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Chapter One

"Harry was a great friend to me. A wonderful father to his children, and an all around great guy. It took a lot to make him mad-" Seth looked down. "But he had a kind heart, and was so forgiving. It was...A shock to find out that he was gone. And I didn't believe it at first..." Charlie looked down and sucked in a breath. "But I know...That he's alright. Heck, he's probably out fishing right now, bragging about the big catch he reeled in." Charlie and a few people chuckled, then got quiet again. "I know I'll see him again. When the time is right. But as for now, Harry? You'll be greatly missed."

Charlie stepped off the podium and went back to sit next to his daughter. Practically all of La Push was here; Harry was loved and known by everyone. It was a sad, sad day. And the rain didn't help any of it at all.

Damn La Push.

Seth folded his arms across his chest and looked at his feet, sinking low in the pew. He suddenly felt cold on his right side as Leah stood up. He glanced at the podium, watching her take her place.

She smiled grimly and took in a shaky breath.

"Daddy..." She smiled. "It's so hard to describe him, cause he was so many great things in one. He was caring, loving, funny..." She laughed once. "I remember when he first took me fishing. I caught this tiny little minnow, but I was so excited, I didn't care. And then he made me let it go. I started crying because...It was my first catch, y'know? I wanted to keep it. In my little six year old mind, I wanted to mount it on a wall so it could sing a song whenever you pressed the button on the wood." She giggled along with some other people. "But he told me that I had to let it go so it could grow into something bigger." She got quiet and looked up with a small smile. "That's just the kind of person Daddy was. Always looking out for even the tiniest things.

"Another time, I remember, was when I was ten and I fell off our roof. I had insisted on helping put up the Christmas lights, but he'd said 'wait until I get up there'. Me, I didn't listen. I went up there, anyway. Fell off and broke my arm. And he didn't say 'I told you so.' He didn't say 'I bet you learned your lesson' like anyone else would. He just hugged me, and thanked God that I was safe. And then he let me put the tree topper on the Christmas tree. And that's just how he was. Always making the best out of something bad.

"I might cry, because he's gone. I might get mad...Cause...Cause he left and didn't take me with him. But then I think about all the great times I had with him, and I thank God that I was able to have those memories. The good ones. And I know that...He'll be looking down on me every day, seeing me through everything." She smiled and stepped down after a sigh, going back to her seat.

Everyone looked at Seth after that, but he kept his eyes on the ground.

"Do you want to say anything?" Leah whispered to him. He looked at the casket in front of the podium. His vision became clouded with hot tears and he looked away quickly. He started to shake and Leah put a hand on his knee. "You'll be okay." He moved away from her and stood up, walking out of the church.

He made it outside and sat down on the curb, not caring that he was getting soaking wet from the rain. He gasped in over and over again, trying to steady his breathing.

He couldn't do it. It was too much. He felt so much guilt and anger towards himself. He was the reason Harry was dead. And knowing that made him feel terrible inside.

He dug his fingers into his scalp and clenched his teeth together, trying to get rid of the feeling growing inside of him. It started from his stomach and spread out through the rest of his body. He shook still, but this time it wasn't from his panic attacks.

Whatever it was, it was like something was trapped inside his body. It wanted out. It was like claws trying to dig their way through him. It was a feeling in his stomach that made him sick. He jerked forward and threw up on the street, letting the rain wash it away.

He snarled and growled, digging his fingers deeper and deeper into his head until he swore he could feel blood ooze between them.


"Get him out of here!"

He felt himself being grabbed and rushed somewhere. He thrashed around, trying to get away, but they were too strong and had a good hold on him.

Then he was thrown on the ground, still writhing and thrashing. He growled and snarled and clawed at the earth.

"Just let it out, kid."

No. He wouldn't. Whatever it was, and no matter how painful it was, he was going to force it to stay in.

"Don't fight it, Seth!"

"Just let it go!"

He couldn't breathe. He was hot. He was in pain. Seth clawed desperately at his suit jacket, ripping it off. He felt the thing trapped inside him try to push its way out. His bones started to shift and crack and pop. The thing started pushing harder and harder, making him turn over on his stomach.

"Just let it go," someone said sternly. He felt like he had to obey them. He couldn't disobey this person. So he stopped moving. He took in another breath and growled. So loud, birds took to the skies.

And then he was on four paws. Four, sandy brown paws. His clothes were in shreds around him. His body hurt no more. He could breathe again. He was...He was okay.

And a wolf.

A giant, sandy brown wolf.

The fuck?

Then he was scared. He was scared shitless. He backed up and ran into a tree. He whipped his head around, looking at his surroundings. They were all clear and focused. Better than looking through a magnifying glass.

But it was still scary.

He yelped and ran backwards, slamming into another tree.

"Calm down, Seth. Stop!" Sam yelled. Seth stopped. He looked at Sam and Jacob and Paul, who all looked calm as if they'd seen this before.

"Good. Now see if you can change back," Paul said.

Change back? How the hell did he change back?

"Think human," Jacob added.

Human? Well, a human has two legs, not four. And they're not covered in fur. And they don't growl, or have muzzles, or...

"There you go." Seth looked down at his...Naked human body. "Well that was quick. Just like his sister." Embry popped out of nowhere and threw a pair of jeans at him, which Seth quickly put on. He stared at the ground, in shock.

Had he really...? Just...?

Holy. Crap.

He stayed frozen for a while, just staring at the ground as the rain made it muddier and muddier.

"Bro, you okay?" Jacob put a hand on his shoulder. Seth yanked it out of his grasp and turned away.

Yeah, I'm okay, Jacob. I just exploded into a giant wolf, but other than that I'm totally fine. Oh, yeah. Did I mention that I just puked? And that I had to stare at my dad's dead body for half an hour? I didn't? Well, it's in the open air now!

"Dude, don't be like that," Jacob said quietly.

"I know it's a shock, but you need to except this," Sam added.

Except it? Except it? Everyone had been telling him to except everything. Except this, except that. Except the fact that your dad will never come back, Seth. Except the fact that you can't take back the last words you spoke to him, Seth. Except the fact that you can never do anything right, Seth.

Except the fact that you just TURNED INTO A FUCKING WOLF, Seth.

He was frustrated. Beyond frustrated. New hot tears pricked at his eyes and he forced them to stay back. He wouldn't cry. Not over something this...This stupid.

"Is...My sister like me, too?" he found himself asking.

"Yeah. All of us are."

"Oh." He told himself to shut up after that. It was this voice that had caused the death of Harry Clearwater. This voice was never meant to be heard again.

Paul sighed, closing his eyes for a second and then opening them again. He instantly felt for the kid. He'd just lost his dad, and now he'd just phased for the first time. He wouldn't wish that on his worst enemy. Paul had lost his dad, too, and knew how Seth felt. He suddenly felt a certain bond with him; Seth had just become like his little brother and he vowed to protect him at all costs.

"You want me to walk with you home? Jake can tell your sis and mom what happened to you," he offered. Seth didn't answer. Just began walking out of the forest. Paul sighed and glanced at the other guys before following him.

Seth was fast. Almost as fast as Leah, even while walking.

"Kid, wait up!" He jogged to meet his pace. "I know you just came from your pops funeral and all, but-" Paul stopped talking when he heard the kid sniff. He hated crying. Hated it. Leave the tears for the pillow, that's how he was. But something was different about seeing Leah's little brother cry. This kid was family. And family meant...You cared for each other. No matter how young, old, or annoying they could be.

"Bro..." Paul scratched the back of his head, unsure of what to do. "I'm sorry I brought that up, man. Uhh..." Seth turned and continued on his way, quicker this time. Paul let him go.

Even he knew when people needed to be left alone.

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