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It was New Years Eve, and Jessica Day was excited. She loved the idea of "wiping the slate clean with a new year"; even though it didn't do anything like that.

"New Years Eve is stupid. It's just an excuse to get drunk and party," Nick grumbled as Jess went on about their plans for New Years.

"So you think we should just not celebrate the coming of a new year?" Jess asked like he was crazy

"Yes, exactly"

"Well I for one love New Years" Schmidt piped in smiling, "Because it's an excuse to get drunk and party"

Winston sat down with his cereal bowl to join the conversation. "I just need to get back on the dating scene again, and New Years is the only night it is acceptable to ask a stranger 'Kiss at midnight'?"

"In all fairness pal you did a variation of that to a girl last week at the bar. But instead I think it was, 'let me love you'," Nick then did his loud Nick laugh and pointed at Winston.

Jess put her hand out and pushed Nick's pointing finger down, as Winston yelled at him to shut up. "Hey! Enough!" Jess yelled. "Do not ruin one of my favorite times of year!"

"You have like 20 favorite times of year. You almost have 2 a month," Nick argued

"That's true. I mean Fourth of July AND Flag Day are labeled as favorites of yours. That is just excessive" Schmidt reasoned.

"Excuse me for recognizing the birth of our nation's flag!" she yelled. "So anyway, we're all going to Nick's bar tonight right? I mean Nick's going to be there cause he's working" she put her hand on his shoulder "But everyone else is in right?"

"I donno. I think a club better suits my desires. Dancing-check. Honeys-check. Celebrities-check and mate. And by mate, I mean with me" Schmidt said, as he winked.

"Jar" Nick responded and pointed over his shoulder

Schmidt got up annoyed and put a $20 in the jar.

"Cece will be at the bar," Jess enticed, which had Schmidt respond with an unconvincingly "so?" Jess gave him a 'come on' look and Schmidt caved and agreed.

"Fine. I suppose I can mingle with the laymen for one night"

Winston also agreed that he is in and Jess smiled. "Yay!" she cheered, "Besides, my mystery gentleman lover is supposed to meet me there near around midnight"

Nick looked up from his mug. Mystery gentleman lover? He hadn't heard of this before now. He was still in massive denial about his feelings, even after the whole winter wonderland surprise. Things were nice the past week following his nice gift on Christmas. Him and Jess bickered a lot less and Jess, although always pleasant to him, was extra sweet. She did little things all week that were just…well nice. She always made extra coffee for him; she let him watch his sports and even sat and watched some games with him even though she wasn't too into sports. And he was just as nice back, which was a bit more rare.

Now things had sore of tapered back to the norm, and every once in a while they would bicker. You couldn't stop the natural order of things after all.

"Mystery lover?" Winston asked, somewhat hesitantly. He wasn't sure he wanted to know

Jess smiled, "Well. I didn't want to jinx it, but a couple of days ago I got this random text. It was very flirty and mama bear couldn't help but want some honey"

"Blechhhh," Nick couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Despite that repulsive analogy, what did this guy say?" Schmidt asked

"Well we sorta just flirted back and forth. And then he mentioned The Prince (Nick's bar) and meeting up on New Years Eve there near around midnight. It's like A Cinderella Story"

"A completely appropriate movie to look up to when you're 30-years-old" Nick chided

Jess glared at him angrily "Don't be such an ass"

"I'm just stating truths. And this guy just texts you after the party outta nowhere? Why didn't he have the guts to approach you like a man at the party? It sounds like the guy is just a creep who doesn't know how to talk to girls"

She was annoyed now. "Why can't you just be nice for once? Ever since Sam, no one's wanted to…tap this like a snare drum" she motioned to her body

"Yeah I'm outta here" Nick stood up and walked away to his room

"Don't listen to Grumplestiltskin over there, Jess. I'd love to Chad Michael Murray a girl one day myself. Always been a dream of mine" Schmidt lifted his cup signifying 'cheers' and sipped his orange juice.

"Why does he always have to be so negative about my possible love connections? Not every guy I am interested in is a jerk. Unlike him. He's the jerk. A big buttfaced…grumpy….manchild!" she yelled so he could hear. She looked back to the boys, pleased with her insult

"Nice" Winston said sarcastically. "I wouldn't take it too personally, Jess. Nick's a grumpy guy. He's a bitter old grandpa type. He's the type who will calls the cops on kids who step foot on his lawn when he's older. It's just how he is"

"He actually did that a couple weeks ago. Kid didn't see it comin' " Schmidt shook his head

"Yeah well it gets old. He could try to be happy for me for once"

Nick and Schmidt didn't say anything. They never spoke to each other about it, like girls would, but they had suspicions Nick liked Jess. It seemed sort of obvious to everyone but Jess and Nick himself. Especially after his Christmas gift, they knew it had to be true. The most energy Nick usually puts into gifts is going up and down the food aisle in the grocery store and picking out a frozen food they may enjoy. And usually it was a food they didn't even enjoy.

They were interrupted by Jess's phone vibrating. She looked down. "It's the guy," she whispered excitedly. "He said 'can't wait to see you tonight sexy'. What should I say back?" she asked them

"Take it from me. Write 'Why wait till tonight, let's rustle some sheets up now' " Schmidt advised

"As a man and a human being, I urge you to never write that" Winston told her quickly

"Hmmm" she thought to herself, crinkling her mouth. She finally started writing and reading it allowed as she typed "Can't wait to kiss you on the mouth with my mouth"

Winston and Schmidt each made a 'yikes' face. "Yeah well let me know how that one shakes out Jess" Schmidt said as he walked to go to his room and Winston got up as well.

"Okay guys! I'll keep you updated, don't worry!" She yelled after them.

They were all ready to leave for the bar at 8 that night. Nick was already on shift since 6, always working New Years. He hated the noise and idiots but the money in tips was incredible.

Jess was dressed in a tight black dress and a small tiny gold hat on her head tilted to the side that read 'Happy New Years!'.

"I'm ready," she said as she walked out to the waiting boys. "Now, I each got us some party blowers to blow at midnight. Or if one of us gets separated in the crowded bar, we each can blow one" she demonstrated the ear shattering party blower, "and then we can follow the noise to find one another" she then handed them one.

"I don't see any holes in that plan at all" Schmidt said sarcastically as they all walked out

"Hey! Everytime you drool on the bar you gotta pay extra pal!" Nick yelled at an already plastered patron. He then turned to see his friends pushing their way to the bar

"Jeez, it's packed tighter in here than my boys in my briefs" Schmidt commented

Nick made his disgusted face and immediately held out his tip jar "This is your jar tonight, man. Pay up cause that visual will slowly kill me"

Schmidt angrily put in $10 dollars. "At least get me a vodka tonic ya heathen" Schmidt retorted.

Nick looked to Winston for his order, which was a rum and coke, then begrudgingly looked to Jess. He caught site of her outfit and made his brain ignore it, staring at her eyes only.

She glared back since he was giving her a dirty look for no good reason. "Pink wine"

All he did was nod and walk away to get their drinks. "He has no right to be such a jerk. Watch, when he gives me my pink wine, I am totally gonna spill some on the counter for him to clean" she smirked rebelliously

"Woah tiger, get back in that cage" Schmidt teased, just as Nick returned with their drinks.

Jess smirked at them "Watch guys. Watch" she said as she started to tilt her glass over the counter. At the last second she stopped "I can't I can't. I'd feel too bad"

Winston nodded "That was almost so bad ass"

She smiled and took his arm, "Come on guys, lets go have fun. It's impossible to have fun around here with Grumplestiltskin"

"Hey that's what- you heard me say that this morning. You heard that right Winston?" Schmidt asked as they disappeared into the crowd

Nick was serving others busily but looked up to see the gang walking to find a booth. He sighed, and quickly went back to serving. He didn't know why he was being so bitter and cold to Jess right now.

It was 11:30 and Jess kept looking at her phone. She hadn't heard from her anonymous secret admirer since he texting her that morning. She would be lying if she said she wasn't slightly nervous.

"Jess stop shaking your leg. I feel like I'm on a vibrating bed minus the arousal," Schmidt complained at the booth they were sitting at.

"What if he doesn't show? Or worse, what if he does show and isn't the sexy goddess he thought he had been texting"

"Believe me, those texts conjured up a more Aunt Bea-like figure not a sexy goddess" Schmidt told her. "But seriously, relax. He'll show. What does he look like?"

"He said he was going to have a red rose on his jacket and would be wearing a gold tie," she said as she lifted her head, scanning the crowd

"Is that him?" Winston pointed

"Oh my god. Yes…'s that cute guy from our Christmas party! He is friends with Sadie!" she exclaimed. "How do I look?" She asked them

"How much do you love that tiny hat?" Schmidt asked cringing

"A lot!"

"Then I guess you're good to go"

She smiled and stood up, making her way to the guy whose name she couldn't remember. "Hey"

He turned around and smiled, "Hey" he looked her up and down. "Wow you look…..incredible" he said and Jess blushed a little. "I'm Zach, Sadie's friend"

"Yeah hey. I'm Jess, but you knew that so" she laughed way too loud out of nervousness "Anyywayyyyys nice to meet you. Again. I think I sorta met you at the Christmas party but it wasn't really a formal meeting. I think I may have sang Christmas carols in your vicinity that night but that doesn't really count as meeting. I mean I never really introduced myself" she couldn't stop talking and realized how much she just rambled. "Annnyywayyyy" she sang

He stared at her, a little weirded out. "Uh yeah. Can I get you a drink?"

"PINK WINE!" she yelled really loud, even for a loud bar. "Sorry I don't know why I screamed that as loud as I did. It felt like I had a monster coming out of me there for a second. Not a scary monster but a cute one, like ET I guess. Although he's an alien so-ha ha ha!" she was losing it. She was so nervous and it was taking a weird Jess turn that didn't make any sense whatsoever. Did she just talk about ET possibly being inside of her and screaming?

He just looked at her, laughed nervously and said, "Okayy, well I'll just go get that drink," he pointed behind him then turned around and made his way to the bar.

Nick had saw part of their interaction and figured this was the guy. This was her mystery dude lover or whatever she said. He gave him a dirty look when he got to the bar "Jack on the rocks" he ordered. Nick, annoyed, got him the drink and slammed it on he counter

"Easy man!" Zach yelled as it splashed a little.

"Anything else?" Nick asked

"Nope" Zach replied as he downed the Jack.

Nick looked up and through the crowd to see Jess still waiting in the same spot she met Zach. "Nothing else?"

Zach stayed at the bar still. "I said no man! Aren't you busy with other people?" he asked annoyed

Nick leaned into the bar, "Shouldn't you be getting back to your date over there?"

Zach looked at him oddly, "How do you know-?" he started to question but then shook his head "No. Not anymore. That chick is just weird" he scoffed and asked for another drink

"Weird?" Nick asked, finding his jaw clicking since he was clenching it so hard. Sure Jess was weird. She was super weird. Uncomfortably weird, sometimes. But so was he so he couldn't judge too harshly. It was his scoff he didn't like

"Yeah weird. I thought her texts were just supposed to be funny or something. Chick is just weird. And I can tell she is a clinger. I just wanted have sex- know what I mean?" he said and then asked again, "Can I get another jack?"

Nick felt himself raging. "Not a chance in hell" he shook his head trying to keep his cool since he was technically at work. He leaned closer to the guy "Look pal, I'm gonna keep things as civil as possible. That girl you were talkin' to- yeah she's my friend. So here's what you're gonna do my man" he put his elbows on the counter "You are going to make yourself so repulsive to her that she denies you. This way she isn't upset and you look like the idiot"

Zach laughed, "Why the hell would I do that?"

Nick smiled "Cause if ya don't I'll kick your goony little ass" he spat

Zach didn't look too worried and laughed a little "I'll take my chances"

Nick then looked to his friend, the security guard Eddie. "Hey Eddie we got a situation over here!" Eddie was a 300 lb, 6'5" beefy dude.

"What is it Nick?" he asked. Nick was buddies with Eddie, having been there for 3 years together. Nick took Eddie's arm and told him, away from Zach

"Hey look man, can you just look super angry for a second? There's a dirtbag over there that I need to scare" he asked

Eddie, dumb but sweet, nodded. Nick patted his arm and thanked him as he walked back to Zach and leaned on the counter "My buddy Eddie over there said if you don't do what I say, he'll rip your arms off and beat you like a piñata. Ain't that right Eddie ol' buddy ol' pal?" he yelled to him and Eddie did as he was told. He flexed and made his face go red and looked seriously scary. "Jeez. Guy doesn't mess around", Nick whispered to himself before turning back around to Zach. "So, what is it?"

Zach looked seriously scared at this point. He stood up nervously "Fine. Fine okay. What- What do I say to her to turn her off?"

"K Eddie, we're good for now pal, call you if I need you!" Nick yelled to Eddie who nodded before walking back to position.

"Here's what you do", Nick instructed. "Say you hate animals, say you don't believe in higher education, talk about how you hate those commercials of the starving kids because you hate charity, also burp a lot. She hates that. Oh and talk about hating your mom" he suggested.

Zach nodded and quickly walked back over to Jess. Nick wanted to watch the scene unfold but he had so many people to serve.

At 11:50 Jess walked back to the bar where Nick was quickly giving people their drinks before the ball dropped. He saw Jess at the counter and told one of the bartenders he had to take a 10-minute break. "But dude it's busy!" she argued. "Take 20 bucks from my tip jar" he said and she sighed and agreed as he walked over to Jess.

"Hey" he said as he put down a pink wine.

"So you were right. He was a total jerky creep" she exclaimed and thanked him for the wine as she downed it. "You know what he said to me?! He said he thinks that starving kids and his mother don't deserve love. Who says that?" she asked

"That is…..really weird" Nick said, not knowing the guy would combine all that he told him into one thing. "Anyways, I donno, he sounds like an asshole" he said and leaned on the counter. "Look Jess, you just have to wait for the right guy. A guy not embarrassed to come up to you at a party. A guy who can't wait to get up and flirt with you like a real man"

She looked at him strangely for a second and smiled a little confused "huh" she said to herself

"What?" Nick asked, smiling confused

"Uh nothing" she said and shook her head. "Nothing"

"…Okay" he said suspiciously before getting her another pink wine

"Of course now I have no one to kiss at midnight," she said sadly as she lifted the glass to her lips and took a sip, looking at him over the rim. So maybe she had too much pink wine tonight.

He felt a strange vibe coming off her, and he didn't know what to make of it. " can join my dry streak at the midnight kiss. It's been 3 years now and goin' strong" he said.

She smiled a little. "Guess it's just you and me then, Miller"

"Winston and Schmidt have someone to kiss?" he asked

She nodded "Winston found a drunk girl and the asking to kiss at midnight thing actually worked on her. And Schmidt and CeCe are currently making out which I feel will last until way after midnight" she said

"CeCe and Schmidt, huh?"

"Yeah they are both drunk and couldn't deny their feelings I guess" she shrugged

"Huh" he said and nodded.

"I'm just sick of being single on these holidays. First Christmas and now New Years. I haven't been able to get one guy! The one who I did get turned out to hate moms, college, and puppies"

"What a monster"

"I know" she exclaimed and finished her 5th pink wine of the night. "Still would be nice, ya know? Being single is starting to suck," she said, now a little sad.

"Believe me I know," he said and sighed. "Every girl that is even interested in me, I end up screwing everything up. I haven't had a girlfriend since Julia which was over a year ago" he looked down, pretending to wipe the counter. Truth is he was lonely as hell and didn't like to think about it.

Jess saw she had no sufficiently bummed him out. Now she felt bad. Her dumb Debbie downer-ness now made him all down. She could get over her sulking fairly quickly, when Nick gets to sulking it is weeks on end depression.

Nick then heard people counting down from 60 and he looked at the clock to see it was 11:59. "Aw come on?! Why are we starting the countdown earlier and earlier each year?!" he screamed.

Jess looked at him all moody now and felt guilty. She bit her lip softly as she watched him serve some people around him real quickly but obviously now thinking about how he has been single for a year. All of a sudden she heard "10, 9, 8, 7…."

"6, 5, 4"

"Hey Nick!" She yelled over the noise

He turned around after sliding a drink to someone "Huh?"

She grabbed his face when everyone was screaming 1, and pulled his face quickly to hers before pressing her lips into his.

"Happy New Year!" everyone screamed around them, although Nick's head was spinning so fast he didn't really hear anyone.

She felt him kiss back, grabbing the back of her head and turning the sweet little new years kiss into an actual full-blown kiss. She felt her cheeks get hot with embarrassment as she pulled back. She was breathing heavily, looking at him with her confused big blue eyes, and him looking back with his somber brown ones.

"Happy New Year, Nick" she said, finally speaking

"Happy New Year, Jess"