Gail's niece! What the hell! How it did not show on the background check?! What the f*** is Welch doing? I said thorough background check and it did not show that Anastasia is Gail's niece?! Damn it…

'Are you here to get a book?' or you are looking out for your sort of niece? Taylor and Gail know my taste in women and they know perfectly that Anastasia is the type of woman I like. Would they have told Anastasia about my secret? I will have them for lunch if they break the NDA.

'Visiting Ana actually sir. Are you buying books sir?'

'Yes.. ' Damn this is so lame… I don't do books.. Taylor knows I don't enter my library even it is stocked up with books of first edition of literature… He is still having his hands over Ana's shoulder… if only I could rip that arm out of his shoulder socket…

'I am leaving now… See you soon Ms Steele,' and I am off. Why does she thinks that going for dinner is a bad idea? Jason have to walk in when she is about to say out why she feels so. Maybe Jason and Gail had warned her about my extracurricular activity… I don't think so… both of them are my most valuable household staff… they won't break the NDA… but they could have warned her to stay away.. in general… that is not going to stop me. I like Ana and I want her.

'Are you free for lunch?'



'Can… I just need to inform David.' I walk towards David and inform him I am going for lunch. I joined Jason outside the book store.


We walk in silence few doors away to a simple burger shop.

'Annie… I know you are not going after Grey… but he is the one coming after you. Gail and I can only advise you not to get involved with him but we can't stop you. You are a big girl. You are educated.' Jason says after we place our order.

'I am trying to understand why you are warning me. I don't seem to be able to figure it out. Also.. Gail.. She has never warned me like how she is warning me now. My only reply now is… I am not throwing myself to him… he was the one who walked into the bookstore and I am still trying to figure out if it is a co-incident or on purpose.'

'Annie… it is purpose… Mr Grey is a very wealthy man. He has his ways to get what he wants. I believe he knows everything about you… but I do wonder how he missed Gail and me in the picture. I have asked a friend of mine if Grey has done a background check on you… and yes. I believe that now he knows that you are Gail's niece… he might not pursue whatever that he has in mind.'

'What does he have in his mind? You and Gail are warning me but I don't know what I am being warned off.'

Jason lets a big sigh…

'I know.. You guys have signed NDA and you can't talk about it. But if I want to know, then I have to get into it. Then I will decide whether I should keep away from him.'

'Annie… I don't want you to be near him.'

'Why! When you and Gail have no answers… then let me find out myself!' I can't hold my anger back.

'Annie… it might be too late when you find out.'

'Mr Taylor…. I think I will decide what to do. As for now… I am not going to throw myself to him. But if he appears in front of me… you or Gail cannot… I repeat… CANNOT interfere and let me make my own decision. Am I making myself clear?'

Damn this girl is stubborn. I never thought Annie has a stubborn vein somewhere in her body but her last sentence and the way she emphasize on her cannot has startled me. Gail is mistaken about Annie that she is timid and shy. She is bold and from her tone… I believe she can look after herself… I will just standby in case Grey try to hurt my baby girl.

'Annie… I understand and our concern to you is very deep… I personally look at you as my daughter… same goes to Gail.. so I hope you understand why we are being protective.'

'That is very nice to hear but you guys can't keep me under your umbrella forever…'

She has a point…

'Fine Annie… do as you wish… just don't get into deep trouble. I will look out for you.'

And the playroom. I hope Annie doesn't end like all those subs… I can't bear to see Annie getting hurt.

'Thank you… now let's enjoy our lunch.' She smiles and all my anger melts away…