there before.

"Feliciano, your brother is concerned about... your health and we are trying to help you make the bad things go away," Arthur calmly said, "I'll be monitoring your condition during your time here, so nothing can hurt you here, especially while I'm nearby." He smiled softly at Feliciano. Feliciano took a good look at the stranger before let out a small sigh in relief. Arthur was young, possibly around his own age, had sandy blond hair and brilliant emerald eyes. Yes, emerald eyes, not the accursed eyes. Feliciano returned the smile with a feeble one. Arthur took this as a sign of acceptance, seeing as Lovino also seemed to relax a bit once Feliciano smiled. Arthur stood up and turned to Lovino.

"Right... It's time to go now Lovino."

Lovino hugged his little brother tightly. "Get well and don't cause any trouble or I'll come down to set you straight," he muttered. "I'll try," Feliciano muttered back. Lovino helped him up to his feet.

"You can visit on weekends from 8 am to 2pm, and can call to have a chat any day from 12pm to 6 pm. You'll have to limit your talk to half an hour since many of our patients also get phone calls and we have limited phones here," Arthur informed them both.

"Then it's settled, I'll try to make time on Saturdays to come visit and I'll call you during my lunch break. Be grateful I'm gonna take time from work for you!" Lovino grumbled jokingly. Feliciano gave a small yet hollow laugh and said, "That's because you have to... We're brothers, after all." Lovino smiled sadly and echoed, "We're brothers."


Time: 16:05:19 pm

"Ok, as you know, I'm Arthur Kirkland, the head nurse who will be overseeing your process during your time. Any problems you have should be directly addressed to me and to Dr. Jones, when he returns. Since you are new here, I'll need to ask you a few questions so I can better understand you. Is that alright?"

Feliciano blinked, averting his gaze from the photo of a kitten to Arthur, who didn't look very amused. "Scusa... I just saw the kitty and it was too adorable for me not to stare at it!" he apologized. Arthur chuckled lightly and took a quick look at the photo.

"Yes, I suppose you're right. My brother's – Peter's- cat. Nasty little bugger but adorable indeed," he mused. "Veh... You have a little brother, then?" Feliciano asked curiously. "Yes. We don't get along that well, but I'm the only thing he's got to a guardian," Arthur answered softly.

He pointed to the photo and laughed, "I gave it to him for Christmas. At first he was so disappointed that it wasn't the game console he wanted. He cursed me and threw a tantrum. Apparently he had already told his friends that his big brother was buying him a brand new Xbox or whatever the kids are into nowadays. After his temper had gone down, he began playing with the cat's tail and found it far more entertaining than the games our older brothers bought him. Since then, they've been inseparable."

Feliciano giggled and sighed contently. "It sounds like you two care for each other a lot... Lovino and I never got along as kids, but after our mom died, we started doing everything together... We have a cat too! He didn't want it around him at first, but kittens have ways to get people to like them after a while... Soon he had her sleeping with him because her purring relaxes him. Funny, isn't?" Arthur hummed in agreement.

After a few moments of silence, Arthur cleared his throat. "Feliciano... You must know that the doctor that will be checking your process as well, Dr. Jones... His eye colour is blue. Will that be a problem for you? If it is, I must know now so that we can find you another doctor."

"Huh? Why would I have a problem with Dr. Jones' eye colour?" Feliciano asked. Arthur furrowed his brows and frowned, but said nothing. He turned and returned to his desk. "Well," he said formally, as if nothing happened, "shall we begin our session?"


Time: 21:27:16 pm

Arthur sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. Another late night in the office, he should be used to it by now, but the patient he was currently writing about was something he hadn't seen before. He stared intensely at the dark letters which spelled out "VARGAS, FELICIANO". He had reread his report a thousand times, yet each time, he felt the need to correct it and add in more thoughts. It was the first time someone had left him baffled after the initial session. This was an interesting case and Feliciano was an interesting person. Rereading his report, he added in the notes section in his neat cursive writing, "Completely mad, or shows true potential for complete recovery?"

Lovino had warned Arthur about Feliciano's disturbing behaviour towards blue eyes, yet when he had informed Feliciano about Dr. Jones, it appeared to not faze him in the slightest. He even had a pleasant chat with the patient with no signs of insanity though Feliciano was obviously having an episode in the room before Arthur arrived with Lovino. Maybe... Arthur groaned and wrote another note underneath his previous note. "Bipolar or a personality disorder?"

Arthur jumped at the sound of his phone ringing. "Bloody hell..." he picked the phone and put it to his ear, "Yes, Arthur speaking."


He held the phone an arm's length away from him. "Peter, please don't shout through the phone. I can hear you perfectly without you making my eardrums bleed," Arthur scolded once the person on the other line had stopped screaming.

"Well, then don't just leave me here by myself without having some kind of food to eat! Or at least tell me that you're staying at work late again so I can go bug the neighbours for food!"

"You've bothered Mr. Oxenstierna and Tino too much already. Just stay put and I'll be there in a bit. I'll make it up to you."

"How? Will you take me to that French restaurant Berwald takes Tino to every Friday? By the way, they have their window open and it sounds like they're watching a ghost movie. Can we watch a ghost movie too?"

"I'll take you to that pizza parlour you like so much... Wait, what?! Err... Y-Yes! That's it, t-they're watching a ghost movie... Sure, sure, just get away from the window and don't peek inside! I'll be there in a few!" He slammed the phone down on the receiver, gathered his things and rushed out the door. Halfway down the hall, a figure reached out for his shoulder, stopping Arthur abruptly. Arthur's shoes squeaked as they came to a sudden halt and he caught himself from tripping. "Who the bloody hell?!"

"Yo, Artie!"

Arthur groaned and turned, irritated, to the man in white. "Dr. Jones, so great to see you again, I'm rather busy at the moment, and you're back late, and I finished the latest patient's report, it'll be on your desk first thing in the morning, so if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way, oh and don't call me Artie ever," Arthur's way was blocked by the muscular doctor.

"What's the rush, handsome? Got a date or something?" the man teased. Arthur felt his blood pressure rise up.

"No, I'm busy with other things, so please move." The man continued to block his way.

"Say, Arthur, why won't you return my feelings and go on a date with me?" the taller man leaned close to Arthur. "No," Arthur replied bluntly, "I haven't the time for dates and quite frankly, Alfred, though I admit I'm rather feminine, I'm not gay, so please stop harassing me. I've told you this a thousand times, so stop bothering me with these dates."

Alfred chuckled and stepped aside, allowing Arthur to pass. He flashed a handsome smile and said, "Alright, you don't need to get all butthurt about it. Say hi to Peter for me, ok?" Arthur rolled his eyes and stormed off.

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