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Chapter 2:

Usagi moved as fast as she could through the dense forest without making too much noise, thanking Kami that her days as a sailor scout taught her how to be light on her feet and move silently. She couldn't really be sure she was making any noise at all, the only sound in her ears the furious pulse of her heartbeat as she tried to keep calm and not break out in a full-blown panic attack in the middle of 'enemy territory.'

The blue-eyed girl winced as one of her tangled streamers of hair caught on the rough bark of a tree she had just passed, yanking it free with pale shaking hands. Usagi wondered briefly if this was what going into shock felt like, or if it was just the residual adrenaline from narrowly avoiding being executed by a group of mercenaries. Either way, she couldn't afford to stop and collect herself. She could worry about regaining her sanity when she made it to a safe zone.

Usagi gathered her silvery hair to her chest to keep it from getting snagged again and slowing her down, once again giving thought to the temptation to cut it off. On the one hand, shearing off her hair would make it easier to move through the forest and the absence of the lengthy hair would make it harder to identify her. Her hair was one of the few things she had left that was hers, though. The one thing she could actually still control.

She bit her lip, tightening her grasp on the ragged locks. She would keep the long hair for now, if only for sentimental value. She let out a long breath, slowing her brisk pace as she looked up through the tightly packed branches, only a few slivers of the darkening sky showing through. How cold did this world get at night? Usagi didn't even know what part of the year it was, or even what part of the world it was. The girl once again cursed Pluto for dumping her into a world that she was given no information about. Did the time keeper know what kind of danger she had dropped her princess into? That the place she had transported her to was in he process of being bombed and all the people murdered by a group of heartless soldiers? Or did her realm of sight only encompass the dimension that Usagi had grown up in?

Usagi's dark blue eyes glazed over with the awful memories of her first memories in this new dimension. Sure, she had read about that wars that had happened int he past. She had read about the bombings in other countries, and all the people being killed in their homes. But she never could have imagined that she would experience the same heartache personally.

Usagi scoffed, once again speeding up her pace. After all the fighting she had done in Juuban, one would think that she would be used to the killing and running for her life. But fighting youma had been vastly different. They weren't human, or the ones that had intelligence and were just aliens had been warped with so much greed and dark powers that they didn't even have a shred of humanity left in them. Of course, the ever-present fear of dying was still present; that feeling was the same, youma or not.

Small hands, still trembling, wrapped up long hair deftly on the back of her head. With one hand she reached into her subspace pocket and pulled out a sturdy metal chopstick, wrapping it around the ends of the locks and securing it against her scalp. She reached into the pocket again, the tips of her fingers vanishing for an instance, and came out with the pair. She secured the other side of her hair, all while continuing the fast pace she had set for herself.

Usagi slowly untied the bloodied jacket that she had tied around her waist before leaving the leveled town, trying not to think about the dead man she had taken it from. She slid her arms through the sleeves and buttoned up the front, crossing her arms over her chest to conserve warmth, It had to be approaching autumn in this world, because the temperature was dropping fast as the sun went down. SHe could hardly see the ground through the weaning light, and the woods were fast becoming more ominous as time ticked by.

Warm arm was puffed into cupped hands around her mouth, her fingers no longer shaking but slowly starting to feel like ice was forming around her bones. Minako had once joked that Usagi could never survive during the winter if she had to live off of the wild, because she didn't have enough fat on her to keep her warm. Which was why, when it gold cold, Usagi always armed herself with ear muffs, mittens, jackets and scarves. When the air turned colder, Usagi always felt like the low temperature completely bypassed her skin and settled directly into her bones like an old friend who couldn't take a hint, the chill not leaving her even hours after getting out of the elements. Usagi huffed as she started to slow down, her breath forming vapor as it was forced out of her lungs. The declining weather was starting to weigh her down, her stamina taking a hit as cold air rushed into her lungs with every inhale. For the first time, she hated that she was so dainty and small. Sure, she was fast, but that didn't help her in this current situation.

She needed to stop and find an area where she oculd sleep for the night. Usagi would have kept going, but remembered an irritating feature that all the senshi possessed when it became darker; their eyes had a glowing quality to them. It was barely noticable when she had first become Sailor Moon and all teh inner senshi had first been found, but as their powers grew so did the slightly otherworldly appearance that they all graced. Usagi's blue eyes had darkened and became more saturated, silver flecks encroaching the normally bright blue crystal they had been for most of her life. He hair was more silver than blonde now, but that had thankfully been a gradual change so it wasn't glaringly obvious. She was also more pale than she had ever been, and no amount of sunbathing had changed it. But the eyes...people had been noticing all the senshi's captivating and slightly glowing eyes that were even more noticable in the dark.

Luna had a theory; that as they grew closer and closer to their prime in terms of the amount of power that was building in their bodies, the closer they were getting to looking like they had in the Silver Millenium. Which would have been fine if they were still living on their individual planets where it was normal to look slightly inhuman, but not on Earth where people noticed everything different and unnatural.

Usagi couldn't help but feel paranoid about coming across a group of soldiers in the dark. Even if they couldn't see her, they would be able to see the glowing eyes. Then it would all be over. Better to just hunker down under a tree and try to catch a couple of hours of sleep. As soon as the sun started rising again, and the light was able to pierce through the thick foliage, she would start walking anew. She just hoped that she would be able to reach a safe city before too long.

She dropped to the ground and huddled next to a thick tree, bringing her knees up to her chest and pulling them in with her arms. A feeling of overwhelming sorrow enveloped her as her thoughts drifted towards her friends and senshi again, her fingers tightening on her arms. She didn't even know if the survived the jump into this dimension, and she didn't know if she could bear the loss of any one of them after everything that had already happened. She just hoped that wherever they were dropped, they were as safe as they could be.

Usagi closed her tired eyes, the soft blue haze disappearing and leaving the area around her dark once again. She fell asleep with the memories of lifeless blue eyes and blood chasing her into oblivion.

Well, there you go. Nothing too scary yet. Not any dialogue yet, but the back-story and more information is important in this story before she actually meets any of the Gundam Wing guys. As you can probably tell. things were a little bit different in Juuban before she came to this world. The slowly morphing features being one of them.

This story will never actually be completely light-hearted. Dark tones and bad situations will be spread across this whole story, adn Usagi's personality will slowly become skewed. Her purity of heart will still remain intact, but she will be placed in less than stellar situations.

So, I'm definately thinking DUo for a pairing in this story for Usagi. His personality is exactly what she will need one they meet up, and he will literally be her saving grace.

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