A/N—Honestly, the last thing I should be doing right now is posting another story. But this just hit me the other day when I should have been writing an essay and I decided to go with it—yay for distractions from important things like school! This story is a sequel to my oneshot A Diabolical Plan, and will follow setbacks in said plan that Scorpius and Al will face through each year at Hogwarts. Right now, I'm seeing 7 chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue. Enjoy!

A Diabolical Plan in Action

Prologue: A Doubt is Voiced

Whispers followed two of the new Slytherin First Years wherever they went, but that was to be expected. In fact, they each had expected it, had prepared themselves for it as much as they possibly could before leaving the safety of home for Hogwarts. They had always known this was how things were going to turn out. They just hadn't anticipated the exact reasoning behind all of the whispers.

They had both expected it because of who their families were, both now and in the past. One was the son of a former Death Eater, a truly reformed dark wizard, not that many believed he actually had reformed. The other was the son of the man who had defeated the greatest Dark Wizard of, quite possibly, all time; the savior of the Wizarding World.

Inhabitants of their society thought they knew how the two boys would turn out. They would both be miniature versions of their fathers: one would be dark to his very core, while the other would inherit an heroic legacy.

The pair would be natural enemies; a Gryffindor and a Slytherin, destined to hate each other for all eternity.

It would be a rivalry for the ages.

The first bump in the road came when both boys were sorted into Slytherin upon their entrance into Hogwarts.

But this was waved off easily enough. Hadn't things changed since the end of the Second War? Wasn't the stigma of the dark nature of Slytherin House practically gone, now? And wouldn't someone simply have to be sly and cunning to ever hope to follow in the footsteps of the Boy-Who-Lived? Besides, perhaps being in the same House would be best for the two boys: know thy enemy and all that whatnot.

Then came that fated morning. The morning after the Sorting Ceremony. The morning when the boy who appeared to be the Wizarding World's savior in miniature declared for all in the Great Hall of Hogwarts to hear that his new best mate was the one housemate everyone had pitted him against since they were born.

And so the whispers followed them. Because it couldn't possibly be true, could it? No. It was impossible. Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy were most definitely not friends in any way, shape, or form.

And yet…

Why would they spend so much time together and not once try to (feebly, most likely, as they were only first years) hex the other? Why would they do that unless they truly were friends?

It was unfathomable.

"Does this make us the most popular kids at school?"

Scorpius looked up from the Charms essay he had been busy revising. He and Albus had been silently and diligently working on their schoolwork in the library up until that point, or so Scorpius had thought. Clearly Albus' thoughts had been focused elsewhere, as Scorpius could see that the other boy's Charms essay was clearly still unwritten, as evidence by the blank parchment sitting on the table before him.

"Huh?" Scorpius responded quite succinctly.

"You and me," Albus clarified. "Everyone is always talking about us…gossiping, really. Not that I'm an expert, or anything, but doesn't that generally make people popular? You know, in normal schools? The people who everyone talks about are generally the most popular, right?"

Scorpius simply looked at Albus blankly for a moment.

"Clearly you're letting our friendship go to your head," Scorpius finally informed him.

Albus narrowed his eyes at Scorpius. "Yeah, because I really love all the attention."

"One of your many flaws," Scorpius agreed, though Albus was mostly sure that the blonde was only joking. "It's actually why I agreed to be friends with you, you know. There's no pressure to be perfect when you're my best mate, Al."

"Thanks," Albus said dryly.

"Any time," Scorpius replied.

"But seriously," Albus continued almost immediately, and only now did Scorpius realize that there was a nervous undertone to the other boy's words. "Does this make us popular?"

Scorpius lowered his quill slowly, realizing that he wouldn't get any more work done until he gave Albus a straight answer. He pondered his answer a moment more before replying.

"I've never been to a 'normal' school," Scorpius began slowly, recalling Albus' earlier words. "In fact, I'd never been to school before coming here, so the past two months are the only experience I have to go on. But I don't really think this makes us 'popular' in the terms that you're thinking of."

Albus gave a barely audible sigh of relief.

"Honestly, it's all just gossip, like you said," Scorpius continued, thoughtful. "It always seems like people—especially our age—thrive on gossip; they need it. They'll stop talking about the two of us when something more interesting comes along," Scorpius concluded confidently.

"Good," Albus said shortly, finally picking his own quill up and pulling his blank parchment closer to himself. "I've decided that going against the grain is getting me far too much notice for my liking. I didn't quite realize being so diabolical would get me—well, us—so much attention."

"Because no one has ever stared at you before, I'm sure," Scorpius said.

"I would really hate to give up on our plan, though," Albus murmured, seemingly not having heard his friend's comment.

"It was wonderfully diabolical," Scorpius agreed. "And we're clearly making such headway with it. I don't think we should give up just yet."

Albus nodded absentmindedly, lost in his thoughts once more.

The whispers would continue, that much was certain. But Albus was now determined not to let them bother him. Scorpius was right: they would pass with time.

Then again…once they did pass, he would most likely do something even more diabolical that would attract peoples' attention. That was just the way things worked out in Albus' life.

He had known this would happen when he started school, now it was just finally time for him to accept the fact that everyone was always going to be watching his every move. But he was a Slytherin now, and he would just have to use that as an excuse to use any means necessary to achieve his goal. And in this case, his goal was to shock the Wizarding World to it's very core. With Scorpius' help, of course.

Albus Potter had never liked the spotlight, but he was sure he could adapt.