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Wounded Snake strikes back


'Shit!' I Wstle silently.

'This is messy Christian..' Taylor says wtaring at the monitor which is blinking the address.

'Do you know the owner of this address T?' Luke speaks looking puzzled at Taylor and me.

'Yes. Mr Grey, what do you want us to do?'

'Elena has gone crazy. I will talk to her.'

'Sir… sorry but you have been talking to her. Talking is not doing anything to her.'

'What do you suggest?'

'We can deploy a deadly virus… her whole network could crash. From what I see here, everything in her house is connected to the network. Even a business line.'

'And what does the virus does?'

'It will jam her whole network. There is not restoration. She have to change her entire network setup, cables, computers, laptop… everything that is connected to her network.'

'Do it!' I bark.

Few minutes of tapping, Sawyer smiles and turn to me and Taylor.


'Could you just check any hack attempt to GEH network?'

'Done sir, negative.'

'Tailor, change the access code of the apartment. We can't take chances. Do you have a minute?'

'Yes sir…' and I guide him out of the security office.

'Anastasia wants to return to work. But with this recent hack threat, do you think it is a wise decision?'

'I don't think it is wise sir. I will get Gail to speak to her. She can be one little stuborn brat.'

'I couldn't have said it better,' Tailor chuckles to my remarks.

'Sir, I will get back to security room to check on Sawyer… '

'What happened to your dinner…' and Tailor smirks at me and shakes his head.

' Good night Mr Grey'

I nod and head back to Anastasia. She was standing at the floor to ceiling window facing the city at my living room. She just looks like she owns Seattle. She will if she is with me…


She turns around with a huge smile on her face. I want the smile to remain on her face. I will protect her from Elena… and anyone else who means harm to her. After looking at me… her smile started to fade.

'What is wrong Christian…'

'Anastasia… lets go to my study. We must talk.' She steps closer to me. Her scent is so intoxicating. I could just cuddle her and live till eternity. Would she want you? You are sick to your core! Oh shut up! We walk side by side to my study and she takes her seat opposite me.

'Anastasia… What I am going to tell you now is something important … I hope you won't run.'

'I didn't run when you told me you are a dominant… I didn't run when you showed me your playroom… What makes you think I will run now?'

I smirk at her… she and her smart mouth.

'Remember I told you I was introduced to the lifestyle when I was 15..'


'A family friend introduced me to the lifestyle.'

'Family friend?'

'Yes, my mom's friend'

'Meaning she took advantage of her friend's troubled son.' Again… on the dot.

'It is…' and she cuts me of…'It is Christian… but its okay. Just continue.'

'Her name is Elena… Elena Lincoln. I was her sub for 6 years. Later, I broke the relationship and became a dom myself.'

'Is she still in your life?'

'Yes… She is my business partner.'

'Business partner heh… Any other business?'

'I am a silent partner in her saloon business.'

'Yes but I sense that this is not the important thing you are waiting to tell.. so spill Christian.'

I clear my throat. I hope she takes it nicely…

'She also finds sub for me.'

'Oh… okay… so is she waiting to get one for you?' She says without any change in expression.

'Yes… and I have rejected her… several times.. Ever since I saw you.'

'And now you are telling me this becauseee…..' she trails..

'Elena knows about you. She knows that I am after you. She is trying to harm you.'

'Did she cause the accident?'

'She hired someone to hit you.'

'Because you are after me?'

'Yes. I have arrange a security for you. Jason found a reliable guy.'

'Security! I am not a kid!'

'It is for your safety. Another thing. Moments ago, she was trying to hack into ESCALA network. We manage to stop the hack.'

'All this is to get rid of me. You sure mean something to her. You know Christian, based on what you just told me, I think she is obsessed with you. She won't let you out of her grip. I am very sure of that. Even when you try to loosen up from her grip, she will find a way to sink her claws to you.'

I am gaping at Anastasia's analysis of Elena's character. I agree with Ana.

'Fine… for my safety, I will accept the security but I can't afford to pay him.'

Damn this girl.

'Don't be silly. I will pay him. I need you safe.' She narrows her eyes. But there is a small smile playing on her lips. Yay.. I am winning her.

'So now I have to look out for this Elena… how does she look like?'

I know Anastasia will want to know how she looks. As I start up my notebook, a soft knock on my door startles me. Taylor appears.

'Sir.. Mrs Lincoln is creating a scene at the lobby. She is upset that she can't access the apartment.'

I look at Anastasia and she is grinning widely.

'Get rid of her…'

'No! Let her up. Let's she what she wants!' she giggles.

'You wouldn't want to know Anastasia…'

'I want to. This sounds like fun. I can rile her up a little.' Anastasia winks at me. Even Taylor is struggling to hide his smile.

'What you think Taylor…'

'Sir… awaiting your order sir.'

'Oh darn… just get the lady up. Let's see what she can do to me.'

'She can be dangerous Anastasia…' I warn her.

'Call her up Jason. Come on Christian.' I nod at Taylor and he heads out.

'She has to accept the fact that you are with me now. No one touches what is mine… no one messes with me.' With that.. She turns around and started to walk to the door. Wait a second. Did she just said I am hers? Meaning she is accepting me?

'Anastasia… wait …' and she is already out of the study walking towards the living room.

As I reach the living room, before I could ask anything to Anastasia, the elevator pings open.

'Christian darling… why can't I ent…' Elena started with her screechy voice but stops when she notices Anastasia. Anastasia has taken her seat on the single seater with her legs crossed. She looks at Elena amused. And she is good at covering up because she is holding a magazine. How on earth did she do that? Taylor is standing few steps behind Elena.. and he is on standby.

'Yes Elena. What do you want? I have told you stay out of my life.'

'Christian… what is that girl doing here…'

'That girl has a name. Her name is Anastasia… and if I recall correctly, Anastasia is a princess. So please mind your words.'

Anastasia replies in a very confident voice.

'Christian, can I speak to you privately.'

'You can say anything you want here Elena.'

'Why am I not allowed here? Why did you change the codes?'

'As I said, I want to you out of my life. I will only have business relationship and that is not with me directly. You will be speaking to my legal team and another VP with regards to ESCALA. You will hear from my legal team first thing on Monday morning.'

'Christian.. You can't do this to me. We have history.'

'History is past. I am living the present. Please leave.. or I might need to remove you from my property.'

'I thought I taught you well… Chris…' I look over to Taylor ignoring what she has to say.

'Taylor… show Mrs Lincoln out.'

And I turn to Anastasia. She is looking directly to Elena but with a kind expression. Slowly she narrows her eyes and looks at me. Her beautiful blue eyes grow bigger and a warm smile spread across her face.

Taylor basically had to drag Elena out of my apartment. I am pretty sure this is not the last of Elena.

'That is not the last of her. She hates me and she will try her best to get rid of me.' Anastasia says getting up for the sofa.

'I have the feeling too.'

'Alright… a nice show before I head to bed. Good night Christian. So is this Sawyer guy will be following me to work tomorrow?'

'Can't you extend your leave for another week?' I ask her genuinely. I have learnt that Anastasia is not someone that can be instructed.

'No…. ' a very determined voice comes out from the pretty small mouth. I have already made arrangement with her Editor, Mr Travers. He is all good as long as Anastasia could send the edited work, he doesn't mind her working from home. He can't say no when his new boss wants this!

'Yes you can. I will arrange for you to work from home. I will get someone to deliver all your work here.'

'Christian… I need to speak to my boss.' She starts to argue.

'I have spoken to him. Everything has been arranged.' I counter. She has a very puzzled look. There is something that I have not told her. I wanted to tell her after she accepts my proposal… but looks like it is today because she did accept me…

'But how?'

'That is another thing that I wanted to tell you. I have finalized my deal with Kidzie… I own Kidzie now.'

'Answer one thing.' Her expression changes to a very stern look.


'Did you buy Kidzie because of me?'

'No Anastasia… I have started the process even before I met you. Publishing is my new venture.' I started to take over Kidzie even before I met Anastasia. When she started to work at Kidzie, I was glad. I had immediate access to her email address and that is how I got her email address.

'Alright. That's all I need to know. So can I work in the library?' Wow… she is easy when she wants to be.

'Yes. Your workstation will be setup there.' I have already made arrangement for a brand new laptop with printer and all other necessary items to be placed in library. A small workstation for her will be set up in order for her to work from home.

'Thank you Christian.' She simply says with a smile and started walking up to her room. I followed her up to her room.

'I have something to ask you…' I stand at the entrance of her room…

'She turns around and raises her eyebrow.'

'You are slow Grey. Yes .. I said you are mine… I am accepting your proposal.. provided you are willing to try more. No red room… only hearts and flowers…'

I smiled at her and nod…'Good night baby…'

'Good night hunky…' I close her door and walk to my own room. As I cross the security room, Taylor walks out…

'Sir… We have dispatched the virus to Elena's network. Lucky she was here when it was done. She is in for a surprise when she reaches her home.

'Good… do keep me posted.'

With that I retire for the night with a huge smile on my face. Anastasia is mine!