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A Gala to Remember

Part IV: Fix You

Olivia Pope.

I was sitting in the ballroom, watching Fitz and Mellie rotate around the floor. He was holding her too far away, and they both looked stoic. I could tell that they had just had one of their infamous fights, maybe ten minutes before they showed up. They were good actors, I had trained them well – but anyone who was paying close enough attention to them would be able to tell that they weren't – anything. They weren't in love, they didn't even like each other. Their marriage was a legal arrangement, and he wanted me. I felt as if I could have walked right over and tapped on her shoulder to cut in. He wasn't happy. Letting go of him would be at least ten times easier if he could just be happy. He was happy with me, but that wasn't what he wanted me to be to him anymore. I had to accept that fixing him wasn't my job anymore.

"Do you want to dance?" Edison asked, oblivious to my internal monologue, as other couples started to join them on the floor.

"Sure," I swallowed, letting him offer me his hand and letting him bring me out on the dance floor.

He was holding me too close, I wanted to make him hold me looser, but I didn't know how to communicate that. I could feel Fitz's eyes on my back as he finished his dance with Mellie, they had almost completely dropped the facade, but luckily no one was paying attention to them anymore – except me. Mellie looked a little more pissed off than usual, and Fitz just looked tired. They stopped dancing promptly and he walked off the dance floor.

"Everything ok, Olivia?" Edison asked, "You seem – spacey."

"I think I just need to sit down," I said and he nodded.

"Well you can go ahead," He smiled at me kindly, "I have a couple people I need to say 'hi' to anyways."

"Ok," I breathed.

The minute he was gone, and I was off the dance floor I was looking around for Fitz. Mellie had her nice fake smile back on, and was mingling around the crowd. Which was exactly what Fitz was supposed to be doing, so where was he? I looked around, and finally spotted him at the bar. He was starting to sway on his stool, and I was sure that within a few minutes he would be attempting to walk – which would not end well for him. I took a deep breath, it wasn't my job to fix him anymore. I looked over at Mellie, who had also noticed the state of her husband, shooting him a dirty look that he had no way of seeing.

"Liv," Mellie said, walking over to her, "So glad you could make it."

"Yeah," I replied, a little less than enthusiastically, "What're you going to do about him?"

"You're the fixer, go fix it," She replied, she was once again not pleased, "Oh, are you worried because he told you that he didn't care anymore?"

"He didn't phrase it quite like that," I replied, and Mellie rolled her eyes.

"That is the man's fourth scotch in a half hour," She said, "And every single on of them was downed while he was staring at you. So, that would suggest that it is in fact, your problem."


"You know, I was proud of you when I found out about you and senator Davis," She siad, "He's a nice man, and it shows some back bone. You're not just going to become an old maid waiting around for my husband. But it turns out you're just as pathetic as he is. You can't control it, can you?"

There was something to her condescending tone that just made me up and leave the conversation. She put back on her fake publicity smile and went back to mingling as I made a zig zagged and altered line towards Fitz. I didn't want Edison to see me go up to him, terrified that some how he would be able to tell just by looking at me with him.

"…If you could just control-" I whipped around to see Hollis and Cyrus talking angrily and in hushed tones in the corner of the ballroom, James and Hollis' wife far from sight.

"Liv," Cyrus said, changing his whole demeanor as he spotted her looking on, "C'mere, C'mere."

"What's going on, guys?" Olivia asked and they shook their heads.

"This fa-"

"We're not discussing it here," Cyrus replied sternly, and I nodded as Cy caught my eye – it was about Defiance.

"Let's not worry about it, ok?" I tried to keep the peace, which everyone knew to be impossible when it came to Hollis and Cy, "Let's just enjoy the party."

"Will do, Miss Liv, will do," Hollis said, and then walked away grumbling.

"Why haven't you done something about him?" Cyrus said callously, nodding over to Fitz, the bartender was handing him his fifth, "He's been like this since he apparently tried to let you go."

"I was on my way," I replied.

That seemed like lifetimes ago now as I was driving down the street, we were in the clear – we were out of the White House. Fitz was in the back with Tom, and I glanced back. It seemed that Fitz's shirt that was putting pressure on the bleeding was no longer doing its job. I pressed the gas a little harder, trying to get to Georgetown University Hospital's emergency room as quickly as I could. I actually invited Cops to call me on speeding, they would make a good escort but then I remembered we were in the presidential Limousine. There was no one that was going to bother us, especially tonight.

The agent who had answered Fitz's call had told him that they had been sending them to the city hospital and the University Hospitals as operating rooms were opening up. He had told them to leave a room open at Georgetown, and to send any security agents that they could. They didn't seem hopeful that they would be able to get anyone over there.

"This is Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III," He had nearly shouted into the radio, "You get security to Georgetown."

He had gotten it out just before the radio went out of range, and I pulled the limousine right into the emergency ambulance pull up. There were doctors outside, undoubtedly waiting for the next ambulance to pull up. I turned around to check on them again, and Fitz had collapsed the back bench seat, and was waiting on Tom's side.

"We can't tip him again," He replied to my unanswered question, "He's got to get out through the trunk."

I got out of the car, and walked around, popping the trunk. The Doctor that were standing around looked surprised to see the limousine. There were two men, and two women. Both women were skinny waif types, and one of the men looked to her to be pretty scrawny – Fitz was better built than he was. I pointed to the other one as Fitz got out of the car.

"You, help him," I said as Fitz went around to the trunk, "Girls, get a stretcher."

"You go on the inside," Fitz told him, "You'll be able to get through the trunk easier."

"Yes, sir," He said, climbing into the back of the limousine.

"We need a waiting room that's secure," I told the string like guy who was just kinda sitting there, "Find a secret service agent, and give him a small waiting room."

"There aren't any here, ma'am," He said, as Fitz and the stronger doctor were getting Tom out of the car.

"Then we need a small waiting room," I said as the girls returned with a stretcher, "No one can explicitly know that he's here."

"Ok," He said.

"And we're going to need a phone," I told him and he nodded as he ran off into the building.

"Ready?" Fitz and the doctor had Tom out of the car, and the girls were assisting them in getting Tom from the door to the stretcher.

"Ma'am," The scrawny Doc was back as they rolled Tom into the hospital, leaving her and Fitz outside, "The room's ready."

"Can you clear the hallways?" I replied and he nodded.

"No one will see him going in," He said, handing Fitz a dress shirt and a hoodie, "It's much too chaotic in there."

"Where did you get this?" Fitz asked, putting the shirt on, and then throwing the hoodie over his head.

"The chief of surgery keeps extra clothes in his office," He said, "You two are about the same size."

"Keep the hood up," I stated the obvious, but he didn't comment like he might have ordinarily.

We had to walk through the ER to get to the room, and I didn't realize that I was holding his hand until I was squeezing it tight. I was holding him back. There was nothing but the hurt, the bleeding, and the in pain. There was no free space, simply carnage – everywhere. She would have thought that Charlie would be more careful, but clearly he didn't care who he hurt.

"Right in here," said the doc as he ushered them into the small room.

"A few agents should be coming soon," Fitz said, "Probably in an ambulance."

"I'll bring them right to you," He assured him, and backed right out of the room.

"This is ridiculous," Fitz said, shedding the sweatshirt and throwing it onto the chair in the corner as I turned on the TV, "I'm not hiding out in here. Not with all those people out there."

"You can't go traipsing around amongst them until we get security," I replied, I had known that that was the first thing on his mind the second we had walked in.

"What about the baby?" He asked, "What if Mellie went and got herself shot?"

I took a deep breath.

"We'll handle that when we come to it," Olivia replied, "But I'm pretty sure shot or not, the pregnant first lady would be the first one on any ambulance."

"What about Cy?" He asked and I shrugged, "Or Hal? Or Hollis? Or that kid at the bar? Or anyone else in that room who ever meant a damn?"

"Fitz," I tried to calm him down, "Calm down. It's like you said when we were moving Tom, we can't do anything about that. We did what we could."

"No," He replied, "You did what you could. The only reason I wasn't in that room when those shots were fired was because I was so drunk that you had to come fix me, again. That's not fair, Liv."

"And the only reason I wasn't in that room was because I was fixing you," I pointed out, "You stopped me from being in that room, no matter how you look at it. Don't let this be a guilt on your part, Fitz. You didn't hire him to shoot up your birthday."

"Who do you think was the target?"

"I don't know."

"Do you think he got him?" Fitz asked.

"I can't imagine he would leave until he was certain that he had," I replied, "People who are trained like Charlie…"

"Are trained like Huck."

"How do you—"

"I know everything about every member of your team," He replied, and I nodded, "Everything you haven't covered up."

"I am the best," I replied and he nodded as I turned the TV on.

The major news stations were now all reporting that the President had been taken to the hospital, and that the shooter had gotten away. Figures, they seemed to have gotten the word that the President was fine – and went into analyzing how the shooter had been able to pull it off. How someone could so easily infiltrate the White House just to have such a shooting spree. They were hypothesizing that it was a professional job, possibly an inside job – and I knew that both hypotheses were correct. The numbers started to roll in, an estimated thirty-five people had been snuck out of the white house by secret service, and another forty or so with minor injuries were being released and transported now.

"This place is about to become a madhouse," Fitz commented as I shut off the TV.

I didn't know the two agents that showed up at the door a few minutes later, but it didn't really matter. I could tell that they were clearly back-up, not ones that were normal back up – but the ones they only would send in emergencies.

"Oh, Good," Fitz said as they walked in, "I want to make a couple rounds and check in on people."

"Sorry, Sir," said the darker one, "I'm afraid you can't do that."

"Why not?"

"The ER's about to be filled with upwards of twenty people," replied the other, and Fitz nodded – defeated.

"Well then, let's make a deal," I walked over, "You're going to find out the status of a few particular people for us – and if you can, bring them to us. We're going to start with Cyrus Beene, The First Lady, we'd like to know the whereabouts of The First Children, Agent Hal Cole, and Senator Davis. And you're going to tell us the status of Agent Tom Bernard."

I caught a slight look at Fitz's face as I said Edison's name – but I had to know what had happened to him. We were back in the real world now, we weren't in a little room basically by ourselves where we couldn't pretend that no one else existed. They did, and we had to address that fact head on. I was sorry to hurt Fitz, I never wanted for that to happen. In my greatest dreams I figured out ways to keep him safe, to fix his whole life for him so that he had no pain, no heartache, nothing – but that was impossible.

"Thank-you," He told the agents as they left the room – and I heard the lock close after them.