Another Series Of Unfortunate Events

Book, the Sixth

The Ransacked Rendezvous

For my Darling Beatrice, I learned so much from you; especially how to live with a broken heart

Dear Reader,

If you have ever felt that time is of the essence whenever you are already late for a very important meeting, then I'm sure you understand there is no need to go into the meaning of the word punctual, which I shall thoroughly do in this book.

Whenever Klaus, Violet, Beatrice and Sunny arrive at the Winnipeg Estate they will not only be late; but they will have little or no time to prevent a serious catastrophe from occurring within an already splintering organization. Indeed if you were to continue reading; you would also study about secret passageways, masquerade balls, forged paintings and dining etiquette.

It is my duty to record these events as they transpired in the Baudelaires' lives and reveal them to the public, but you however can study something much more wholesome such as snails, or bull fighting,

With all Due Respect,

Lemony Snicket