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The wardrobe, in white and rose wood color is full of designer dress, t-shirts, skirts, jeans, blouses, shoes and night dress. You name it and it is there. I opened one of the drawers and I can see designer undergarments. What the hell are you thinking Christian? I thought to myself.

The center of the walk in wardrobe is fitted with a white soft padded long bench. I place my bag on it and walk out of the white wardrobe. I sit on the fluffy bed and think what message Christian is trying to send across. I pull my phone out and I see a message is waiting for me. I slide and see it is from Christian.

I hope you are now safe and sound under my roof. Will see you later.

Sent 2.15pm

I quickly type a reply.

Yes, I am now sitting comfortably on the fluffy bed in one of the guest room. I just stepped out of the wardrobe and still surprised unable to find words to describe what I just saw.

Sent 3.20pm

Few minutes later, my phone pings.

A thank you will do. It is for you.

Sent 3.24pm


A Thank you for you. I want to sleep now.

Sent 3.26pm

I chuck my phone and hit the pillow. I pull the comforter and fall into troubled sleep, troubled with beautiful grey pair of eyes. When I open my eyes, I could see orange and navy sky, effect of the setting sun and it is beautiful. I get up and stand at the ceiling high window admiring the view.

'Beautiful…' I say softly to myself.

'Not as beautiful as you…' Christian's voice replies softly. I turn around and he is sitting at the emperor chair which is at the left of my bed. I didn't notice it earlier.

'What are you doing here?' I asked shocked. How long has he been sitting here?

'I was watching you sleeping.' He says rising from his seat.


'You looked so peaceful, sleeping like a baby Anastasia.' Christian says with a small smile on his face.

'I feel rested. I think it's the expensive bed.' I tried sounding casual but I know I felt very safe here. I have been saying that it is a drunk and drive case, something is telling me that this is actually a planned accident.

'No, it's not the expensive bed, maybe it's the environment. I like keeping my home safe. Come, it's almost dinner time and I was able to smell Gail's cooking when I was walking up.'

'Alright. Let me just wash my face. I am feeling hungry too.'

'I will wait outside.' And he walks out. I step into the vast bathroom and stood in front of the sink looking at my reflection. What is Christian trying to proof? I ask to my reflection.

He is trying to proof that he cares for you. He loves you. Why the hell are you playing hard?

'I am not playing hard; I just don't trust guys… You know what happened to me when I was twelve.' A secret that I have kept to myself for a very long time.

That is old news. That guy outside the door is willing to give up everything for you. He went through a horrific start in life too.

'Old habits die hard dummy!'

You might be able to change him, dummy's dummy!

Go get a life! And I splash water to the mirror. Damn my reflection. I wash my face and walk out and Christian is leaning against the wall fiddling with his blackberry. When he hears me closing the door, he looks up and his face brightens up with a gorgeous smile.

'Shall we?'

'Sure.' And we walk side by side and just as we near the stairs, the playroom door comes to view. I stop to look at the door but Christian nudges me.

'Don't look at it Anastasia… don't sweat it.' he says and drags me downstairs…

All the equipment in the so called playroom flashes across my eyes… he is trying to change… I slap my subconscious and get back to reality. He holds a whip and dictates to a woman how to behave in a room… can such a person fall in love? I start to ponder with it till I reach the breakfast bar. Aunt Gail is busy preparing two plates of food to serve. My guess is it's for us.

'Why not you and Taylor join us for dinner?' Christian asks Aunt Gail and she smiles warmly.

'Mr Grey, umm…'

'Yes Gail?'

'Actually we were planning to have dinner at a diner across the street.' She smiles warmly to him. I can see it is a genuine smile. She did warn me to be away from him but her warmth is there .. she cares for him but wait! What! What the hell? She is going to leave me here with Christian? You didn't mind being alone with him before? You wanted to know what he has under his belt… but now you are
I am not damn afraid…

'Oh.. alright then. I have no plans anyway. Have fun.'

'Do you need anything else Mr Grey?'

'No, I am fine. Thanks.'

'Have fun you two…' I say solemnly. She smiles and winks and went off to look for Jason, I guess.

'So, it's just us then.' Christian says quietly. His voice even sounds husky after Gail is out of earshot.

'Yea… just us.' I say taking a mouth full of mashed potato which is accompanying the grilled fillet. Gail also steamed some broccoli, carrots, asparagus and celery. Christian starts with his dinner and it is awfully quiet.

'Did you find the driver?' I ask breaking the silence. I hate a silent environment.

Gail had her plans with Taylor. I wonder if they have done it on purpose. I don't give a damn, I have Anastasia alone and I will cherish the moment.

'Did you find the driver?' she asks breaking my thoughts.

'Yes.' I replied. My blood starts to boil. That fucking ass is a hired hit man and all the evidence points to Elena.

'What are you going to do about it?'

'Taylor is looking into it. Don't worry about it Anastasia.'

'Oh… then he will nail the driver.' She says smugly.

'Anastasia… I want you to be comfortable and happy.'

'Christian, I am comfortable… happy too. My Aunt is with me… ' and she peaks up to steal a glance…

'You are here too' she says softly. Me! She is happy that I am here… that is a good one.

'Anastasia… I am happy that you are here too. This is an opportunity for me to show you how much I care for you, how much I like you, prove to you how much I love you.' I said sincerely. I love Anastasia.

Love me… I know he loves me. I told him to prove it. And now he is going to proof it.

'Christian, I see how much you have cared for me. You were there while I was unconscious.'

'I had to see you Anastasia. You didn't know how I felt. Until you opened those powder blue eyes, I never felt so empty, lonely. I need you Anastasia.'

'Christian… I can see that you care for me. I can feel it.' Christian reaches my hand. He smiles warmly.

'Come on. You need to take your medicines.

He comes over and helps me to the living room. Aunt Gail has left my medication on the coffee table complete with water. Got to love her… she thinks of everything. Christian ushers me to the sofa and hands me the medicine after I sit comfortably on the sofa which looks like never been used before. The very room that I sat with Christian week ago, having coffee while he tried asking me to be his sub, and now he is asking me to be his girlfriend. What a big 'No' makes a difference to a man who really wants to make changes to his life.

'Elena! Don't you dare try again what you tried with Anastasia?'

'Christian… what are you talking about?'

'This!' I throw the evidence of the link between the damn driver who hit Anastasia and Elena. Pictures of Elena and the driver who hit Anastasia having dinner.

'Ch…' She stammers.

'Don't deny it!' I am yelling now. Welch finally found the connection when Elena met the darn driver to pay him for his 'fantastic hit' job, as she quoted. Welch had one of his guys to follow the fucking hitman and he met Elena last night at one of the restaurant. Elena was waiting for that bugger. Welch's man was able to sit within earshot of the two idiots and managed to record the damn conversation!

'Fantastic hit Edward.'

'Thank you Ma'am. You told me not to finish her off else, it would be Christmas for me!'

'That will happen soon, if that little bitch doesn't get out of my Christian's life.'

'Just let me know when.'

'Here is the cheque that I promised, Edward.'

'Pleasure doing business with you Mrs Lincoln.'

'Likewise… I better get going. I don't want anyone catching us together. You know Christian has influence everywhere and I don't want our little arrangement to be known to him.'

'See you Ma'am.'

'What do you say to that Elena!' I ask her after playing the recording to Elena. Her face started turning white.

'I… I…'

'I am telling you now and this is final. I don't want you anywhere near me or Anastasia. Get it!'

'Christian, why don't you understand… she is no good for you honey….' She changes her voice to the seductress.

'Out. Of. My. Life! Get it?!' and I turn around and walk out of ESCLAVA and Elena, forever. Deep down, I know that she will not give up easily. She will try to sink her claws on me again or even try to kill Anastasia. I am not going to take any risk. Taylor is already screening potential candidates who can be Anastasia's personal body guard. I know he will give priority about her security.

'Taylor, I don't want Elena to be anywhere near Anastasia… Have you found the security for her?'

'Mr Grey, I will ensure that Annie is watched 24/7, round the clock. Took all the courage in me not to kill that bastard!'

I smirk. Taylor has never used foul words at my presence but after we discovered who the hit man was, and Elena was behind him, I could see his knuckles turning white. He might have punched Elena on her face if she was right in front of him.

'I am sorry Sir,' he says and clears his throat.