Something Riches Cannot Buy

Chapter 5

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Being the best friend of Harry Potter had always been tough. A challenge so to speak. For every year in Hogwarts, their lives were put at risk simply because of a meddling old Headmaster who wanted more of what he had already had in his hands.

What is there to say of his rival?

She was a Muggleborn, no magical history to speak of. With normal muggle parents who worked as dentists. She had Ravenclaw's desire for knowledge with a golden heart of Gryffindor. All she had ever wanted was to be accepted.

He was the last son of a family of nine, with 5 elder brothers and one younger sister. He never got the attention he had so greatly craved but his sister was important to him. The family was poor despite their blood purity, but all he had wanted was for somebody to hear him.

He had his mother's glowing green eyes and his father's ebony hair. He had his father's latent talent for mischief and his mother's quick thinking mind. He was a prodigy, the Savior, the Boy Who Lived. But all he wanted most in the world was the two people whom he had taken after.

The three of them were names told to children as Heroes of the Wizarding World. The Golden Trio. Muggleborn Hermione Granger, Half-Blood Harry Potter and Pureblood Ron Weasley. The Know it all, the Golden Boy and the Weasel.

But the name of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy was dragged through the mud by his father, the former Lord of the House of Malfoy, Lucius Abaraxas Malfoy. And now he Draco Lucius Malfoy, was working hard to clean up their reputation as well as caring for his 6 year old son when he had divorced the lady that his parents had forced him to marry.

Who knew that he would be the lover of the Savior of the Wizarding World? He, Draco Malfoy, son of known Death Eaters. But Harry didn't care. Their rivalry had disappeared after the war and a tentative friendship grew, soon enough after a bottle of Oregon's best or two, it could have possibly been five, the two had found themselves having the best shag of their young lives in a musky inn room nearby the Leaky Cauldron.

A month of awkward conversation and finally they decided to try for a relationship. But it didn't work. The two hot headed personalities were constantly at edge but it did however make their nightly adventures in bed an amazing experience. So they decided to call it quits and returned with a stronger relationship than ever before.

Draco was Harry's best friend, especially after the death of most of the Weasley clan. When Hermione had gone through a suicidal depression, Draco had been the one to be there for Harry. That was what cemented Draco's place in Harry's heart. They had stopped their sexual activities after their break up. And Ron's death had Draco wanting only to be there to support the Savior.

And when Draco married Astoria, Harry was his best man, while Blaise stood in the stands understandingly. And when Scorpius was born, Harry was there waiting for the birth of his best friend's firstborn alongside a recently healed Hermione as well as Blaise.

When Astoria left the blond Slytherin and their son to pursue her studies in Magical Medicine, Harry was there for Draco when the blond gripped the brunette's hand in a bruising grip without complaint. Harry had also been there for the Slytherin Ice Prince as well as his son when his ex-wife died in a potion's accident 2 months before their son's 3rd birthday.

The two had been through thick and thin together. Through the best and the worst times of their lives. Their bond was strong and naturally, they were both very protective of each other. So it was no doubt teeth grinding when Draco spied that multi-billionaire glancing towards Harry with longing in his eyes. That muggle would never be good enough for his brother. Draco clenched his fists. Harry was chatting carelessly with Rogers and Banner. While Stark sat near the windows. It had been a week since the Fury accident. With the director giving Harry a wide berth For the safety of his daughter most likely.

Draco understood. With Scorpius, there was nothing Draco wouldn't do for his golden star.

"Draco," Harry called out with loving green eyes. Draco would always hold a special place in his heart. Just like how Harry had one in his own.

"Yes darling?" Smirking at the glaring billionaire, what fun he was to tease.

"We should all go out on an outing. Close the store for a day or two and just relax." Harry suggested with a wide smile. Rogers and Banner were staring intently at Draco. Most probably hoping that Draco would say yes. Nobody could resist Harry's Bambi eyes.

"Whatever you like Harry." Draco answered with a charming smile.

"We could go to one of my summer homes if you like Harry." Tony offered with a wide grin. Finally able to add something to their conversation. Harry blinked blankly at Tony. With Steve and Bruce rolling their eyes. Leave it to Tony to show off.

"But I already had a place in mind." Harry argued with a pout.

Stark visibly slumped in defeat. Draco smirked knowingly at the muggle. He turned his attention to his raven haired brother, "Where were you planing on going Harry?"

"I was thinking of a small place, quiet, won't attract too much attention." Harry smiled. Draco turned a puzzled face to his Raven. Small? Malfoy's don't do small.

"And where exactly is that Evans?" Draco stared expectantly at his best friend.

"Singapore." Harry answered with a bright grin.

The same thought crossed the minds of the three other men in the room.

"Where the hell is Singapore?"

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