'Hi Ana darling! How are you!'

'Aunt Gail! How are you?!'

It is good to see my Aunt Gail. She is warm and caring but she is working with the billionaire Christian Grey as a housekeeper. She has been working with him since Uncle Derrek passed away. She visits my mom during the weekends which is her off days. I once asked her how he eats when she is away and she says that she freezes food for him for weekends and he uses microwave to heat it up. Poor man.

After a chatty morning and wonderful lunch, I decided to revise for my exams.

'I have exams coming up. I need to study.' I pout and she laughs at me.

'You look exactly like your mother when you pout. Go study honey. I am going out with your mother. See you later.'

I am studying English at WSU and currently in my final semester. Exams are in a week time and I have 3 essays to complete this weekend. I live with my friend / course mate – Kate Kavanagh. She owns an apartment near to WSU and I pay her peanuts as rent. She is more like a sister to me. He parents are well to do and lucky me they don't mind me tagging along Kate. Kate is bolder and more outspoken. She is the editor for Uni newspaper and the last she told me when we spoke was, she is interviewing Christian Grey on Monday for the graduation edition of the newspaper. Good luck to her. I have heard from Aunt Gail that he can be snobbish and sarcastic. He does not give interviews and I am surprised that he agreed to Kate's but again knowing Kate, she would have pestered the poor man until he agreed. Anyway back to me… even though my mom lives at Portland, I am not comfortable staying with her because of her husband no 4 – Bob. They are newly married and I just want them to have their own space. My dad – actually my step dad lives in Montesano and he runs his own carpentry shop. I usually call him up at least once a week to catch up.

After my revision… it is almost dinner time and I know Aunt Gail will be cooking and I love to see her cooking. She has taught me a lot in that area. My mom does not know how to cook… or how should I put it… her cooking is either a hit or a miss and mostly it's a miss. So all my cooking knowledge is from my aunt.

'We are going to cook roasted stuffed chicken today with mushroom gravy. Are you ready Ana?'


We got busy in the kitchen and when the gravy is almost ready, my phone rings. It is Kate. She never calls me when I am at my mother's but she is not well.

'Yes Kate?'

'Ana…' her voice is hoarse and choky.

'What is wrong Kate?!' my voice raised few desibles.

'I am having fever…'

'Oh dear… I thought it was just stomach flu. I will leave shortly.'

'No Ana… I am fine… I have someone with me. I just called to warn you that if I am not well by Monday, I might need you to do the interview for me.'

He voice was pleading but me…interview Christian… I don't think so.

'No Kate.. listen… I will be back tomorrow morning and I will make sure you are well. You have been waiting for the day and now you can't back off.'

'Ana… I understand… but I am just warning you.'

'Understand. I will see you tomorrow.'

'Bye Ana…'

'Bye Kate… take care and take some Advil.'

Phew… I must make sure she is well tomorrow. I will make my famous chicken soup and she should be fine after that.

'Who was it?' my mother asks.

'Kate… she is not well. She asked me to be on standby to interview Aunt Gail's boss!' I started to giggle but Aunt Gail looked worried.

'Why are you interviewing him?'

I noticed she started looking at my hair, my face and practically me in whole.

'For school newspaper. Kate got the interview on Monday at 2 but she is not well and now she is having fever. I have to go back tomorrow and make her the herbal chicken soup so she will be well on Monday and she can conduct the interview.'

'Ana darling… just be careful.' Aunt Gail has a worried face and her voice is concern but quiet. What she knows about Christian that I don't know? I have done a biography about him for one of my projects and he seem to be a private person, does not have any girlfriends – he has not been seen with a woman in fact, built his empire at a very young age and very successful.

'Sure … come lets eat!'