K guys so this is my first story on here. It takes place at Christmastime and is focused on Nick/Jess but also shows the whole group. Let me know what you think and maybe I will post more.

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Christmastime in the loft was magical. Well, to Jess that is. It was Jess's favorite time of year. Everything about the holiday made her feel all cozy and content. It was a time where you got to give, and there was nothing more that Jessica Day loved more.

"Okay guys, I think you're really gonna love these gifts. After lasts years obvious success I thought to myself- what would make my boys really sparkle?" Jess asked out loud which made Nick emit an 'ew' face, while mouthing 'sparkle?'

"Now open them in synchronization" Jess instructed, as she placed their gifts in front of them, perfectly wrapped with red bows.

"We're not the Brady Bunch" Schmidt scoffed

"Yeah well I am obviously not doing that so" Nick ripped open the gift and Winston followed en suite. Schmidt, however, opened his neatly at the tape.

Jess yelled as she tried to snap photos with her phone, "This isn't creating the adorable photograph I had in mind!"

"OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!" Nick yelled, holding up a Laser Tag set like a little kid on Christmas, showing his parents what he opened.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for a pair of ice skates, but this will suffice" Schmidt said as he examined the gift.

"Oh man I am gonna take you boys to town with this!" Winston exclaimed, which resulted in Schmidt and Nick looking at him disgusted.

"Take us to town? What are you going to do with us?" Nick asked, grossed out.

"Do you guys like it?" Jess asked, beaming ear to ear. Nick's reaction especially made her happy. The most Nick usually reacted to gifts was a "Nice" and a slap on the back.

"Jess I can safely say this is the best gift I've ever received. And that's taking into account the year my mom bought me a wrench." Nick started to take out the Laser Tag gear.

"Let's do business boys!" He exclaimed as he fitted himself with the gear. "See Winston? That was how to sound bad-ass and not weird"

Jess smiled as she watched them all try on their gear. She watched Nick beaming like a child on Christmas day and she couldn't help laughing softly to herself. She rarely ever saw him like this, and knowing she caused it made her kind of ecstatic. That didn't mean anything though. She was just proud of herself for making the grumpiest guy alive really happy. It was an accomplishment was all. Or so she said.

They were getting ready for their Christmas Party at their loft. Instead of Schmidt's work party, which was a disaster last time, Jess insisted on having their own party at their place. She also insisted on it being themed, because a party without a theme is, as she put it, a "Jerry without its Tom". The theme she chose was "Holiday stars" which meant everyone had to dress as their favorite Christmas character from a television show or movie.

She had just finished setting the garland along the windows, and now just stood staring outside. She loved Los Angeles, it was aesthetically beautiful and the weather was amazing….but she also always dreamed of a white Christmas. She had experienced snow only once before when she visited Colorado to see her Aunt. It was the most magical serene thing she had ever seen, and when watching all these Christmas movies, snow always made it that much more cozy. In the movies it always seemed so snug when the characters had their significant other to enjoy the crisp weather with and watch the snowfall. She had neither snow nor a boyfriend to enjoy.

Nick noticed her staring kind of sad and longingly outside. He set down the cups he was pretending to set up and walked over to her and leaned against the wall

"You okay?" he asked, as he put his hands in his pockets

Jess continued to stare outside, "Did it ever snow in Chicago on Christmas?"

Nick nodded, "It always snows in Chicago. It was awful"

Jess looked over at him "Snow isn't awful. You're awful, idiot!"

Nick looked surprised and widened his eyes "Woah there!" he exclaimed, "Do you even know what happens in snow? Snow is water! Water soaks things! It makes you wet and cold and angry. You know who made snow? The devil. It was his plan to turn people into wet cold human popsicles"

"The devil?! The devil is in charge of fire, Nick. Haven't you ever seen 'Year Without a Santa Clause?!' " She yelled back

"The devil isn't in that movie! And for the record, snow miser is even crueler than heat miser. It is a common misconception that heat miser is worse, Jess!"

They were at it again. Arguing about things that kindergartners would maybe argue about, but not 30-year-olds. Winston was trying to cover his ears with his shoulders as he set up lights around the loft but he could still hear Nick and Jess yelling. He dropped the lights and was going to his room for some peace and quiet until the yelling stopped when Schmidt came out of his room and blocked his way.

"Hey, what'dya think homes?" he asked as he stood in tight booty-like shorts and a crown tilted slightly on his head, the Star of David also adorned around his neck

Winston stood horrified. "What? What is this?"

"I'm one of the three wise-men, foo' " he said as he opened his arms in a 'come get me' way.

"The wise men have clothes on man!"

"Not when they are trying to get a certain lady back. That's called wise" he smirked and looked down at his attire, or lack there of. "Also gotta represent my heritage" he held up his bling, the Star of David.

Winston turned back around, "Where am I?" he whispered to himself as he walked back to the main room where the yelling ceased. He looked over and saw Nick and Jess talking civilly again. Those two were a constant rollercoaster, he thought as he rolled his eyes.

"Look Jess, all I am saying is you don't need snow. The weather here is perfect! I can go outside right now, on December 23rd, in my underwear, and just walk up and down the street if I wanted! I mean I'd get the cops called on me for indecent exposure, but I can still do it is my point" he said, causing her to laugh slightly. He smiled when she laughed. He liked when he could make her laugh when she is down. He considered it a feat only he could accomplish.

She folded her arms and looked outside "I guess. It'd be nice to have a white Christmas, though"

He nodded as he looked at her. He then looked back to the loft, which was slowly starting to look like a winter wonderland. "Come on, let's finish decorating," he said as he put his hand on the small of her back.

She looked at him and smiled softly before turned around and getting back to work

"Come on Jess! You're the one who made us do this stupid party!" Nick yelled. They party was about to start and Jess was still getting ready.

"Yeah come on! I have been in my costume for hours now!" Schmidt yelled

"Which is completely unnecessary and uncomfortable by the way", Nick said as he turned to him

"My body is very sensitive to spandex. If I don't give it hours to let things …settle down there then we'd have a catastrophe on our hands, Nicholas" Schmidt spat. "And what the hell are you? Mr. Rogers?"

Nick looked at him like he was an oblivious idiot. He had on a red sweater and khakis. "I'm Kevin from Home Alone, ya dummy"

"Please come out now so I don't have to hear this" Winston pleaded

"Okkaaaaaay" Jess's voice traveled down the hall. "Taaaa-daaaaa!" She exclaimed as she came out in a spandex elf outfit. "I'm Jodie from Elf. People say I look like her" she laughed and put up her hands "I don't see it"

Nicks eyes bugged out "Wowaaaaa wooooowie" he said in a Borat-impression

"Despite Nick's dated reference, I must agree" Schmidt added, and Winston piped in agreeing as well.

Jess blushed a little, "Thanks guys. Nick, are you Bill Cosby?"

"I'm Kevin McCallister! Seriously? Come on!" he yelled

"Way to limit yourself, Miller" Jess teased. "Schmidt, nice sexy wise man" she complimented

Nick raised his hands defeated and in disbelief.

"Thank you" Schmidt smiled confident.

"Winston, you really out did yourself. Well done. I am very glad you got into the spirit of the theme" she nodded at him and Winston bowed.

The bell then rang and Jess ran to the door to greet her first guest.

2 hours passed and the loft was filled with friends and co-workers.

Nick was making himself a drink, avoiding people as much as possible when he spotted Jess talking to someone from across the room. He couldn't help but stare. She looked really good. He had already confronted his occasional attraction to her, so he didn't think it was wrong to admire her from a far. He liked that outfit. The blonde wig he could do without, liking her brunette hair more, but it was a sexy change. She then turned and caught his eye and smiled and waved. He snorted a little with laughter and put his hand in the air to signify a wave back.

"Hey" he heard a voice and looked up to see a sloppy man dressed as a weird version of Santa, who was quite large and unkempt.

"Uh, hi" Nick replied

"You know Ms. Day?"

Nick looked at him confused. "Jess?"

"Ms. Day. Yeah"

The man's voice was really monotone and he was so nasally Nick couldn't concentrate on anything but that. It then hit him that this must be one of Jess's adult students in her creative writing course

"Oh, you take Jess's class"

"Yeah. She's hot"

"Haven't even greeted me yet but I guess we are just jumping right on into it" Nick said

"Well you were staring at her pretty hard. You her boyfriend?" he asked as he breathed through his mouth

Nick quickly replied, "What? No. No. And I wasn't staring big guy, I was staring at the wall behind her. Been keeping an eye on this crack on the wall that I'm scared will continue to crack and break the infrastructure of the loft" he bullshitted, not even sure if that made sense.

"I'm not an idiot. I take creative writing, ya know"

This guy's monotone speech was ridiculous. "Yeah and I write too. Wrote a little novel called Z for Zombies so don't try and out-smart me pal cause I'll come out so much more smarter" he started to defend himself now.

"I write romance novels. And this is typical boy likes girl, girl doesn't know, guy isn't sure if he knows it-" he sneezed loudly, cutting himself off.

Nick jumped back, his arms up to avoid the spray. This dude won the award of grossest man of the night. "Agh! Give a guy some warning before blasting that horn, man!"

The guy sniffled and snorted before continuing, "Anyway, you're probably her friend or something if you aren't her boyfriend. You're the friend who hasn't realized he wants more. The friend she lives with" he finished and then added, "I now have great material for my novel. Thanks". He then walked away back into the crowd like a giant weirdo

"You don't have my permission to do that! That's a little something called libel, pal! If it was true that is! But it isn't! Annnnnd he can't even hear me and I am still talking" Nick then said to himself.

Nick was then left alone. He mulled over what that weirdo said. Did he like Jess more than a friend? Was he the guy who just has been in denial the whole time? He then scoffed. Why was he listening to some crazy dude from a creative writing class? It was ridiculous.

He then looked back up to see Jess sitting in a chair by herself, staring into her cup. He immediately pushed passed people, making his way to her. He finally reached her and he kneeled down "Hey"

She looked up sadly from her cup "Hey"

"What's goin' on?" he asked softly, leaning his head down so he could try and see her face

She glanced back up at him to meet his warm eyes. "It's just….I was lonely so had been texting Sam this past week. He texted me first so I thought maybe he was re-thinking things. But I was wrong" she sniffled and looked back down

Nick hated seeing her about to cry. He didn't push her to reveal anything else, knowing it would just upset her more. He'd ask more about it another time.

"I just-" She started to continue, knowing Nick was always there to listen. "I think I have this whole romantic idea of the holiday season. To be with someone you love and celebrate together. Instead it always seems to be a blaring reminder that I have no one", her voice cracked a little.

"You have someone" he responded gently, "Maybe not the kind of person you're looking for but you do"

She looked up at him and gave him a weak teary smile

He sighed and stood up, holding out his hand "Okay. I was gonna wait till the end of the night to give you your present but come on"

She looked up at him confused. She then grabbed his hand and stood up, "Where are we going?"

"Everybody go to the roof now!" he yelled, but it was too loud for anyone to hear. He still held onto her hand and walked over to the stereo and turned it off. "EVERYONE TO THE ROOF NOW! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!"

Everyone looked scared now. Nick realized his mistake in making it seem like an emergency

"Not in like, a scary way but in a fun way!" he yelled. He then looked to Jess and squeezed her hand before leading them all to the roof stairwell. He stopped on the top step before the closed door and turned around, letting go of Jess's hand. He wasn't going to lie, her hand was nice and warm and small and was kinda cool to hold. Didn't mean anything though.

"Okay so I know it is cramped and hot in this stairwell but I need ya to give me like 30 solid seconds and then you can come out. I really appreciate your commitment guys in this, so if you all wait 30 sec-"

"My god just go already! I'm sweating my falafels off in here!" Schmidt yelled

"Fair enough. 30 seconds. Honor code guys" he said before opened the door and closing it.

Jess stood there, her heart fluttering in anticipation. She didn't know what to expect. Did he have a giant teddy bear on the roof that was too big to fit into the apartment? Was it Santa? Obviously not the real Santa but still!

"This Ebenezer Scrooge robe isn't made for this environment" Winston claimed

"Okay lets call it 30 seconds already!" CeCe yelled

"No! We have to give Nick time! Honor Code, CeCe" Jess exclaimed as she looked at her watch, counting down. The guests were all mumbling and complaining but she ignored them. As soon as it hit 30 seconds she put her hand on the knob nervously and slowly opened the door.

As soon as she opened the door she felt a cold sensation hit her face. She put her hand to her cheek and then looked up. It was snowing. It was actually snowing actual snow. Cold snow. Not little felt flakes but actual frozen flakes.

"Woah! Sa-now son!" Schmidt yelled

The guests were just as excited as they ran around the roof catching snowflakes and yelling in excitement.

Jess just stood there, looking up at the falling flakes, a large smile now across her face. She then closed her eyes and put out her arms, spinning. Once she stopped she opened her eyes and saw Nick, standing on top of one of the door entrances with a huge machine at his side spraying the snow. She met his eyes and smiled one of the most appreciative smiles of her life.

He hopped off the door entrances and walked over to her

"H-how?" she asked, still in disbelief as snow fell around her

"This idiot regular at my bar works on movies and I remembered how they have these props that create snow so I asked him if there was anyway he could lead me to find one" he shrugged. "You should be thankful to live in Los Angeles where movie dummies are everywhere"

She gave a soft laugh and he smiled back at her. As he looked at her he felt this weird warm feeling, even though he was pretty cold despite the McCallister sweater. He licked his lips, which had suddenly gone dry

"Nick…" she whispered "This is the…this is the best gift I've ever received. And that's taking into account the time I got the My Little Pony gift set"

"So last year?" he joked

She laughed and then leaned in, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tightly, burrowing her head into the crook of his neck. "Thank you" she murmured into his neck

Her breath tickled his neck and felt nicer than he would like to admit.

The weirdo writer from before watched them from afar "Yeah, this is definitely going into my book"