A Pair of Brothers

James had never seen Sirius look so vulnerable. Sure, he'd seen him

sad and crying, but not like this. This time he knew Sirius needed someone to pick him up, because otherwise he'd crash. And James was going to do exactly that, because James Potter was always very good at picking people up. Especially Sirius.

Sirius Black was broken. He was curled up in a ball, knuckles white from hugging his knees so hard. His eyes were red, big salty tears flowing down. If anyone else had seen him, they'd denied it was Sirius, for there was no trace at all of a smirk or of humor in his face.

James took a step towards his brother.

"Just leave Prongs" His voice broke. "They were right all along...I am just as much of an idiot and just as worthless as my mother always had the decency to remind me."

Prongs's hazel eyes filled with anger at Sirius's 'family'.

"Padfoot, look at me." Sirius just kept staring at the floor.

"Fine! Just listen to me alright?!"

He didn't even wait for an answer, and just started talking staring out the clouded window.

"Do you know the person I admire the most? YOU. Want to know why? You, Sirius, are the strongest and bravest person I know. I admire you because, after everything you've been through thanks to your stupid relatives and your dumb mother who don't quite realize how amazing and special you are, you still smile and jump out of bed every day, and LAUGH. You are strong because you have managed to be yourself and defend who you are and what you believe in despite the fact that the world seems to have something against you. You, Padfoot, are brave, every time I hear your cousins and brother say some horrible thing to you or see that look on your parents face, I get afraid you might break, except you don't, you just walk away. And yet, even though it would make sense if you just broke, you are a bit of a fan of not making sense. Because instead of breaking, you get stronger. And I'm proud to be your best friend, and even your brother. Because do you know what makes me get through the days I just want to give up? The fact that you've been through all of this, yet you wake me up by jumping on the bed laughing. .MORNING" James chuckled a bit "So I admire you and I'm proud of you, and I need you, because I love you man, because you're my brother." James finished with a sigh and turned to look at Sirius, only to find him staring wide eyed at him.

But Padfoot recovered from the shock at Prongs's words pretty quickly, and hugged his best friend, and brother. A very male hug, mind you.

And the brothers hugged, gripping each other tightly.

After a while, they let go, and Sirius stared at James's eyes. The tears were gone.

"Thank you, James. And, I'll deny I ever said this, but I love you too."

The pair of Marauders smiled at each other.

"You know Prongs, if you were a girl I'd kiss you." Sirius joked, trying to lighten the mood.

And the brothers exploded in bursts of laughter.

Because that's who they were. They were brothers, because family isn't formed by blood, but by love and and friendship, and a certain bond, that lasts forever.