Something Riches Can't Buy

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Harry wiped the bar with his white washcloth. Teddy had insisted on coming over to America for the summer, insisting that Harry needed more human contact. The young Metamorpmagus was scheduled to spend some quality time with his godfather during the Yule holidays.

After the death of most of the Weasleys, Harry had fled England months after the war. Hermione leaving the Wizarding World to continue her muggle education. The remainder two of the Golden Trio were still close friends, constantly exchanging letters and the weekly fire-call. But now a gaping hole where Ron used to be was left and sometimes made for awkward conversations.

The death of Remus, the last link Harry had to his parents had hit Harry the hardest. Even finding out about Dumbledore's stealing directly from his vaults couldn't break through the cloud of depression that Remus' death had brought. Leaving Teddy in the more than capable hands of Andromeda Tonks, Harry had traveled around the world. Catching the sights of the world that he had been deprived off. It helped that he had gotten back everything that Dumbledore had stolen with added interest after the death of Aberforth in a death eater raid.

Currently the Master of Death was preparing his pub for the nightly bustle of customers.

After the death of Andromeda 3 years ago, she had passed in her sleep after knowing Teddy had gotten sorted into Gryffindor just like his late parents, Teddy had accompanied Harry in his travels whenever school had been dismissed for the summer and holidays. The now fourth year Gryffindor was following in his godfather's footsteps and had become the Gryffindor Seeker in his third year.

Harry owned a little cafe/pub in a quiet street in the city of New York. During the early mornings and mid afternoon, the store was filled with customers with orders for the fresh steaming coffee and delicious home baked pastries. In the late evenings well into the night, the store transformed from a quaint little cafe into a comfortable pub with the best drinks this side of town.

The war had been hectic and bloody. Harry had lost most of his family and friends. His batch of graduates, had dwindled and was now left with him, Hermione Granger, recently divorced Draco Malfoy, man eater Blaise Zabini, recently married Dean and Seamus Thomas, World renowned Master Herbologist Neville Longbottom and successful book author Terry Boot.

The rest of the graduating class have now all passed, either from the war or the aftermath of rabid Death Eater attacks. Ginny had been the first victim of the unexpected raids, just after Harry had told her very firmly and as gently as he could, that he could never love her the same way he as he did before on the account that he was no longer attracted to the opposite gender, she fell taking a killing curse aimed for Harry.

The Death Eater was sentenced to the kiss after being tortured to near insanity by the Savior.

Ron was next, intent on revenge for his sister, he had gone mad hunting down stray Death Eaters before he was killed in an ambush in an abandoned warehouse.

Hermione had been depressed and inconsolable for the better part of a month, later they had learnt that she had been pregnant but had lost the baby through her depression. She was now better, no longer suicidal and was dating a half-blood wizard she had met in a magical community in Australia when she was visiting her still memory-less parents.

Neville had thrown himself in his work when the death of his year long girlfriend, Hannah Abbott sunk in. He was now the Herbology professor for Hogwarts. It was rumored that Hermione would be the next Charms professor after the retirement of current Headmistress, Minerva Mcgonagall. Harry had patted Hermione on the back and gifted her with her favorite batch of marshmallow chunk muffins.

Draco frequently stopped by, the two had long gotten over their schoolyard rivalry, had developed a casual relationship. After his divorce with his wife, Astoria Greengrass, he and his son, Scorpius, usually spent their time with Harry in whatever country he had taken residence in. Usually Draco could be found naked together with the Boy Who Lived in Harry's bed whenever father and son slept over in whatever residence Harry had taken up in.

Being the Master of Death, Harry had expected his body to be stuck in time but to his surprise and an awkward afternoon spent having tea with Death herself, Harry had been informed he had the ability to adjust his body to whatever age he wanted. So Harry had allowed his body to age naturally. But was pleasantly surprised, when he had been told that wizards aged slower than muggles, he didn't expect to still look like he was in his twenties when he was in his early thirties.

Perhaps that was why Lucius had looked mostly the same throughout his Hogwarts years, while pondering on the possibility of his appearance when in his forties, the door swung open, making the little bell jingle merrily. Harry looked over to the entrance, strange, the pub wouldn't be open for another hour or so. Had he lost track of time again?

In stumbled a haggard looking man wearing a purple button up. He had light brown eyes and curly salt and pepper hair. He looked tired and stumbled wearily to the bar. Harry slid over a large warm mug of Butterbeer and gave the surprised man a gentle smile.

"It's on the house. You look like you need a little pick me up." Harry said gently. Not wanting to spook the man. He looked like he needed a good night's rest. Harry gestured with his head over to the happily cackling fireplace nestled to the right of the pub.

"Have a seat and put your feet up. You have an hour before customers start dropping in." The man hesitantly gave Harry a grateful smile and made his way to the overstuffed armchair sitting in front of the warm fire with a fluffy rug at his feet. The man propped his feet on the ottoman and he leaned his head against the back of the chair. He looked like he was shedding years worth of stress as he relaxed against the comfortable chair in front of the warm fire.

Harry left the man to his own devices, content with the proud feeling of being able to help another person in need without getting himself almost killed. Wait till Hermione hears about this. Perfectly fine with rubbing the fact in his bookworm friend. Draco would have scoffed and murmured a sarcastic congratulations before giving a Harry a kiss and tugging the green eyed man towards Harry's three bedroom apartment above the store.

Half an hour later, Harry glanced at the man, surprised to see him snoozing with the empty mug in his hands. Harry grabbed a blanket and draped it gently against the man, glad to see the wrinkles and worry lines fading. Harry continued with sweeping the floor. Soon his bartender would arrive for his shift. Blaise had approached Harry for a job when he heard from Draco that Harry had opened a pub.

Harry had banned Draco from sex for a month before allowing Blaise to work the pub. That way Harry would work the day shift with the cafe while baking his pastries at night so that they were fresh, while Blaise manned the bar and made sure the store was in tip top shape for the morning customers.

"Hiya Harry." Blaise greeted as he hung his coat on the coat rack provided. He glanced around the store and raised a dark eyebrow at the sleeping figure by the fireplace. "Who's that?" Was all that was asked. Blaise never pried in Harry's personal business. The two had formed a comradeship after the war.

Blaise could relate with Harry, having experienced the same situation with Pansy. Only Pansy had died in the war, dark mark forever etched on her arm for the world to see. The Zabini family had always insisted on being neutral in the war. And Blaise could not in good conscious go out with someone bearing the dark mark. So he had broken off their relationship just before the Final Battle.

"Don't know. He looked tired so I told him to rest by the fire and he dozed off." Harry shrugged. He passed the broom to his friend and got ready to work on his pastries. He had Winky and another house elf named Twinkle helping him in the kitchens in his apartment.

The apartment was comfortably large and Harry added expansion charms so that the rooms were larger in the inside than it appeared on the outside. The store was housed on the first floor of the three storied building. The top floor was where Harry kept anything remotely magical. He had bought the building when he first spotted it and fallen in love with it.

It was made from red bricks in a Victorian era style with a iron gate and winding staircase in the back room. The walls were had a warm printed wallpaper and the floor had wooden floorboards. Harry had went crazy with decorating the building just the way he liked it.

Harry was about to leave for the kitchens when the stranger startled awake with a surprised shout. He looked panicked at his unfamiliar surroundings. Harry and Blaise gave identical amused smiles.

"Hello there, right on time. The pub's about to open for business." Harry greeted with a warm smile. The man smiled awkwardly and apologized for disturbing them before heading towards the door in a frantic escape. The wizards stared after him with an amused smile (Blaise) and worried expressions (Harry).

"He'll be back." Blaise stated confidently. Harry gave a shrug and made his way to start his baking with his two house elves.

The next morning during a rare lull moment during business, Harry found himself greeting the same strange man from yesterday. Harry gave him a cheery smile and ushered him to the same chair by the fire. Harry asked whether the man preferred tea or coffee and got a hesitant reply for tea before Harry bustled around preparing a pot for him and his hope to be new friend. He carried the tray over and brought out a plate of warm chocolate chip biscuits.

"I'm sorry for falling asleep yesterday." The man stated hesitantly sipping at the tea before taking a rather large gulp. Harry waved the apology off.

"It's not your fault, it looked like you carried the weight of the world on your shoulders and needed a break. I just offered the opportunity." Harry shrugged, sipping at his own cup of tea.

The two lapsed into a comfortable silence lost in their own thoughts, enjoying the tea and biscuits before the man broke the silence.

"I'm Bruce. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself before." Bruce said with a nervous laugh. Harry smiled brightly, finally a name to put with the face.

"I'm Harry. Pleasure to meet you."

The two continued their companionable silence sipping at delicious warm tea and biting on melt in your mouth cookies. When the last cookie was eaten with not another word exchanged, Bruce startled when his phone began ringing. He looked apologetically at Harry who nodded graciously. Harry began to put away the now empty plate away on the tray and wiping the table with a tissue.

"I'm sorry. I have to go." Bruce apologized.

"It's quite alright, I enjoyed your presence around the cafe. Come again anytime." Harry smiled brightly. Bruce made to reach for his wallet when Harry stopped him with a firm hand.

"No need. We're friends. Come over for another cup of tea to call it even." Bruce blinked shocked at Harry. He had a friend now. Harry had made Bruce his friend. And nothing could stop the smile from breaking out on his face, happiness bubbling underneath his skin.

"Thank you." Bruce whispered.

"Quite alright." Harry patted Bruce on the back, the two stood at about the same height of about 5'10", while walking the man to the entrance. With a shouted 'you'd better come over soon, Bruce!' Bruce waved at his new friend and made his way to the car SHIELD had sent to pick him up.

Two weeks flew by as Bruce dropped by the cafe every afternoon. Enjoying the peace that always seemed to envelope him whenever he entered the cafe. Today, Steve Rogers was coming as well. Bruce had found him stressed out and had offered to show the blond a place that would instantly put him at ease. Steve readily agreed wanting to get away from the strange new world he had woken up in.

When Bruce entered the cafe he found Harry lounging by the fire. reading a book. With the usual greeting, Harry faltered at the sight of another man before continuing without missing a beat.

"Harry, this is Steve. Steve, meet Harry." Bruce introduced the two. Harry eagerly shook the Captain's much larger hand with a bright smile.

"Nice to meet you. It's nice to meet Bruce's friends. Since he doesn't talk about them much." Harry rolled his eyes playfully and stuck out his tongue at Bruce, who playfully shoved him. "Please, have a seat I'll go get the tea. Or would you rather coffee, Steve?" Harry made his way to the bar smiling brightly. Another friend! Hermione would be proud.

"I'm fine with tea, thank you." Steve replied, still surprised by the warm welcome. He took in the warm atmosphere and cozy furniture. Bruce was right, this place really did make him feel relaxed. He took in the old fashioned decorations and antique vases filled with bright flowers. It felt like he had just taken a step back into his own time.

The three enjoyed the tea Harry had prepared with a plate of warm buttered scones. the three talking about everything and nothing at the same time, simply enjoying each others company. The two left the wizard after an hour of cheerful chatting. Steve had produced a moment of dejavu, when he had reached for his wallet. Only to be stopped by Harry with a warm smile on his face.

"It's fine. We're friends. Come over for another cup of tea and we'll be even." Bruce had smiled warmly at the two, finding it funny that Steve was so easily persuaded by the much shorter man.

For the next month or so both Bruce and Steve came over daily for their hour of tea time. It was then that the diner opposite the cafe exploded in a shower of debris and dust. Windows shattering outwards, making several passersby scream and take cover. A fire could be seen burning happily from the outside.

The three had rushed over to help any civilians when Bruce was nearly shot in the shoulder by a masked robber. And to Harry's horror Bruce began transforming into a massive hunk of green skin and muscles. Too busy staring in shock, Harry didn't notice the rumbling ceiling before it was too late. Steve had pushed Harry away the caving ceiling but Harry's leg was trapped under broken planks and heavy cement. Harry watched amazed as Steve effortlessly pushed away the heavy broken debris like they were mere twigs.

When Harry was freed, he thanked Steve and in front of the blond, healed his foot with a wandless episkey which made the blond widen his eyes in shock.

"I'll explain later. The problem now is Bruce right?" Harry questioned pointing at the green beast smashing and roaring everything in his way.

"I can't do anything. He's controlled by strong emotions. He's indestructible " Steve explained, hating the helpless feeling overcoming him. He suddenly pushed Harry down, shielding him when a flying table whizzed above their heads, followed by a furious roar.

"I'll see what I can do." Harry answered determinedly. Gently pushing the blond captain away from him, a slight blush tinting his cheeks.

He proceeded to cast a wandless containment spell, too make sure the fire didn't spread next door or Merlin forbid his cafe. He got Bruce's attention by shouting his name and waving his arms frantically. When he and Bruce and he were face to face, eye to eye Harry had to crane his neck uncomfortably because Bruce was now had an unfairly large height advantage.

"Legilimens" Harry whispered. Steve watched helplessly as the Hulk and his new friend ceased all movement as they stared into each other's eyes.

Feeling himself enter Bruce's subconscious mind. Harry ignored the onslaught of images and memories flying in his face. He was here to save Bruce, not to pry into his personal life.

He found his friend huddled in the corner watching the outside world with a blank stare from a screen, with a large cage shaking dangerously and emitting furious growls next to him. Harry coaxed his friend out and whispered soothing comfort to the caged beast near them. The beast seemed to settle under Harry's soothing voice and gentle caresses. Bruce stared stunned at what the green eyed man had accomplished.

"I'll explain later, come along now. Wouldn't want you to be stuck here forever now would we?" Harry tugged Bruce's arm firmly leading them back to the outside world. In the time Harry had spent in Bruce's mind-scape, Steve had put out the fire just as the fire department arrived. Not wanting to answer awkward question from the authorities, Harry grabbed onto a startled Steve and worn looking Bruce.

"It's going to feel a little weird but bear with me." Was the only warning the two Avengers received before Harry apparated the trio to his apartment before they were seen.

Harry laid the passed out Bruce in the bed of the spare bedroom. He gently tucked the man in under warm blankets and ushered the Captain into the bathroom making him take a much needed bath, assuring answers after he had showered.

Harry prepared an enchanted adjust-to-fit set of clothes in front of the bathroom as well as a a couple of large fluffy towels.

Harry busied himself with preparing a pot of soothing tea while making a rather large plate of sandwiches well, he had wanted to inform his friends of his heritage but not this way. He sighed, he could already hear the rant that Hermione would lay down on him. Draco would probably laugh at Harry's misery while his six year old son, Scorpius, would pat Harry sympathetically on the back. Blaise would probably snort and leave Harry to deal with this mess on his own.

"Um, Harry? where do I put my clothes?" Steve asked hesitantly as he walked into the room dressed in the warm and jeans Harry had provided. Steve had blushed at the sight of undergarments but had bravely put them on, gasping in amazement as the clothes adjusted to fit him perfectly.

"Oh, Winky will get them washed. Just leave it by the basket. I'll return in to you when they're clean." Harry answered absentmindedly. Steve raised a skeptical eyebrow but left his clothes in the basket of dirty clothes near the bathroom door.

"Is it alright if we wait for Bruce before we start our individual explanations?" Harry asked nervously, not looking at the blond in the eye. He twiddled his thumbs, a nervous habit he picked up from Neville.

"It's fine." Steve assured. He himself needed time to soak in what had happened in the past hour. God, it hadn't felt like only an hour. Steve, himself felt like he had aged a year in a single day. Steve sat tiredly into the comfortable couch, absently noting Harry place a tray with a pot of tea and large ceramic cups.

Steve sat stoically as Harry healed Steve's various bruises and scratches. Harry fussing worriedly over the blond.

It was an hour later of awkward silence when the two heard a loud thud coming from Bruce's room and drawn out groan of pain. The two rushed inside only to find their friend in a tangled heap on the floor. Harry giggled -cough chuckled cough- at the sight.

"Harry! Oh my god, what happened!" Bruce exclaimed as both Harry and the Captain helped him to sit back up in the surprisingly comfortable bed.

"Well, it's a long story." Harry began. He flicked his wrist and the earlier tray floated into the room as well as a plate of still warm sandwiches. Harry directed the food onto the nearby bedside table. Bruce sat leaning heavily against the headboard and Harry next to him, fidgeting slightly while Steve sat on the chair by the desk. Glancing nervously at the food.

"Well, to make things simple. I can do magic. I'm a wizard." Harry blurted out, unnerved by the sudden uncomfortable silence.

Both Steve and Bruce blinked owlishly at their green eyed friend. Magic?

"Is that how you managed to calm the other guy down?" Bruce asked cautiously. He had a raging headache and his muscles felt sore. Harry nodded stiffly. "You see, I forced myself into your mind in a somewhat desperate attempt to calm you down. I'm sorry it was intrusive of me." Harry apologized softly, sipping delicately at his cup of tea.

"Did your magic also heal your leg?" Steve asked, amazed at the thought of something as wonderful as magic being around him all this time.

"Yes, it was just a sprain, but if it had been broken I would not have been able to do much except to steady the bone with splinters and bandages. Magic can't fix everything. It's not the answer to every single problem of the world." Harry replied resolutely, wanting his two friends to understand that fact.

"So, tell me why you can transform?" Harry turned to Bruce, curious green eyes looking at the now suddenly slightly uncomfortable man.

"I was caught in the middle of a Gamma radiation experiment in an attempt to replicate the drugs used to create Captain America." Bruce sighed wearily. "Every time my heart rate gets too high or I'm feeling extreme emotions, I transform into the other guy." He explained shoulders slumping. Harry brought the tired man into a one-armed hug. Bruce stared up at the green eyed man with wide eyes.

This was the first time someone had hugged him. Especially knowing about the other guy.

"You poor poor thing." Harry cooed and set his mug down gently. Hands soothingly rubbing circles on the other man's back. Harry was overwhelmed by all the trials and hardship his friend had been through.

Bruce couldn't help it but a stray tear made its way down his face. He clung desperately to the smaller man, greedily taking in the comfort and warmth that Harry was offering him.

Steve shifted awkwardly in his seat. Harry noticed this and smile brightly at the other man. "So, tell me more about this Captain America fellow. Not sure I've heard about him before." Harry mused.

Steve blushed and mumbled something under his breath. Harry frowned and cocked his head to the side.

Bruce was still clinging onto the smaller man. While they might have been the same height, Harry was slimmer and leaner with compact muscles while Bruce was more defined with an well hidden muscled body but not to the extent of Steve's well toned and muscular frame of 6'2".

"What was that?"

"I said, I'm Captain America." Steve repeated with a huff.

"Oh. Well what's you're story then?" Harry prodded gently, patting the empty space next to him on the bed.

And Steve hesitantly joined the two other men on the bed and began telling the general details of how he had become Captain America and how he had ended up in this time frame. Harry had teared and pulled Steve into a hug, joining Bruce who was still leaning onto Harry's smaller frame. It made a slightly comical sight to see the much larger blond lean onto the tiny frame of Harry.

"You poor poor angels. How cruel has life been to you?" Harry cooed to both hurting men nestled in his arms. He couldn't help, his hero complex was rearing its head at the sight of two badly hurt men. He wanted to help his new friends heal from the wounds dealt to them from the cruelty of their individual situations.

The two men didn't understand this young man holding them in his arms. They were not normal humans. Bruce was feared by everyone, he was scared for Harry's sake. What if he lost control and attacked this god send? Steve was unsure as well. Harry spoke as if he knew of the horrors of war. But Steve was sure there had not been any wars recently. Who was Harry exactly?

"Alright, you mention you are both working for this SHIELD government agency thing?" Harry questioned as he slowly released the two men. The both nodded in reply. "Well, contact them and inform whoever you need to inform that you are staying over in a friends house." Harry ordered. The two agents stared at Harry in disbelief. What?

"The two of you are going to help me with the afternoon crowd of the cafe and then help me bake for tomorrow's batch of pastries." Harry demanded, hands on his hips.

The two could only nod numbly in reply. The were in too much shock at the sudden change in attitude from their green eyed friend to do much else. Harry placed a note that instructed Bruce to take a shower and told the both of them to eat the sandwiches he had made over another set of enchanted clothes and another pair of towels for Bruce to use on the desk in the spare room.

Harry left them in the room to give his two friends some privacy and made his way to the cafe, pleased to see that nothing had been disturbed. Apparently today was a slow day. He had about an hour before the afternoon crowd arrived. Then a few more hours before Blaise arrived for the night shift.

Harry put on an apron and started to sort through the pastries and made sure to keep an eye on the scene outside the diner. The police had come and gone just a few minutes ago. They could not find the source of the explosion other than the masked robber who had nearly shot Bruce. After taking the criminal away and the other injured civilians, the authorities left the scene, and Harry let out a relieved sigh. He was glad that by a sudden stroke of luck that nobody had seen Bruce rampaging the diner. Probably hidden by the smoke from the fire.

Blaise walked into the store to find Harry chatting happily as he cleaned the shot glasses while a blond man was moping the floor and the strange customer who slept on Harry's favorite chair from that night nearly two months ago was wiping the tables.

"Blaise! I found two new part-timers!" Harry called cheerfully to his dark skinned friend.

The other two groaned and rolled their eyes at Harry's cheerful mood. While working through the afternoon crowd, the agents had found themselves enjoying the time spent around Harry's customers. Steve worked with the pastries while Bruce cleared tables. Harry was glad with cashiering and fixing coffee shots. The three had found a comfortable rhythm working which each other.

"Hello, I'm Blaise." The tall dark skinned man introduced himself.

"I'm Steve, nice to meet you." The blond shook Blaise's hand enthusiastically. "Likewise." Blaise smiled in reply. The other man shook Blaise's hands with a firm grip and shy smile. "I'm Bruce." Blaise grinned, so that's the name of the man who fell asleep in the store before opening. Harry had mentioned that the two had become friends. He was glad Harry had more people to talk to. "Glad to see you aren't so world weary like before." Blaise commented with another smile. Bruce's cheeks tinted slightly and sent a grateful smile to Harry.

"It was mostly because of Harry's help."

"Harry tends to help everybody." Blaise easily replied, sticking out his tongue at the green eyed man.

"I can see that." Steve added with a mischievous smirk. "He also doesn't hesitate to get people to do his dirty work."

"Hey! I resent that! I asked you to help nicely. And you agreed." Harry shucked a wet towel at Steve's head.

Blaise laughed and shooed the three away. "You have pastries to bake Harry and I'm sure your friends would love to help." Harry making sure that everything was in tip top condition left Blaise to get ready for his evening crowd.

The trio spent the next few hours making a mess in the kitchens as Harry tried to teach them to bake. The poor house elves had a huge mess to clean up. But they didn't mind, Master Harry Potter usually never leaves messy for his elves to clean. But eventually Harry managed to meet his food quota by the end of their baking session.

After a quick dinner of bangers and mash whipped up by Harry, the trio could be found laughing on the sofa at the antics from the comedy movie playing on Harry's TV.

Late into the night, Harry could be found pondering sleeping arrangements. "I think the three of us sleeping in the same room would be much better. It'll feel like a real sleepover!" Harry exclaimed. The two just agreed, whatever Harry wanted they were okay with it. Harry was the first one that could remotely understand the pain they had gone through and still treated them like normal people. Not idolized like the Captain and not feared like Bruce.

Harry had the tendency to treat everyone equally and never played favorites. They didn't know that part of it was from Harry's heart of gold while the other part was something gifted to him by Death herself. Death was honest, Death was fair.

Harry transfigured a couple of cushions into comfortable beds for his guests. This was his first sleepover with friends. Draco didn't count because whenever his Slytherin friend came over it always led to more, pleasurable activities. Now Harry could spend time with friends in a way he had never been allowed to before, thinking of his years under the Dursley's tender loving care, not.

Dudley had his friends over during the summer for sleepovers or just to hang out, and Harry had been confined to his cupboard or stuck with chores or a harsh beating for something that Dudley did. Harry was going to take this chance to have a normal lifestyle by the horns.

Steve and Bruce were surprised at how enthusiastic Harry was for the sleepover but chose not to comment on it, just glad to see Harry smiling such a bright smile. They figured it was just a Harry thing that they will eventually get used to.

Somewhere in the far reaches of the galaxy, a certain God of Mischief was planning the demise of a certain planet that his dear brother was very attached to. It would not be for a few more years yet but time was not of the essence. Earth would be under his rule and nobody could stop him or his army.

A maniacal gleam in his unnaturally glowing blue eyes as he laughed maniacally.

Director Nick Fury was staring at the thin file of a Harrison Evans. The file only reported how the Hulk and Captain were now close friends and that the young man was the proud owner of a building that had converted the first floor into a cafe/pub. Nick massaged the bridge of his nose, he didn't like it when he didn't have the full Intel of a suspicious person.

"Get me Agent Barton. I've got a recon mission for him." Nick spoke in an commanding tone into his communicator that patched him through to Agent Hill. He needed more information on this Mr. Evans.

It never occurred to him that what he was doing might bring him forth the rage of a powerful being that could easily pulverize him. But Nick Fury had always been known to stick his nose into places that should be left alone. He should have known better since the last time cost him an eye.

End Chapter One!

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